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Uro-Getinal Problems - Please Help Dr. Mahfooz

I am suffering by a secretion problem, which pollute my whole wearing cloth. But it is not any liquid materials, not any watery or gleety things like prostatic fluid. It is absolutely hidden and dry elements; which have no color, no shape, only detected by bad smell, which make the cloth fetid. I cannot exactly identify it. Is it a form of semen or prostatic fluid? Is the semen or prostatic fluid could be dry and hidden for any reason and secretly discharged? As I am totally ignorant about the classification of semen and prostatic fluid, so I cannot do any idea.

I think, if the elements were liquid or watery, it must to be visible. If it were airy or gas like fart, it only could temporary bad smell, not could be stay with cloth or body. Probable it may be vapoury element like water vapour. This secretion happen always with or without erection, but it is increased during erection and I feel slight wetness in skin and cloth. So perhaps this element is a vaporized form of prostatic fluid. Or, it also may be lower amount of prostatic fluid. Or, it also may be Acrid or Sweat/Perspiration of genital organs. Or, it also may be Pus cells.

These secreted materials always stay on prepuce/tip of urethra, which only can be removed with a clearly discharged full urine drop. But after it, if any more urine come, or if the organ touched by cloth or water drop, then it will resume the secretion and I feel that I have become again impure. Before each prayer, I have to bath or wash my lower part of the body and change my cloth along with remove the fetid elements from prepuce through urine.

Main Suffering: As a result of secretion of dirty elements, my half part of the body become dirty; and by the influence of dirtiness, I feel discomfort in my head and brain. It make total surrounding environment unfavourable to me. I do not know, physical impurity is the reason of preventing God's blessing? Or, God's curse has make me impure for my sin? I think, both may be true and I am unable to break this chain. People can seeking help from God through prayer for any difficulty. But if the prayer itself is unreachable for the physical impurity of anybody, then nobody is helpless and unlucky than him.

Other Physical Problems:

major and Relevant Problems:

1. Impotency. Sometimes no erection, sometimes short time erection or incomplete erection. Never could be able to 100% full erection even for a single minute, most of the time have to do my duty with half erected organ. If I try to increase the erection status and attempt to more hard the penis, then it result premature ejaculation before properly erect it. Sometimes feel jerk and pain in the vein of penis during coition and I feel that, more jerk/pressure could be cut/pull/rag the vein.

2. Dribbling after urination. Sometimes little burning, specially when force to discharge the urine drops. Frequent urination, unable to hold urine against urging.

3. Sometimes little burning in prepuce.

4. Sometimes pain/burning in urethra, specially when urinate without full pressure or urging, or when excessive straining after urine for discharge the drops, or when urinating in erected condition, or during interrupted discharge when flows and stops again, or during constipation, or when the quantity of urine is small and color is yellow/straw, or when pressure of both urine and stool come together but have to voiding only urine without stool because of time or place.

5. Testicles tender, swollen, enlarged/hanging down, sometimes little pain, two testicles size is little different.

6. Physically I am thin and weak.

7. Sometimes Backache.

8. Solmonency and laziness

9. Worm; sometimes itching in anus, sometimes left corner of anus is swollen/high and burning/pain like cutted scar which may be occured because of scratching by finger; sometimes stool is not clear (constipation), specially when affected by the worm.

10. Itching in and around groin. It was borned from groin and now it has spreaded to some area of hip and scrotum.

11. Hb in blood is insufficient.

Minor and Irrelevant Problems:
1. Pain in right and left side of the waist both front and back during pressure and rubbing and also during move the waist for raise anything, which has created by excessive pressure/rubbing for washing at the age of 26/27. I do not know if the kedney or appendix were affected or not.
2. Sometimes little pain in heart.
3. I had a typical habit of massaging the throat from the age of 15/16, which has damaged the normal structure of the throat, make it loose, perhaps splitted and disperse the parts/organs of the throat.
4. Stone and Bleeding from teeth.
5. Falling of hair from head.
6. When I walking, my waist look like snake.
7. Excessive sensation and response about smell. Any bad smell automatically and immediately gather fluid in my mouth and I have to frequently discharge fluid from mouth. Sometimes little blood in cough and burning in throat as a result of frequent discharge. It may be one reason for weakness of my physical health.
8. Pain/itching/tickle at the corner of nail of the old finger of leg. It may be like a putrefaction for wetness by water or by grime/muck.
9. My eye was sensitive about dusts. Either any presense of real dust or not, often feeling like dust enter my eye. I have to frequently wash my eye. It may be occur for dryness of eye. But now I have improved and it is not any mentionable problem for me.
10. Sometimes 1-2 old hair found in my head. It is not any problem for me, I only mention it as a probable symptom.
11. I had atsma at childhood and teenage, but now I am completely cured.
12. Allergy in dust.

Mental Problem: Involuntary negative thought, baseless bad thinking and unreasonable bad idea about God for unhappened imaginary incidents. (i.e., if anybody really lost something, it is natural and obvious for him to angry with God. But if the bad thinking in advance come in the mind without happening any unexpected incident, only based on imaginary future incident, it is absolutely abnormal and nothing but a mental disease. But this mental disease come from physical suffering, which make me disgusted and impatient.

History and Reason of Secretion and Impotency:

A. Evil practices like as follows in different ages:

1. Masturbation (13-18, 21)

2. Bed humping (14-18, 20-24)
[During bed humping, I never let the semen to be out, always force it to push back]

3. Breast Massaging (25-30)

4. Sexual thought and imagination (19, 25-30)

Erection and secretion was detected at the age of 19. Before this age, generally erection was happened by mustarbating. During 19 year old, I see penis is erected by sexual imagine and desire. And I also detect some unseen dry elements make fetid my cloth. In first stage, this secretion was only happened during erection. But in later it became too worse that, always discharge this dirty elements, either erection or not. From the age of 27/28, I see that, erection through bad thinking is promote emission of semen. From the age of 30/31, erection going to decreased and the premature ejaculation turned into erectal disfunction.

B. Strategic Mistake, which promote shrinkage:

1. Excessive straining after urination to remove the secreted element with the last drop of urine (from the age of 23). Sometimes the whole penis became painful, small and torpid/rucked/loosed after a failed forceful attempt to clearly discharge the urine drop.

2. Mishandling of condom after marriage from the age of 31 [Due to ignorance, force it to push from opposite side, which sometimes make my penis painful and sometimes promote semen discharge by the pressure of hand and tightness of condom]

3. Shaving the genital hair by razer and blade from wrong direction.

4. Forceful attempt to erect the penis, which result emission instead of erection before insert the penis; and make the penis painful.

Diagnosis History:
1. At the age of 19, pus was found in urine in a pathological test. During push the urine in test tube, penis was erected by the touch of test tube. It is mentionable that, at primary stage, secretion was only related with erection.

2. At the age of 31, Pus cell was found in urine by pathological test.

3. Minor heart problem was found by ECG at the age of 31.

My pathological report of the age 31 (two years ago) is as follows:

Date: 16 May, 2007, Age: 31 Years

Urine Examination Report

Physical Examination:
Color: Straw
Appearance: Clear
Sediment: Nil
Specific gravity: Not done
Quantity: Sufficient

Chemical Examination:
Reaction: Alkaline
Excess of phosphate: (+)
Albumin: Nil
Sugar (Reducing substance): Nil
Acetone (Ketone body): Not done
Bile salts: Not done
Bile pigment: Not done

Microscopic Examination:
Epithelial cells: 1-2/hpf
R.B.C.: Nil
Pus cells: 0-1/hpf
Crystals of Calcium oxalate: Not found
Casts of Granular: Not found
Cellular: Not found
Amor phosphate: Not found

(It is mentionable that, when I give urine for test, I have to void it without pressure/urging, because, I had void urine just few minutes before meet with doctor. So giving urine for test was painful and discomfortable for me.)

Haematology Examination Report
Speciment: Blood

Haemoglobin: 13.9 g/dL (Reference Value: 13-17 g/dL)
ESR: 03 mm. in 1st hour (Westergren)
Platelet Count: 170000 per c.mm

Total Count
Whte Blood Cell: 6,000 per c.mm

Differential Leucocyte Count
Polymorphs: 58%
Lymphocytes: 36%
Monocytes: 2%
Eosinophils: 4%
Basophils: 0%
Red Blood Cell: 5.36 million per c.mm
Hct./PCV: 44.8%
MCV: 83.6%
MCH: 25.9%
MCHC: 31 g/dL.

Clinical Biochemistry Examination Report
Specimen: Blood

Blood Glucose Random: 5 mmol/L.
Corr. Urine Sugar: Nil

Medicine Taken: I took Lycopodium, Acid Phos, Conium and Caladium (All in 6 Power). I see some good results about erection from Lycopodium and Conium. I do not know if it is the matter of remedy selection or potency selection.
  patient25 on 2009-07-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Your urine report is incomplete. To exactly identify the secreted elements, you need to test the presence and quantity/ratio of prostatic fluid, semen, acrid and all other suspected materials in your urine. You also need to found any elements which increase the temparature of genital organ, which can make any liquid or fluid into vapour. You also should try to found any chemical in your genital, which can split any prostatic fluid or semen into different molecules. So I think, you must need full Microscopic and Chemical Test of your urine.
saiful9 last decade
Ok, but I do not know the clinical terms of the specific tests which I needed.
patient25 last decade
No need to know any clinical terms, you just need a complete urine test. For your reference, here is a list of some websites about prostatic fluids:
1. http://books.google.com.bd/books?id=sCsqHg0ljoIC&pg=PA16... (page 1656)

2. http://www.springerlink.com/content/6lnjtmngh0l3qckn/

http://cancerres.aacrjournals.org/cgi/reprint/45/4/1766.pdf ....

3. http://content.karger.com/ProdukteDB/produkte.asp?Aktion=Sho....

According to the above links, different materials have exist in prostatic fluid. If you found same elements in your urine, then it will mean, you have prostatic fluid in your urine.

Besides, you also may check any leakage in any wall of genital organs.
saiful9 last decade
Dear Dr. Mahfooz,
Assalamu Alaikum. Welcome for Umrah and thanks to Allah who have enable you to again join with us. Now I am waiting for your help and advice about the medications and tests required for my physical problems.
patient25 last decade
Please help, Dr. Mahfooz.
patient25 last decade
Could you please provide the following information for selection of proper medicine?
Patient ID: Sex: Age: Nature of work: Habits:

Describe your main suffering and from how long?
Exact location of problem?
Any cause which you feel for this ailment?
What other physical sufferings do you have in your body?
What mental sufferings / feelings do you have associated with your physical sufferings?
When did it all start?
What are the things which aggravate or ameliorate your suffering?
When do you feel better, during hot weather or cold weather, humid or dry weather?
What do you crave for in food items and what are your aversions?
How is your thirst: Less, Normal or Excessive?
How if your hunger: Less, Normal or Excessive?
How is your bowel movement and stool type (Constipation etc.)?
How sleep, how are your dreams?
Do you have any strange, peculiar or unusual symptom or feelings?
What medicines have been taken earlier?
How do you look like (Appearance (fat, thin, smart, tall, lean etc)?
If your are female how is your menstrual cycles and from how long (normal, irregular, painful, clotted, colour etc.)
Family history - What major diseases are running in your family?
Any other information?
Mahfoozurrehman last decade
Dear Dr. Mahfooz,
Thanks for your kind reply. Here is the answer of the questions:

Sex: Male, Age: 33 Years, Nature of work: Writing, Journalism, Computer Operator,
Habits: Some typical habit like sound in throat, massaging the throat etc.

1. Main suffering and it's reason and history already described. Here I can add more information. My preparation for prayer was most difficult during the age of 23-25. That times, I have to hard labour for 30 minutes to one hour with tissue paper until my last drop of urine clearly discharged. It was bring impotency that time, but as unmarried life, impotency was preferable than ejaculation of semen. My only suffering was secretion of unknown and hidden elements which disturb me to get purity for prayer. From 25 years, erection was improved, and preparation for prayer became easy, no need to long time hard labor with tissue paper, last drop of urine easily discharged. But secretion still remaining which pollute the whole cloth and I have to stay with impure body 24 hours of a day except my prayer times. From the age of 30/31, I again see impotency and secretion problem is same as before.

2. The source/center of problem is tip of urethra (prepuce), occupied land is my wearing cloth and lower part of the body, and affected area is head/brain, where the discomfort is felt.

3. Cause and feelings already described.

4. Other physical sufferings already described.

5. Mental sufferings already described. The substance of mental suffering is frustration about Allah's blessing and forgiveness. Thinking that, Allah will never cure me, does not want to cure me, if any time cure, He can give me greater sufferings.

6. Aggravate: a) When I failed to achive purity for prayer and have to do the prayer in impure body.
b) When the quantity of impure materials in the cloth increased. Specially when I wear pant and underware, because pant and underware contains more impure elements.
c) When I unable to bath for long times and have to stay with one cloth more than one days.
Ameliorate: a) When I able to perform a prayer with proper physical purity, I feel freshness and cold in my head/brain.
b) When I able to reduce/minimize the amount of dirty elements in the cloth.

7. I feel better in cold weather. Because, hot weather create sweating, which increase my discomfort and sufferings. We know, the main two elements of hell is hot (fire) and impure materials, which combinedly used to punish/humiliate anybody. Hot weather and dirtiness cooperate with each other to burning anybody and promote discomfort feelings. On other hand, the main elements of heaven is cold and purity, which make a man fresh and happy.

8. All food is ok for me.

9. Thist and hunger is normal.

10. Stool generally normal, sometimes constipation.

12. My main disease (secretion of hidden elements), it's symptoms (bad smell in cloth) and feeling (discomfort in head) itself is a strange, peculiar and unusual.

13. Already described. I also take sexual stimulation tablets two years ago.

14. I look like thin and tall.

15. Family Disease: Heart Disease.
patient25 last decade
Please start with Psoranium-1M (three drops at night and no other medicine and come back after 2 weeks with progress.

Mahfoozurrehman last decade
Dear Dr. Mahfooz,
Jazakallah for your valuable prescription.
patient25 last decade
Dear Dr. Mahfooz,
Have any restriction about food and drinks? Besides, I have been taking Ayurvedic 'Halua' which is made by natural plants, milk, ghee, honey etc. Can I continue it?
patient25 last decade
It would be much better to avoid such type of foods.

Mahfoozurrehman last decade
Dear Dr. Mahfooz,
Thanks for your continuous cooperation spending your valuable times. I have bought one drum Psorinum from a homeo pharmacy, but it's color is plain white like water and taste is only spirit. I have heard that, original 'B&T' company's medicine's color is reddish and taste is cold. Sellers told me that, this medicine is from a German company who have bought the 'B&T' company few years ago. Is this German company's (Schwabe Pharmaceuticals) medicine's quality is same as 'B&T' company? If no, which company's medicine is most preferable for now? If yes, is they now use white spirit instead of reddish cold water as vehicle? If they still use redish solution like their parent company 'B&T', then it means, my local seller has make more dilution over original medicine by white spirit. I cannot understand, how it possible to provide one drum medicine is only 30 Taka (BDT), where the original B&T company's medicine was 100 Taka (BDT) per drum.
patient25 last decade
Every homeo medicine is diluted by spirit or water. But it is only acceptable, if it done by manufacturer, or by qualified doctor; because they do it for make the required potency. But if it done by sellers, it only done for commercial purposes, which is not acceptable. It is hard for general people to get pure homeo medicine exactly same as imported. Only professional doctors, who are regular customer and have special relation with importers and sellers, can collect pure medicine. It is mentionable that, spirit is not legally permitted to import, but homeo importers import it by using the name of any particular medicine. After import the medicines and spirit, they dilute small amount of medicine in large amount of spirit.
saiful9 last decade
Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland, often resulting in swelling or pain. Prostatitis can result in four significant symptoms: pain, urination problems, sexual dysfunction, and general health problems, such as feeling tired and depressed.

To diagnose prostatitis, a physician will collect a patient’s urine and thoroughly exam his prostate gland. To check the prostate gland, a physician will carry out a digital rectal examination, which involves inserting a well lubricated gloved finger into the rectum to check for any abnormalities of the gland. The physician also may collect a sample of prostate fluid so that it can be analyzed.

Over the years, prostatitis has been subdivided into a number of categories, but today commonly accepted variations of the disease include nonbacterial, acute, and chronic.

By far, the most common type of prostatitis is nonbacterial prostatitis. Symptoms may include frequent urination and pain in the lower abdomen or lower back area. Causes may be stress and irregular sexual activity.
Acute bacterial prostatitis can be the result of bacteria, a virus, or a sexually transmitted disease. Symptoms may include fever and chills, low back pain, frequent and painful urination, weak stream when urinating, and infrequent urination.

Chronic prostatitis may be bacterial or the result of an inflammation of the prostate. Symptoms may include frequent bladder infections, frequent urination, and persistent pain in the lower abdomen or back.
Source: prostatitis(dot)org

According to the book 'Essentials of pathophysiology' by Carol Porth (page 914), there are 4 types of Prostatitis.
1. Acute Bacrerial Prostatitis: Include fever and chills, malaise, myalgia, arthralgia, frequent and urgent urination, dysuria and urethral discharge. CT Scans and Transrectal Ultrasonography of the prostate is useful to diagnosis.
2. Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis: Include frequent and urgent urination, dysuria, perinal discomfort, low back pain. Diagnosis can done by urine culture.
3. Chronic Prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome: Include pain along the penis, testicles and scotrum; painful ejaculation, low back pain, rectal pain along the inner thigs, urinary symptoms, decreased libido and erectile disfunction.
4. BPH


The most accurate information about Prostatitis have found from a Chinese doctor George Yuan Lu. Some of his selected statement is given below:
The symptoms for chronic prostatitis sufferers vary from person to person. Typically, the patient will experience bloating or feel wetness in the perigenital area (perineum, groin, testicular region). Very often pain will radiate to the lower back or the inside of the thighs and is worse in the afternoon, especially after drinking or working. In severe cases, the pain is hard to endure. The patient has a bad memory, lack of concentration, difficulty working, and is confined to bed. In uncommon cases, the patient sometimes will only feel pain when a digital rectal examination is being performed. In some cases patients have no discomfort at all, and the presence of more white blood cells and less lecithin during the analysis of prostate fluid is the only way of detecting the condition.
Dr. Lu has spent approximately ten years treating patients suffering from chronic prostatitis. He has detected the real cause and mechanism of chronic prostatitis. The following information is from an interview with Dr. Lu. When asked to describe chronic prostatitis, Dr. Lu stated: 'The prostate is made of thirty to fifty acini, each with its own opening to the upper urethra. Bacteria or other microorganisms could move into acini through the openings, reproduce and release toxins within the lumen and develop into prostatitis.' Pathological studies show that a prostatic acinus which is blocked by inflammatory obstruction prevents the prostatic fluid from flowing out of the lumen, causing fluid pressure to rise and gradually changing the shape of the acinus.
Unmarried young men who have the habit of frequent masturbation for years will face such problems as sterility, impotence, dizziness, weakness and premature ejaculation after marriage. They do not know that excessive self-stimulation damages the prostate.
Dr. Lu has recoginzed Chronic prostatitis as the main cause for sterility, impotence, and premature ejaculation.
(Source: prostatitis(dot)org/doctorlu(dot)html)

Dear Patient25, do not think your disease as an uncommon disease. You are not only sufferer of this disease. No need to use the words 'hidden' or 'dry' to specify your problem. Prostatic fluid itself is a colorless thing. And Secretion means secretely discharge. Every sufferer have to detect it through wetness feeling in their skin. The difference and matter only between secretion, dribbling, emission and flow. Secretion means calcining discharge. Dribbling means falling drop by drop. Emission and flow means continuous discharge like water. So, the term 'Secretion' itself is enough to mention your disease.
sadeqahmed last decade
Thanks to Dr. Sadeq Ahmed for valuable information, which has enable me to properly identify my disease. Specially your following description is exactly same as my condition:
'the patient will experience bloating or feel wetness in the perigenital area (perineum, groin, testicular region). The patient has a bad memory, lack of concentration, difficulty working, and is confined to bed.' When my secretion started at the age of 19, I was feeling wetness. Now also feel wetness after a hard erection. But when secretion happened without erection all over the day, I do not feel any wetness. Perhaps it is the matter of secretion rate. When secretion rate is high, a specific amount of secretion may be happened quickly at a time. But when the secretion rate is low, then the same amount of secretion would be happened slowly turn by turn. During lower amount of turn by turn secretion, each old fluid became dry before coming of new fluid, so no wetness exist in the body or cloth, only leave bad smell.

The reason about secretion is also applicable to me. As I did sexual excess between the age of 13 to 18, so obvously secretion was seen at the age of 19 as a result of damage the prostate.

So, now I am confirm that, my secreted elements is nothing but Prostatic Fluid; and my disease is 'Secretion of Prostatic Fluid'. Now I have no confusion about it.
patient25 last decade
As you have able to finally identify your disease, so you just need to take the medicine which is generally given for Prostatic Fluid Secretion; no need to searching any special remedy thinking your case as a special and uncommon case. I cannot understand, where you already experienced Conium and Lycopodium helpful for you, so why you still looking for further remedy confusing yourself and disturbing doctors?
sadeqahmed last decade
Yes, I get most useful results from Conium and I was able to do sexual intercourse continuously 8/10 days after taking the Conium. But I got benefit only in erection side, my secretion problem has no change.
patient25 last decade
Dear Patient, Please note that, the desease which is more long-standing, need more time to cure. And the desease which have started few days ago, can be cured in short time. Remember that, your secretion history is 14/15 years. On other hand, your erection problem is only 2/3 years old. So you can resume Conium without any hesitation.
sadeqahmed last decade
As now I am taking Psorinum according to the advice of Dr. Mahfooz, so I have to wait for complete this phile and see the result. My next decision will be depend on the advice of Dr. Mahfooz.
patient25 last decade
Conium, Lypocodium and Selenium are helpful for flow or dribbling of prostatic fluid, not for secretion. Agnus Castus and Staphisagria are helpful, when secretion of prostatic fluid only during urine and stool, not for all time secretion. But in case of Secretion of Prostatic Fluid all over the day and night, Psorinum is the best and appropriate remedy, which has suggested by Dr. Mahfooz. So please follow the instruction of Dr. Mahfooz without any hesitation. If you see other threads of the people, you can see that, Dr. Mahfooz also suggest Conium and Selenium to those patient, who have flow or dribbling of prostatic fluid. But as your case is little different from them, so doctor has prescribed you different remedy.
saiful9 last decade
The remedy which are able to stop the flow or dribbling of prostatic fluid, must be able to stop the secretion too; because secretion is minor than flow or dribbling.
sadeqahmed last decade
After getting information from Dr. Sadeq, I have searching in the web for further information and get following symptoms from a web site. After a self diagnosis, I have found many symptoms similar with my condition. The symptoms which maching with me, I have marked 'Yes'; and the symptoms which does not match with me, I have marked 'No' at the right side. Somewhere I have put my own comments in third brackets at the right side.

The National Institutes of Health classification for prostatitis divides it into four categories, based on such factors as cause, typical course of the disease, immune system activity and symptoms. The four categories are:
Category 1: Acute bacterial prostatitis
Category 2: Chronic bacterial prostatitis
Category 3: Chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain
Category 4: Asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis
Common symptoms
Prostatitis symptoms vary depending on the type of prostatitis you have. In general, the symptoms are related to pain or discomfort in the pelvic region, problems with urination and problems with ejaculations. Signs and symptoms may include:
Pain or burning sensation when urinating (dysuria). 'Yes'
Difficulty urinating, such as dribbling or hesitant urination. 'Yes'
Frequent urination, particularly at night (nocturia). 'Yes'
Urgent need to urinate. 'Yes'
Pain in the abdomen, groin or lower back. [Abdomen pain 'Yes', in groin not pain but itching, lower back pain if mean Bachache, then 'Yes']
Pain in the area between the penis and rectum (perineum). 'No'
Pain or discomfort of the penis or testicles. 'Yes'
Painful ejaculations. 'Yes'
There are notable differences in symptoms of the four categories.
Acute bacterial prostatitis
If you have acute bacterial prostatitis, you may have symptoms associated with the sudden onset of infection:
High fever. 'No'
Chills. 'No'
Nausea. 'No'
Vomiting. 'No'
General feeling of being unwell. 'Yes'
Chronic bacterial prostatitis
The key feature of chronic bacterial prostatitis is frequent urinary tract infections. Between episodes of these infections, a person with chronic bacterial prostatitis may have no symptoms, mild symptoms or severe symptoms. [No infection found]
Chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain
The condition is generally considered chronic if the symptoms last for at least three months. For some men, the symptoms remain about the same over time, and for others the symptoms go through cycles of being more and less severe. Symptoms sometimes improve over time without treatment. [In my case, prostatic fluid secretion continue year after year without any break, dizziness and discomfort in head remain always by the influence of dirtiness of the cloth by secreted fluid; but about above mentioned symptoms, these are go through cycles of being more and less severe.]
Asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis
If you have asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis, you have no symptoms. Inflammation of the prostate gland is found only by chance when you're undergoing tests for other conditions.

Website: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/prostatitis/DS00341/DSECTIO....
patient25 last decade
More information found about Prostatitis from an Article 'Diseases of Prostate and Homeopathy' by Dr.Satheesh Kumar.P.K, which has quoted as follows including my condition and comments in third brackets.

Acute prostatitis is usually seen in men between the ages of 30 and 50. In both acute and chronic prostatitis the seminal vesicles and the prostatic urethra are also usually involved. Then there is a triad of pathological condition namely posterior urethritis, prostatitis and seminal vesIculitis. Acute prostatitis is a common clinical condition seen in our day today practice.
The usual organism responsible is E. coli. But staphylococcus aureas and albus, streptococcus faecalis and the gonococcus may be responsible.
The infection is haematogenous from a distant focus notably furunculosis, infected tonsils, caries teeth or diverticulitis. In a minority of cases, the infection ascends from the urethra or descends from the bladder or kidney.
Infection usually blood borne. General manifestations are- the patient feels ill, shivers, may have rigor, aching all over, especially the back. The temperature may be up to 39-c. Pain on micturition is usual. Perineal heaviness, rectal irritation and pain on defecation may occur and sitting may be uncomfortable. Frequency occurs when the infection spreads up to the bladder.
Rectal examination-reveals a tender prostate and the seminal vesicle may be involved.
Aetiology: is a sequel of inadequately treated acute prostatitis. Smears show bacteria in about 40% and cultures are positive in 70% of cases. The predominant organisms are E. coli, Staphylococcus, streptococcus and Diphtheroids in that order. Trichomonas has been found to be a cause of chronic prostatitis (and may be common to both husband and wife) Chlamydia is another causative organism.
Lumen of the ducts becomes blocked with epithelial debris and pus. This causes a soft enlargement of the organ. Later fibrosis occurs, and the prostate becomes smaller and harder.

1. Causing chronic posterior urethritis- specimen shows 50 or more pus cells/ HPF. [My pathology report show 0-1 pus cell/hpf]
2. Causing epididymitis
3. Pain- Local pain (dull ache) in the perineum and rectum. Aggravated by sitting on a hard chair. [Yes, sitting on a hard chair increase my testicle pain]
Referred pain- Low back ache, lumbago, some times extending down the leg. [Yes, I have low back ache]
4. Silent prostatitis— Pus has been obtained from the prostate. No other symptoms. (But patient may have arthritis, myositis, neuritis and sometimes iritis and conjunctivitis.)
5. Recurring attacks of mild pyrexia.
6. Sexual dysfunction— Premature ejaculations, prostatorrhoea and impotence. [Yes]

1. A 3-glass urine test- If the first glass shows urine containing prostatic threads, prostatitis is present.
2. Rectal examination- May or may not confirm the diagnosis.
3.Examination of the prostatic fluid- Obtained by prostatic massage. (Normal prostatic fluid is slightly opalescent and viscid.) May show many pus cells and sometimes bacteria.
4. Urethroscopy— Reveals inflammation of prostatic urethra.

Acute prostatitis: Avoidance of alcohol and sexual intercourse for six week is wise.

Aesculus— Discharge of prostatic fluid at stool. Frequent, scanty, dark and hot urine.
Apis mel
Cantharis-- Intolerable urging & tenesrnus, urine scald him &is passed drop by drop. Constant desire to urinate.
Colchicum-- Urine contain clots of putrid decomposed blood, albumin & sugar.
Copaiva — Act powerfully on mucus membrane especially that of urinary tract turbid color. Peculiar pungent odor.
Cubeba-- _ Mucus membrane generally especially that of the urinary tract. Prostatis with thick yellow discharge.
Digitalis — Continued urging in drops dark, hot burnings with sharp cutting pain at the neck of bladder as if a straw was being thrust back & forth, ammoniacal & turbid urine.
Ferrum Phos
Hepar sulph
Kali iod
Merc cor
Merc dul
Nitric acid—Scanty dark offensive smells like horse urine. Cold on passing. Alternation of cloudy phosphatic urine with profuse urinary secretions in old prostatic cases.
Olium santele
Pichi (Fabiana imbricta)--Vesclcal cattarah with suppurative prostatic condition.
Picric acid
Sabal .Ser
Salix nigra_ Has a positive action on the generative organs of both sexes.
Verat .v
Aurm me
Baryta carb
Carbonium sulph
Conium mac
Ferrum Picricum
Hepar sulph
Merc cor
Merc sol
Nitric acid
Nux vomica

[In this article, Psorinum has suggested for CARCINOMA, not for Prostatitis]
patient25 last decade
patient25 last decade
Dear Dr. Mahfooz,
Assalamu Alaikum. I have been taking Psorinum for 12 days, but still see no change. I think, I did not properly express my condition before and my confusing information was not enough to accurately remedy selection. After getting more information, now I have confirm that, my secreted elements is not any unknown or uncommon materials, it is just Prostatic Fluid. After analyzing the symptoms, I guess that, my disease is Chronic Prostatitis. So, please suggest me appropriate remedy as per my condition.
patient25 last decade

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