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5 year old girl with recurrent swollen tonsils

I have a 5 year old girl with enlarged tonsils which are not currently infected but are causing problems.

She had several bouts of tonsilitis last year which resulted in her taking antibiotics each time to cure. Last July she had a really bad case which resulted in antibiotics again but the left tonsil has never recovered and remains inflamed. The right tonsil gets inflamed on and off but has been swolen for about 3 weeks now. She does not have a temperature and says it doesn hurt too much however I believe she is saying this so she does not have to go to the doctors.

With both tonsils enlarged she is snoring at night heavily, seems to be getting troubled with phlegm especially upon waking and the just annoy her generally. Have also noticed that when both tonsils are enlarged her speech is affected. Don't want tonsils removed which is the doctors next step!!!

She has:-

* Fair hair
* Blue eyes
* Medium skin which tans well
* Tall - One of the tallest in her class
* Well built but not fat
* Very pretty

She is:-

* Smart - Too clever for her age some times
* Chatty
* Strong Willed
* Huffy
* Behaves better for her dad than her mum
* Generally well behaved but more misbehaving since her brother was born last September
* Tends to hold feelings in
* Sleeps well

She likes:-

* Playing pretend
* Dancing and singing
* Gymnastics
* Attention from parents
* Arts and Crafts
* Having one friend at a time
* Company
* Salt!!

She dislikes:-

* Doing anything she does not want to do
* Being told No
* Being alone
* Any orange food (oranges, carrots etc)

She has responded well to homeopathic treatment before for molluscum where Nat Mur cured them quickly after several other remedies failed.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.
  Hendrix on 2009-01-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
if tonsils came after molluscum treatment--this indicate wrong treatment envolved-- suppression--aqnd expect such retyrn with right treatment of current ill...

what ills she have prior tpo the tonsils problem?
dates and such?

what about the mulluscum ypu mentioned?dates ? what wher the exact symptoms envolved with this?
John Stanton last decade
Hi John,

Thank you for your speedy response.

Molluscum treatment started in January 2006 and 5 x Sil 30 and Thuja cream was given to no affect. Then in February 2006 she had another remedy (but don't have note of it, sorry). Then in April 2006 she had 7 x Thuja 30 again to no affect. Then in June 2006 ahe had 7 x Nat Mur 30 which was the remedy which started the molluscum bursting and finally in June 2006 she had 3 x Tub 200 (not sure why?). The molluscum were gone by August 2006. They have left some skin tags one of which got enlarged in July 2008 when on holiday after being in the sea. This was just after the bad tonsilitis which left the left tonsil enlarged (not sure if it is connected?).

She keeps well in general but had been prone to colds when she was small but seems to be better now. Colds affect her not by runny nose or couchs etc but lots of phlegm which makes her sick.

Illnesses she has had are:-

* Hospitalised with flu when 6 months (Nov 2003). Given a lumbar puncture which we were not happy about.
* Lactose Intollerance - so doens't take much dairy now although can tollerate it a lot better (also eczema with lactose intollerance which cleared after cutting out milk)
* Scarlet fever - Feb 2007
* Chicken Pox - April 2007

Can't think of anything major prior to the July 2008 tonsilitis other than several cases of tonsilitis.

She also has a lot of phlegm just now which is worse in the morning and she describes her mouth as having 'gunk' all over it in the morning and she needs a wet toothbrush to rub around her mouth to clear it. Her breath is pretty nasty smelling in the morning.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need any further info.

Kind Regards.
Hendrix last decade
what current characteristics of her fingernails (in/under/on)? and around them? what is noted?

what her exact most recent preferrd diet?drinks/snacks/foods...etc which she hate (beisdes orange foods)?

what to tellof stool/urination area?

more about moluscum--exact locations at 1st start? describe the characteristics of her molusscum...singles spots?groupings?...etc etc
John Stanton last decade
what sort movements 100% aggarvate (if any) concerning the tonsils enlargement? or concerning any thing else?
John Stanton last decade
Finger nails are in good condition, nice and pink with white tips. Skin around the fingers is quite pink also (never noticed this before).

She loves anthing salty - crisps, crackers, ham, nuts etc. Garlic bread. She also loves chocolate. She says she hates fruit and veg but I include it in her food so she eats quite healthily. Prefers meat to veg. Likes all bread like products, pasta, prawns, potatoes, rice.

Will only drink water.

Doesn't like jelly, jam, cheese, vinegar (wont sit beside me if i have vinegar on my dinner).

Stools - Regular daily or every 2 days. Are huge and normally in one piece, quite dark.

Urination - Frequent and pale in colour.

Molluscum started on tummy with just one for a while then in a clusterround her tummy. Then went on back of legs in clusters at either side of the knee joint. On front of legs at the top of her thighs where her tummy would meet hher knees of she had them up. She didn't have any on her face, arms or back.

Not sure about the movement question, can you clarify please.

Thanks so much for your help.

Kind Regards.
Hendrix last decade
movement---like turning head--looking certainb direction--bending--any this sort--if she make for certain mention--need be for certain --if not --no worry

refresh me again--what exactly occured prior to the molluscum 1st showing--trying establish chronological order--without mistake
John Stanton last decade
if have nt started already start her using probiotics --put good bacteria in digest system--killed off by anti-biotics---lool into ''udo's choice super 5' or equivalent --daily use at laregest meal---this dietary aspect to care for---i'll let u know homoepathic suggestion once i go over all info u providing--start pro-biotics now
John Stanton last decade
She says that movement doesnt make it any worse.

Prior to Molluscum she had:-

* Lactose Intollerance since baby
* Nov 2003 - Flu (hospitalised due to severe dehydration)
* August 2005 - Molluscum appeared (a friend daughter had it and this is where she caught it from)

* Various colds throughout.

Does this help?

Will get probiotics tomorrow, thanks.
Hendrix last decade
explain the annoyed by phlegm symptom--cexact curent cgharacteristic senvolved---

look into throat --describe exac current characteristics of tonsils--all u obseve spar me nothingur eyes/senses can detect
John Stanton last decade
Phlegm - is worse in the morning especially upon waking where she says her mouth if full of 'gunk'. I asked her to describe it and she said it like dinosaur goo over her teeth and the roof of her mouth. Quite slimy. It is thick and sticky so much so she cannot cough it up. Cant see the colour as she cannot cough it out but the stuff on her teeth in the morning is white. She has good oral hygine though and cleans her teeth regularly.

Tonsils - Swolen both sides. Very large and red. No sign of purple or white just red all over. They are so big they are hitting of the bit in the middle (sorry no idea what that bit is called).

She is not complaining thet they are sore or annoying but they must be. She does not have a temperature.

Smell - Breath is very bad smelling in the morning. Clears after brushing her teeth.

Kind Regards.
Hendrix last decade
dose of phosphorous---use 200c -- 1 pellet in 4 oz wate stir--1 teapon dose--allow med to work without interferenxe of other meds/herbs skin coverings anyting medicinal-----

if no hear from me here at board and need get me then email-
John Stanton last decade
Thanks again for all your help John, I really appreciate it.

I will source the Phosphorous 200 and let you know how it goes.

Kind Regards,

Hendrix last decade

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