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Pregnant Hypothyroid

I am 6 mos pregnant and have been tested with high TSH. Of course they want to treat with synthetic hormone. I want to try homeopathy first.

I think I have always had these symptoms:
Emotionally feeling unheard- 3rd child, etc.
Dry skin (especially around mouth, lower legs)
Chronic throat infections- mono,
Tonsils removed 8 years ago
Dry coarse hair
Dry Vagina
Cold hands feet
Cold in general
Little perspiration in general
Sensitive stomach
Difficult to fall asleep
Lack mental energy but am always busy/active
Generally weak
Chronic sore low back- alternates with sharp shooting pains, worse with labor, sitting, travelling
Suppressed sex drive
Low platelets
Moderate anemia
Low Blood pressure
Poor circulation (spider veins, mild vericose) massage helps

Lately (since birth of first child 2yrs ago)
Itchy hives (very small) concentrated on lower legs, spreading throughout body- mostly at night, starting at 11:30 going until 5
Hemmorroids bleed sometimes- morning when I use the bathroom
Tired- all the time, less in morning after sleep, worse at 4-5pm
Alternating depression/anger/irritability/overwhelmed- afternoons
General dry skin everywhere- always
Especially surpressed sex drive- usually
Tired and not sleeping well- can't fall asleep easily, wake up often, cold, hot, sore hips and back
Fainting in shower in morning 2x

I eat a varied mostly organic diet, including super greens with spirulina and chlorphil, excellent prenatals, omega 3, stinging nettels. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  3carolyn on 2005-02-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I wanted to add I am not overweight- unpregnant 130 lbs and 5'8". I have a normal-low pulse, although talk of a small "benign" heart murmer.
3carolyn last decade
Three remedies show up here .
Nat Mur is highest
Do you like/hate salt. are you better worse near seaside. Do you dislike sympathy [Oh you poor thing!] ever get cols sores . Have a thin neck and shoulders , but quite plump bottom & thighs.Dry vagina shows high here as well as anemia . If so Take Nat Mur 10M 3 doses at 24 hr intervals on going to sleep.
Next is Lycopodium. Eats little and often . Hates oyster. Likes to be alone in a room but someone else in the house. Down period 4o/c -8o/c. Deep lines from corners of nostrils to corners of mouth.
Lyco 10M as above.
Psorinum shows up but not strongly enough unless there is a sugar hunger.
passkey last decade
I do like salt. I don't know about the seaside. Do have thin neck and shoulders and plump bottom/thighs. Lyco also sounds right on, dep lines, down period, likes to be alone-ish. I have been thinking of sweets after meals regularly lately.

I know these things take time- I want to ask about how long until I might see improvement? My concern is that the low thyroid can affect the growing baby neurologically. My doc is keeping close tabs on my levels.

Are the remedies more constitutional in nature (which I know is helpful) or specific for Thyroid?
3carolyn last decade
Follow Passkey's suggestion for now. You do not want to rock the boat while pregnant.

There is good thyroid supplements that are homeopathic. This is NOT the time to take this type of supplement.

Consider the "listening" child. The fetus can feel your feelings and listen to your negative words and attitudes.

You are having emotional feelings now, that may or may not be connected with emotions with pregnancy. Solve these concerns AFTER the birth of the baby.

Speak with positive language. Say, "I am free of ....condition." Do NOT say things like "I hate...." "I don't want.... "I am not..."

The subconscious mind never hears (not, don't)(yep, it hears hate) It hears "I do want..." So do not program yourself and your child with negative wording.

BE GOOD TO YOURSELF. If the house is a mess, HIRE someone to clean it up. Pay a neighbor kid to wash dishes. Stop being angry, do something about it!!

I had my 3 in 4 years. It was tough and I was angry and miserable. I felt better when I hired out the work when it got too much for me. It was my present to myself. My other present to myself was my hubby getting a vasectomy! It was a present to him too. We were in over our heads with bills, etc. It took 3 years to pay for the 2nd child.

STOP feeling guilty!! Women have been taught guilt and shame all their lives as if we are, and WE BOUGHT IT!! It is not true. Never give in to guilt for the rest of your life. You have a right to be just who you are.

When someone asks "why" are you doing this or that...say, "Because I WANT to." Be true to yourself.

Keep in touch these next 3 months: a1remedy(at)yahoo.com
Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
They are constitutional , but like everything also connected as part of homeopathy works through the endocrinal system
Take the 3 Nat Mur 10M at 24 hr intervals wait a week and check out any changes
Think how you are and have been for the past week , memorise that and use it as a yardstick to judge any changes.
passkey last decade
Oh - and take notice of Sabras words!.
passkey last decade
I have ordered the recommended remedies. Many many thanks for the responses. What do they say- the answers are there if you are willing to hear them.

And so I have also checked my emotional undercurrent and am talking more to myself and the baby about all that we are blessed with. Trying to be more conscious in positivty.

I will get back to you both in a week or so.
Love and light!
3carolyn last decade
I have made a mistake! I ordered 30M Nat Mur and Lycopodium! I have taken 3 pellets at night for 2 nights now. First the Nat Mur, after it dissolves, the Lycopodium. I realized that I was unclear about what you meant by 3 doses and went back to read the post- and saw the 10M strength.

What now?
3carolyn last decade
Sorry to be so unclear.
One never takes 2 high potency remedies at the same time, and generally does not take 2 remedies at the same time anyway.
It is likely that any good being done by the Nat Mur was neutralised by the Lycopodium.
So what now- take One tablet of Nat mur [ which fortunately brings us back to sq one ] and wait a week. Then advise of any changes that you have noticed in your condition. Comparing the state now with the state before you took any homeopathic remedy.
passkey last decade
Thank you! I will.
3carolyn last decade
Okay. Checking in after a week or so.
I realized that I never mentioned in my original post that I have a connective tissue disorder which the MD's think is Ehlers Danlos Syndrome- these connective tissue disorders often overlap- so i am not invested in the specifics. i did mention some of the symptoms originally, but I wanted to include a complete description. What I have learned about it and me so far is:
My diaphram is shaped differently.
I have low blood pressure- can be prone to fainting, circulation problems- vericose and spider veins.
My elbos hyperextend.
The whites of my eyes are bluer.
My jaw hangs differently
My teeth are formed a little differenty- no problems with integrity or appearance
I am generally less rigid-less stable pysically. I have never been overly strong. I am flexible and resiliant.
My foot arches have collapsed.
My posture slumps, my low back is a chronic problem.
I have low platelets, but they don't know if this is related.

Okay- my report.

The first night I had to use the bathroom (bowels) 2 hours after taking my one pill of Nat Mur. That never happens for me- always in the morning. It was a normal movement- consistency. I have found my bowels are moving a lot more in the last week. Usually easier than before, but not always.

The first night I slept well- through the night. Since then, I am up for hours in the middle (1:30-4:30). One night I could not fall asleep until 1:30- usually asleep by 9pm.

Woke up twice with night sweats 2am (never happens to me- I don't sweat much ever)

The outsides of my hips are incredibly sore, as is my low back. Sore like bruised.

The morning after my dose, I noticed my urine was clear- my urine has been cloudy for so long I forgot to mention it. It turned couldy again 2 days ago.

My skin is softer. my feet are no longer cracked and dry.

The hives I have been plagued with for 2 years after geting pregnant with my first son (including food eliminations of blue and red skinned fruit and blue detergent, cheese, and citrus) were mostly on feet then my lower legs but would spread occassionally went completely away after 2 days. I had thought it was a sensitivity to foods containing histamines- I have so many scars from waking in the night and scratching myself silly until I bleed (the hives would heat up with the scratching and it seemed the heat would release the issue and then I could sleep again). Any suggestions for the scars?

Well the hives came back yesterday. Only they appeared on the back of my thighs and came on in the evening (7pm) which the others always bothered me at night (11:30-1:30). Anyway I was itchy again at 2am when I woke up, backs of thighs.

My mental feelings are less tired. When I think of the things we are dealing with in our house (construction, organizing, cleaning) I am not despondant. My husband says I seem happier than he has seen me in months.

Physically my energy does not match my mental levels, but I have been doing more.

I still have the rough patches of skin from the corners of my mouth toward my chin. Although they seem different. More like a discoloration and less a disturbance of the skin. They have never itched, and don't itch now.

I did go for an ultrasound and th doc found me on the high normal side for amniotic fluid. I am not worried as I beleive they can look at so much more with pregnancy, and so find more to dissect. But everyone is different. They want to look at it again in a week- if it continues to go up- I will consider it.

I have had nice dreams of my growing baby- until now I had no dreams.

I also had a strange dream. Very ambient. Nothing from my current life was obviously present. The couple was separated and living together in a house with a daughter who loved a boy the father was unsure of. The suitor wanted the father to change the wallpaper in the master bedroom from purple violets. It was all very clear and seemed important. I was an observer in the dream. I only metion it because I consider myself an active dreamer. Very creative person in general- and I realized after having this dream that I haven't been dreaming at all for months maybe?

I still have the feeling of pressure and congestion in my vagina. I assume this is just a normal pregnancy symptom.

This is all I can think of- please ask any questions if I have forgotten anything.

I can't wait to hear from you all!
3carolyn last decade
The info you now give would have made a difference to the remedies suggested.
I am not aware how much you know about Ehlers Danlos but for the record I located the following.

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS)
It is often forgotten that an essential part of the haemostatic system is healthy vasculature. The Ehlers Danlos syndrome may be associated with bleeding because of increased fragility of vessels due to defects in collagen synthesis. The disease has an autosomal dominant inheritance and has been subdivided into 10 subtypes of which type IV is the most severe and may have lethal complications, the most important of which is rupture of the long arteries. EDS IV is associated with an abnormality of collagen type III as a result of mutations in the corresponding gene COL3A1.
Surgical procedures should be avoided unless essential because the tissues are friable and massive bleeding may occur and healing of incisions may be delayed. Pregnancy and delivery will be involved with obvious potential hazards.
The diagnosis of this condition may be missed, especially in an obstetric gynaecological scenario, where many women complain of easy bruising, which is one of the main presenting symptoms, but platelet function and coagulation screening tests will yield normal results. Although there is no effective treatment or prophylaxis for this potentially lethal condition, appropriate management and precautions at least can be instituted, combined with sensitive genetic counselling regarding the autosomal dominant inheritance of this disorder.

The reason I put it in is because I would hope you resist any surgical intervention. And in any case you are probably only on the edges of it.

A lot can be done using homeopathy.
Dont do ANYTHING until the sore hips wear off.

The dream - probably not important- unless repeated - repeats mean that you have ignored the 1st message. In Jungian terms all the people are living in a house that is you . Parts of you are cut off from other parts . The suitor wants changes made - if you could figure out what they were it would probably work to your benefit.
Now there are indications for Carsinosin here , but also for Sulphur.
Is there any cancer in your family background?.
Are you blonde . pale and not fond of rich foods. Or do you have little or no breakfast and very hungry about noon. If you lose your temper is it normally on a short fuse or a long one. Are you a bit untidy get hot feet in bed and interested in abstract things.
At this point in time no use mixing things but get some Podophyllyn 10m and hold until there is any problem with the birth -if it starts and stops avoid Vassopressin[or similar]
and take up to 3 Podophy, should ease things.
passkey last decade
Yes, I am aware of the varieties and differences in presentation for EDS. I was sent to a human genetics lab before I got pregnant the first time- in order to rule out type 4 specifically, the vascular issues are significant in type 4. All the other types, unless there is an extreme presentation, are relatively benign and curious more than anything. Some are affected because of severity of expression. I am considered sub-clinical, with marked symptoms, but no real/threatening health/lifestyle issues present. Some of my symptoms are present in Marfan's as well- there are also other similar syndromes. There is no definite genetic connection, some vague possibilities. And EDS can appear "spontaneously".

My first labor was fast (5 hours), natural, and complication free. Other than a large blood clot (grapefruit) which formed inside my uterus and passed out my vagina the next day- it was perfect (the midwife said this was not "normal" persay, but not a concern either. I delivered 10 days "late" (premature rupture of membranes/early labor is associated with EDS) after a pregnancy where I bled for 3 months on bedrest through 2nd trimester. I was and am montiored by a high risk OB as well who has always said everything looks great. Ruben was born a contented and peaceful child. Other than the hemmorhoid and some incontinence following delivery, no residual anything for me really. We delivered in a hospital with a midwife attending to our needs at home and an OB in case of complication in the hospital. No drugs. We will do the same again if all goes well.

To answer your questions: my grandmother died of Leukemia. She is the only one with any cancer in my family. I am brunette and olive skinned- latin background. I don't mind rich foods- especially French cuisine. I eat a big breakfast (for a couple of years I have been doing this to nurture growing babies and make milk). I eat again at noon. My temper can be either very short or very long. I do think of myself as untidy/messy/disorganized. My feet are always cold.

I would like to try and address the imbalances that may be causing the the hypothyroid. I appreciate you sense of caution generally here. I am so glad about the changes in my skin and my urine. And most of all about the hives. This makes me think we are on the right track although I don't know what the recurrance means.

Thank you for the input about the dream. I will think on it.

Please let me know what you think.
3carolyn last decade
Trouble with not checking - I should have said Caulophyllyn- NOT Podophyllyn. But sounds as if you are unlikely to need it.

Nat Mur is all about the water balances in the body . For that reason I hope the dry vagina is also improved. Kent once said that he had cured more cases of Leukemia with Nat mur than any other remedy.
Sulphur may be appropriate as it keeps people awake at night if taken late in the day , it is very good for any itching complaint - but works better with untidy people.

If you feel you are "going backwards " at any time we should think of taking another Nat mur?. But otherwise wait.
passkey last decade
Hello again. Thank you. I do feel like I have slid backward a bit. I wanted to clarify about things that I might do to accidentally undermine the remedy. For instance, how long should I avoid strong smells (camphor, mint, coffee,etc) after taking a remedy. I avoided mint toothpaste for 1 day- should I stay off it alltogether? I drink 1 cup of black tea in the morning. And if other complaints come up - ie the sniffles or a bump or bruise, things that I might take low dose aconite or or arnica for, do I take nothing as I am honoring the Nat Mur? and for how long do I avoid all other remedies? I am also very way of flu- we all had it last year. So I have a store of osciloccom just in case. Is there interaction to consider there?

As for the sulphur the hives were back yesterday and I am untidy, but I am not to take more than one remedy at a time correct?

My inclination would be toward another Nat Mur, and see. What are your thoughts?
3carolyn last decade
Carolyn and Passkey, This has gone beyond my means and time to examine. I am sorry.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
I do appreciate you considertion thus far. If anything else should occur to you- please share your thoughts.
3carolyn last decade
Yes - take another Nat mur. See how you go .No do NOT take more than one remedy at a time . But get some Sulphur 10m because I think that may be next.
passkey last decade
Thank you. I'll get the suphur 10M and wait. I took the Nat Mur last night. my skin was softer overnight and my urine cleared again. I'll let you know what else might develop.

My husband got a memory foam top for the bed to help with the hips. As I am sleeping only on my sides being pregnant, they are getting more pressure.

I'll check back in a week or so. And I am not to take any other rededies at all- right?
3carolyn last decade
Good for him!- yes , in a week - unless you have a query
passkey last decade
Okay- it might have been more than a week- I am in a fog. y 2 year old was sick with an irritable bowel (sabra halped with homeopathy) but I have been changing diapers and bathing and soothing him through that).

My symptoms-
skin softer, less dry
hives have reurned to ankles (where they originally appeared 2 years ago) during day and night (like originally)
thyroid has not improved and doc wants me to take synthroid immediately- it is underactive
i have another ultrasound to check amniotic fluid levels Mon- could be related to throid levels or not-
bowels irregular- constipated/diareah
having trouble falling asleep
feel exhausted starting at 5pm
stretch marks around bellybutton appearing with pain- this is a big one discomfortwise, it burns and stings
fingernails started peeing before I took the dose, and are still peeling. That is layers comng off, not cracking

Last night the skin around m anus was burning- I went to look and it was red and inflamed (11pm). I cleaned the area in the bidet and applied witch hazel. I had a hard time sleeping with it. It is still red today and I can still feel it. My mother came to visit and help wih my sick boy 3 days ago- I learned she had been around my nephew who was treated for pinworm recently. Not to mention she is just back from Africa where she was very ill with diarreah and fever. She said she took a course of very strong antibiotics to kill parasites, however her anus has intermitttantly bothered her after the antibiotics. She slept in my bed with my son the first night she arrived- before I knew any of this- and I changed the sheets, etc. I am concerned about parasites.

I already have 30c sulphur in my kit. I was waiting to hear back before ordering the 10M-

I look forward to hearing from you! I hope you have had a less demanding week than I have!
3carolyn last decade
Not too demanding - my week- you had a rough one!.
The safest thing to do here is to use Sulphur - if you only have 30 take a couple at 2hr intervals .
Queries arise about thyroid and Ars Alb . It is possible to use homeopathic thyroidinum . Also burning is a sign for Ars.
Have you been very tidy lately - drink only small quantities at a time?. Like to keep the body warm and head cool in bed?.
Podophllyn also shows up - have you had a lot of tummy rumbles lately?.
passkey last decade
Okay about me...
To answer questions first:
I have been tidier than usual lately. I always drink small quantities. And yes I am a body very warm head cool in bed person.

I tend to have a sensitive stomach all the time so i don't know how to answe this one. Yes I have had a lot of rumbles, gas, and even diareah, which is not usual but not uncommon either.

I can dilute the single 30c sulphur in a glass of distilled water and take out a teaspoon and repeat a few times if you think a higher dose is better?

The doctors are really pushing hard for the synthetic thyroid replacement. Please let me know what you think here.

Otherwise I have a terrible time sleeping- I fall asleep heavily and find myself awake at 11 or 1 until 5 or 6. My temper is flaring again, but I am so tired...

And I wanted to mention, with the hives, the dermatologist I saw ages ago mentioned they pop up in new places and recede. What happenned is that the scars from the old itchy hives re-erupted with itch. I thought they had healed with the Nat Mur.

As for parasites and my anus, all is well. My mother was thoroughly tested and cleared. I have ben using the bidet and have no more redness or itching/burning. My hemmorhoid is still hanging around though.

And that is all i can think of!
3carolyn last decade
In view of what you have said , it seems that we have pretty strong pointers to Ars Alb.

Get some 1M [ 30c or 10m] if easier. Take 3 doses at 24 hr intervals . wait a few days and check back.

What has happened with the hives is [hopefully ] they are showing up on the way out - for good.
passkey last decade
I have Ars Alb 30c.

To confirm:
I will take one dose (pellet) every 24hours for 3 days. Then wait and reply.

Many Thanks
3carolyn last decade

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