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is a risky business ....specially when the readings are beyond a certain threshold.

For a healthy person above 35 years of age:

A reading of 140 / 90 is considered to be requiring no medication.

A more healthy reading is 120 / 80

When the reading is abnormally high, I strongly disuade the persons to resort to self medication or medication based on advice through internet.

A reading of 160 / 100 is in the range of mild hypertension. Any thing over that is considered to be in the danger zone.

That is why, last time I posted a message that if your reading is above 180 / 110 please continue with allopathic medicine and side by side take benefit of a homeopathic medicine. This should continue until a lower / manageable range is achieved on a regular basis.

Treatment of High B P requires complete analysis of the constitutional symptoms and administration of the constitutional medicine ( in case of homeopathy).

Combination medicines can be taken without resorting to any analysis.


combination medicine (as named in my earlier post)is quiet effective.

High Blood Pressure drops.

Other homeopathic medicines (Single remedies) to be considered are:









and a few more.

A patient of hypertension carry's the risk of heart attack and/or deterioration of the condition of the heart.

For such patients:

Advisable to take CRATAEGUS mother tincture along with the other single meds.

( In combination meds it is already there as a part).

HOWEVER if you wish to use a single homeopathic medicine, BEFORE SELECTING the specific SINGLE MEDICINE please match your symptoms with the specific "drug picture".

From the cell salts:

CALCAREA FLUORICA 6X are of great help and can be taken in addition to the homeopathic and allopathic medicines.

Kali Phos .... tones up the nervous system and acts as a tonic for the heart.

Calcarea Fluorica .... revives elasticity of the blood vessels.

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  PANKAJ VARMA on 2003-12-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I have been treating several persons for several years for HBP and they are doing well. My ONE MAJOR REQUEST us that they DO NOT discontinue their allopathic meds. The combo is made up of:
Ferrum Phos.
Kali Phos.

sabra last decade
where can i get wilmar schwabes viscum pentarkan

and drreckewegs r-85 cebhabol for high blood pressure as mentioned by panja farma the forum
whitts99 last decade
Try Kombucha not only will it help with you higblood pressure. it will relieve other pains, illnesses, and promote happiness. Good Luck
sunbabe21 last decade
My advice to all of you with Hypertension is to use Arnica 6c every night in the Wet Dose for a month and check your BP which should have come down by up to 10mm on both Systolic and Diastolic readings.

I am 76 years old and my BP is 120/80 pulse 65. Cholesterol and Triglyceride readings are normal with HDL high and LDL low.
Joe De Livera last decade
adil_kakar last decade
Many who have used Arnica 6c in the wet dose have testified that there was a perceptible drop in their BP, usually within about 10 days on a daily dose of Arnica 6c.

For those who are not familiar with making the wet dose I shall repeat it below:

Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from your nearest supermarket.
Pour out 100ml
Drop in 3 pellets or 1 drop of liquid Arnica 6c into the 400ml water
Cap the bottle tightly and succuss it 4-6 times by banging on your palm and look out for the air bubbles to fizzle up from the bottom.
Pour out 1 teaspoonful of the potentized remedy and sip it twice daily with the last dose taken just before sleep.

You will observe that you sleep very deeply after the Arnica and I believe that it is this deep sleep that is responsible for the lowering of the BP.

I note that you inquired about using the higher potency of 30c. I prefer to use the lower potency of 6c as you will have to use it for a long period, perhaps for the rest of your life.
Joe De Livera last decade
i m diabetic, high blood pressure,heart patient since 7 years ,i had four swear heart attacks so many unstable angina etc after by pass ,i m same again after 3 years but still going, for high blood pressure with my alopathic med[atenolol etc]my expereance use GARLICcapsule 500 mg daily
R79 one capsule before meal twice
R85 10 drops twice daily PLEASE check ur BP after 3 days daily when it comes down reduce doses try it. i hope
you can get r85 and r 79 from Dr.Reckeweg(u.k.)Ltd
Dalton House,33 Leigh Rd, Westhoughton,BOLTON BL5 2JE
note keep on taking alopathic med u r taking now
good luck
princeofnoland last decade
to princeofnoland
did your bypass fail after 3 years or are you still alright you should try chelation therapy with homeopathy
whitts99 last decade
Thank u very much,one of my artery got desease and is blocked,they said no body can operate and i was given few extra drugs.From 10mg to 40mg.Thenafter 6months it start bleeding from nose and mouth while i was sleeping.They stoped few drugs changed few ,i m better now,but some time with my own mistakes my sugar goes up sky high and these days i get pain in my kidneis regon,my dr says sorry i cant give u any more drugs,its risky , so i controle every thing with HOMEOPATHIC coctails.which works wonderfully on me .i use my body as a guiny pig to proove homeopathic med..for new MOT i allways land up in hospital after every 3 months ,they know me as share holder. pls may u explain what is chelation theropy,and how? thank u again.
princeofnoland last decade
In what ratio one uses the homeopathic medicines?
If allopathic medicines are to be continued, is it necessary to take homeopathic also?

To which system of medicine does Kombucha belong?
sahai last decade
I am copying my post on Arnica which has helped to lower the Blood Sugar of a few patients which my interest you. I had recommended it in a post on this thread for lowering Blood Pressure and would like to recommend it to you as well as it can perhaps help you for both your BP and BS.

If you do decide to use Arnica the potency you should use is 30c in the split dose method mentioned in my post above.

To Erika and Joy From Joe De Livera on 2005-09-19

Thank you for your inputs on Arnica. It gives me great satisfaction in being able to share my observations on the use of various remedies on an open forum such as this which gives those of us who are interested and dedicated to promoting Homeopathy, the possibility of sharing our successes and failures with remedies to treat various ailments. I believe that this is essential to ensure that homeopathy progresses into the future with remedies that were proved centuries ago being used for the treatment of ailments that are not listed in the Reps and MM's.

I was very interested to note that you, Erika had already discovered that Arnica 200 was more potent in reducing Blood Sugar and I shall mention it to my friends in India who are currently carrying out trials on Arnica and it effect on Diabetes. I note that you have also experience with using Szygium Q and I wonder what the results can be if this remedy is used daily. In the case of Arnica I have, as you probably know, used the lower potencies 6 and 30c every night for 10 years and can testify to its other advantages like acting as a 'tonic' in the body. This effect is useful when one is a senior citizen and at 76, I am surprised at myself and my ability to be active as I have been throughout my life, without any ache or pain, which I am now convinced is thanks to Arnica.

I do hope that others who may read this post will carry out their own investigations with Arnica for Diabetes and record their response on this forum. It will be observed that the use of Arnica is far better than the use of other drugs commonly prescribed for Diabetes which will eventually take its toll on the body.

Answering your question about using the 6x potency for Diabetes, I believe that you have already discovered your answer that this low potency does not work. I am confident that the 30c upwards should reduce your BS. I would not advise the use of the 200c on a daily basis which is essential for the control of Diabetes and suggest that you stay with the 30c which I have already used and discovered is very satisfactory to help Diabetics.
Joe De Livera last decade
to princeofnoland .firstly 3 sites which will give you all the info you need about chelation therapy if you live in the uk you may be able to get the treatment for free depending where you live . the first site is www.chelation.co.uk the next site is www.drcranton.com . this site gives a video online of how the therapy works and plenty of information you need to know

the final site is www.oralchelation.com which focuses on mainly tablet chelation as opposed to the other sites are mainly iv chelation which is more powerful. hope this helps.
whitts99 last decade
Thank u JOE and whitts99.and thanks to abchomeopathy.
princeofnoland last decade
what potency should i use rauwolfia serpentina for hugh blood pressure also what potency should i use viscum album for high blood pressure
whitts99 last decade
RAWOLFIA SERP in Q,,,3 times a day..
ALLIUM STIVA Q...give 20 to 40 drops a dose and blood pressure wiil come down in 30 minutes another well known quick acting remedy is REDUM BRUM 30 ...only one dose will help bring it down,,another well known remedy is BURTIA MUR 3x
[Allium stiva is garlic and garlic help maintain healthy heart and circulation,keeping blood chalestrole at level.V Al ???
princeofnoland last decade
The remedies you mentioned for high blood presseure have you tried them.According to ny information their efficacy is doubtful.Herbalist usually recommend this medicine but it is only palliative.In old days this was the favourite medicine of allopathy but they replaced with other medicines.You know their target is differnt.their eyes are always on the pocket of peoples.I called those people very lucky who go to hospitals for chronic diseases not for emergency,if they come back safe and sound,they are indeed lucky and with empty pocket ofcourse.
sajjadakram635 last decade
to princeofnoland

do you use alopath medicine for high blood pressure also as if the remedies mentioned are as fast acting you dont need allopath med i wil try them .also dr reckeweg r85 and r79 does the r85 bring. your blood pressure down fast
the addess for dr reckeweg was ught thanks but they phoed me to say the remedies are for practioners only and canot supply to patients . how did you get yours . she did give me a site which has all dr reckeweg formulas which is canadadrugssuperstore.com ad shipping to uk is quite cheap
whitts99 last decade
c u soon i m very buissy now
princeofnoland last decade
dear sajjad and whitts99
yes all others med i mention ed i used my self now and then[pls excuse my English its very poor] only REDUM brum i didnot personaly but my professional friend[a money making machine]suggested that too .as i said i m not a Dr but using homeopathic med on my self and on other needies since more than 8 years
Now 99 this is for your kind information book knowledge is must but with out prectical its useless. Rawolfia ,allium sativa,burtiamur i used so many times in emergency it works[[,R79 R58 Garlic caps 500 mg is a for miner high bp treatment.]].I use this cocktail this way
when ever i c my bp is high with my elopath med itake one garlic cap in morning daily if its work ok if not i add r79 one caps before meal twice, some times once daily untill its ok or r 85 few days with garlic its all depend how it goes thats for long turm but if it goes sky high and its emergency i feel hevyness or pain on my left side Bp 180 to 200 or above i give my self same treat ment what is for angina...i take 10 drops of Crataegus Q+10 drops of coctusQ in glass of water with r85 cap[because i hate to go to Hospital] so i try every thing avail able then after 2minutes i take 2 aspirins...resting down few minutes if its serious i mix another 10 drops of crataegus Q or Allium sativa or burtiamur which ever is avail able ,so many times i noticed after 20 minutes u feel to go to bath room ,soon u pee ur BP comes down,that is like good news massage. after effects of Angina take day or two 2 go away that time u need R2 and R3 both 3 times a day turn by turn with 4to 5drops ,,,if is more swear then i use one or 2 pufs of spray espesialy with unstable ANGINA i strugle hours and hours homeopathic med push it down but after few hours it comes back some time after 3 or 4 hours u win . if not then i go to hospital for new MOt... because homeopathy is not as adwance as elopathy ther is not much research i will say homeopathy is like grany self help which WORKS.i dont care what professional say cocktail{combination] all ways works better than single remedy.ok
princeofnoland last decade
sorry i will give u another adress later on if u failed i will b only able to send u one R85 one R 79 ONE crataegus q free no more ...yes they sell only to drs CU LAITER ON
princeofnoland last decade
Please help........

I live in U.S.A. where can you buy VISCUM ALB. PENTARKAN
either on line or thru retail store? Does anyone know? Thanks!
topsavings last decade
Hypertension (high blood pressure) is often caused by chronic dehydration. Essentially when the body is lacking water, it attempts to hold on to the available water supplies by resorting to vascular constriction throughout the body. This helps reduce the loss of water through the skin and through respiration. And by doing so, it helps conserve the remaining water in the body.
So if you want to avoid this response to dehydration, just drink a lot of water. This will hydrate your body and lower blood pressure without any negative side effects. Be careful to avoid hydrating yourself with other drinks that are actually dehydrating in nature. Those would include soft drinks, coffee, sports drinks, and basically any drink containing sugar, such as processed orange drinks.
That's one of the main things you can do.

From-Health ranger-mike adam.
munish last decade
In USA, stores like Whole Food have about 75 medicines made by Boiron of France. Other stores also keep them, it varies from town to town. You can go and check the availability. I do not have the list. A shop in Madison( Wisconsin) has the whole range. Call 1-800-888-4066.Otherwise, the store on this web site has got it, in any case.
sahai last decade
You suggested "chelation therapy", but before this is begun the root cause needs to be dealt with first. See below for links to ONE of the MAIN CAUSES of toxins and heavy metals in the body.

w w wDOTcurezoneDOTcom/dental/root_canal.asp
Amalgam page, amalgam - mercury health risk
w w wDOTcurezoneDOTcom/dental/amalgampage.asp

The International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology
w w wDOTiaomtDOTorg
The Scientific Case Against Amalgam
w w wDOTiaomtDOTorg/articledetails.cfm?artid=99

Dr Huggins
w w wDOTdrhugginsDOTcom
A 17+ minute audio interview. (Very informative)
w w wDOTdrhugginsDOTcom/default.asp?PageName=Healthy%20Talk%20Radio%20Interview

Preventive Dental Health Association

God Bless,
TimCam last decade
hi I am patient of high blood presure 160/100 pluse rate is also high i m on allopathic madican , i feel weakness sleeplessnes tired stress headpain burn eyes ,please can u tell which homeopathic madican is good for me for my blood p and heart rate and sleep.. thanks
uzma khanum last decade

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