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Scalp and Face acne & balding


I am 30 years old female and have been suffering from hair loss and acne problem (earlier mostly on my face and back) for last 4 years. Lately, I have realized that acne is increasingly becoming visible on my scalp and forehead. The acne itches a lot and pains too.

I have tried antibiotics, vitamins (iron, biotin, zinc), Vitamin E and homeopathic treatment. But, nothing seems to help.

For 1 full month, I took following homeopathic medicine:
Arnica mother tincture + Acid Phos (200C) + Pilocarcine (1M) + Natrum Mur (200C) + Lycopodium (30C) +Wiesbaden (200C)

I was taking 4 drops of the mixture twice daily.

Along with that, following biochemic medicine (4 tablets, twice daily):
Kaliphos (6X) + Selicia (3X) + Calc Phos (12X) + Nat Mur (200X)

I continued this medicine for 1.5 months, but felt that increased the acne problem on Scalp. And, before that I did not have acne on forehead.

I also have big eczyma patch on my right leg. I have had this for more than a year now.

In year 2001 end, I had a fungal infection (ring worm) on my scalp (at back of my head). It stayed there for almost a year.

but, before Dec 2001, I had never had any hair related problems and my hair were perfectly healthy, shiny, silky and thick.

However, now my hair are thinning, scalp is itchy and oily all the time, hair feel coarse and rough. Also, I have varying thickness of hair on my scalp now.

Please advise!
  simoune42 on 2005-02-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi Seema,

The mixture of homoeopathic medicines that you took is not the Homoeopathic way of treatment.

In homoeopathy, we give only single medicine at a time.

We need detailed information about you so that we can help you with acne, hairloss, and eczema.

If you would like to fill out the questionnaire , I can post it here for you.

Take care...
magicure last decade

I should have mentioned that homethathic medicine was prescribed by a homeopath.

I started having acne when I was 24, but wasn't very severe. Acne got worst after I moved to Canada from India in 2001. It soon got very severe, mostly on my face and back and some on the chest. I took a full antibiotic course for 4 months last year Jan - April 2004. It settled for a while after that, but I do get pimples / boils now and then on my face and back.

However, I started noticing acne on my scalp for last 2.5 months.Before that, I was suffering from severe hair fall, and used to feel this "pulling" pain in the front portion of hair line (and that's where most of the hair loss is concenterated). Now, acne has increased so much, that I can feel the pain all over scalp. Acne is also present on forehead and back of neck.

Hair loss:
I started noticing hair fall after I came to Canada. (2001) It was slow earlier, but now baldness is visible in front and middle. My hair partition gap has visibly increased. And, "some" hair are changing quality, which means that problem is much more than regular hair fall. I have also noticed similar change in quality of hair all over the body.

I mentioned "eczyma" on my leg and previous "ring worm" infection on my scalp too. Not sure, if there is relation with hair fall and acne.

I have consulted few dermatologists in canada. They have not been able to identify cause for change in Hair quality. One dermatologist said, it could have been "arsenic poisioning". They recommended "Rogaine" in every case, but I have not used that because of the possible side effects.

I only see Eczema on my leg. It's itchy and red. It has spread over last few months.

It started as small red perforated patch. I didn't notice it much then. I showed it to dermatoligist in India last year (June 2004) and he asked me to use "betnovate" over it. I used that for 2 days and it went away for a while. But, then it came back and is much bigger than before.

About me and eating habits:
1. I am 5'7" and weigh 125 lbs. I have gained 5 lbs over last 3-4 years. I am not dieting.
2. I used to drink lot of canned juices ..stopped doing that now
3. I have a sweet tooth and used to eat lot of candies. Have cut down on that for last 1 year.
4. I don't drink colas, liquor, coffee / I don't smoke ...
5. I am largely vegetarian ...once in a while fish / shrimp
6. My periods are normal (25 days cycle)
11. I am not taking / have never taken any birth control pills
12. I take soya milk + regular milk with all-bran kellog's cereal everyday for breakfast.

Medical condition:
1. I have had thyroid tested once recently. All normal
2. I have been very healthy all my life.
3. I have had haemoglobin and hormone test done. all normal.
4. I took antibiotics for Acne treatment. However, hair loss started much before that.
5. I have never been pregnant
6. I have no history of baldness in my family history.
7. These don't apply in my case: harsh commercial shampoos, perms, hair color, bleach, blow-drying, improper combing/brushing, high fevers
8. No medical illness in family history
9. I like to use a shampoo with a conditioner.
10. Once in a while like to use henna / egg / curd on my hair..but, haven't been able to do that for some time.
11. I have started applying oil on hair again and leaving it overnight. It seems to give a soothing feeling and take my attention away from "qaulity" of hair. I usually use Coconut oil / Mustard oil.
12. Apart from that, I developed some knee pains and tailbone pain (likely injury) for last 3-4 years. I use painkiller once in a while, but not frequently.
13. I am also taking some vitamins prescribed by an Dermatoligst(allopathic).... Ferrochelate (iron + Zinc), vitamin E and Biotin daily
14. I had "chicken pox" vaccination in Jan 2004.

simoune42 last decade
Difficult to find someone who has taken so many allopathic measures that suppress symptoms and deplete the immune system at the same time depressing the health.
Ring worm is an indication for Tuberculinum - is there any TB in your family history.
Acne is , as Burnett said Difuse Cancerosis"
In accord with Herings Law illnes when suppressed moves inwards and upwards . Yours has now reached the highest point of the body - the scalp.

Cancer – Acne – and Dermatology.

There seem to be some misconceptions , that are as they say , rife.
Homeopathy is simply a means of unblocking the channels of energy which prevent the body carrying out the job it has evolved over 40,000,000 years, to execute properly. This is why it is such a close analogue to Acupuncture.
The correct remedy is signposted by the body which displays large placards saying ----“ I NEED +XXX,” Once the correct remedy in the best potency is administered, the Body – as Kent says , carries out a general housekeeping . Those things that are not required are dispensed with. Health is restored. BUT IT IS THE BODY THAT DOES THE WORK--NOT THE REMEDY.
One of the placards that calls for Carsinosin is Acne. Anyone who wants to get the other signs can consult the work of Dr Foubister – Tutorials on Homeopathy—as he was the man who developed and tested the remedy very thoroughly.
It was DR Compton Burnett who over a century ago pointed out that acne , was in fact [ to use his own words ] Diffuse Cancerosis. It is for this reason that my first thought in treating Acne is to turn to Carcinosin- always provided that the other confirming signs are there.
Prof J.H.Allen [ who was Professor of Skin and Venereal Diseases , at Hering Medical College , Chicago] States in his work “Diseases and Therapeutics of The Skin” . Eruption on the skin is always of a constitutional origin and the patient as well as the physician should be well pleased to know that the Life Force has divorced it from within and thrown it as an eruption on the skin. He also points out that --- “The simple fact of the matter is the true cause of disease exists within the individual himself , and all external exciting causes simply assist in the developing or propagation of that internal and ever present condition.”
This is why I consider Dermatology the worst of all the Allopathic Techniques. So any one who get his Acne successfully removed from the surface , driven deep into the recesses of the body where it can create havoc unnoticed ,gives a high chance of causing Cancer. Carsinosin on the other hand does NOT cause cancer. As you cant get Opium 2x or Cocaine 2x or Arsenic 2x I assume it is not possible to obtain any of the Nosodes in 2x potency.
As a tail piece I once cured a 3yr old who kept the whole house up at night because she couldn’t sleep – with Carsinosin 10m . There were confirming signs.
These are my opinions others may differ.
passkey last decade
"Ring worm is an indication for Tuberculinum - is there any TB in your family history. "

Yes there is! And, I am amazed at your analysis. It seems so right, yet I don't want to believe it. Still in the denial phase.

My sister-in-law was detected with full-blown lung TB in 1997-98. She recovered in an years time.

But, my mother and brother became silent carriers of TB for few years.

My mother after having suffered with terrible spinal pain for 4 years was finally diagnosed with "spinal TB" in 2002. She has recovered from TB now, but still has some pain in her back bones.

Threafter, in year 2003, My brother was diagnosed with TB, not eactly lung-TB, beacuse he didn't have much of cough symptoms. But, his lever was involved and he still has some water in his chest. Before, TB reached it's last stage, he went through years of weight loss, hair loss, skin infection, recurring fever, and depression.

I don't have any of those symptoms except for "skin infection (eczema)" and hair loss. I have had blood test done in 2003 and they were negative.

What should I do next?
simoune42 last decade
Also, another question ..

Could my "tail bone" and occassional pain in the knees and back be related to all the symptoms too?
simoune42 last decade
It is possible that the knee problem may need later attention but for the moment get some Tuberculinum/Bacillinium 10M and take 3 tablets on sucessive nights and wait a week .
These remedies are not available on this site .
passkey last decade

Could you please suggest which one of these medicines should I get?

Tuberculin. Bov. 10M
Tuberculin. Bov. (Kent) 10M
Tuberculinum (Koch) 10M

Bacillinum 10M
Bacillinum (Helios) 10M
Bacillinum test. 10M

Could you also explain what changes can I EXPECT after taking this medicine(s)?

Lately my itching and acne has increased a lot.

simoune42 last decade
Of all of them I would prefer Bacillinium and I know Helios to be reputable so suggest you use that one .

Take 3 tabs at 24 hour intervals on going to sleep and wait at least a week .

No ,cant predict exactly what will happen. One thing that is likely is the "unwinding" of old symptoms that have been driven inwards by allopathic treatment .

These symptoms will re-appear and nprmally vanish in 2/3 days . These old symptoms are , as if on a tape that is unwinding on the way to cure. So do not worry about the re-appearance.

Website : http://www.symbiosis.com/.
Date. 2005-2-12
DIET.. Avoid where possible:- Pepper , spices , use coffee as weak as possible , red meat . alcohol , i.e. keep intake to minimum tolerable . Use unprocessed whole foods without additives or flavourings ; & preferably avoid cow produced dairy products.
GENERAL. Smoking __________________avoid___________________________
Alcohol ___________________avoid__________________________
Sex ____________________avoid_________________________

EXERCISE . DO NOT GET OVERTIRED.Exercise should be in the hands of experts.
Preliminary Course: Bacillinum 10m 1 tab at 24 hr intervals total of 3. Advise after 7 days.
Main Course
[1]Tablets which fall to the ground , or touch other people should be discarded.
[2] Tablets should be tipped from the bottle into the lid and transferred to the mouth, before the lid is replaced on the bottle .
Do not eat or drink for 10/15 min before or after taking a tablet.
Homoeopathic medicines require some special handling and storage - so that they may not lose their power and become inert as a result of contaminatíon. They should always be kept in the container in which they are supplied. They should be kept away from strong líght, from great heat and especially from exposure to strong odours or perfumes, for example camphor, menthol, moth balls, carbolíc soap. The medicines are usually supplied in the form of pills, tablets or powders. The dose should be típped into the contaoner lid and transferred to the mouth, or, if in powder form be tipped direct on to the tongue. No water need be taken to "wash the medicine down". Absorbtion takes place from the mouth - chew or suck the tabfets or pills. Sometimes the remedy is needed to be taken in water. The cup, glass, or spoon used should be "cleansed" before further use for another remedy. The dose should be put into a "clean mouth". It should not be taken until the mouth is free from the effects of food, drínk, tobacco smoke, taothpaste, mouth washes and confectionery. An interval of a quarter of an bour should suffice. While taking homoeopathie remedies it is pr-eferable to avoíd use of other medicines including laxatives, nasal drops and liniments.
passkey last decade
Hi Seema,
It is good that you described the symptoms you are suffering from since last few years like : Acne, Ring worm, Eczyma, Hair Loss, Joint Pain, Tail bone pain. I suspect you might also be having following problems too ==> HeadAche, Shoulder Pain, Pain-dorsal (shoulder level); shoulder blades, Eye Pain, Upset Stomach/ Bowel movements, Neck-Pain, Nausea, Vomitting[Feeling], Acidity, Indigestion, Low in Energy, Memory Loss[Low memory], Giddiness/Anemic.
If you are having 60-80% of the problems I mentioned above then the root cause of your problems is WORMS!! It can successfully treated by taking 4 drops[daily] of CALCAREA CARBONICA[30x]. You would the need to take this medicine for around 3 months. One/Two weeks after starting the medicine you can notice dead worms[or pieces of worms] in toilet bowl excereted by your body. This may continue till 2-3 months. Also, while on dosage you can feel your body recovering along with time. No Fast, No Empty belly for long hours. Well, as I said take 4 drops of calcarea carbonica in a glass of water. And as with all homeopathic medicines, don't eat/drink [except water] Half an hour before and after taking the dose. Hope it Helps. Happy Healthy Life.
cyberaunti last decade

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