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To Sameer or Pankaj Varma (as recommended) - Scalp Ezcema

I have re-posted this thread addressed to the people who were recommended to me by Dubai2009, i thought it might make it easier to find. I'll copy the 5 posts below.

Thanks so much for your time.
  jody69 on 2009-04-21
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
jody69 2009-04-14

Hi, i'm hoping you can help me. I'm a 32 year old female and have been suffering from eczema on the scalp for about 16 years. It's constantly itchy, very very flakey and sometimes has lumps and bumps. I have shoulder length dark hair which i have never dyed. For around the same length of time i've suffered on and off with alopecia (the one that has coin shaped bald patches) these patches have never been in the same places as the eczema. The eczema has pretty much always been all around the bottom of the head but not visable on the neck. I have been to the doctors many times and on each occasion have been perscribed something which has worked only once. The most recent medication being betamethasone solution and some nizoral shampoo. this cleared it up for about 3 months. I live in quite a dry climate now, but this has only been in the last 6 years, previous to that i lived in a cold damp climate. I don't suffer from acne but i do have many blackheads in the t-zone but the skin there is also dry and sometimes flakey - not sure if this is in any way related. My sleeping patterns would be fine if it weren't for the fact that i always wake myself up scratching my head! Many thanks for any responses.
jody69 last decade
Dubai2009 2009-4-14

For a homeopath to help you, please give details of
(1) your personality/state of mind.
(2) all other ailments
(3) What according to you could have triggered this eczema? Please talk about its onset and any health problems that preceded it.
(4)All mental and physical symptoms/issues/problems.

Please give as many details as possible so that a homeopath in this forum could help you. My personal bias is in favor of Sameer Vermani & Pankaj Varma.
All the best.
jody69 last decade
Jody69 2009-04-16

Thank you for reply.

Other ailments i have or suffer from are coldsores - probably around 1 per month, hayfeaver or an allergy to something that makes my nose constantly run, particularly when i first wake up, regardless of time of year. If i wake in the middle of the night sometimes i my nose runs so much it keeps me awake. I also have lower back pain, i attribute this to my job which involves alot of standing up in the same place, and carryng things.
I'm a pretty laid back person, i don't get stressed very easily. I often feel lethargic. I sleep anywhere from 8-10 hours and it's a struggle to get out of bed when i'm not working. If i have a lie in i'm completely lethargic and useless for the entire day. I make lists of things that need to be done the next day or exercise i might do and usually most of the day is gone before i have even crossed one thing off my list.
I'm 5ft 7in and weigh around 8 stone or 55 kg i think. I crave tea and if i spend the day alone can easily drink up to 10 cups. I also love bread products.
I have been vegatarian for around 12 years, for the last two i've also started eating fish.

I can't remember a particular event or problem that could have triggered the eczema, but i was around 16, would have just left school and been going on to college, had first serious boyfriend.

I am happy to answer any more questions and i just hope somebody will be able to help me.
jody69 last decade
Pankaj Varma 2009-04-19

First thing first. Appreciate all who quote my name for seeking help...which means my posts are giving benefit to those who join ABC forum.

However, would like to stress that if you desire to gain my attention, kindly write my name in the title (like : for Pankaj Varma). For three reasons:

1. No of posts at ABc have gone up a lot.

2. No of prescribers at ABc has gone up a lot.

3. I am unable to read all posts.

This way it also helps me to come back to the thread quickly for follow up advice.

Now regarding your problem:

Did you go through some major emotional disturbance around the age of 16 and/or later ? Pl explain in detail.

Also give details of problems with your menses cycle.

Describe the nature, colour and timing of the nasal discharge.

Pankaj Varma
jody69 last decade
Jody69 2009-04-20

I don't remember any emotional disturbance at all. At 16 i was taking my high school exams, then moving on to college. Got my first part time job. Got my first serious boyfriend. At 19 i moved away to University and also moved in with my partner, the first year of living together was a nightmare and we argued all the time. This is around the time my alopecia arrived, but i already had the eczema.
I remember around the age of 16 taking to my mother about birth marks and she told me i had one on the back of my head (i never knew)and i had a rummage in my hair to try and find it but couldn't. Ever since then i remember it being really itchy and then flakey and then it spread all over the back of my head. It was later diagnosed by a dermatologist as eczema.

I got my period when i was 13 and for many many years it was very irregualar, i could go 4 or 5 months without it. This has settled down in around the last 4 years with them being pretty regular (for me) anywhere from 28-38 days. Don't suffer too bad with PMS,get upset a bit easier just before, do get stomach ache during the first couple of days of period.
Nasal discharge is usually but not limited to mornings and evenings. This morning for example, my alarm went off at 7.30am (woke up - no runny nose) and after approx 5 mins i sneezed 14 times, then my nose ran continuously for about 2 hours and at 1pm i still had a few sniffles. Usually during the day i'm fine. Sometimes of an evening it comes back. Also when i'm sleeping at night if i wake and stay awake for more than about 5 minutes it starts.
Colour is clear and consistancy is that of water really, definately not mucas like. When i blow my nose it doesn't clear it, and it is often trickling from my nostril before i can get to the tissues. I make my nose sore from wiping it.

I also forgot to mention that i sometimes get itchy skin. Not ezcema. Just one place might get really itchy for an hour or so, particularly if excersing. Most often it happens on the tops of my legs or the tops of my arms where they meet my shoulders.

Thank you so much for looking at my problem.
jody69 last decade
I just thought of some more personality/traits that may be of use.

I'm quite a messy person. I can quite happliy go out to work without brushing my hair if i'm in a hurry, i just tie it up. Or after a shower i think nothing of going out to meet friends with my hair still wet. I'm not the kind of female that can only go out if they are wearing makeup, in fact i rarely wear makeup. I do like to look nice but sometimes can't be bothered with the effort.
I'm messy in the house too, my side of the bed often has clothes all over the floor, and i often find myself picking clothes up that i've worn and wearing them again, especially if it is a favourite item of clothing and i've forgotten to wash it. My messiness in the house drives my husband mad. And in fact he is quite the opposite to me and can't even stand a crumb in the the kitchen.
I am quite opinionated about certain issues and totally indifferent to others, and i often find myself disagreeing with friends although i would never tell them or argue with them. Instead i would keep it to myself or just tell my husband about the conversation when i get home. I hate confrontation and will do anything to avoid it. Not so much with my husband though as i'm comfortable with him, but if i need to make a complaint to somebody about something i get sweaty palms and find my voice shaking, i'd also give up on the confrontation quite early and afterwards wish i'd said more. I love email for complaints as i don't have to speak to someone face to face or on the phone. I don't take compliments easily and tend to disbeleive people or think they are making fun of me if they compliment me. I'm really self conscious about my teeth. They are nice and white but bucked and i know i look goofy on my right profile and also if i look up and smile at the same time.
I a really thin and people always tell me how skinny i am. I'm 5ft 7 and weigh about 55kgs but very small frame, and small breasts. I have olive skin, dark eyes and dark hair.
I live in a very dry climate which is cold in winter and hot in summer. My skin is dry all the time, particularly my lips and hands. In the winter i've been getting chillblanes on my fingers and toes for abut the last 4 winters, and my hands crack terrible and hurt.
i love spicy food and stodgy food like warm bread. I have hard time motivating myself to eat fruit, it's not that i don't like it it's just i'd rather have some toast. I absolutely can't eat fruit or salad in the winter, it has to be hot drinks and hot meals. I do enjoy alcohol, but only really when i'm out, if i'm in the house i would rather have a cup of tea. I occasionaly drink wine in the house. After lunch or dinner i always crave something sweet, just to 'finish off', a square of chocolate or a cookie.

Thanks for any help.
jody69 last decade
Since Pankaj has responded, you should change your title to
'To Pankaj Varma'
Dubai2009 last decade
Is it possible to change the title or do i have to start the thread again?
jody69 last decade
That is okay.
first..take three doses of Sulphur 200 in gaps of half hour in the morning after getting up (just rinse mouth with water and then take the med).

Brush teeth, morning tea , b'fast etc only after 1/2 hour of taking the last dose.

Avoid coffee, garlic, strong herb foods, perfumes etc.

Watch for changes in your system next 7 days and report feed back on:

1. improvements
2.new symptoms that might show up

If I don't see your post for 24 hours, send me a mail reminder on pvarma888 at the rate yahoo dot com

Pankaj Varma

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Thanks very much for your help.

I'm living in rural New Zealand and my local health shop only stocks up to 30's so i've ordered it online.

I'll let you know when it has arrived and i'll report back 7 days from then.

jody69 last decade
Looks like an excellent choice of remedy!

Jody69: Have you ordered the remedy in pellets or liquid? Once the remedy arrives, please ask Pankaj how to take it; how many drops/pellets in water etc.

Please watch for all changes in your system - moods, behavior, sleep, appetite, skin, etc - and report to Pankaj.

All the best
Dubai2009 last decade

Yeah i wasn't sure which to order and i was really keen to get the order in before the weekend. I went with pellets because i've read in quite a few posts that that is what a lot of people seem to go for.
I ordered them on friday afternoon here but they are coming from California so it might take a week.
I couldn't find anywhere in NZ to order them from.
Would be great when you get a chance Pankaj if you could let me know how to take them, how many pellets how much water etc.
Really appreciate all your help.
jody69 last decade
Place four pellets in your mouth ...after you have rinsed the mouth clean with water.

Allow the pellets to dissolve in the mouth on their own.

Eating / teeth brushing half hour after the last dose of the med.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

Sorry for the delay in replying. It took the pellets a week and a half to get here and then i was away so wanted to wait till i got back.

So, i've taken the sulphur this morning and will report back in 7 days.

jody69 last decade
ok !
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

Well tomorrow will be the 7th day but i'm writing now as i have some time.
I didn't really notice an awful lot to be honest, i will mention any differences i did notice but i don't know how much of it was down to the sulphur.
Day 2: I sometimes get eczema on my left eye in the corner, on day 2 this came back and it arived on my lid too, i've never had this before and it was really itchy - this is still there now.
Day 2 or 3 to Day 6: My skin has ben really itchy all over, particularly my torso and upper arms where they join my shoulders. I usually get this after excercise or when i'm sweaty but this was just at random times, especially in the evening when i was watching TV. After i had scratched it it became raised and red, blotchy.
Day 4: I woke with my usual blocked up nose and when i blew it there was alot of blood in the tissue, i never get nose bleeds. This only happened the one day.
I have a mole on my back that became really itchy on about day 4 and it was raised but now that has gone back to normal.
Eczema on my head is as itchy as ever, and possibly even more flakes than usual. Scalp is tender now when i scratch.
I've not felt quite as lethargic this week but i've been busy with work and i'm always less lethargic when i'm working rather than having time off.
I guess i've been in a pretty good mood all week but that may be because it was our anniversary and we were celebrating.
Thanks & looking forward to hearing from you
jody69 last decade
Your good mood and high spirits are because of Sulphur. I feel the skin should start improving slowly from now onwards. Those were my observations. Let Pankaj judge things in their perspective.
Dubai2009 last decade
It's been two weeks since i took the sulphur now and things are pretty much the same as my last post.
I still have the eczema on my left eyelid and in the corner and my head is itchier and flakier than i have seen it in many years. I keep finding evidence of that all over the bedding/couch etc. it's disgusting. Can't stop scratching!
Looking forward to your reply.
jody69 last decade
Please provide details of your current mental symptoms and wait for Pankaj.
Dubai2009 last decade
Some more physical changes i forgot to mention: my nose drip doesn't seem so bad. I still sneeze but not every morning and not so many times, it's not a constant flow. Maybe just need to blow it a couple of times now but not for hours like before. This may be to do with the season though as we've just gone into winter. I did notice about a week ago that i had some white wine in the evening and my nose almost instantly filled with mucus and i couldn't get rid of it for the whole night. I'm usually a red wine drinker.
Since taking the sulphur my overal mood has improved, not drastically but i do feel a bit 'lighter' - even now 2 weeks later. Initially, after first taking it, mornings were easier but i have noticed these past 3 days i'm finding it hard to get up in the mornings again and i'm waking up less refreshed.
I've thought of a few things regarding my personalitiy which may be useful. I have a vivid imagination - but only in my head - it's not something i share with anyone. For example i often behave as if i'm not alone in the house even when i know that i am. I have conversations with nothing, just mid air. For a period of about 3 years when i was a teenager i acted like someone was always watching me,an observer, even though i knew there wasn't. And i don't mean God - i'm not religious at all. To the point where i really knew there was nobody watching but just in case i would get embarassed at going to the toilet. If something funny happened I would talk out loud as if to the person that was watching me, so we could share the joke. Of course i knew there wasn't really anyone watching.
These days i just have spells where i imagine things happening but not all the time. And they are recurring imaginations - a school reunion, a night out with particular people.
I can't play an instrument but i often imagine when i'm listening to music that i'm playing one of the instruments (i don't physically air guitar though!) On long car journeys i can listen to the same song over and over, imagining that i'm impressing my friends by playing one of the instruments. I can get quite affected by music, ican be in an upbeat mood but if i choose the wrong music to listen to i can easily loose a couple of hours by either moping around (melancoly music) or dancing around the house imagining i'm with friends - my neighbours must think i'm mad! These things only ever happen when i'm alone.
Oh and i get embarassed easily - not at the time when i've said or done something- but later when i think back or read it again. For example i just re-read my older posts here and got embarassed, don't know why.
So I'm no tidier after the sulphur and still have a big pile of clothes on the floor next to my side of the bed.
Thanks for your time.
jody69 last decade
I have gone thru the details posted by you.

Have you been through some depression in the recent past ?

Is there pent up grief inside you ?

Angry ...r u ? Explain in detail.

Constipated ?

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
give details of the exact location of the excema patch.

Which part of the head ?

crown of the head?

Over the neck where the hair end ?

closer to the fore head ?

do you get headaches ? at what time in the 24 hour span?

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Thanks i appreciate this.
I wouldn't say i've been epressed in teh recent past. I've been in a couple of situations which haven't been ideal and made me a bit down but I wouldn't say it was extreme as depression. About 6 years ago we moved to a small town in New Zealand and i really struggled to find employment in my proffession, this got me down, in addition I was working with someone i really didn't get on with so i was hating my job. However i left my job and travelled for 4 months and when i came back i managed to find a job in my chosen industry so now everything is fine on that front.
Two years ago my in laws moved to new zealand and lived with us in our small house for a whole year whilst their house was being built - that was very hard, and i didn't enjoy being home much. But really that is all i can think of.
I'm not really an angry person at all. I did feel more angry than usual when i had the in-laws living here, it's hard to describe what that was like. We didn't have any time to ourselves, our house didn't feel like our own, i was forced to have the most excruciating conversations about the shopping bill when all i wanted to do was read my book. But then I would feel guilty because she was only being nice, she had only just moved here and didn't have any friends yet. Even now, they have moved into their own house - a year and a half ago, i still tire of her really easily, i feel my eyes glaze over when she tells me something, i feel like our relationship has changed (we were very good friends before she moved in with us)but now i can't spend too much time with her, and i feel really guilty about this. She tries really hard.
But no, i'm not really angry. I have been known to get frustrated when i can't get things to work, like trying to loosen the lid on a jar, but that only lasts till i get the lid off.
No constipation.
If you draw a line from one ear up and over the head (over the crown) to the other ear i have eczema from that line to the back of the head stopping about 1cm before the hairline. I've never had eczema on the neck and never had any to the front of the head from the crown. Before i took the sulphur it was more at teh back and none at the crown, but since taking the sulhur it has spread to the crown too, at the crown i have some particularly sore parts which did bleed a little when i scratched. The rest of the ezcema is very hard and flakey, scalp feels numb in these places, doesn't feel like skin. At the moment it is itchier and flakier than i have had it for many years. Also have some on left eyelid which is red and a bit sore to the touch but not flakey - i'm tryng really hard not to rub this because i dont' want it to spread around my face.
Also i forgot to mention i have had a rash for about 2 months (before sulphur) on my chin, just blow my lip on the right hand side. I had decided this was down to a change in moistoriser so i stopped using it, but it hasn't gone away.
Since taking sulphur i haven't used any moistoriser or cream at all on face or ezcema.
I can't remember the last time i got a headache, doens't seem to be something i suffer from. I occasionally will get one when i have been working a very long day and haven't had much to drink but that's about it. Then it's at the front, forehead area.
Thanks again for your time.
jody69 last decade
Bump to the top!
Dubai2009 last decade
Take another dose of Sulphur 200, just one....2moro morning.

Then report feed back after 7 days.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

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