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Missed dose

I am currently taking Sepia 1M every 4 days in the evening. I was supposed to take it last night but forgot. Could you please tell me if I should take it this morning or wait til this evening. It is 7am here now, and I won't be able to get in touch with my homeopath until 10am.
Thank you.
  wandasensation on 2009-01-24
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I am nervous about missing it because I was finally feeling some relief from symptoms. I would be very grateful for a reply.
Thank you in advance.
wandasensation last decade
You are lucky you missed the dose.

Taking a 1m dose after every 4 days is a very dangerous prescription.

It can cause severe aggravations.

The minimum time this dose should be repeated is 3 weeks.
gumby last decade
I am sorry I was not more clear.

I am taking doses from a large amber bottle of mostly water mixed with the remedy.

Then I succuss the bottle 6 times, take 6 drops and mix into 4oz of water. Mix, and take 6 drops from there in to another 4oz of water. My dose is then 6 drops from the second 4oz of water.

Does that make a difference in the safety concern you had?

Thank you~
wandasensation last decade
yes that is a wet dose.

It can be taken regularly and adjusted to the sensitivity of the patient.

gumby last decade
Thank you so much - I am just beginning to learn about homeopathy for myself and my family and this forum is wonderful.

Do you know the guidelines about a missed dose? I didn't know if it is more important to take right away (in the morning), or wait until this evening?

My homeopath is not available so I greatly appreciate a response.
wandasensation last decade
It is still too strong a dose.

Wet or dry, 1 dilution glass or 10, a 1 M is a fairly aggressive potency, and should not be given succussed in the first place. I have been there and done that and from the problems that arose, I learnt my lessons. Also, the repetition period should be weeks and not days with a 1M.

This will sooner or later implant PERMANENT accessory symptoms on your constitution. Remedies are only given through succussion and dilution when administered in a very controlled manner (with LM potencies).

If I were you, I would find a better homeopath, as this is not how high potency centesimals should be played around with.
sameervermani last decade
And, is this homeopath, a very famous homeopath in California ?
sameervermani last decade
No, I live in New Jersey. Thank you for your prompt response...I am a little bit upset, because I have tried 3 homeopaths, all with such different approaches.

One mixes remedies, the other is more classical, and this one will not perscribe for acute conditions, only constitutional. She is also a shiatsu practitioner and uses Body Talk.

Any suggestions about finding a homeopath?
wandasensation last decade
And, I have been feeling such relief from the depressive feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.

Emotionally I have been feeling better - not euphoric, but the things that would really bother me do not reach such a deep place as they were.

I am sad at the thought of stopping this remedy and needing to find another homeopath, but of course I do not want to harm myself.
wandasensation last decade
Heh.. This is actually very sad.

People with absolutely no 'actual' success build a lot of good packaging material around themselves, claim to state some things with a certain degree of 'confidence' and become the vogue thing in homeopathy.

This is a pure system of medicine, which has its principles firmly laid down, and verified through 200 years of observation. We can all avoid these complications of we stick to those tried and tested principles.

Well, here in the US, good homeopaths are certainly a rarity, and hence I am afraid I cannot give any recommendations here.

But, I can surely tell you that the dosing you are taking is dangerous, and is not how a good homeopath will prescribe.
sameervermani last decade
And, actually , if a 1M has started giving you relief, and if it is the right remedy, the relief will hold for at least 2-3 weeks.

As you have started seeing improvements, the best thing right now would be to wait and watch. We never repeat a remedy during improvements.
sameervermani last decade
Thank you so very much for your time and generosity of information.

I plan on speaking with my homeopath about this, and waiting and watching, as you advised.

Prior to taking the Sepia, it was suggested by a doctor that I begin pharmaceutical therapy for these emotional symptoms, and I feel very strongly against taking that path.

If only I could feel comfortable with one homeopath so I could concentrate on healing without worrying about their competency and qualifications.

Again, thank you for your attention.
wandasensation last decade
I am now wary about trusting anyone prescribing homeopathy and slightly confused about this forum.

Please excuse me but I must ask...as I browse the forum, I see many replies from what seem like homeopaths, as I believe you are.

Those replying are very generous with their time and quite concerned about follow up with those who post with questions and symptoms.

Are they compensated in any way? Do those who post with questions become patients of the homeopaths listed?

As you said above, good homeopaths are a rarity...how would I know whom to trust, even on a forum such as this?

Perhaps this may seem cynical, but what is the interest of the homeopaths helping on this forum? Are they studying to become homeopaths and therefore use this forum to study cases for experience?

You seem quite experienced, and yet are so generous with your time...Perhaps I am so used to the medical model her in the US I just never thought that I could 'trust' anonymous advice on the internet.

For example, the constitutional interview is so extensive, and specific, that I would expect no less than to have to pay much money if I were to be treated by a very good reliable homeopath.

I hope this does not offend you in any way. I am genuinely puzzled and curious.
wandasensation last decade
I cannot comment on the competence of everyone who posts on this forum. Of course, in a forum setting, you will have good advice and bad advice. But with time, patients do see cured cases and get to know whose advise works and the level of competence each prescriber has. Here are some links to some of my recent cases (there are plenty more..).












I hope that allays your concerns somewhat. No one charges for the advice given on the forum. It might however be different if you were to contact the prescriber in private.

And, a professional degree is an over-rated thing in homeopathy, especially here in the US, as most of the formal education out there in the US in this field is any way a whole lot of crap. With the level of teachers in some of the institutes here, it gets to a point where blind are leading the blind. As a result you get the kind of homeopaths who repeat a 1M every x days in a mechanical fashion.
sameervermani last decade
Dear Patient,

If you want my advice, I would tell you to close your eyes and go with Sameer,

Whatever I have learnt and am learning is because of him.

I have also read almost all of his cases on these forums and I find him the best homeopath who can bring CURE.

CURE is something which a Homeopath with complete knowledge and competence can achieve,

I have seen numerous Homeopaths which can give you slight improvements which is actually Palliation.

Trust Sameer. Thats what I can say.
gumby last decade
Dear wandasensation
Is it Sepia 1M or LM1?

1M daily is a big no no. You may seriously consider changing the doctor if 1M.

Some doctors practice giving Daily dose of LM1 as long as it is sucessed at least 8 to 10 times between each doses. Though Hanneman never recommends this mechanical way, some do practice this way and have found results.

In my limited experience( as a patient) I have seen mixed results with this approach. Giving Daily doses of LM1 has found to create immense aggravation for at least a week before it settles down in hypersensitive patients. Where as in most cases things settle within a week with less aggravation. Some times the aggravation comes in the second week ( as reported by some of my friends who have a slightly stronger constitution).
Also if practiced this way after 20 days the remedy action will cease, meaning further daily dosing wont give any major relief.

The best approach that I think is best even in LMs is give a dose , wait and watch. If the remedy is providing relief then wait as long as it continues to give relief. The duration of action of a remedy depends entirety on ones constitution. For me a dose of LM1 carries me for more than a month.

Typically 1M can last at least for a month and even longer, meaning many months if it is the right remedy and if there is no external interference such as anti doting.

Hope this helps. Please note I have been using terms 1M and LM1. They both are different potency and are not the same.
csprakash last decade

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