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Teenager with social anxiety

My 17 yr old daughter was diagnosed with social anxiety & presc Lexapro. She won't take it (fine w/ me since I tend to seek natural anyway). She is withdrawn, retreats to her room when company is over unless it's her close family members, can't handle conflict or even violence of any sort on tv, has ADD symptoms, walks with shoulders slumped, feels like people are staring, feels like she knows what people are thinking, germ phobia but doesn't consider her germs with others (she's a slob, leaves used tissues out etc..) very immature for her age, has a hard time bonding with people, dislikes rules and feels like everyone should be 'free'. Mind you she is an innocent kid, has had only a sip of wine here or there, never had a boyfriend, she actually prefers to be with her family. She is tall with a healthy weight, pale, allergic to dairy (sinus, skin), big eater, very tired often & loves to sleep (very difficult for her to wake)She has bouts of depression where she'll miss a day of school once every 2 weeks. But yet, she had the guts to switch schools mid year 11th grade where she knew not a soul. And she would go to a concert alone if it were her favorite band. I truly appreciate so many of her qualities, but I see a sad girl because she doesn't have the confidence to make friends. I'd really like to give homeopathy a full shot. Thanks for any help.
  suez123aa on 2009-06-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
is she like this since childhood or has she become like this
recently or after a certain age.describe.

what is the family health history of both sides. describe.

is she shy infront of strangers, is she lacking in social skills, how is she in one to one communication.

what are her likes and dislikes.

did she suffer from any serious illness in childhood which was treated non-homeopathically.
rishimba last decade
She was like this since childhood after a hospital stay at 2 yrs old for a staph infection (heavy antibiotics used). Since then, extremely shy, selective mutism & phobias (anything that was ripped or torn was one phobia, lasted about year & would panic when the sun went down, lasted less than a year)all around the age 5-7. Her father & his lineage suffer from social anxiety & depression, my side suffers from food allergies. She is shy in front of strangers but getting better with age & better when I'm not around, she is lacking natural social skills even though everyone around her sets a good example. One on one consists of short answers, she would never open up to counselors, only me. She loves music & concerts & anything in the entertainment industry, fashion etc. She has given herself a goal of writing a book, which she is very excited about. To add on a physical note, she suffered from constipation throughout her childhood (large stools) which did improve when taken off milk, but she still has bouts with it.
suez123aa last decade
Hi Rishi

Looks a typical case of Vaccinosis.


Niel Madhavan last decade
hi neil,
yes, it seems its indeed vaccinosis if the information given is accurate.

for a complete cure she will need a series of remedies and this case has to be managed very closely taking into account the changes in the mental symptoms after each dose.

before the antimiasmatics, i would suggest SULPHUR to open the symptoms better.


if you would like to start her treatment, you may give her SULPHUR 1M and followed by SULPHUR 10M after 12 hours.

just two doses and then you need to wait for some 15 days and note the changes in her personality.

write down the changes as soon as you note something new in her. you will have to report the same after three weeks.

after about 3 weeks, based on the emerging symptom, the upper most chronic miasm will be known better and then the treatment may be started accordingly.
rishimba last decade
She'll be done with school in about 10 days, would you suggest I wait until then, sounds like you're saying certain symptoms might be brought forward and increased?
suez123aa last decade

Your daughter sounds like she has some similarities to me, although I am 34 and a parent to two girls, age 8 & 4. She, like me, may be a Highly Sensitive Person as described by Elaine Aron, if you search for Elaine Aron, you'll find her website and a description of HSP. If you think she may be HSP, then I would recommend reading her book. I still don't like to watch violent TV. I love Grey's Anatomy, but some episodes actually make me physically shake they are so overwhelming. The social stuff was really bad for me at 17, I was very closed off, but it has gotten better over the years. HSP's do tend to be able to sense what others are thinking more than non-HSP's. We are only 15 to 20% of the population. From reading about sleep needs for my young ones, sleep needs increase around the age of 16 compared to when they are younger. I think HSP's tend to need more time to reflect and do get overwhelmed pretty easily and that could cause the tiredness too. It does with me. Hope this helps... Please check out the website. I found out about being HSP about 5 years ago and reading Aron's book really helped me.
rebeccam last decade

Waiting for 10 days will be no problem.

Rishi-Please reconsider the 10M dose.

Best wishes

Niel Madhavan last decade
Hi Rebecca,

Thank you so much for your post, it struck a cord immediately as I always thought my son was overly sensitive. I went to her website and took the parent test, both of my children scored highly sensitive, but with different answers. I will be purchasing the book today as I feel very confused on how to support her. In fact, I accidentally left this web page on screen & she read it and is extremely upset with me. She feels I am talking about her to 'the world' and despises that. She thinks I have no faith in her and I just want to change her. She wants me to let her be, says she is fine, but when she is overwhelmed she'll mutter over and over under her breath 'help me' and if I offer to she rejects it. Looking back at 17, can you think of what kind of support would have helped you most during that time? Again, thanks so much for your help.


Hi Neil,

Thank you for your post. I won't purchase or start anything until Rishi responds to the 10M dose.
suez123aa last decade
a single dose of SULPHUR 10M is required to bring out the symptoms.

its your call, if you want a cure, you should follow the prescription.

aggravation on a single dose is rare, even if its there, it will be for some first 48 hours.
rishimba last decade
Hi Sue

Please follow the way Rishi has advised.

Best wishes

Niel Madhavan last decade
We'll do, thanks to you both.
suez123aa last decade
Hi Sue,

I'm so glad I could help. You asked how you could support your daughter at this time and I would say that one of the best ways would be to make her feel that there isn't anything wrong with her. I always felt pushed to be more social when I was that age and it really stressed me out. My situation was a little different in that my mom has some narcissistic personality characteristics and even though she said she cared about me, I knew there was something missing. She wasn't respectful of how I felt. I won't go into that here. There are many wonderful things about being HSP and if you let her know you love her just the way she is and mean it (because HSP's pick up on subtleties more than regular people), she will probably feel better. I'm sure you do love her and you are worried about her, which is why you're here. This is hard. Maybe if you just tell her how you feel - that she seems unhappy and you just want to do everything you can to make her feel good and give her the book to read and explain that it isn't to change her, it's just to help her understand herself better and to get whatever she wants out of it. The book is very positive, so I think it will help her feel better about herself. I think it's wonderful that you want to read it as well.

By the way, my mom told me I used to say hi a lot to strangers when I was around 2 and then things changed and there was nothing stressful that happened. I think an awareness about the world happens around that age. It happened with my 8 year old when she was around 2. She would sit on Santa';s lap and the Easter bunny and get her haircut, but then things changed and she was overwhelmed by everything. She's just started letting the dentist/doctor do their job and she only lets them do it, if they seem truly caring. She wouldn't let anyone but my husband or I take her picture until recently either.

Good luck with everything,
rebeccam last decade
Thank you so much for sharing and advising, it is extremely helpful to see through someone else's eyes. I picked up the book (and another on Indigo children, they seem to go hand in hand) and it is shedding a relieving light on everything for both my children, especially in the way I look at them, much more accepting. And when that happens, they flow much easier in the direction they are supposed to go. It's all good.
Thanks again,
suez123aa last decade

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