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meibomian gland dysfunction/blepharitis

Chronic condition left as a hangover from physical injury to eyelid 7 years ago. Suffered bereavement, grief & much personal loss over same period.
Affects both eyes, tho' one often worse than the other.
Excessive fluid continually from glands of eyelids into eye.
Stringy white mucous, gluey. Sticks across eyeball, impairing vision + blockages in glands.
Applying warmth thins fluid, lid massage to expel, lid cleaning with washcloth. Occasional ulceration lower inner lid. Small yellow lump on upper lid, between lashes. (blockage?).
Hardly ever feels better but many things make worse - being unable to clear eyes often enough (ie driving, shopping, no hot water available etc), wind, bright light, stress, lack of food (v. unappetising condition!), reading, TV, computer, air conditioning.
Eases slightly with alkaline herbs/foods/juices.
Prefer healthy foods but condition induces laziness in kitchen.
Like dairy foods.
Avoid processed foods.

Sleep disturbed for several years, much better but wake easily.
Not a natural depressive but chronic condition very depressing.
Fearful of future, feel stuck, failure, little hope, all dreams gone.
Crying now at that thought.

No major diseases but known & unknown allergic reactions - chemicals, inorganic compounds, anti-bots etc.

Homeopathic treatment some years ago but stopped as had to travel too far & no effect on eye condition.
Aconitum, Causticum, Spigelia, Sabadilla, Ignatia.

Chinese herbal treatment but couldn't afford to continue.

Take vitamin & mineral supplements.
Make all my own organic creams & balms & use all natural soaps, cleansers etc.
Use preservative-free eye drops + saline drops.
Am now trying colloidal silver externally on lids.
  kernow on 2009-08-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please take three doses daily of Rhus Tox 30c at a gap of 4 hours for 3 days and report back after 7 days.
Please follow homeo restrictions like no coffee, no raw onion/garlic, no strong perfumes, don't eat or drink anything within 30 minutes before or after taking medicine.
kadwa last decade
by William BOERICKE, M.D.
Presented by Médi-T


Eyes.--Swollen, red, œdematous; orbital cellulitis. Pustular inflammations. Photophobia; profuse flow of yellow pus. Œdema of lids, suppurative iritis. Lids inflamed, agglutinated swollen. Old injured eyes. Circumscribed corneal injection. Intensive ulceration of the cornea. Iritis, after exposure to cold and dampness, and of rheumatic origin. Eye painful on turning it or pressing, can hardly move it, as in acute retrobulbar neuritis. Profuse gush of hot, scalding tears upon opening lids.
kadwa last decade
Thanks for reply & suggestion. I'm a little uncertain as very little in the profile of Rhus Tox actually fits the description of my condition.
My eyes are not swollen, photophobia is slight, the flow of mucous is not yellow.
The lid was injured, not the eye, there is no ulceration of the cornea.
I don't have suppurative iritis but over-production of gland fluid & this is not dependent on cold & damp. The eye is not painful & I don't have a gush of scalding tears as described.
kernow last decade
If repertorization is done for blepharitis there is only one remedy for inflammation due to old injury. The remedy is Rhus Tox. Injury to eye-lid is nothing but injury to eye.

Therefore in my opinion you should go ahead with Rhus Tox. Each and every symptom of the remedy need not be matched.
kadwa last decade
OK, have begun today
kernow last decade
Kadwa, greetings & thanks for your attention.

Began taking remedy on 5th August. It is now 8 days since begun.
I misread your posting & took 4 doses (instead of 3) of Rhus Tox 30c per day, 4 hourly, for 3 days.

Symptoms: Irritation of eye slightly eased whilst taking remedy (possibly psychosomatic), mood slightly lighter (poss same, as eyes more comfortable).

Day 3 - Glandular fluid became dryer, more gluey.
Able to view the full moon through the binoculars for 20 minutes, the longest I've managed for a long time.

Red circle of skin around anus, spreading toward genitals. Small sore on right of perineum, between anus & vagina. (This an old problem, thought herpes for years but swabs & blood tests show no bacterial nor viral infection. The presumption is that it is allergic reaction to something unknown). No treatment given.

Days 4/5 - Eyes still dryer. Beginning to feel uncomfortably dry as day moves on. Mucous stinging eyes, more difficult to cleanse away, eyes becoming sore.
Very poor by bed-time.
Lower R lid swollen outside & inflamed on inside.

Day 5 - Small lump within lower lid, presumably glandular blockage.

Day 6 - Eyes very sore & irritated, need to warm-compress & wash more often. Fairly constantly through the day & evening.
Very poor by bed-time.

Day 7 - Lump in lower lid, red raised circle palpable on outside 5cm below lashes. Inside lid slightly less inflamed.
A.M. & P.M. Gentle salt bathing of lower lid.
Eyes uncomfortable but manageable.
This is always a fine line between manageable/unmanageable.

Day 8 - Mucous from glands slightly eased, not so stinging again, more comfortable.
Salt bathes to lump.

Further information:
I have knowingly had plant poison entering my bloodstream twice in my life, both times with disasterous results.

Firstly: Spring 1994 - sap of Narcissus stem entered a wound on my face, leading to a violent reaction & debilitating skin condition which returned each season when the plant sprouted & flowered for several years.

Secondly: Spring 2002 - Green cut stem of Aconitum napellus caused a wound inside my upper eyelid & sap entered the wound. Finally removed with warm salt bathing 9 months later.
Acidification of the system. Violent reactions, extreme visual disturbances, extreme production of hot, burning glandular fluid into the eye.
This leading to the present chronic condition.

Please advise, thank-you
kernow last decade
Please copy the Questionnaire from the following thread
and post all the questions here duly answered. That will be of additional help for arriving at the remedy.
kadwa last decade
Thank you kadwa, I am working on the questions. I will try cut & paste first, & hope that this works as working online is hard on my eyes.
kernow last decade
You have given sufficient details of your eye problem. Please take your own time to provide other details. In the meantime we will continue with your eye treatment.
Please take three doses daily of Arnica 30c at a gap of 4 hours for 5 days and report back after 7 days.
Please follow homeo restrictions like no coffee, no raw onion/garlic, no strong perfumes, don't eat or drink anything within 30 minutes before or after taking medicine.
kadwa last decade
Thank you kadwa. I've not yet taken Aconite remedy as I cannot afford to buy until next week.
Here are my replies to the questionaire.
I've used cut & paste so I hope it works.

ID kernow. English female 59 years. Single, no children
South western UK, rural area, close to the sea.

1. Meibomian Gland Dysfunction
Dysfunction of gland fluid from ducts along lash-margins of eyelids. Thickening of fluid consistency causes blocking of gland ducts causing inflammation & swellings.
Small hard yellow lump in centre of upper R eyelid.
Lump within L lower eyelid over last 2 weeks. Bathing edge of lid with warm salt solution to draw out fluid. Slowly shrinking. Inflammation much less.

2.a) Sores around anus, vagina & genitals. These are largely occasional, although a flare-up last autumn turned into a nightmare, when one sore on my genitals increased in size until 4-5 cm long & 1.5 cm wide. These were thought to be herpes for many years, treated with Blistex (ammonia), Gentian Violet, wytch-hazel + essential oils.
Herpes cream containing chlorocresol (preservative) caused a massive allergic reaction. Red, hot, raised itchy patches covering whole anal/vaginal/genital area. Spreading onto belly, groins, into anus & vagina. Cooled using ice.
Also awoke with my L eye really swollen up. Red, itchy. (It’s possible this may have been an insect bite which over-reacted due to the existing allergic reaction). Treated with 7 days anti-histamine Pirizine.
After swabs & blood tests, no bacterial or viral infection was found. The sores are now presumed to be an allergic reaction to unknown stimuli.

b) Small loose & round lump (appx 0.3 cm dia) on left side between anus & vagina, possibly blocked sebaceous duct. Slowly gets larger over period of months, bathing with warm salt enables me (with difficulty) to squeeze out small amount of very thick & smelly fluid. Occasionally becomes inflamed, treat with hot salt bathing to remove as much fluid as possible, inflammation dies down & lump becomes smaller again.
Some years ago I had an infected bartaloin cyst just inside my vagina, the infected sac was cut & drained at my local surgery. After this, the cyst slowly got smaller but the little external lump appeared.

c) Allergies/sensitivities to known stimuli – anti-biotics, preservatives, petro-chemical compounds such as cellulose paints, thinners, perfumes Physical contact with some plants can cause reaction. Also unknown triggers.

3. Depression as a result of ongoing chronic conditions. Took medication for 2 years, have now weaned myself off these. Manifests as feelings of failure, lack of hope, no dreams. Weeping when really bad, lack of confidence.

4. Desperate, hopeless, stuck, inability to change things. Fear of the future.

5. I have knowingly had plant poison entering my bloodstream twice in my life, both times with disastrous results.

Firstly: Spring 1994 - sap of Narcissus (daffodil) stem entered a wound on my face, leading to a violent reaction & debilitating skin condition
Manifested as large open running sores with much seeping of clear fluid, moving all around my face. As one sore cleared up, it would move along to adjacent skin and affect that part.
This condition returned each season when the plant sprouted & flowered, for several years, gradually decreasing after the first 4 years but flaring up at other times when exposed to various external influences (usually inorganic compounds such as cellulose paints, thinners, chemicals, sprays, perfumes, daffodils. (Also wind)

Secondly: Spring 2002 - Green cut stem of Aconitum napellus caused a wound inside my upper eyelid & sap entered the wound. Finally removed with warm salt bathing 9 months later.
Acidification of the system. Violent reactions, extreme visual disturbances (hallucination) & balance disturbed for many months. Continuous extreme production of hot, burning glandular fluid into the eye. Unable to function in normal way for several years.
This leading to the present chronic eye condition.

6. Very variable. Sometimes all day. Eyes always poor by bed-time.

7. Aggravated by wind, very bright light, stress, concentration on reading, computer or driving.
Being unable to cleanse away debris in eye often enough, for example no hot water available, driving, shopping etc
Ameliorated by warm compress to liquify the fluid, lid massage & cleansing away debris from the eyes. Relief can last 2-3 hours, often much less. Relief is always temporary.
Enjoy gardening & can do this for longer than anything else, although I pay for it later by discomfort of eyes.

8. Weather, allergic reactions. Stress (this is circular as everyday life is stressful as I have to try to clean & “settle” my eyes before attempting any outside activity).

9. Dislike windy, regardless if hot or cold. Prefer dry weather. I like moist weather but have to be careful of a chill by wearing enough clothing. Enjoy sun but have to shade head & eyes, wearing hat and/or sunglasses & standing or sitting with sun behind me.

10. Largely agreeable, prefer peace between people. I will go out of my way to avoid confrontation & argument with those I care for. If I feel an issue is important enough, then I will confront but dislike it & become very distressed afterward.
Dislike abuse, aggression & anger but will defend myself from these.
Quite opinionated, I think I can be argumentative with close friends, irritable, possibly defensive.
Fearful of trouble & discord in my life.

- Excited by brewing thunderstorm, thoroughly enjoy the natural power & the spectacle. Enjoy the effect on growing things.

- Tend to isolate self during tough times. Get irritated by consolation unless it involves practical help and/or realistic suggestions.

- Sensitive to smells, noise & bright light. Windy weather. Dislike cities & towns.

- I smoke tobacco.

- I live alone & as chronic illness tends to isolate a person, the circle of close
friends diminishes. I greatly appreciate & value those friendships that have survived difficult times, enjoying their company, support & humour. They are honourable, truthful & caring.
I dearly love my family although we live in different parts of the country, so visits are few & far between. I miss them in these times.

11. My fears are for increasing debility & poverty, being unable to change my situation, being stuck in illness.
Often dream of trying to find somewhere to stay, homelessness.

12. I like most food. Bread, rice, vegetables, fruit, little meat, seeds, nuts, pulses, dairy products. No real aversions. Avoid processed food.

13. Tendency to be thirsty, drink a lot of black tea (good quality) + milk. Herb teas, sometimes beer.

14. Less than normal. Appetite for & preparation of food can be difficult due to constant discomfort & attention to eyes.

15. Recently, reaction to crab meat several times. Diahorrea.

16. Sweat slightly more than normal. Head & armpits, hands.

17. Bowel movements very regular, 2-4 times daily. Stool normal/soft. Medium/dark colour. Sometimes floats. Sometimes smells strong.

18. Not much sleep for many years due to pain & discomfort. Presently better but wake very easily, at least once per night, often 2/3 times. Like to sprawl in sleep.

19. I am celibate & my sexual desires are very low. I no longer have these outside of a loving relationship. This is satisfactory.

20. I am very intelligent & a deep thinker & find this can lead to difficulties with intimate/sexual relationships. There are not that many honest enough for me to trust.
Am deeply affected by difficulties with others & find it hard to let go of hurt. I work to behave honourably in any situation. I find that others are not always able to do this. My choice is to live alone.

21. Eyes: Anti-biotic drops – allergic reactions. Raised red itchy patches on whole of body. Use preservative-free Celuvisc (Carmellose sodium) eye drops, saline drops.
Vaginal sores: Blistex (ammonia compound), Gentian Violet.
Herpes cream containing chlorocresol (preservative) caused allergic reaction. (As in Q2a.)

22. Heart problems on male side. “Lumpiness” of females (eg breasts).

23. 5’ 4” tall, fair-skinned, slim. Tendency for underweight (have successfully increased my weight by 28 lbs in last 2 years). Grey hair (was brown), blue/grey eyes, long limbs, large bones, fairly fit.

24. Beyond menopause. Menstruation was regular, light, short duration
kernow last decade
The following remedies can help you to a great extent in your eye problem
1. Rhus Tox
It is one of the excellent remedies for blepharitis and more particularly in your case as has been explained earlier.

2. Arnica
It seems that you are confused between Arnica and Aconite. You have taken earlier Aconite or Arnica?
As per Boericke's Repertory, Arnica is indicated in eye injury and it is also indicated in poisoning due to plants.

3. Echinacea
It is indicated in antidoting the effects of poisoning in general.

i suggest that you take arnica 30c thrice a day for 5 days. Please take three doses daily of Arnica 30c at a gap of 4 hours for 5 days and report back after 7 days.

On that basis we will decide whether we should go for Rhus Tox or Echinacea.

If these three remedies fail to give relief we will try a constitutional remedy. You have already taken Ignatia and it did'nt help. So i think you should go for Arnica. Please clarify whether you have earlier taken Aconite or Arnica.
kadwa last decade
kadwa, apologies for the confusion.
I took Aconitum in the past, not Arnica.
Although I have taken this at some point as a first aid remedy & thought I had some but find it is 6c.
I will purchase the 30c as soon as possible & post back after 7 days.
I am taking Echinacea fluid extract to help boost my immune system, is this ok with the homoeopathics?
Thank you.
kernow last decade
I am taking Echinacea fluid extract to help boost my immune system, is this ok with the homoeopathics?
kadwa last decade
greetings kadwa

Report after taking Arnica 30c for 5 days.

I didn't notice much change in my condition.
I have been working outside in very windy weather & although I wear protective goggles, this always causes discomfort to the eyes.

Day 3 - I felt weepy, missing my sisters' & feeling very far away from them.

Day 4 - Upset & tired due to dogs barking on & off all night. This is an ongoing difficulty where I live. Became upset because I realised what a coward I am when it comes to making complaints.
I confronted this & left a written note for the person concerned as they were not there, asking that they do something about the night barking.

Eyes still much the same. Very sore point on R lower lid, presumably blockage. Trying salt bathing to unblock.

One point in my medical history which I forgot. I had glandular fever when quite young & a tendency over the years to suffer swollen glands when unwell. Neck, groins, armpits. This is not the case over the last 10/15 years.

Thank you for your attention.
kernow last decade
Please take Rhus Tox 30c thrice a day at a gap of 4 hours for 7 days and report back.
kadwa last decade
Please read my posts on the breathing exercises called as Anulom Vilom Pranayam and Kapalbhati Pranayam by following the links given below. The first one is good for eyes. Please practise these pranayams regularly for half an hour preferably in a garden early in the morning.
kadwa last decade
Thanks for reply, I will practice the breathing exercises.

I have tried Rhus Tox 30c previously, at your suggestion during August. Do you want me to try this again?
kernow last decade
kadwa last decade
Okey-dokey, thank you
kernow last decade
Greetings kadwa

Reporting after 7 days taking Rhus tox 30c, as directed.
All restrictions observed.

No change in condition.
Strong North/North Easterly winds (always the worst for me). Outside working 2 days, even with goggles on, tears burned a patch of skin below the inner canthus of eye.
Chilled cloth to ease.
Very red & sore 2 days, just clearing.
Beneath eyes very puffy (top of cheekbones). Dark circles beneath eyes. Friend commented 'thought someone had punched you in the eye'.
Yellow lump upper eyelid slowly getting larger.
kernow last decade
Please take Euphrasia 30c thrice a day at a gap of 4 hours for 3 days and report back after 7 days.
kadwa last decade
Thank you kadwa, have purchased & begun today.
kernow last decade

I was given some food at the end of the first day of taking remedy, afterwards found it contained garlic.
Should I leave a gap & start taking again?
kernow last decade
Please take the remedy for 3 days from the next day of taking garlic.
kadwa last decade
Greetings kadwa

reporting after 7 days, after taking Euphrasia 30c 3 days.

My eyes were slightly easier while taking the remedy but it is impossible to say what accounts for this, as it exactly coincided with the windy weather changing to calm & mild.
This always has a direct & immediate impact on the condition.

2days ago I travelled 6 hours by train to visit my seriously sick brother. Train journeys are always difficult as there are no proper facilities to enable me to wash my eyes.
No hot water available to melt the blocked fluid, no way of warming a heat pack, air conditioning etc.
Eyes very poor on arrival & for 36 hours following, sore, red, gritty. Today they feel slightly eased & able to write on computer.

Small sore patch on edge of anus.

Please advise
Thank you
kernow last decade

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