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will i be able to be pregnant ever?

Hi to all doctors here.
I want to introduce myself first and then tell my problem in detail:
I'm a 25 yr old girl, got recently married (about 4 months back) and we both are planning for a baby as soon as possible. We have been trying since the day we are married, but of no use.

There are several reasons behind:
1. I am having hypothyroid, for which I was treated and brought to normal, however doctor has advised me to take the Thyronorm tablets for life long to keep the thyroid level in control.

2. I'm having a small, single, non-obtstructive 6mm sized calculuc in upper pole calyx of left kidney. - In other words, small kidney stone. I'm getting diagnosed for this with KMGCIT powder intake for a month (thrice daily), and an antibiotic (An antibiotic as i have also been diagnosed for UTI and getting treated for the same).

3. I've been also diagnosed with ploycystic ovaries and the report reads - 'Both ovaries show multiple, subcentimeter sized follicles arranged peripherally' and 'A simple thin walled cyst with clear internal contents measuring 22 X 15 mm is noted in left ovary'. - Due to this, I'm having irregular periods. My doctor is treating me tablets like - Duphaston and Ovofar.

My body structure:
1. Height: 5'1'
2. 62 Kgs
3. Having slight gastric problems frequently.

I desperately need your help in curing my life with all diseases.
1. With so much of disorders diagnosed and after taking so many medications, will I ever be cured and be healthy?
2. Will the PCOD treatment medications make me conceive? (Doesnt my thyroid & stone prevent me from conceiving?)
3. Does homeopathy have cure for all the problems stated above. If yes, please suggest me clinics in bangalore, so that i can immediately stop allopathy & start homeopathy

PS: Please note, I have patience and hence can wait long if homeopathy can give me permanent results
  gentlewoman on 2009-04-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I'm awaiting for any doctor's advise here. I want to be pregnant ASAP.....
gentlewoman last decade
Please fill the following questionnaire:


All the complaints that you, the patient, are experiencing including their duration and sequence. Please write down 'all' the complaints that you have.
Elaborate each symptom as to:
• Cause”
• Character
• Location
• Extension
• Radiation of pain or sensation
• Associated concomitants
• Aggravation & amelioration: regarding
a. Time
b. Temperature & weather
c. Bathing
d. Rest or motion
e. Position
f. External stimuli
g. Eating etc.
h. Before or after
i. Menses
j. Coition
k. Defecation etc.

2. APPEARANCE - Thin, Obese, Tall, Short, Fair, Dark.

TONGUE:(its appearance.if coated,the colour & nature of coating)

THROAT:(appearance,conditions of tonsils & uvula)

SWALLOWING:(liquids,solids or empty)


a. eyes & vision
b. ears & hearing
c. nose & smell
d. mouth & taste
e. skin & touch

4. APPETITE- Normal, decreased or increased.
a. Any trouble before or after eating in general eg pain, burning, heaviness, sleepiness, distension etc, from any particular food, article.)
b. LIKING for hot or cold food

5. THIRST- Medium, Increased or decreased.
a. How many glasses per day?
b. Cold / Normal water?

a. Taste of food you like? (i.e., Spicy, Sour, Sweet, Salty etc.)
b. Any specific craving for a particular food item?
7. AVERSION - Any food item that you don’t like or the one that aggravates your complaints.

a. bloating of abdomen,when?
b. passing of gas up or down gives relief

a. Whether unsuccessful urging or no desire?
b. haemorrhoids(blind or bleeding)
c. fissures

10. STOOL-
a. Colour
b. Frequency
c. Constipation / Loose-motions.?

11. URINE:
a. Colour
b. Any burning in urine
c. PAIN if any :- character, before, during or after

a. Increased on any particular part of your body?
b. Offensive?
c. Stains or not?
d. Whether feels weak or no effect?

13. SLEEP:-
a. character
b. posture during sleep{back sides abdomen etc.}
c. whether refreshed or tired after sleep
d. whether aggravation or amelioration during or after

14. DREAMS:-
a. Nature & character :- {confused,pleasnt,horrible,frightful,disgusting,disagreeable,vivid etc.}
b. Pattern, if any
c. Any other associated concomitants, like waking up with a start, profuse perspiration on waking, etc.

15. PAST HISTORY - Have you suffered from any major illness in the past like Malaria Typhoid, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, Skin problems etc or any Surgery undertaken.?

16. FAMILY HISTORY - Any history of Hypertension, Diabetes, Tuberculosis, Heart problems, Cancer etc. in the family (Parents and Grandparents)?

17. ADDICTIONS, If any?



20. TENDENCY, if any:
a. to catch cold{when & how}
b. to suppurate easily
c. to bleed
d. to faint{under what circumstances}
e. to tumours, cysts, polyps, warts, moles or some other diseases
21. GENERAL REACTIONS aggravations or ameliorations as a whole
• warmth, warmth of bed; warm room (hot)
• cold, cold air, cold wind (chilly)
• hot & cold; wet & dry weather changes:
• thunderstorms or storm (before, during & after)
• open air or closed rooms, changes from one to another
• hot sun, wind, fog, snow
• stuffy crowded places, draughts, heat of stove, uncovering
• rest & motions
o slow, rapid, ascending or descending; on first motion; after moving while, while moving, after moving, traveling in car, bus train sea, air etc
• Position:
o standing, sitting, stooping, rising on painful side; back, sides, abdomen, head high or low, leaning head backward, forward, sidewise, upwards
• closing or opening eyes
• any unusual position
• External stimuli:
o touch
o pressure & rubbing
o Constriction (clothing etc.)
o light, noise, music, smell
o jar, riding, stepping
• Eating & drinking(before, during or after)
o fasting
o any particular item of food
• Emotions: anxiety, grief, joy etc
• before important engagements
• Exertions: physical & mental
• Company, crowds, loneliness etc.
• Time, hr, day, night or midnight

22. PERIODICITY-daily, alternate days, weekly, yearly etc.

• Menstrual History :-
a. Menstrual flow for how many days and after how many days?
b. Any associated complaints with menses.?
c. If menopause :- Any complaints before/during and after menopause. ?
• Leucorrhea if present ?
a. Colour, Stains or not, offensive or any peculiar smell.
b. acrid or bland
c. whether feels hot to parts
d. circumstances under which more or less {eg lying,walking,exertion,menses,day,night,mor,night etc.}
• Obstetric History :-
a. No. of children - Normal / Caesarian delivery.?
b. Abortions – if yes specify which month.?
c. Any complaints during / after pregnancy.?
• Sexual sphere:-
a. sexual desire-normal,increased,decreased or suppressed
b. any aversion to sex or coition

24. FOR MALES ONLY – If the following apply to your case, provide relevant details:-
• Premature ejaculation
• Impotence
• wet dreams
• relaxation of genitals
• Masturbation.

• Preferred hot /cold bath
• Likes Warm /cold.
• Fan / ACMIND

• What bothers you?
• Anxieties, Irritability, Imaginations?
• Emotional state — brooding, crying, Suicidal etc.?
• Likes company or loner and why?
• Dreams—-if you remember any particular dream or any dream you have seen repeatedly.
• Do you cry easily?
• Does music, kind words of others, grief, fight of others make you cry?
• Do you get offended easily or can take criticism from others or do you feel hurt or insulted easily?
• When you are upset, if you are consoled by your family or friends, how do you take it i.e. does sympathizing help you or make matters worse?
• Do you speak out your emotions, worries etc or pent them inside you and later brood over it?
• Do you feel anxious/ apprehensive before exams, meetings, public speaking? Any stress situations?
• Are you a perfectionist—–being very particular about cleanliness, punctuality, fastidious and even finicky?
• Is there any grief that you have felt it or any greatest joy you have experienced in life (please give in detail)?
• Do you like music or not, or does it affect you by any chance?

For homeopathic doctors pl note that the mental symptoms can be classified into a) WILL b) UNDERSTANDING c) MEMORY I am elaborating the full range of mental symptoms in these three groups, search for these symptoms, if patient has.

• Anxious or fearful-animals, being alone, darkness, death, disease, health, robbers, future, noises
• Indifferent- to business, husband, relations etc.,
• loathing of life; suicidal
• hate
• greedy, haughty
• doubtful, suspicious(for what)
• wants company or loneliness
• irritable, quarrelsome, offended easily
• depressed, sad, brooding
• impatient, hurried
• jealous
• wants sympathy or hates
• changeable, Indecisive
• shy, timid, cowardly
• obstinate, affectionate
• silent or talkative
• mild, yielding, gentle
• tidy or untidy
• reaction to contradictions
• hopeful or hopeless
• cheerful, happy, calm

• Delusions, hallucinations, illusions
• Absorbed
• Clairvoyance
• Confusion
• Dullness of comprehension
• Comprehension-difficult or easy
• Ecstasy
• Excitements
• Imbecility
• Loss of time sense

• Concentration
• Absent minded
• Errors in answers
• Mistakes in writing & speech
• Disorders of speech




Warm Regards

Niel Madhavan last decade
The space between q.no. 25 and 26 is not relevant. Plz ignore

Niel Madhavan last decade

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