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derealization and weed

I am 18 and a freshman in college and the first time I smoked weed was when I was 15. The first time I didn't get high but I smoked again a few months later. I had taken about 10 hits off a blunt and at first I was fine laughing and feeling good. All of a sudden I completely forget everything I was confused as to what had just happened. I was in a hotel room with two of my friends who smoked also but it was there first time and they did not get high. I got up and then all of a sudden the last 10 minutes flashed before my eyes. Then my friends kept asking me questions which started to bug me out. Eventually everything just seemed way to different and scary for me that I just panicked. I tried not to have my friends notice so I just said I was going to sleep and closed my eyes and was an intense state of panic feeling as if I was never going to get out of this feeling and that I was going crazy or about to die. The next morning I woke up and I was okay. Later that day I felt uneasy and kind of detached. I was still kind of traumatized by my experience for a while but did a lot of talking about it and tried smoking again. I took one hit and felt the scary feeling again but I just went with it and calmed myself down even though in my head I just didn't feel right. After that I was fine and felt okay for a while longer. I tried smoking again a few months later after drinking a lot and I had a relatively good high and when I was sober I felt pretty normal. Then one day last year I was visiting a college and sitting in the cafeteria having a conversation about weed. All of a sudden I felt as if I was high. But I had nothing in my system so I was so scared. I went outside with my friend and told her what was going on. The rest of the trip I felt very anxious and detached. I went home and had another anxiety attack and then I was still very anxious but managed to go back to school. Then I had an anxiety attack in school and my father had to come pick me up. I then knew I had to see a psychiatrist. I told the psychiatrist everything and he gave me xanax for when I felt uneasy. This helped me and I felt a little better. Ever since then I always felt a little out of it and feel a little detached whenever I'm in bright lights. I feel a lot more calm in the dark and being outside. I've smoked a few more times after that and have felt okay. I've smoked a few times after taking anti anxiety meds which gives me good highs but when I'm not high I still feel kind of out of it. I try not to think about it but when I do I feel really detached. I don't really know what I should do. I want to live a normal life and I don't want to be scared of smoking. Like I don't want to become a pothead or anything like that but I do want to be able to smoke and not be scared of it. I'm friends with so many people that do that it's hard not to because everyone always wants me to. I know a lot of people feel like I do but I want to learn what I can do and if I should smoke more so that I am more comfortable with the feeling and not so afraid of it. Thank you
  jmw511 on 2009-01-28
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
it common these anxiety after cannabis use--almost stuck--still one goes back--explore th effect---anti anxiety meds will get u stuck --enrgy will lock that cannabis syndrome--almost be able access---so knowck of anxiety meds---take couple doses of camphor (homoeopathic prepared) use 6c-- 1pellet in 4 oz water tsir-- 1teaspoon dose--allow 1st dose do its thing---wait and 2nd dose next day---this time little less water--stir--teaspon dose----get hold me at my email address if need further help on this---its in profile
John Stanton last decade
oh yeah knock off the weed for a bit--there is reason we do substances whether food-weed-tobacco ...etc---addressing centralissue---could be triggered early age taruma w eget into things--not necessay deep stuff--just something that bugs us out
John Stanton last decade
where exactly do you get camphor that is homeopathic prepared, and what does it do? I heard that homeopathic remedies induce a feeling or symptom similar to the problem you have in order to cure it? Will this onset a panic attack? Thank you very much for your help by the way. Do people ever really get cured of this strange feeling?
jmw511 last decade
Hi there jmw511,

I am in the same exact situation as you. This feeling is very scary but once you get used to it, its relatively easy to live with. The only thing that keeps me worried is the thought of me living in this 'state' for the rest of my life and that freaks me out. Also because of this derealization thing I am scared of getting on airplanes and stuff like that... Just the thought of me being stuck somewhere without an exit is really scary. Before this derealization/depersonalization I had a normal life I flew from Europe to the US every year. But now I seriously need help... I know I am fine and everything but I just can' help it. I want to go to South Africa to see the world cup but the derealization is holding me back... please could anyone help me?


FabrizioHD last decade
ok so i know this is late, but i just found this site, so maybe others will too.

Here's the deal...what i think's going on is that.... you first off, should NOT take 10 hits off of a blunt if you dont smoke regularly. (Unless you're smoking it like a cigarrette, which wastes it.take one hit and hold it) cannabis can take 1 second to 30 mins to kick into your system, so smoking that much all at once is NOOO NOO. plus the tobacco in the blunt wrap will throw you off a lot, because it adds different chemicals..so if you dont smoke cigarettes, then this is going to affect you as well.

Secondly, there are various types of marijuana AND marijuana chemicals. You have
Indicas, Sativas and Hybrids...or cheap weed(which can get you very sleepy and uncomfortable feeling for first times) These three types are whats sold in dispensaries.

Indicas will give you an intense body high and you will feel very disoriented and feel like passing out(if you're not a regular). Indicas are used with people who have sleeping/pain problems or a high tolerance

Sativas are a head high. They are used for people that need to function throughout the day. Strong sativas CAN still get you sleepy, but they generally just give you a happy head high feeling, but you can still move. These are best for non-regular smokers. My best friend gets anxiety attacks and she will ONLY smoke sativas.

Me, I have a higher tolerance, and i smoke indicas for my anxiety...but like...take it easy! 2 to 5 good hits is PLENTY...unless you can really take more. And if you drink a good amount, THEN you smoke (in that order)...you will get even more drunk so be careful with that too. It can make the difference between happily drunk and completely wasted.

Then Hybrids are just a mix of both Sativa and Indica...they're usually a veryyyy nice all around high. But sometimes they're more sativa or indica dominant.

Weed is not 'do more, feel better'.
Everyone feels loopy and tired the first year or so they begin smoking.
You just need to tell yourself that you WILLLLL feel different, and just accept it and breath into it. It is an AMAZING anxiety reliever if done properly.

And try not to cough when you're holding it in...it can get you higher. ...sometimes not in a good way
lisa33089 last decade

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