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gastrointestinal fistula (Two holes in large intestine)

Patient: Mr. Amit Gatecha
Age: 55

Suffering from gastrointestinal fistula. Two holes in colon.

sever stomach ache, and vomitting at night and tightning of stomach.

Admited to hospital:
MRI and sonography shows bubbles in the intestine. Patient was operated
Fistula stiched and intestine was washed with warm water.
Patient discharged from the hospital. After 15 days unbarable pain in stomach again and admited to the same hospital. Green colored vomitting started. Alopethi medicines and injections were given. Patient kept on fast.
After 4 days watch, again food given. He started again vomiting and pain in abdomen. Patient was operated. huge accumulation of Pus was found in the intestine. Pus get clear by the doctors at the OT. Fistula found on intestin were stiched again. According to doctor the intestin became thine and delicate.
Patient kept in ICU. Again pain started, our homeo practitioner gave silicia 6X. Next day pus came out from the stiches. Allopathy Dr. opened the stiches and pus found in it. Ecery thing get clean by the Dr. Patient kept stomach open in isolated ICU. Septic condition found and Homeo Dr. Give Arsenic 30. Fever get clear.
Now, there is no pus but two holes in the intestine with some blood bubbles found. Silicia 200 was prescribed. which supressed blood bubble, but still holes are there, again silicia 1M of two dosage given. Still stool is coming out from the intestinal hole but patient feels constipated, no stool from anus. Three to four times stool gets clear every day by hospital staff. Calandula is given for pain due to skreches from dressing. Allopathy Dr. Says body can be stiched if intestine gets strenthen and stool passes from anus.
Patient stil kept isolated ICU with open body since last one month.

Please suggest.
We need advice from doctors and any patient who has gon through this type of condition.
  rakchok on 2009-02-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
can u please give some history of the problem started .

please also describe the personality of the patient before the problem came up.
vikas_grower last decade
Thanks for the response.
Patient: Amit Gatech
Age: 60 years
Habits: Smoking 3-4 cigarate per day and occationaly drinking alcohol.

Basically he has strong will power and lots of stemina, possitive atitude. We never saw him depressed and with anykind of negetive approched he had faced many obstracles in his life including financial, social and physical. He used to face them very clmly and without getting angry. He is little bit dominant character (in front of my mother). Confident, firm and curious. He likes to know different things and technology etc. He always gives courage to the children. If he wants to do he certainly does.
Financially he is almost finished. He has a big debt. At present he is in despair because bank loans, installments, down business do not let him stop woring. He is feeling very unsecure, upset and guilty as he thinks that he could not succeed by seeing his divorced daughter and grand son he get emotional, thinks that he has not done anything for them. At present he is not in condition that he can cope up with the living cost even, bacause whatever he has is on loan that is why he is worried and become dipressed. Doctors are hopefull saying that this is time taking conservative method.He will certainly get through because the stemina is good and body is healthy. Quick healing process is there.
rakchok last decade
Thanks for the response.
Patient: Amit Gatech
Age: 60 years
Habits: Smoking 3-4 cigarate per day and occationaly drinking alcohol.
He is hospitalized since 4 Jan 2009, He has been operated on 15 th Jan. The diagnosis was peristohitis multiple fistula in colon and jejunum previously on 24 th oct 2008. He had been operated for diverticulum perforation. He is having many diverticulum in the intestine.
Second time when he was going to be operated he was in very critical condition. One to half kg. pus formation was there in the intestine. The surgery took about 5 to 6 hours but at that time, the part which was operated in october was safe, according to the surgeon the intestine wall became very fragile.
On 19 Jan (Post operative) there was again pus formation in the operated part. The doctor opened the wound, did the leprostoma and kept it open till now. At present the wound is recovering, but whatever he eats within 20 to 25 minutes, it is coming out in the form of formed stool. This cause much burning sensation and pain to him. We can see three fistulas to diverticulum with our eyes. The general condition like pulse, temperature, Blood Pressure is quite under control, but he is unable to tolerate the burning anymore because, within every one to two hours dressing is performed (dressing is done with saline water only). After that Vaseline gauge and simple to cut mops are kept on the wound and the bedsits rap them. He is allowed to eat anything. But in small quantity and more frequency.
rakchok last decade
Is the Patient your father .

Can u say that the present problem could be because of excessive worrying due to financial instability .

What kind of business he was in ?

U had given him Silicea .

Any homeopathic medicine is being given right now ?
vikas_grower last decade
The patient is my Father's friend.

Yes we can say that the root cause may be the mental status due to financial instability.

We have tried following medicine
Silicea 6 X, 30, 200 and one dose of 1M.
Calc. Flur 6X (Biochemic)
Calc. Sulph 200
calandula 200
Arsenic 30 (For sepsis and burning sensation)
Nat.phos 6X

Right now he is on Arsenic 30.but no result.

Thank you. If you can suggest any medicine. which will helpful to us.

Right now complaines are acidic burning sensetion with pain when stool is coming out from the fistula. According to doctors he should able to pass gasses and stool naturally from anus, then only fistula get cleared.
rakchok last decade
Well u have tried the obvious remedies .

You can discontinue arsenic 30 , as continued use can cause other problems .

Please give some time to think over .

The most expert prescriber on this forum is Mr Sameer Vermani . Please restart the thread with title . Kind Attn Mr Sameer Vermani and compile all the facts as to all what has been discussed and mentioned till now
vikas_grower last decade
I have posted the case to Dr. Smeer.

Today's position is

Patient feels cold and fever. blood test shows sepsis and Heamoglobin 9.0

rakchok last decade
What is the condition of the patient .

Please get Aurum Mettallicum 30 .

pour 2 drops in 200 ml of spring water bottle,shake it gently and after some time and give one teaspoon.

Please discontinue arsenic 30 as u have already given him too much of that dose .
vikas_grower last decade
Continued from last post .

Give another teaspoon after 2 hours and no more after that .
vikas_grower last decade
Thank you very much for the remedy.

Condition is as it is till today.

We will try it by tomorrow i.e. 20.03.09.

If i understand correctly, This dose remaine for only one day ?

Please clarify if i an wrong
rakchok last decade
Dear Rakchok

this medicine has to be given like this

1) One teaspoon

after 2 hours

2) One teaspoon

That all no more medicine .just one day and thats it .

How does the patient feels mentally in the sense is he looking forward to resuming normal life .

He was operated in Oct 08 , the first time . What was his mental condition at that time , was he at that time already in deep crisis .

What was his attitude during crisis period , when did the crisis start . Was he completely broken down .

Can u enquire about patients any peculiar characteristic when he was in crisis , any physical discomfort he was experiencing .
vikas_grower last decade
The patient wants to go home, he is fed up of hospital. He felt sucidal tandancy but now a days he feels better mentally.

He has been in crisis since two years

He is patient of hypertension and insomnia. He takes medication for hypertension too.

He is pron to infections and he has 102-103 degree temperature with WBC count 22000, The dctors give antipyratic injection and controling the temperature. again after 8 hours the tempe. goes to the same. Our homeopathy practitioner has given Areca 30.

We have given Aurum met. 30 as per your dosing schedule.

The Allopathy doctors told that it is feacle fistula, which very rare and will take atleast 6 months to get back in to the normal life.

we apologise if we have bother you a lot.

Thankign you
rakchok last decade
Dear Rakchok ,

What was his attitude during crisis period , . Was he completely broken down .

Can u enquire about patient's any peculiar characteristic when he was in crisis , any physical discomfort he was experiencing .

Aurum Met has been given on the assumption that his current suffering is related to the crisis he has suffered .

It is advisable not to give him more than 1 homeopathic medicine at a given time , at least they must be spaced 15 days apart so that the effect of one remedy is felt .
vikas_grower last decade
Dear Mr. Vikas,

During crisis period he was with positive attitude and he fought against the situation to get out of it.

During crisis period he was not able to get good quality sleep. He had to take sleeping peels and it was habitual.

Today's condition:

Patient WBC count is 22000. he feels cold followed by high fever.

The size of the fistula gets increased. Homeopathy Dr. presctibe medicine Beryta murr. 30.



rakchok last decade

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