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Please help. 4month old and nursing mom w/recurrant thrush

Can anyone help me out, my 4month old baby and I have been dealing with recurrant thrush since 3 weeks after he was born. We did have antibotics at birth, and he was very brusied from back labor postion, which I took arnica for. I know the anitbocics for group b strep were part of the problem, but I did start to have yeast problems during this pregnancy. But did not have yeast infection at time of birth. Baby got it first and passed to me since breastfeeding. Had to treat with nystatin because pain of nursing and baby wouldn't eat. Now keeps coming back, have cut out sugar, white flour from diet and tried borax but just returned after baby got sick with bronchitis and had to have breathing machine and abutarol. Now I have it to in mouth too like my son and never did before because of adminstering breathing treatment to him.I did the Remedy Finder for all of my symptoms and Sulphar popped up again and again, with borax second.I tried Sulphar 30c but am not sure how long or how many times do you do a dose, daily untill all symptoms are gone? Or do you do just one and wait. Also do I just take it or give to baby too, and what is the antidote if I have any reactions or my baby has problems too. please help never had this before and having a difficult time..
  onthegow3 on 2005-02-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
We would like to help. Please describe the thrush. Looks like: Feels like:

Each time a person has to use Abutarol, (or any breathing treatment) one must clean out the mouth. This is the cause of the thrush returning. I have a client with very severe asthma and she told me this is what happens to her.

Talk to us more about the conditions and less about the remedies. Please space your sentences so it is easier to read.

If you want an antidote even before we begin, this is not a good sign of confidence in anything. Your fear of a safe treatment is contradictory. A symptom.

Tell us about personalities and likes and dislikes of yourself.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
thank you sabra, am all new to forum thing
Here are some of my symptoms

I am very tired, usually a happy person most of the time but desperate feeling right now due to illnesses.

Have white coating on tonge,
red tip, and vaginal thrush as well started with red and burning.
Now hurts to urinate and is red too.
Nipples red and burn slitly but not to bad since baby is taking nystatin.

Baby has same white mouth thrush, red anus with bumps as well.
I have been having mild postpartum depression, irritable and hair is fallin out now after baby.

Do have fears of strange dogs due to attacks when teenager. not afraid of my own dogs though.
Afaid we will never be better and am worried about already have taken Borax and sulphar.I usally am confident but now not sure if messed up with remedies.
onthegow3 last decade
I also do crave sugar like crazy and bread and butter but have cut them out do to yeast.
I am taking acidophilsis capsules, and eat yogurt and fresh garlic daily. But did just cut out my 1 cup a day coffee and switched to tea to see if helps so having headaches.

Crave alchole but do not have it due to breastfeeding, and have not wanted to go out with friends like I use to.
onthegow3 last decade
I don't like to drink milk, but do like other dairy especially ice cream.

also don't like flying, high places in general and critiscm.

And if sulphar wasn't right how do stop it and start all over.
onthegow3 last decade
He is very happy even when sick, mild tempered and laughs alot even in sleep.

He wants to stand up alot, be entertainted, and hates the bottle or pacifer, but does suck or chomp on hands.

Had brusing of head and blood streaks in white of eyes at birth due to back labor.

Also was very jaundiced starting at 2 days which I treated with sunlight and reflexology points.
Then we started having the thrush problems which I reconized right away since I had it breastfeeding my other son.
He rubs mouth with hands or chomps on hands wants to nurse but pulls off and has white coat on tounge.
onthegow3 last decade
Please slow down. The body needs time to respond. We sometimes change remedies rapidly only if there is high fever. We work slower in other things. We want to heal the body not one part of it.

OK...You have several things going, but let's get the yeast under control first.

Stop eating anything white. Drink lots of bottled water. Remind yourself you must get well so you can have a better life. Ice cream in a month as a reward for your efforts.

Later when you are well, and you are trying to restructure your life, you will always reward yourself for doing good things for yourself. You will learn to love yourself because you are born perfect, you just got sidetracted by ill thinking and you've been taught guilt and shame. You will be able to see this is a lie society lays on women.

Try some NATRUM MUR. 30X, three times a day for 3 days. Tell us how you are. This is used quite often in thrush and mouth conditions. Every opening of the body will respond not just the mouth. Baby will get this from your milk.

Because things are so serious and you need as much help as quickly as possible, call health store and see if they carry a chinese remedy called CHIEN CHIN. This is cheap and marvelous for the yeast, no matter where it is. 5 little balls 4 times a day should show improvement in 24 hours. Use whole bottle. (small bottle) I have been giving it for years and all good reports. (about $8)

Try your best to stop taking a bunch of stuff, or we will never know what is helping you. Stay with these two things for at least 4 days.

You are going through a hard time, try to live in the moment. One hour at the time.

If you can afford it, get someone to clean your house and wash clothes. Choose something that will make you feel less alone and a little better. If you belong to a good church, ask for help.

Please keep posting.
We will help with the post-P.
Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thank you so much Sabra, I really appreciate you responding back. I will stop taking everything else and try the Nat Mur. and the Chien Chin and let you know how it goes.

Do I have to worry about them intracting with the sulpher and borax? Do I have to do anything to stop thier actions, or does the new remedy just work instead?

And I will try to slow down but with 4 boys, my own business it is not easy. Though my husband will help out with the house and I do belong to a great congragation which did offer to help out, so I will try to take them up on that.

Thanks again, I will try to get some sleep now.
onthegow3 last decade
You need not worry about any interaction. Too many things overlapping.

In 4 days (after beginning) we will know more.

Please keep posting.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Dear Sabra,
ave searched all over for Chein Chin noone carrys it here.
Can you recommend a good online resource to order it from?
Also can't find nat mur.30X only 30c in my stores can I subutuit C for X or should I order 30X online. Please let me know so I can start asap.

Thanks Sabra,
onthegow3 last decade
Go ahead with the 30C. Same directions.

Go online for
and call acpuncturists and other places that sell herbs to see if they have it.

If you are forced to buy online, get two bottles.

If all fails, write me.
Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Another poster has bathed her child with similar symptoms of thrush with a little apple cider vinegar in the bath rinse water. It has helped while she is looking for the Chein Chin too.

Please keep us posted how you are doing.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Hi, Sabra asked me to let you know where to get the chien chin online. I ordered mine from maxnature dot com. I haven't received it yet but only ordered it Thursday. It is Great Wall brand, $4.95 a bottle. I don't know if there is a big difference between brands. This was just the cheapest I found.
lmhoopes last decade
While looking for something else, just ran across the remedy KALI MURIATICUM. This does not say so in my books but online it was suggested for "thrush in nursing mothers."

So, if the Nat Mur isn't helping, Get some 200X or 2C. Take two doses per day for 3 days. Baby will get in your milk.

If Nat Mur working please do not change.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Hi there Sabra,
Sorry I didn't get back to you right away we had a family crisis with my mom.
The nat mur seems to be helping on first dose I had a really bad headache
and my baby acted like his mouth hurt him and fought nursing but then seemed fine so I kept taking it.
Thank you for having imhoopes helping me find the chein chin resource I will order it tomorrow.
I feel calmer too so that is a good thing.
Will let you know how it progresses and thank you so much for your recommendations.
much thanks,
onthegow3 last decade
Hi Sabra,
Been taking nat mur for 3 days now and my mouth thrush is gone, though it is still working on vaginal one, but better.

My baby has been very fussy when eating, and wants to nurse all the time to feel better, but don't see any thrush in mouth, could it be healing crisis?

Also he has been sweating like crazy when eating.
Good news for me have lost 2 pounds and mental capacity feels much better, not as foggy and stressed out as before.

Though baby and I having hard time sleeping at night, have not been able to fall asleep untill 11 or 12 at night.

Feel like I am coming out of black hole of despair, didn't relise how bad I was, Much calmer and happier and more like myself. Even made sure to call all friends and keep in contact so I don't get so bad again.
Thank you so much, amazing how things can change so quickly, even baby's red skin rash (possibly excema)on head looks better. Should I keep taking or wait and let work with no more doses?
Thnks again for your wonderful help,Sabra,
onthegow3 last decade
After the 3 days and all seems to have calmed, wait 24 to 48 hours to see progress.

So if the remedy is working, then wait and see. Report progress or changes as you have been doing. So glad you both are better.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Sorry, I should have remarked on your questions.

In homeopathy, many things come to the surface. Sweat for one. Sweat takes toxins from the body. In this case I believe this is the action because of the timing. Toxins could make the child uncomfortable and needy for comfort. Be at peace. I will check late tonight if you have written again.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Hi Sabra,
I am breaking out in excema all along the back of my head now.
I know I did break out with it and was itchy after taking sulphur but now after stopping nat mur it is really bad.
I have never had excema before in my life,or an itchy scalp or head before, and now that I think back my hair started falling out after I started sulphur too.

But after no longer taking nat mur it is extremly itchy and burns and my husband says it is all over the back of my head, can you help get rid of this please.

The funny thing is my baby's excema on his head looks great, and is almost all gone.
Can you advise?
Is this from overdosing on sulphur or what. I Checked on sulphur and it did fit symptoms excalty the same for head excema, so how do I stop it now.
Please let me know, thanks onthegow3
onthegow3 last decade
Please remember, you are not trying to "stop" it, but get rid of it. When it comes to the surface like this, this means it is coming out from the inside. This has been the problem all along, supression. This is good!!

This is not "overdosing." There is no "too much" of something in homeopathy. If one takes more than necessary, the body does not use it. This is why when children get into kits and munch a bunch of remedies they are not harmed.

This is why, when the woman wanted to kill her husband with arsnic and it didn't work, it was homeopathy.

When you first posted you said you had yeast during preg. And not at birth. Then you remarked you got it from the child later.

The real picture is this: You had it during preg. surpressed by Nystatin or Antibiotics. Then after birth, the child turns up with thrush from the womb, then you developed it by yourself again.

You never were rid of it; it was supressed during preg. The child was born with it and finally showed and the timing was such that it then repeated in you. The child did not "give" it to you.

Only take Sulphur in the morning. One dose in the am. It will reverse it (heal) if the Sulphur really is right.

I have someone on MEZEREUM for similar symptoms and while it is working, it is causing a lot of discomfort while it is healing. She can only take one dose every 3 days. If it wasn't the correct remedy, it wouldn't show any responses. The skin is the most responsive organ we have.

This is not to say every remedy should show a response, even with skin, but if there is a response it is a good sign--not something bad.

When one is suffering, keep the doses farther apart.

Meanwhile, a diluted water and apple cider vinegar rinse for the scalp after washing the hair would help the itching. Not too strong as the scalp is so tender right now. Make it half and half and put a little on one spot to see if it burns and if needed, dilute some more. Leave on and let dry. The vinegar smell will leave shortly after drying.

Keep posting.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Hi Sabra,
I just read your post and I if this is healing crisis I will deal with it, and let my body heal, it just didn't seem to relate to originle problem.

And I haven't taken sulphur since before I first wrote to you, so are you saying I should now take 1 dose of sulphur in morning daily or just one time and which one 30c or 30x I have both.

I know thrush problem is from me, since I had it with my other son while nursing, and it only seems to be bad while nursing.
I will try the vinegar since its driving me crazy not to stratch the excema right now.

Since my baby boy is doing better I know it's working.
Thanks again and I'll keep posting to update.
onthegow3 last decade
Only one dose 30C in the morning. Wait and see. Report symptoms.

If your post dissapears when the forum "shifts," please repost so I won't lose you. I have lost so many when this happens. I look, but I do not have time to look and look.

If you had the thrush with first child, it is still present and the Chien Chin will probably get rid of it.

The other thrush poster is happy with it. And now I have lost her too, hope she reads this.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Sabra, sent you email please email me back.
onthegow3 last decade
I have an excellent remedy for the vaginal yeast. I personally have used this and it works.

Apply several drops of Tea Tree oil to a tampon and insert. Also rub the oil onto the outer area for instant relief of itching and burning. It has a cooling sensation and really helps with the discomfort. Tea Tree oil will kill the yeast in four days if applied twice daily.

If you can find a Candida formula that contains Tea Tree oil to take internally, then it will work as well to kill the systemic yeast. Make sure whatever brand you get says it's ok for nursing mothers. The brand I used was Aspen Candida and it was $4.95 per bottle
djwnov463 last decade

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