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need acute remedies: ibs

I have a cat with a bowel condition, which appears to be IBS. He really needs homeopathic help to get through the acute stages of this problem.

He's got a lot of abdominal discomfort, and he's passed blood in the minimal amount of stool he's been able to pass. He's also thrown up lots of yellow bile. The vet says that his guts are completely raw -- there may be a parasite involved, but there is definitely a digestive issue, probably food allergies.

In case this isn't enough info, I'll provide more below. I'll welcome all replies.


I’d welcome the chance to brainstorm with you about a cat that belongs to one of my cousins. The little one is going through an awful time with bowel and digestive issues, and I’m convinced that homeopathy could be of help. I understand that you and the groups we belong to cannot officially prescribe, but I’d truly welcome the chance to discuss this case and brainstorm.

This cat is a neutered male, roughly four years old, with a complex medial history. He’s had digestive problems including gurd since very early on, but things have come to a head in recent weeks.

About a month ago, kitty began having problems with gas, and his bowel movements became so foul that they often forced my cousin and his family to open windows and/or leave the house. This cat’s stools also became irregular (sometimes they’d be almost pure liquid, while other times they’d be formed but unduly moist, and of course, extremely foul).

Earlier this week, the little guy went from feeling good and being playful to curling up in a fetal position for several hours. He then had a very small bowel movement that looked extremely red, almost like tomato sauce, and he vomited substantial amount of yellow bile.

The vet has examined this cat and said that his intestines are very irritated, he’s convinced that there is some for of parasite involved, and well as irritable bowel syndrome and/or food allergies. There was also evidence of a small bladder infection.

An injection of steroids was administered due to the urgency of getting this swelling down, but that obviously isn’t a long term solution. The cat is looking better, but he’s still eating only small amount of food and he’s still plenty queasy (he threw up a few hours ago… again, yellow bile).

Just to give some addition pieces of information on this cat, he was over vaccinated, repeatedly flea dipped, blasted with antibiotics, and drugged for parasites and the rescue he was adopted from. He nearly died from these treatments.

This poor cat is easily started (if you rustle a grocery bag or drop anything while he’s in the room, he literally goes airborne), he’s been battling at least some itching and/or skin irritation in recent months (presumably food allergies), and he’s got a history of urinary tract infections and crystals. He has an aversion to most normal foods (he won’t eat any canned food or meat… only kibble), he’ll only drink moving water (from a fountain), and he often eats grass.
  tomcraig5 on 2009-05-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
day 1
please give him three doses of arsenic alb 30c at a gap of 4 hours

day 2 to day 10
please give him 2 tablets each from the following bio-chemic tablets four times a day at a gap of 4 hours.
natrum sulph 3x
kali phos 3x

please don't give him anything to eat or drink within 30 minutes before or after giving medicine.
kadwa last decade
IBS/IBD has been occurring in nearly epidemic proportions over the last few years. The cause has been directly linked to vaccinosis- a reaction to vaccinations/over-vaccination/yearly booster shots.

The answer?


2.) Rest the digestive/intestinal tract and bowels with fasting.

3.) Remove the damaging residual effects of past vaccinations/wormers/flea dips etc.

4.) Boost the immune system.

5.) No further vaccinations,commercial wormers, flea dips or anything of a chemical or toxic nature.

All items mentioned below should be available at any health food store.

1. No solid/canned/dry food. Fast using homemade chicken or beef broths. Take piece of meat, chicken or beef, and simmer it in barely enough water to cover, add a piece of fresh tomato, and pieces of celery,carrots, and broccoli. Let simmer until the broth is rich. Cool Skim off the fat, add 1 teaspoon of fresh carrot juice to every half cup and offer.Use purified water for the broths and for drinking water.No tap water.Absolutely no dry food, no commercial cat food ever again. Eventually a switch should be made, following the fast, to a grain-free homemade raw food diet.

2.) Slippery elm. Available in bulk at health food stores. It can be used in treating digestive conditions with inflamed mucous membrane linings such as gastritis, gastric or duodenal ulcer, enteritis, and colitis, where it has a soothing demulcent action.

3.)Calcium Montmorillonite clay. 1/2-3/4 of a teaspoon twice a day.

4.) Transfer Factor Plus. Start with one a day and work up to two a day after several days. Give with broth, in other words it has to be given with food and in this case it would be broth.

5.) Give digestive enzymes made specifically for pets.There is an excellent one called TF Stress Pack(Transfer Factor Stress Pack). Give according to the directions on the package.

5.) Cranberry capsules. 500 mg. Give 1/2 capsule every twelve hours.

6.)Wheat grass. Grow it and also give in tablet or powdered form. If you are able to give this cat a tablet then the tablet form might be the easiest. Otherwise buy it in powdered form(available in dark brown jars) and give 1/2 teaspoon every twelve hours.

7.) Omega-3 Fatty Acids. 500 mg. 1 capsule twice a day.

8.) 1/2 papaya tablet given every twelve hours.

Some of the above items can be mixed in the broths and offered. If not readily accepted and for whatever cannot be 'greased' with a little broth and popped into the mouth, make a mixture of picking several of the items and mixing them in several tablespoons of the broth and given with an eyedropper. 12 dropperfuls equal approximately one tablespoon of liquid so judge accordingly.

Try not to give all of the above during the daylight hours then the system has nothing during the night. Space it out.

In addition, Thuja 30C. One dose of two pellets tapped into the mouth and allowed to dissolve. Do not touch the pellets with your hands,etc. No food or water for one hour afterward. Do not repeat this. If you wish to do so, wait one full month.Do not repeat before that.

There is a Bach Flower Essence called Crabapple. Add ten drops to a small water bowl filled with purified water. Use this as the sole drinking source.
Crabapple can also be given on an as-needed basis. 5 drops on the tongue every 15 minutes for one hour, then reducing to giving it every couple of hours. Yes, through the night.

Eliminate all cleaning products, sprays, air fresheners, carpet deoderizers, perfumes,lawn sprays and anything else of a similar nature from your household and yard. Do not allow this cat to go outside if there is a possibility of neighbourhood lawn sprays, week killer,etc that this cat could possibly come in contact with either by breathing it(these sprays can travel airborne for miles) in or having it come in contact with the fur where it would be ingested by the cat grooming himself.

NOTE: Watch for dehydration.It is an insidious killer. Regularly pinch the back of the neck, check the mouth for excessive dryness/stickyness and the eyes for a sunken appearance. The extent to which the skin stays in a fold before going back to its original position is the extent to which a pet is dehydrated. Dehydration can kill in a matter of hours. In cases of severe dehydration only subcutaneous injections of specially prepared saline can hydrate a pet quickly enough and in enough of a quantity to save the cat's life.
orian last decade

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