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Silicea administration ( over dosage and side effects)

My daughter who is 4 years old is suffering from a very rare type of rickets. She has all the sympotoms of severe rickets like bowed legs, big head, constriction of chest. She had complete alopecia at birth (no eyes brows and eye lashes). After 3 months, eye lashes and some eye brows appeared but no hair on the scalp at all. Still at the age of 4 years she has no hair on the scalp. With in 6 months of age she had signs of florid rickets.My daughter who is 4 years old is suffering from a very rare type of rickets. She has all the sympotoms of severe rickets like bowed legs, big head, constriction of chest. She had complete alopecia at birth (no eyes brows and eye lashes). After 3 months, eye lashes and some eye brows appeared but no hair on the scalp at all. Still at the age of 4 years she has no hair on the scalp. With in 6 months of age she had signs of florid rickets. Several Vitamin D3 600,000 uints injection were used with 3 weeks intervals without improvement. Then allopathic doctors said that it is Vitamin D Resistant Rickets. Then at 2 years of age it was diagnosed that she is suffering from Vitamin D Dependent Rickets Type II, a very rare disease caused by a hereditary disorder of Vitamin D Receptor. Calcitriol, which is an active form of Vitamin D was started, and was given for one year without much improvement. I also sent her tests to several hospitals in USA but doctors said that it is very rare disease and there is not any specific treatment available.

Different homeopathic remedies were tried by different homeopathic doctors like Calc Carb 30/200, Clac Phos 6x/30 for several months but there was not much improvement.

Then Silicea 200, 3 drops in some water, 2 doses per week was started. With in 3 months her blood tests showed that Alkaline Phosphatase was in normal range. This was amazing because 3 months before it was 10,500. Her fontales closed. Her rickets seems to be decreased. She started to walk a bit, before she cannot. She was no longer having long attacks of cough.

Then things started to change although we were still using Silicea 200 twice per week. She stopped walking again. From her blood tests I found that her alkaline phosphatase has increased to 8,500.

I have few questions. I will be very grateful if some one can help me in this.

Silicea is only remedy that has helped her but the effect did not last long. One thing I want to mention is, when ever we gave her a dose of Silicea 200, she was complaining of pain in the legs. Is it normal to have pain in the legs when Silicea is given in rickets?

Alkaline phosphatase first decreased and then started to increase again. Is it due to over dosage of Silicea? If a remedy is over dosed will it present the same symptoms for which it was prescribed?

After a gap of about 3 weeks we gave her one dose of Silicea 200 again. This time she was complaining of more pain in the legs. There was too much perspiration on the neck and back part of the neck. She was not able to sleep. It seems that too much heat is coming out of her body as she was asking to turn on the fan in winter. Is this aggravation of Silicea 200? Is this due to over dosage of Silicea 200?

Silicea seems to be her correct remedy. Should we try Silicea 30, instead of Silicea 200?

It has been extreamly painful for us that our daughter is suffering from such a destructive didease. Could some one please help me in this. Please...

Mrs. Sam
  Mrs_Sam on 2009-01-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Next time give Silicea 1M ...once in three weeks.

It will show benefit for some time. After the benefit stops, move to Silicea 10M....preferably under the supervision of the homeopath.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
When she is getting aggravated on 200c itself, it may be dangerous to try 1M.

The increase in potency is considered only when the medicine no longer holds and the old symptoms return without change.

When the symptoms do change an appropriate medicine which covers the new as well as the old symptoms need to be found out.

Make your own checks before following the advices given on forums.

gavinimurthy last decade
You may be having a proving of Silica as it was repeated too much. Suggest take her to a competent homeopath.

there are different ways of dealing with this. I would want want to give this here for you to try. this needs close supervision.

There are experienced homeopathic doctors in US. Depending on the city where you stay you can find one.

In your case I would strongly recommend not to try anything on your own This needs to be handled correctly.

Bill gray, CA is a very experienced homeopath. suggest you could try him if you can fly to CA. There are also other experienced homeopaths like Ananda Zaren in LA. You need a experienced person to deal with this. You may post the city where you stay and I am sure members can suggest a competent person.
csprakash last decade

We are living in Islamabad, Pakistan. We have tried several homeopathic doctors in Pakistan and UAE with no success. Could you please tell me how to proceed with this.


Mrs. Sam
Mrs_Sam last decade
could you contact dr on practices pindi 051-5590973
hisam last decade
I am too late to reply to this thread but for readers information I am giving solution to the problem of Mrs. Sam. daughter.

Mrs.Sam please if your daughter still suffering and have the same set of symptoms.

I would prescribe silicea 200 two tablets initially.

then when aggravation starts after taking silicea 200

then give a dose of Sepia 200. (two tablets)

The aggravation will get sieze and the remedy will start acting.

Your daugther then should feel some itch some where on hands etc. So do not suppress the itch then. Then write the presenting symptoms after adminstring indicated prescriptions.


Adeel Ilyas
Adeel last decade
Why would you prescribe that way? What is the purpose of the Sepia? What principle of homoeopathy are you using here?

Why not just adjust the dose to make sure there is no aggravation? Seems simpler and less risky than prescribing two completely different medicines so close together.

How can you predict a specific symptom in a specific location for this patient?

Why should there be symptoms after making prescriptions - wouldn't you expect there to be a diminishing or lack of symptoms (cure)?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Actually I found when giving silicea the baby manifested symptoms calling for sepia (What Mrs.Sam and I called it aggravation) so there should be another remedy prescribed on time matching the next picture of required remedy. Giving that next matching remedy picture will actually clears the case or will ask for another similimum that will be given when the improvement siezes with presenting new symptoms that unfolded.

Sometimes/in some cases 200 and even 30 aggravate a lot (specially in cases where pathology is so advance). So you can assist the vital force by prescribing on aggravation symptoms following the law of similimum.

There is an alternative which is to administer split doses However I observed a slow healing process by this method.

I hope it cleared

Any comment is welcomed


Adeel Ilyas
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Adeel last decade
Then I would just give Sepia if that is the indicated remedy - I don't understand why you would give the wrong remedy if you believe you know which one is correct (start again with Silicea).

New symptoms should never come from the Simillimum, except in ultrasensitive patients (where the split dose should be used to avoid the extra proving symptoms in them). Sensitive patients may get one or two minor new symptoms even on their simillimum, but will suffer considerably from the wrong remedy unless split dose is used. If you are getting new symptoms, then the remedy is wrong. It is not a simillimum.

If in this case, you give Silicea and there are new symptoms, then it almost certainly the wrong remedy. I can understand reassessing the case and perhaps discovering that Sepia should be given (based on the combined old and new symptoms). Either Silicea or Sepia will be the simillimum, not both.

Are you perhaps talking about old state reappearing, rather than new symptoms? New symptoms are always a bad sign, usually showing that the case has been mismanaged in some way (or at least there is no cure since the disease is evolving on its own). Old symptoms returning from the past, on the other hand, are often an excellent sign, and I understand the need to represcribe on those symptoms.

Aggravation has a purpose, it is the artificial disease state being created in the patient. We want the opposing secondary reaction to happen, because this is how homoeopathy cures. Prescribing on the aggravation makes no sense at all. You are trying to get that aggravation (primary action of the medicine). Curing it with another remedy will only sabotage the curative process.

Split dose is not slow, it is actually much faster than giving unsplit (dry) doses, which force you to wait long periods of time for overly strong aggravations to finish. Splitting the dose will cut the aggravation time down considerably, and allow the improvement to set in much sooner. Not creating strong aggravations is preferable to having to antidote with new remedies, which will only confuse the case.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Thank you very much for your detail explaination. Then in this case I would recommend for 1 splitted dose of silicea e.g in a half glass of water, disolve only 1 tab of silicea 200 then drink only half of it.

Then wait for at least 15 days to observe the level of effect.

Afterward when there is some kind of old symptoms (but for this girl there is no old state it is new symptoms for her inherited suppressions from parents) appear. Then the new remedy should be administered to complete the cure.

Note: Please do not give unnecessary vaccinations to your child.


Adeel Ilyas
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Adeel last decade
Thank you brisbanehomoeopath for propagating Homoeopathy in the right way and for your time given to give detail.


Adeel Ilyas
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Adeel last decade
Oh I thought we were having a discussion about philosophy.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Dear colleagues,
One learned friend John de Livera has given a hint as a solution to such problems. It is dilution dose.

Dissolve the remedy (which has started giving proving) in about 250 ml water in a glass. Drain the water keeping two spoons of it in the glass. Fill it with drinkable water and this will be the first dilution. Repeat the process to prepare 6th or 9th or 13th dilution.

This is a wonderful way of removing the excessive effects i.e. the provings of a homeopathic remedy.

I have tried this on my patients and I was never discouraged by the method.

Here the daughter should be given at least 6th dilution to be consumed in three sips separated by 2 hours each in time.

The girl will be alright.
pratapshreyas last decade
Brisbanehomeopath was perfectly right in his approach.
pratapshreyas last decade

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