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Close to Mental Breakdown.Please help with Scabies

I'm at the end of my tether with this debilitating condition, I really think I'm about to start loosing it soon, I've been having suicidal thoughts in increasing frequency lately, though I'm sure that I'd never do anything that drastic, my will to live is severely diminished to none existent as of late.

I've tried every treatment under the sun to no avail, firstly starting with pharmaceutical poisons namely malathion which I used even daily for 2 weeks, made me disoriented towards the end so I stopped and only used sparingly when the itch became too much to bear. I then moved on considering this a failed treatment to Permethrin Gel, I got through many tubes of this all the while cleaning like a mad man before realising that the mites were probably resistant.

I decided to move onto natural products when I realised that the poisons were doing me no good, and i've had the most success with natural products but never a cure. I first started with Tea tree oil daily even at 100% concentration tried this for god knows how long but only provided relief never a cure, I next moved onto neem protocols which was the least effective and still left me severly itchy. After which I tried mixing Tea tree, lavender oil, Pressed neem, & clove oil and applying daily, still it only controled the problem never cured. I next heard of the miracle cure East Cape Manuka oil (theoretically 30x more effective than Tea tree and very expensive), after wasting money on a one litre bottle and applying 50ml daily for a month I realised it wasn't at all what is was made out to be. I tried Hulda clarks clove, wormwood & black walnut plus zapping 24/7 with the terminator zapper, I never felt worse I thought it was working for the first week, then I experienced feelin like several sharp daggers were poking into me like pins and needles, never the less I carried on for a month of torture thinking it may still work before I labelled it as a failed treatment but I still tried again I got my 2 silver amalgams removed from my mouth thinking that mercury poisoning may be preventing my immune system from curing me and tried the zapping for another month still nothing. Next, I went to 30% sulphur ointment which is still my treament of choice because it removes the itch and moderately suppresses skin eruptions, still after months of head to toes daily application there is still no cure in this for me.

I then read about psorinum curing a few people of this horrible condition and straight away ordered some Psorinum 30c and sulphur 30c. I was told to start with 30c sulphur under the tongue thrice daily. So I did this and I felt like I was cured, no itch and no skin erruption, I was so happy, I still remember the day I thought I was cured for good, everyone instantly noticed the change in my behavior I had a smile on my face once again something people only saw spaingly over this 5 years of hell, I carried on the treatment but after 2 weeks I statred to feel severely itchy again. So I decided it was time to start with psorinum 30c. as per the protocol devised here:


I took one single dose and 2 weeks later another dose all the while treating with sulphur ointment and when a month passes I moved onto a single dose of Psorinum 200c then the next month another dose of psorinum 200c. Still I've not noticed any change and need to use sulphur ointment to keep the itch at bay. I recently restarted my sulphur 30c thrice daily 3 days ago and took a sulphur 200c as my fist single dose, it seems to be working a little, but hell knowing my history, in two weeks i'll be the same itchy fraction of a human once again.

I really don't know how to proceed any more. I think homeopathy has something to offer me, but I believe maybe i'm going about the dosage in the wrong way, as i've read homeopathy never fails, only the homeopath, so I guess what i'm asking for is some serious help here, I just can't deal with this roller coaster of pain any longer, the itching, the constant cleaning, the horrible skin eruptions, the fact i've had to be abstinent through the 5 years of torture I have had to endure :( I guess I need to know that this problem can go away... Please help me, you don't know how much I will be grateful to anyone who devises something to make this nightmare a distant memory...
  Fallen on 2009-07-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
try dandelion tea 3 times per day
tochka last decade
I hope you can get some help...this is horrible! :(

My daughter had scabies once and I treated it with a bit of tea tree oil, the permethiring failed... After that it was gone and thank goodness we've never seen it again! It took me forever to figure out it wasn't a rash from allergies and I went through elimination diets and stuff...I felt SOOOOO bad!

Anyhoo, after I had done the TTO (On her very sensitive skin), which I diluted in some cream, I remembered that coconut oil will break the exoskeleton of lice and other types of teeny critters and I started reading about it and it seems that this would also work for scabies. Maybe you can give that a try? Neem oil mixed with coconut oil I've heard works best...

I hope you get cured!
anabanana last decade
Jeesh, I meant 'the permethrin failed'.
anabanana last decade
You may also want to google 'oil pulling'. This strange practice has yielded fast results for many of my friends. There is plenty info on how to do it online.
anabanana last decade
I used a combination of neem soap and tea tree oil daily which was effective for my two-year-old son. There is a book with tons of natural remedies and protocols that you can get from Megavista Health - megavista-health(dot)com. Search for scabies. Tons of info there.

We found this incredibly helpful when we were horrified to learn that my son had been itching for two months due to scabies he had contracted from daycare. They never told anyone they had an outbreak, so we didn't know to suspect it.
angelastr last decade
I was indeed shocked to read the account of Fallen made a year ago on his futile attempts to eradicate Scabies. I believe that he gave up in disgust and would like to have a report of his present status if he reads this post.

He asked for a Homeopathic remedy to cure his problem but as far as I am aware there is none.

The treatment for Scabies is listed on the Mayo Clinic on:


Medications commonly prescribed for scabies include:

Permethrin 5 percent (Elimite). Your doctor may recommend that you apply this cream — which contains chemicals that kill scabies — twice, with a week or so between each application. Permethrin is generally considered safe for children and adults of all ages, including women who are pregnant or nursing.
Lindane. This medication — also a chemical treatment — is available as a cream, lotion and shampoo. Like permethrin, it's usually applied in two treatments, spaced about a week apart. This medication isn't safe for children younger than age 2 years, women who are pregnant or nursing, or people with weakened immune systems.
Crotamiton (Eurax). This nonchemical medication is applied once a day for two to five days. Your doctor may recommend it if your baby has scabies.
Although these medications kill the mites promptly, you may find that the itching doesn't stop entirely for several weeks.

Doctors sometimes prescribe the oral medication ivermectin (Stromectol) for people with altered immune systems, for people who have crusted scabies, or for people who don't respond to the prescription lotions and creams.
Joe De Livera last decade
Does anybody know anything about homeopathy? Have any of you read the organon? Homeopathy can very easily cure scabies, especially a fresh case, and the main anti-psorics including Sulph. are the primary remedies for this.

With homeopathy - one never uses any kind of external medicine on a case of psora.

I hope this patient found correct anti-psoric homeopathic treatment.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Scabies is caused by a parasite transmitted from other persons through close contact, clothing, or bedding, and it's highly contagious. Creams with permethrin or malathion have good results to cure it. You may be a case of recurring recontamination, or you immunity is low. Try to find the source of it and avoid it. Also wash and even boil your clothes and beddings often.
firefly670 last decade
Scabies is a form of PSORA!
Learn your basic homeopathy. A fresh case of scabies is very easily cured with homeopathy!

AVOID any kind of external rubs or cremes. They suppress the psora and are the primary cause of most of the secondary conditions we cure with homeopathy.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
If you read it carefully, this is NOT a fresh case. 'Fallen' has been dealing with this 5 years, and the homeopathic remedies didn't work.
firefly670 last decade
Yes, I see that. However, a homeopathy will NEVER suppress psora with an external treatment. The advice given to him by some people was terrible.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
To Jewish Homeopath

I have noticed in the recent past that you have been unnecessarily cynical and critical of the therapy that I and others who are not CLASSICALLY trained Homeopaths like you, prescribe to patients on this Forum.

You must clearly understand that the treatment of a case presented by a patient on a Forum cannot be compared to a personal face to face consultation when the Homeopath can evaluate the nuances of the case and suggest the remedy accordingly.

This is a patient who was at breaking point and he has expressed his feelings a year ago as copied below:

'I'm at the end of my tether with this debilitating condition, I really think I'm about to start loosing it soon, I've been having suicidal thoughts in increasing frequency lately, though I'm sure that I'd never do anything that drastic, my will to live is severely diminished to none existent as of late. '

I read this case and for the purpose of record stated that as far as I am aware there was no homeopathic remedy that can help a case of Scabies which is cause by a mite for which the standard treatment was Permethrin 5% or Lindane both of which are mitecides and kill the mites.

You jumped in thrice yesterday and proceeded in your standard bombastic manner to belittle the advice that I and others had made and tried to show off your superior classical attitude:
'Does anybody know anything about homeopathy? Have any of you read the organon? Homeopathy can very easily cure scabies, especially a fresh case, and the main anti-psorics including Sulph. are the primary remedies for this. '

I believe that you are located in some Scandinavian country where the incidence of Scabies is rare or even unknown and yet you dare to pontificate on the relative merits of Homeopathic therapy versus Medical therapy without ever having treated a case of Scabies.

It is not the categorization of the disease as 'Psora' that is pertinent in the treatment of any disease. It is the use of the knowledge and experience of the Homeopath to identify and diagnose the cause of the disease and then prescribe the remedy which hopefully will not be clouded by references to the Organon and other technical terms of which the average patient is totally unaware. You and I have studied not only the Organon but other more interesting texts which are more modern and in my case I also use Radar 10 if I wish to have a second opinion on my choice of the remedy.

The patient awaits a cure with some remedy. He/she is not impressed by the bandying of technical terms and the more you persist in showing off your classical knowledge, the more the patient will scorn you, especially since you do not have any proof of the pudding, at least in the successful treatment of the many thousands of cases that I and other dedicated homeopaths have on this Forum.

I resented your post yesterday which reads:
'Scabies is a form of PSORA!
Learn your basic homeopathy. A fresh case of scabies is very easily cured with homeopathy!

AVOID any kind of external rubs or cremes. They suppress the psora and are the primary cause of most of the secondary conditions we cure with homeopathy.'

My considered opinion on your comments is best expressed in just one word --- RUBBISH.

Then again your last post:
'Yes, I see that. However, a homeopathy will NEVER suppress psora with an external treatment. The advice given to him by some people was terrible.'

You state 'TERRIBLE' but you have not prescribed the remedy you think is NOT terrible. You have made a passing reference to 'Homeopathy can very easily cure scabies, especially a fresh case, and the main anti-psorics including Sulph. are the primary remedies for this.' This is not a prescription that can possibly be use by a patient that can lead to a cure. This is just another pontification of your superiority complex which I consider is disgusting and even dangerous if you were treating a patient.

It is fortunate that the patient is not anymore on this thread but if he were still around and waiting for help you will realize that your bombastic attitude can even impel him to his threatened drastic action: 'I've been having suicidal thoughts in increasing frequency lately'.

I often wonder how you can treat your patients as a professional homeopath which as you are aware I am not. The difference between us both is that I care deeply for others even though at my advanced age of 81 years, I can well afford to be arrogant and supercilious in my general attitude to life and especially to the patients who consult me and whom I treat free of any cost as it give me deep satisfaction to help anyone in distress and not to pontificate on the therapy used, as you do.

I do hope that you will take my advice seriously and NOT interfere with my therapy and the therapy of others who are equally qualified as you are in this science, but are still disposed to help suffering humanity, unlike you. You prefer to pontificate with your own warped knowledge of homeopathy which has obviously not been accepted by patients in the same grateful manner that my therapy and the therapy of other prescribers are accepted with outstanding records of success since this Forum was first founded in the early years of this century.

You are invited to read the post of a grateful member on the link below to read the gratitude that a member has recorded for the improvement of his condition after using my therapy for just a week, on his Fistula:


In conclusion, I would like to remind you of the recent encounter I had with another Homeopath whose name I shall not mention here as you are aware of his ID. He displayed a similar attitude to yours towards healing and was the person who first coined the term 'Joepathy' to derisively define my therapy which term seems to have stuck as Google has picked it up and now displays over 1000 hits pertaining to my choice cases. I was able to silence him in no uncertain manner after about 6 years of dueling with him for his daily criticism of my therapy. The amazing conclusion to this long episode is that we parted as friends and I hope that he will return to this Forum if he happens to read this post as he has publicly admitted that my 'this for that' therapy is as effective as the classically prescribed remedies which I have observed invariably do not work.

Remember that Homeopathy is a vocation that is best left to those who care for others and must never be used as an offensive weapon to show off your hyper classical knowledge of this science which is best used to heal and not to hurt.

Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
Joe De Livera last decade
I am copying below the post I referred to above to enable you read it as there are many other posts on this link which are not relevant but can be read if you have the time.

re: anal fistula- fissure From pm lums on 2010-08-25
Hello Mr. Joe

This is my report for the first week after using Jeopathy. I was having unbearably intense pain b4 starting and now only after a week my pain is almost negligible. I discovered that there are two openings (one above the other) with the upper one being 6 inches exactly upside my anal hole. previously the lower opening was somewhat inactive.

The amount of blood is neglible now, although it was bleeding very much b4 using your medicines.

The amount of puss which was negligible b4 jeopathy, increased manifold in first 3 - 4 days but now has reduced considerably (although its still oozing in small amount)

There still is a small lump in the upper fistula but it has shrinked and today when i touched it, i noticed that it is drying.

Overall Jeopathy has miraculous impact on my fistula so far, although i understand that the complete cure is still to be achieved and requires patience as well as consistency in using Jeopathy even if the situation gets worse for some time in the middle of Jeopathy, as this is also part of my journey towards the complete cure as evident from various posts by other members.

I would like to mention that i have been eating papaya daily as it is known to have anti-bacterial characteristicss and this has helped me for the last 8 years in which i was taking no medicine but only papaya. I hope it will benefit many people reading this most popular thread on this forum.

I have no words to thank you as your prescription has helped me a lot in my condition of extreme distress. Only God can reward an angel like you. It is beyond human capacity to reward such selfless and devoted service!

Best Regards
Joe De Livera last decade
This thread is now at the bottom of the page and I hope that Jewish Homeopath has read it as I feel that it is important he does so, for his own good and for the good of others on this Forum.
Joe De Livera last decade
By definition, homeopathy is the use of medicines to treat the symptoms that are caused by those medicines in healthy subjects, hense the word homeo meaning similar.

There is nothing homeoapthic (classical or any other kind) about suppressing a skin condition with an external treatment. That's the absolute opposite of homeopathy in any form.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Samuel Hahnemann, Chronic Disease P101.

For, first of all, no cutaneous eruption of whatever kind it may be, ought to be expelled through external means by any physician who wishes to act conscientiously and rationally. [*] The human skin does not evolve of itself, without the co-operation of the rest of the living whole, any eruption, nor does it become sick in any way, without being induced and compelled to it by the general diseased state, by the lack of normality in the whole organism. In every case there is at the bottom a disorderly state of the whole internal living organism, which state must first be considered; and therefore the eruption is only to be removed by internal healing and curative remedies which change the state of the whole; then also the eruption which is based on the internal disease will be cured and healed of itself, without the help of any external remedy, and frequently more quickly than it could be done by external remedies.


Now when the family physician notices this in time, then without any external application, the simple dose of one or two pills as large as poppy-seeds, moistened with the potentized sulphur in alcohol, as described below, will fully and abundantly suffice to cure a child and to deliver it from the entire disease of itch, both the eruption and the internal itch malady (psora).

§ 204 Sixth Edition
(in the case of psora the scabious eruption, in syphilis the chancre or the bubo, and in sycosis the condylomata) that prevented their outburst; and these chronic miasmatic diseases, if deprived of their local symptom, are inevitably destined by mighty Nature sooner or later to become developed and to burst forth, and thereby propagate all the nameless misery, the incredible number of chronic diseases which have plagued mankind for hundreds and thousands of years, none of which would so frequently have come into existence had physicians striven in a rational manner to cure radically and to extinguish in the organism these three miasms by the internal homoeopathic medicines suited for each of them, without employing topical remedies for their external symptoms. (See note to § 282).
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
To Jewish Homeopath.

I am glad to note that you have responded in a more civilized manner in comparison to your previous posts, the language of which I resented and to which I felt that I should respond in a like abrasive manner.

As long as you are civil in your language and your diction, I am always available to debate the relative merits of my Joepathy versus the classical therapy that you quote from Hahnemann's Organon which you must remember was written over 200 years ago. At that time the concept of medicine that he had the courage to promulgate was radical and it is no wonder that he was ostracized by his immediate peers as his theories which he based on his own findings in the use of the potentized dose of Quinine were too radical for the medical profession to accept at that time. It is fortunate for all of us that he persisted in continuing his research with less than 100 remedies that he was able to experiment with in his lifetime which as you are aware has grown to many thousands of remedies today which are all in a state of flux and are being added to on almost a daily basis.

You may like to know that I joined a group recently lead by a Swiss homeopath to potentize Elephant's Milk which we now use for various ailments which has been found to be of use for Geriatric patients.

You will realize that the remedies that Hahnemann and his early followers among whom were his critics even in those early years of Homeopathy after his death, have all to be grateful for his original theory and research without which Homeopathy would never have seen the light of day. The matter to be considered today is that with the passage of over 200 years and the introduction of new remedies and what is more important the possibility of sharing the experience of those who are dedicated to Homeopathy and like to share our own experience with others through the WWWeb. We are in a very fortunate position to do so today as this enables other homeopaths to also use our collective experience in promoting the use of new remedies like the Elephant Milk I referred to and also to use existing remedies to treat other ailments which are not, or have not been used up to now and have not been referred to in the standard classical homeopathic texts.

I would like to refer to my discovery of using Arnica 6c in the Wet dose to treat Diabetes which I discovered about 6 years ago quite accidentally as being very effective to reduce BS levels in both Type I and II Diabetics. I now have many tens of patients who use it daily here in Sri Lanka where I live and some of them are using it exclusively as a very effective and safe alternative to Metformin. One patient surprised me recently by informing me that his BS level which was originally 535 is now below 100 and he only takes Arnica twice daily. He had even stopped taking Arnica for a week on a test basis and his BS level had only climbed to 106 during this test period. I can only presume that the Arnica had activated his Pancreas back again to functioning normally.

Another salient case is my discovery of Nat Phos 6x being the Ultimate remedy to use for Weight Loss. This remedy is now being used world wide and the reports I have got is that the standard loss of weight is around 1kg per week although I have had reports of reductions of weight up to 3 kg per week.

I am recording these 2 discoveries for which I was solely responsible to merely illustrate to you that although I too have studied the Science of Homeoapthy way back in 1968, and also use Radar 10 if I consider it necessary, I do not slavishly follow the precepts that Hahnemann promulgated as I firmly believe that it is essential that we who are dedicated to Homeopathy use these new discoveries in the use of standard Homeopathic remedies to help suffering Humanity.

The problem as I see it in the Homeopathic circles today, is that it seems to be a case of 'dog eats dog', where one homeopath prefers to criticize another, like you have done on this thread where you insist that because Hahnemann has stated all that you quoted from the Organon, it is therefore incumbent on the part of all Homeopaths to only abide by his theory and NOT use any drug or a new remedy like the Elephant Milk or Arnica for Diabetes or Nat Phos for weight reduction, to help a patient.

I believe that this attitude is wrong and even dangerous. In the case of Scabies, it is obvious that the drugs Permethrin or Lindane were not even thought of at that time. It is obvious that they are by far more effective than any remedy that Hahnemann used during his lifetime, as Scabies predated him and was obviously the bane of mankind for many thousands of years before him.

I would like to add that I am not the only 'voice crying out in the wilderness' in the use of Homeopathic remedies in the manner that I have been noted for which were once derisively classified as 'Joepathy'. I would like to refer you to the statement that qualified Homeopaths who own and operate the Homeopathic Research Foundation have made which I shall copy below:

' Banerji Protocol of Treatment


The Banerji Protocol is a new method of treatment using homeopathic medicines. Specific medicines are prescribed for specific diseases. Diseases are diagnosed using modern/state of the art methods. This is done because modern diagnostic approaches incorporate and help in the selection of medicines so that specific medicines could be easily prescribed for specific diseases. This is not practiced in classical homeopathy.

The concept of specific homeopathic medicine for a disease based on symptoms was first perceived and practiced by Late Dr. Pareshnath Banerji. With the passage of time and the availability of new diagnostic tools like Ultrasonography, MRIs, cancer markers and other advanced tests, we were able to further streamline the treatment protocols accurately. The efficiency of this streamlining is reflected by the encouraging results of The Banerji Protocol.

In The Banerji Protocol of treatment, mixtures of remedies or frequent repetitions of the remedies are used when required. This is not practiced in classical homeopathy. The combination of two potentized medicines, we use, are made in a meaningful way based on years of clinical experiments and observations by us. They are mixed for special advantages in treatment, so that the aggravation due to drugs can be checked, side effects of the medicines can be abated, quick and uneventful recovery can be ensured in a much shorter time.

Specific homeopathic medicines are also used for supportive care. Homeopathic medicines prescribed on constitutional grounds may play a useful role in supportive and palliative for patients with malignant disease.

The Banerji Protocol is scientific, logical and is based on all modern diagnostic tools and is very realistic.'

As you are aware, Homeopathy to me is only a Hobby which I practice free of charge. I am very passionately involved in this science at my advanced age of 81 years to hopefully update the concept and the use of Homeopathic Remedies in what I feel is a more rational manner where it is not the quoting of Hahnemann's Organon that is the criterion of the cure of an ailment, but the actual CURE of the ailment itself whilst following the first 2 Aphorisms stipulated by Hahnemann in his Organon:

ß 1
The physicianís high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed

ß 2
The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles.

It is my fervent hope that you too will follow my example and the example of the Banerji Research Foundation and not hesitate to use a remedy in the manner that I have done as it is the duty of all Homeopaths to CURE and not to waste precious time in criticizing others who have the courage to use existing Homeopathic remedies in a manner that was not promoted in the Organon.
Joe De Livera last decade

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