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Hi Dr,
My mother was diagnosed with diabetes an high blood pressure, In the year 2010 she started having retinal bleeding and she has undergone lazer surgery which has made her eyesight worse. The doctors were able to stabilize the right eye but they have given up on the left eye which has been slowly regaining vision. Two days ago the right eye started to bleed again. What is the remedy for retinal bleeding?
We have been able to control her sugars but not her blood pressure. She has been taking Enapril 5mg for her pressure.
Miss Faith 7 years ago
Hi Miss Faith,

Here are your options-

A. Dr. Deoshlok who started this thread does not treat people on
this forum. He does sometimes make suggestions. You have the option
of contacting him on his own site where you could get help for
the BP after he looks at your case. Click the name deoshlok and his
profile will show up with his website- use the website not the email
address to contact. It would be best to work with Dr. Deoshlok as
a private patient so that he can determine the most accurate remedy
to get her BP right.

B. Or your mother can continue her BP medicine
and you can follow What Joe de Livera says to do on BP and
also use Deoshlok's prescription for the retinal bleeding.

That would be:

order the remedy Bothrops Lanceolatus in 30c pills from Helios Homeopathic Pharm-UK

Order the Arnica 6c in a LIQUID dilution from the abc remedies shop.
Make the Arnica 6c into a wet dose by putting 3 drops into
a 500ml water bottle after you pour out a little. Shake the bottle
10x before each dose and give a cap to your mother as a dose
morning and night. See directions for the wet dose in Joe's post
about this above. The arnica is a general remedy for this and
Option A is a better road to take.

Take 5pills or 2 drops in two tablespoons of water of the bothrops lanceolatus under the tongue every
morning for 7 days. Watch the effects. If you have little effects
after this , wait for 30 days and do it again for 7 days.
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simone717 7 years ago
Hi Simone,
Thankyou for your reply. We will try that but Bothrops is not available so how else can I get it?
Miss Faith 7 years ago
Hi- I edited the earlier post- order it from Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy in the UK- takes 7 to 10 days.
simone717 7 years ago
What form should I get it in they have a list of choices.
Miss Faith 7 years ago
Hi- get the liquid and get 30ml.
A dose is 2 drops of this in 2 tablespoons
of water or a quarter cup of water.

The dose is only given ONCE in the
morning for 7 days per Deoshlok.-

If no effect wait for 30 days and then
repeat the same procedure.
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simone717 7 years ago

You stated:
'Hi- get the liquid and get 30ml.
A dose is 2 drops of this in a tablespoon
of water.'

I would like to correct the impression you have that it is necessary to use 2 DROPS of the remedy in a tablespoon of water which is taken by the patient twice daily. A tablespoonful comprises about 8-10ml water and 2 drops in this quantity of water taken twice daily can constitute an overdose, which can cause other side effects. The pellets are a safer alternative but here too the patient should be advised about the number of pellets for a dose taken sublingually which should not exceed 2.

As you are perhaps aware, I was the first homeopath to prescribe what is now internationally accepted in Homeopathy as the Wet dose and I have always prescribed 3 DROPS in a bottle of 400ml spring water. Tap water may also be used after boiling to release the chlorine. I believe that the water used for the Wet dose is better absorbed by the body and results in the patient being cured in a shorter space of time in comparison to the dry pellets.

I recommend using 3 drops of this remedy Bothrops Lanceolatus in 400ml water taken twice daily and for the record, I shall copy my default instructions to make the Wet dose below:

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the remedy in the Ethanol pack also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.
Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this shaking must be done at least 6 times before sipping a capful of the bottle as prescribed.
Joe De Livera 7 years ago

I was simply re-stating Deoshlok's advice earlier on the thread.

He does NOT say take this 2 x a day. He says take it ( bothrops) ONCE every morning for 7 days.
I looked up Deoshloks dosing and he always says 2 drops. He does not even say use water.

The patient can use the 2 drops in 2 tablespoons of water or a 1/4 cup of water-if they wish
to follow what Deoshlok says to do here. (I had written 2 tablespoons earlier on about the Bothrops, and
I made a typo the second time I wrote it)

I also restated your Arnica wet dose to be taken as you prescribed- TWICE a day, morning and night.

The bothrops is only Once a day for 7 days.
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simone717 7 years ago
There is a list required for each drug, which is form, size and potency, so how should I fill it in?
Miss Faith 7 years ago
Click Centessimal
oral liquid
30c potency
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simone717 7 years ago
Please list for both Bothrops and arnica.
Miss Faith 7 years ago
The above is for Bothrops.

oral liquid
6c potency
simone717 7 years ago
Thanks, on the part for size for both drugs they have two choices
-10ml oral liquid 6.25
-10ml oral liquid teat 6.95
Which one should we get?
Miss Faith 7 years ago
Get the oralliquid teat- it has the
dropper built into it.
simone717 7 years ago
I have just received the medicine in liquid version for both Arnica and bothrops. I pray it works.
Should she stop her pressure medicine?
Please tell me how she should take both drugs clearly.

Miss Faith 7 years ago
She should not stop any medicine.

Be very, very careful with the Bothrops. Deoshlok said to take 2 drops
in the morning for 7 days. Then stop. Sometimes those dropper
bottles are easy to dribble out more than a drop. Put 2 drops in
1/4 cup of spring water. Try it once and throw it out if you get more
than 2 drops in there. When you know you have 2 drops in the water
, have her drink that.

Joe's Arnica, is 1. get the 500ml spring water bottle. Put three drops
of the Arnica in there. Mark the bottle and put it in the fridge. ( if
someone drinks this it won't hurt them) use the cap as a dose.
After the first dose , shake the bottle 6x before each dose thereafter)

Give a dose of this morning and night. and keep an hour gap from
the Bothrops dose.

The Arnica is Joe's therapy and you can go on his site
http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/188925 and ask
him more about this if you want.
simone717 7 years ago
Dear Dr. Deoslok Sharma:

I have multiple lattice degeneration (regions of peripheral degeneration) in the retina of both eyes. This has the potential to develop into a retinal detachment. Should taking Bothrops lanceolatus 30C help and cure in my condition?

thanks and regards.
shayonbh 7 years ago

Dr. Deoshlok does mostly information posts on this forum-you probably
will not get a reply.

If you are in India google him and use a contact form - he does online
but if your language is English, you won't get a reply bc there is
a problem with written English.

If that is the case your best option is to call him- +91-94370-54033 and
talk to him personally about this and taking your case. You can ask
for a time to call him and get his cell#.
simone717 7 years ago
Thanks a lot simone717 for this information. I will surely get in touch with him through a contact form or call him. Thank you for his phone number.

shayonbh 7 years ago
My right eye retina has swollen. It's about 2years. I have blood pressure issue which remains under control as I take medicine for it. First a straight line used to appear as a crooked but now a big black spot appears in centre. I have seen your advice of bothrob lancioltus 30c once daily. Please advice me which medicine shall I take how many times a day and for how long? Thank you.
Athar Shahid 4 years ago

If you want to get treatment by dr deoshlok look at posts above you.
Call the phone number.

Otherwise, look thru forum prescribers and put a name in your headline and request treatment from that person.
simone717 4 years ago
Sir, my Father aged 63yrs a gynaecologist with long history of hypertension and DM 5 years back. Had retinal haemorrhage on right eye followed by partial loss of vision. He was given intra retinal injections thrice to dissolve the clot and reduce the swollen retina. Still no improvement.should I start bothrops 30c
Papli35 4 years ago
Dear Dr. Deoshlok Sharma

My wife Mrs. Saira Bhatty is suffering from Vitreous Hemorrhage in her right eye since December, 2006. It started without any apparent reason. Incidentally, she already suffered from sun-burn in her left ever since the age of 17 years. She is now aged 76.

From March 2008 to July 10 2009 five Avastin (intravitreal) Injections were given to her at different intervals. On 18th July 2009 Visudyne therapy (PDT) with 15 mg injection was carried out. Resultantly there was no change. The treatment, however, did not improve her eyesight. Her vision was partially there, when, sometime back, there appeared a floater which obscured full Vision. What she can see is faded figures through an opaque screen. Her eyes are full of water and clouds round-the-clock.

Apart from the sun-burn in her left eye, as already mentioned above, she is also suffering of the following:

Hypothyroidism was established back in 2005. She has been taking Thyroxine ever since. The dose, when adjusted to 5 tablets a day (about five years ago) it worked wonder it shed most of her extra weight and fat. But on a physician' advice it was shifted to 2 tablets per day about some two years back, which straight away resulted increase of her weight, hair fall and hardened skin apart from the black floater which appeared in her right eye and which obscured her vision. She is presently not consuming any medicine for Hypothyroidism. She is experiencing dead hair, darkened and hardened skin, gradually putting on weight, with overwhelming lethargy and dizziness.

O/A Knee:
Since 2008, she is suffering from O/A knees. With prolonged treatment she could not save her both knees from becoming stiff.

She is suffering from hypertension for the last six years and regularly taking 1 tablet of Norvasc daily.

Urinary Incontinence:
For nearly last three years she is suffering from urinary incontinence. In-spite of regular treatment she has not experienced any relief so far.

In the light of the afore-mentioned, kindly prescribe appropriate remedial homoe-medical treatment for my wife.


W. K. Bhatty
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wkbhatty 3 years ago
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gm221955 3 years ago
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gm221955 3 years ago
My mother is having diabetes type ll for more than 15yrs,with high bp.few days back diagonised with thyroid and diabetic nephropathy as well as retinopathy with a almost lost vision in one eye...I have consulted with two multispecialty eye centre .one is telling to do laser in both eyes and one is telling to have surgery in one eye and laser in other..please suggest any homeopathy medicine to get back the vision
tand8221 3 years ago

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