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Bone over-growth, nerve damage

I am a 58 year-old caucasian male.
I was an unwanted pregnancy, unloved and neglected as a child. Over-weight. Patches of no pigment on ankles, scrotum, penis, and anus. Warts on hands. Vivid visual memory. Intense dreams of being overwhelmed as a child. Needy. No motivation. Friendly. Broken nasal artery during flu episode led to week of hospitalization. Tonsilitis. Colds.
Married needy and abused woman for 17 years. She was borderline personality from 4 generations. Two wonderful daughters, with probable borderline problems.
Mother died of Crohn's disease at 43. She was obsessive compulsive, attractive, immaculate dresser, controlling.
Father neglectful, distant, unaffectionate. Seldom finished projects. Intelligent. Education administrator. Died in 80's from cardiac disease and stroke.
I am 275 lbs, very hirsute, muscular and fat. I am very affectionate, a caretaker looking for love. large hands with short fingers. Look ten years younger. No facial lines, bags, or dark eyes.
Toenail fungus, warts (face), red hard warty growths on scalp, arms and chest (small). Skin tags on face, arm pits, neck and scrotum. Bleeding tags on scrotum. Weak ankles. Large wide feet, good arch. Strong, muscular calves and thighs. Flat buttocks. Circumcised. Large belly. Fat under abdominal muscles. Shoulder problems. Itchy back. Enlarged gland under jaw bone. Many, many moles. None carcenogenic.
Curvature of back led to many chiropractic visits as adult. Roller blading injury as 40 yr old led to nerve damage to feet, from lower back damage. Lots of pain and numbness on soles of feet. Back pain. Diagnosed with degenerative disc disease.
Back problems progressed into Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperstosis. Spinal Xrays show gross growth of bone spurs. Largely fused spine between pelvis and shoulder blades. Progressing into frozen rib cage. Took NSAIDS, narcotics and Cymbalta for pain over the 18 years. Now narcotic insensitive.
Loud hissing in my ears. Constant clear, thin nasal discharge. Uneven finger nails. Had hay fever during 30's. Eczemal patch on one finger knuckle.
Good, happy attitude (outwardly). Fearful, needy and unloved inside. Greatly prone to procrastination. Prone to excess in eating and behavior. Like pastries, sweet fruits, dairy and grains. Drink little water. Drink alcohol 1-2x daily. Drink hot teas with lots of sugar. Candy and chocolate. No smoking. Reading and internet usage to excess. Topical searches and study, usually related to health and psychology. (I hope to have hit the prize with homeopathy!)
I have tried Thuja Accid 30C, Anica Mont 200c in the past week. I have bought, but waiting to use, Calc. Carb 1M. Looking at Medorrhinum and Hyper Perfor.
I am thinking I am sycotic.

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  BearMike on 2009-07-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hey, That was an extensive description of your self and problems, very impressive.
Well seeing your conclusion you are traveling on the right path 'Homeopathically'. Your sycotic and the medicine of choice is also right. Thuja 1M is the best suited remedy for you based on your presentation, Calc carb can come into play in later part of the treatment. My suggestion will be to use Calc flour 30 (morning and night 4-6 drops) for 15 days and Thuja 1M once in every month. try it for first 15 days and see how it goes.
The first changes you will find will be with regards to the symptoms of degenrative disc problems and bone related problems to go first.
You may have to qualify your generals like app, thirst, sweat (part you sweat, smell if any and any stains in the clothes etc), bowel and bladder habits and details about sleep. these things will help to guide you towards a better understanding.
All the best.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
I forgot to mention medications I am/have taken:
Now taking:
Norvasc 5mg 1x, hypertension
Mavik 4mg 2x, hypertension
Allopurinal 300mg 1x (for uric acid kidney stones 3 yrs ago)
Testosterone gel

Narcotics for pain
Cymbalta 60mg for pain

I have had a comprehensive cardiac workup and found to be in excellent cardiac health
BearMike last decade
I confuse thirst with hunger. Seldom drink, except morning tea, without decision.
I probably got the uric acid kidney stones from lack of drinking water and doing the Atkins diet. My urine is dark brownish and smelly.
I eat oatmeal, berries yoghurt, tea in morning. Apples, plums, nuts and salads during day. Beef, pork, and chicken with veggies for supper.
Stools are soft, pretty smelly. I have a hard time with hygiene due to fused spine. Anal fissures have been a problem since late teens. And hemorrhoids.
I sleep on my back with pillows under my knees. Little movement. Fall asleep immediately.
AND, I have obstructive sleep apnea and central nervous system apnea (all day). I sleep with a CPAP on about the highest settings.
Thanks, so very much for your help. I am very encouraged. The excessive bone growth and associated pain has really reduced my life enjoyment.
BearMike last decade
Right many more problems to add on. its alright.
Now taking all your problems into consideration, hold on to these mediciations for first 15 days we will see how it goes.
Thuja 1M- once a month early morning empty stomach.

Calc Four 30- 4-6 drops every day morning and night.

keep us posted with the changes you undergo, we will review the case and then medications after 15 days.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
I didn't include the perspiration info you asked for:
I perspire easily and copiously. No smell to it. I have to keep my underarm hair trimmed as I cannot use anti-deodorants without breaking out in a rash. I sometimes use rubbing alcohol on my pits before showering and use soaps free of anti-bacterial chemicals, as they make me break out if I don't get them well rinsed off.

Thank you so very much for your feedback and information. I will do the Thuja 1M once a month (do you recommend drops or pellets?) and the Calc Flour 30 as indicated. Thanks, thanks, thanks (I know, more excess!)
BearMike last decade
Thuja 1M and calc flour 30 both as liquids.
All the best in your treatment, lets hope for improvement.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
I was unable to find the liquid. I got the pellets. I hope this will not be a problem.
BearMike last decade
Thats not a problem you can take pellets.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
I am reading a lot on the internet about the sycotic miasm. It reminded me of two things I did not mention.
In reading about Medorrhinum, I see that people of this type are sometimes homosexual (I have been in a gay relationship for the past 14 years), have red rashes on their buttocks (me).
I really appreciate your attention and care.
BearMike last decade
Great interest, keep reading.
This is the wonder of this system, if one is capable of finding out the right miasm, and the right remedy then many informations that have been forgotten in life will match, once there is a perfect match then it means the remedy will defenately work by all means. keep reading. even when you read try asking questions and answer them do not blindly accept what you read.
All the best.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
Medorrhinum and Thuja are the greatest sycotic miasm. But in your case thuja stands out more clear in comparison with medorrhinum but it will come in play in the later stages of the treatment.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
Homeopathy is making so much sense! I worked for a doctor who gave a homeopathic remedy to her patients that had yeast infections. It worked so well that many of them had to get a lower potency because of the over-kill nausea.
So I knew for over a decade that homeopathy is very effective medicine. I just hadn't explored it for myself until now.
I am very hopeful. Again, many many thanks!!
BearMike last decade
I received the remedies just now. I will take the Cal Flour now and the Thuja in the morning upon waking.
BearMike last decade
That should be fine.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
I have read a recommendation that the Thuja should observe a vegetarian diet during treatment. Is that your recommendation? Eggs, milk, cheese, yoghurt, fish?
Thank you, once again!
BearMike last decade
No i don beleive in food restrictions, you can have a normal food as you used to have. but try avoiding fat rich food, and try avoiding foods with strong ordour, smell, or those with spices etc.
otherwise you are fine.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
I am already noticing significant changes: no pain turning in bed, no pain getting up or laying down in bed, much less pain walking on bare feet. I am having muscle aches in my legs. Minor.
This is wonderful.
BearMike last decade
I understand that you have been taking the medicine for the past 7 days, glad about changes, lets wait and watch for 15 days and then review the case.
meanwhile keep me posted with the changes.
Best wishes.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
I am doing very well.
I have no pain upon lying down and getting up (down from severe for minutes). I have little pain when moving in bed or when I am bumped during the day. I bumped into something yesterday and remembered how I would have been teary eyed and in pain for several minutes. My rib cage just is not sensitive and I can take deep breaths.
My gums are swollen and bleed a lot more while being brushed. My tongue is more even colored. It no longer has indentations from my teeth. I have less coating on the back, but still quite noticable.
I still have to make myself drink. I have much less attraction to alcohol. I have noticed foamy urine. I have much looser stools and have more flatulence with them.
I have achy pains in my hip and thigh muscles. My pelvis aches and it is uncomfortable to walk because of it.
I have had severe pain in my right shoulder for months. It began when I laid on it while doing some mechanical work. It no longer hurts during the day, but I cannot stay in bed more than a few hours. The pain starts in my pectoral muscles and goes down my arm putting my arm to sleep. It is relieved immediately upon rising.
The hissing (tinnitus)in my ears seems worse. I have read that the two medications I take for high blood pressure sometimes causes it, in addition to the naproxen that I took for my shoulder. I am looking forward to getting off of them, but I read little about homeopathy dealing with hypertension. It may just be lifestyle changes that must effect it.
I am eating much smaller portions and less frequently. I still want to eat in the evening. I really think this is for nurturing.
Thank you, so much, for your help.
BearMike last decade
glad you are doing well,
About the problems you face, like bleeding in the gums, coating in the tongue, pelvis pain should be treated with nat mur 200c only one dose but that is after a month form the first medication. so we will have to wait for it. then the tinnitus in the ear can be due to the medication for blood pressure, homeopathy has better medicines for hypertension, please let me know the bp value you have now, then i can suggest you a medicine, and lifestyle change is very very important and your present food consumption is right carry on with that.
Let me know the details i will get back to you with a better medicine.
Thanks till then continue the same medications.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
my blood pressure just now was 143/83. recently it has been 152/73, 141/89, 146/80, 159/82, and 158/87.
BearMike last decade
You seem to have borderline blood pressure, i understand that you are already taking anti-hypertensive drugs, so i don want to add any more drugs, so just take one dose of nat mur 200C after 15 days.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
Little has changed over the past week. I am still having rather explosive diarrhea. Discomfort in my pelvis, muscle pains in my gluts and hamstrings. Rash on my bottom and nail infections. Warts. Hypertension.
I am still taking the Calc Flour 30x liquid, under my tongue, twice a day. I haven't taken the Thug 1m since the 22nd of last month.
Thanks, once more, for your generous attention.
BearMike last decade
Elobrate more on the diarrhoea and the rashes and nail infection(like itching, colour of the skin, burning etc, when is it more and how is it better).
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
My stools are quite loose and are usually accompanied by large amounts of gas.
I have a red rash on my bottom that is there year round but is worse in the summer. It seldom itches. I have a persistent discharge from my ear canal and one behind my ears that respond to anti-fungal creams but come right back.
All but three of my toenails are infected with fungus, as is the skin of my feet. I seldom have any sensory feeling from it.
BearMike last decade

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