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Chronic ear infections and colic/anxiety with 21 month old boy

Dear Forum,

My boy suffers from a whole range of allergies since childbirth. He was breastfed for 9 months, during that time he had eczema on his cheeks and colic/anxiety at night. I tried a very restricted diet but he seemed to react on everything:

- wheat (diagnosed in his blood)
- cow's milk (he drinks Neocate, couldn't digest Nutramigen or Friso Allergycare)
- Buckweat, rice, corn & all other types of grain (even glutenfree)
- dyes (serious reaction)
- apple, pear (got his first ear infection after pear!)
- citrusfruit, peaches, nectarines, melon (eczema, colic); haven't tried anything else after that
- carrots, pumpkin (gives him serious constipation and colic)
- cabbage, peas (give him colic and ear infection)

The list is even longer but I'm afraid to try anything else. He was born after a long and difficult labour, with meconium in my amniotic fluid, hartrate going down followed by C-section.

At the moment he can eat/drink Neocate, 1 or 2 slices of bread (he was treated with bioresonance and the homeopath said he should be cured....I wonder....), chicken, potatoes, french beans and mango. Anything out of the ordinary gives him anxiety, colic, restless sleep, eczema and ear infection.

He's got red hair and green/brown eyes, a very white almost transparent skin, you can see the little veins on his cheeks. He's got his first 2 freckles already (his father is all freckles). He's chubby and a bit small for his age. He likes to eat very much but it always seems too little, he wakes up at night to eat and drink and finally to have a stool. At the moment he wants to eat our food but gets sick from any diversion.

Generally he's a VERY sweet boy, laughs a lot, greets everyone, a very likable hugable boy (probably Phosphorus). I love him to bits but he robs me of my sleep between 11 and 2, sometimes even all night.

General complaints after eating something bad:
- ear eache RIGHT (most complaints are right)
- painfully swollen glands mostly on the right but sometimes only also the left side
- sore throat, can't eat much but wants to drink bottles of milk. If it's severe only cold milk
- Chronic eczema on his hands, feet, thighs, cheek, ears, it itches
- He loves to run around only in a diaper, has trouble with the warmth of clothes, likes to walk outside
- when he was breastfeeding he had eczema on the left side but when I ate bread it was on the right side

For the past few weeks he's very anxious at night, doesn't want to lay down in bed. First I thought it was the constant pressure on his ears, so 2 weeks ago he had tubes inserted (his tonsils in his nose were removed as well because they were enlarged, he snored)

Mostly he sleeps on his belly, with severe colic on his knees/belly, sweating on his head a lot.

Nowadays I never try to get it so far that he gets severe colic, it's already enough that he has trouble digesting the usual things. I suspect he still reacts to the bread but I can't go back to only potatoes or glutenfree bread (that contains corn, buckweat or rice).

He's had a whole list from my 2 homeopaths: Arsenicum (good acute remedie!), Bryonia (also very good after an acute allergic reaction), Calcium, Tub Koch, Lycopodium, Pulsatilla, Kali carbonicum, Psorinum etc. etc.

At the moment he's on Stramonium 200C, after an attack of the 6th child's disease (high fever, sore throat, painful ear infection, extreme anxiety). I gave him Mercurius 30C a couple of days ago but returned to Stramonium 200C last night.

That's the story so far, my present homeopath has given up on him a bit. Maybe it's my own fault, I can't wait too long for a remedy to work. Maybe I should try Calcium or any other remedy again?

I'm worried because he can't digest anything else, everything seems to make him worse, especially at night. I'm worried about his ears, if he can get rid of the chronic ear infection. I do hope the Stramonium can give him some rest but I'm not sure if it's enough for his tendency to infections and colic.

Please advice....
  FreestateGirl on 2009-06-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
He loves to eat sweet things like his mango or a crumble of chocolate (if he can get his hands on it). He also loves to eat salty things like potatoes, french fries and alty saucages (from his older sister, made from beef). It aggravates his complaints but sometimes I give him some.

He loves to read books, loves to dance and listen to music. He has never been afraid of loud noises (on the contrary to his older sister). He's a bit obsessed with turning lights on and off, doors that are not closed, everything that's filthy (he likes to clean up with a cloth). He's even aware of his own diaper contence nowadays. He complaints quickly as soon as anything feels sore or painful. He can be stubborn, especially when he's in a bad mood. He keeps on doing things he's not supposed to do (contrary to his sister at the same age!)

His sister's also got a list of allergies, couldn't stand wheat, cow's milk, soy and lots of other food. She still reacts to dyes and artifical flavours by being agressive and hyperactive. She's jealous of her little brother with an agressive tendency. He also had the exact same birth (very difficult).

His father doesn't have apparent allergies (but gets bloated and nauseous quickly). His uncle's got eczema and heart problems. His aunt's got chronic bronchitis, high blood pressure and a benign cancer in the womb. Grandfather died of lung emphysema and melanoma.

I'm allergic to pollen and dust myte, my own family (mother's side) is healthier, only cow's milk allergy and dust mite allergy (my sister). My grandfather died of cancer, so did his brother (both liver and pancreas).
FreestateGirl last decade
To complete the story: I used to be an anxious child myself, I had a nervous breakdown with depression at age 30. Thanks to therapy I'm stronger than before.

My mother also has a tendency to get depressed (she's on permanent medication) and she loves to drink her wine every day. She's had a traumatic childhood, she was outplaced at age 12 because my grandmother couldn't take care of 4 kids (Sepia??).

My father has an indication of Asperger's syndrome (acording to my mother, he's a bit insensitive sometimes). So it's more mental in my family.
FreestateGirl last decade
I just wanted to know if someone can help me. So far even Calc carb hasn't helped.

He's very warm at the moment, keeps taking off his clothes, even his diaper if he has the chance. He seems to find it filthy to stay in the same diaper too long. He's also keen to keep everything clean, tries to clean up spills on the table with a cloth. But he doesn't like going to bath unless it's almost cold water, otherwise it hurts his skin. He's also very anxious every night, wants to sit on my lap and eat a lot if he's got a loose stool (almost diarrhoea).

I'm not sure if this fits Sulphur, as this is usually a person who doesn't mind being filthy. And he's very anxious at night, wants to sit on my lap.

I've started with Sulphur, Carcinosin and Chamomilla in LM-potency but his ear keeps on running, and he still can only sleep in a diaper. Is Arsenicum iodatum a better option?
FreestateGirl last decade

If you can wait for a couple of days, I will take this up.

Warm regards

Niel Madhavan last decade
For now, stop all medications. This is a scary list of medicines you have mentioned.

Stop playing with fire as this medication followed by you will lead to life long problems for him.

Best wishes

Niel Madhavan last decade

Is his head disproportionately big compared to his body?

Niel Madhavan last decade
No he's got a normal head.

Just for the record: I got the LM-potencies from my homeopath.
FreestateGirl last decade
He's difficult to get along with, he likes to tear things, throw things away or throw on the ground. He loves to do things over and over, things he's been told not to do a thousand times, like taking out CD's from the covers, opening cupboards. He takes a chair and climbs up to investigate drawers over and over, you can pull him away and he just comes back. Very stubborn!
FreestateGirl last decade

Please administer 3 wet doses of Calc carb 6c at intervals of 20 minutes each.

Stop all other medication.

There might be a slight aggravation, don't worry about that.

Keep Silecia 30c handy. We may need it later.

Report in two days.

Best wishes

Niel Madhavan last decade
Unfortunately I don't have access to Calc carb 6C, only Calc carb 200. So far Calc carb hasn't made much of a difference, only an agravation.

But I'm a bit confused, I always thought Calc carb and Silicea were remedies for chilly persons, and he's the opposite: the colder the better! Cold bathing, cold air, walking around in his diaper.

His sister's got much more Calc carb traits than him, he's not sluggish at all. He had no open fontanelles as a baby, just soft brittle nails.

Last Sunday we were at a party and he ate mouthfuls of sand from the sandbox, he couldn't get enough of it! He also ate things he usually don't eat: tomatoes and black olives for instance. He hardly ate any bread that day and he slept through the night! He even woke up cheerful and hungry.

Today he's eaten two slices of bread again (schoolday so normal routine) and the whole restlessness and insomnia in the evening started again. I'm sure he's got a wheat allergy but life without bread is very difficult for a todler (he also reacts to rice and corn etc.).

At the moment he's stubborn, hits us, scratches us and throws with things, can't stand to hear the word 'no', he starts to cry and gets angry, wants to be entertained.

Which remedies have 'eating sand' as a trait?
FreestateGirl last decade

the reported chilliness was not present in the details mentioned before.

Please mention any other traits you might have missed. Will need to re-visit the case.

Niel Madhavan last decade

things I've missed, let me see......

Other than sand he loves to eat raw food, if he can get his hands on it: cucumber, tomatoes, beans, he'll probably eat anything he can get his hands on. He gets constipated from chocolate, it takes him all day to get a stool then. He also chews on pencils, markers and eats plastic, stones etc.

His fingernails are soft and brittle, his toenails are normal. He's got a strange little toe, it's more like a hard knob and it's hardly to cut with nail scissors (same as my little toe). He loves to sleep on his belly, sometimes with one (left) leg pulled up, just like me. He's got eczema mainly on his belly and thighs. He's also got this strange red circle on his buttocks, it's just a fine red line and white in the middle.

As for me and my family: I'm an earthy type (Capricorn with Taurus ascendant), my constitutional type is Sepia. A few weeks ago I started with Carcinosin, I inherited this from my mother's side. My mother had a traumatised childhood, is still very insecure, takes antidepressants and drinks alcohol. I also benefitted form Calcium (for right-sided fungal infections). I don't drink or smoke but I love to eat sweets, chocolate, sour things (salads!) and garlic. I have hayfever and alletgy for dustmite.

My mother had severe eczema behind her ears as a child and she's been coughing all her life now. Her brother has had several ear infections and still eczema. Her sister has an allergy for strawberries and cow's milk.

As for Lennard's father: he doesn't have any clear allergies, except for a sun allergy. He doesn't like any sharp spices, loves to eat potatoes, meat, cooked vegetables and milkproducts like custard. He gets quickly bloated and gassy from any spices or old meat, sometimes even with nausea and vomiting. He probably needs Lycopodium. He's also an Earthy type but with a Fire-twist (Scorpio Ascendant). Maybe there's a Sulphur-element in him? He's quite thin and warmblooded, loves to work outside (he works on a plant nursery).

I also wonder if Lennard has a sulphure-element in him, e.g. Sulphur or Calc sulph. In acute cases Lennard has reacted very well to Hepar Sulph (ear infection during the winter), Bryonia (acute allergy reaction) and Arsenicum (nausea and vomiting). Lennard is a Libra with a Capricorn-Ascendant, in a way he looks a lot like me. Or what about Sanicula, I got this from my former homeopath? Or Phosphorus, which is problably his constitutional remedy?
FreestateGirl last decade
Please list all the medicines he has taken to date.
Niel Madhavan last decade
I almost forgot:
his older sister (now 4 1/2 years old) is a Calc phos-type as a constitution. In the past she needed Tuberculinum and Pulsatilla to calm down, but she also reacts well to Medorrhinum and Carcinosinum. She's a feisty little thing, also an attentionseeker, jealous of her brother and complaines a lot. She had a lot of allergies but nowadays she gets very tired, agressive, irritated and pain in her knees when she eats somethings out of her restricted diet.
FreestateGirl last decade
Let me get back on this in some time. In the meanwhile list all the medicines given to him till now.
Niel Madhavan last decade
Ehm, that's also quite a list.. I got my remedies from either my former homeopath or my present one, she also gave me a First Aid kit (to get rid of me, that's how it fetl). But if I'm really honest: any remedie that didn't give an improvement within 3-5 days was considered as 'not owrking'. Some remedies were good as First Aid, other remedies gave an agravation, others just didn't make any difference:

First Aid (worked well for a day or a few days): Arsenicum (vomiting), Bryonia (allergic reaction, cough, constipation), Hepar sulph (ear infection), Apis, Magn phos (earache, helped only one time)

Aggravation: Arsenicum (after one day, he kept on crying), Calc carb (kept on crying last two times I tried a few weeks ago)

Slight improvement:
Lycopodium (made him feel beter, didn't clear his ear infection), Mercury (slept through the night but sleepless all day!), Calc sulph, Stramonium (after high fever and anxiety), Calc carb (as a baby, not anymore), Chamomilla, Phosphor (didn't help for acute symtomps as a baby, maybe his constitution), Petroleum (made him feel beter but no cure for ear infection), Kali carb (slept better at night)

Didn't have any noticable effect within 3-5 days:
Pulsatilla (despite well chosen remedy), Nux vomica, Tuberculinum Koch (should have worked??), Medorrhinum, Psorinum (diarrhoea at 3 AM, skinrash), Belladonna

Almost forgot: he had his first pneumonia when he was 8 months old, in May, when he got his first tooth. It was not possible to cure his pneumonia with homopathy. Second pneumonia was last November, both times he needed 5 days of hospitalisation, oxigen and Ventolin. Both times were when his first tooth and molar came through. He's had a cold all winter, sometimes with a loose cough. First year he had two attacks of croup-like cough,m a dry barking sound, Spongia helped very good.

Last few dayshe's got a bit of a runny nose (from colling down in swimming pools) but mostly a dry nose. And and (threatening) ear infection on the right side, and very warmblooded! He'll eat just aboutanything but gets tummyache, probably worsened by wheat.

I have no idea anymore what to do, my homeopath has given up on me, maybe I'm too impatient.
FreestateGirl last decade
When his ear runs he's much happier than when the infection is stopped, then he starts hitting, shaking his head, throwing things, very restless.
FreestateGirl last decade
I keep coming up with symptoms. It's not so easy because on a restricted diet he's mild in his behaviour. But whenever he eats somethings really bad (and I'm trying to avoid this as much as possible, that's what makes it so difficult) you get this restless hyperactive child:
- LOVES to dance to music, very sensitive to music, dances in circles
- bangs his head on the cough
- tries to pull your hair
- bites your hands or his own arm
- starts to cry when he doesn't get something to eat, or if he wants to have something of us
- likes to tear things apart

Could he need Tarentula??
FreestateGirl last decade

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