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developed sinus problems

I have never had sinus problems or pain associated with it my whole life, unless I have had a cold. Recently, I have been sick with allergy type symptoms at least 3 times in the past 2 months. It seems like something I can't shake off. I didn't think it was a cold because it seems like it would just hit me out of nowhere and I would sneeze and stuff. This last time I had one of these "attacks," I ended up feeling sinus pain and pressure for the first time. My molars hurt, I had a huge headache, and my entire cavity was aching.
  Harpua on 2005-02-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I'm sorry, that was my first post..

I'm not sure what kind of answer I want, I just want to know if it is allergies or a virus/cold. Why haven't I experienced allergies my whole life, having it spring up on me now? How long does it take for an allergy attack to go away? 2 weeks?
Harpua last decade
If you wish better evaluation please talk about yourself as a person. Now that we know about your head and nose, tell us about you for likes and dislikes, etc.

Have you moved recently or painted or new rugs or changed soaps or perfumes, etc. think about this at length and report.

Please leave spaces so it will be easier to read.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thanks for your reply.

I have led a vegan lifestyle for about a year now and I've been vegetarian for about 2.5 years, but lately I have been eating bites of cheese here and there.

I have just started taking primrose oil and a digestive enzyme with my food. I also purchased kava kava, crampbark, dang quai, goldenseal, and fenugreek tinctures.

I really like hot spicy food like chili peppers and hot salsa.

I had my whole house painted a few months ago, but my problems started before this. I used to think it was the little mold we had on one wall of our house.

My soap constantly changes. I switched from dove to an olive oil soap, and my shampoo from dove to a natural brand.

I have had 2 sweet cats for about 4 years now, and a dog for about 11. I just got a pet rat about 6 months ago.

My favorite foods include hot vegetable soups, french fries, salads, beans, rice, and lots and lots of hot green and herbal tea. I drink at least 5 cups of herbal/green tea each day.

I take at least 3 hot baths a week with aromatherapy oils and also enjoy steaming my face (especially with these problems).

I drastically cut back my alcohol intake and when I drink it makes my headache a lot worse.

I've had the same boyfriend for 5.5 years and he has a 3 yr old cat.

I am a fairly new vendor every saturday at a farmer's market. It involves me getting up very early, driving VERY far and then sitting in traffic on the way back. It really takes a lot out of me and prevents me from getting well. The business is a bread bakery. I'm constantly exposed to wheat, and the van I use to transport the bread is never cleaned and has a strange smell.

I work 5 days a week, usually 5 hours each day in the bakery.

The bakery itself is owned by a man with 2 little children who are constantly touching everything.

This is all I can think of at the moment, Please let me know if there is anything else you'd like to know. Thanks for reading my post.
Harpua last decade
Certainly alcoho; would make it worse - a hell of a lot of problems affect the liver.

Could be simple stress from the description . How much do you need to go to market?.
Anyway sure Sabra will have further suggestions.
passkey last decade
Thanks for your reply. I have been doing some research after reading "Stop the Medicine," and I realized how important it is to have a clean liver and clean digestive tract. I've been wanting to do a flush, and I gave my liver about a month break from alcohol, OTC dugs, etc.. and that is why I don't understand why I would be feeling this way. I don't plan on taking OTC drugs anymore except during my menstrual cramps (ouch!), and I'll gladly give up alcohol forever if it is necessary (after I finish these next 2 specialty brews).

Harpua last decade
Dear Harpua, let me first paint a picture from my point of view.

Are you completely aware of the interaction (or not) of the many, over the counter, herbs you have acquired? If not, you need to consult the nutritionist at a health store, usually free. Learn more about what you have purchased. The labels do not tell you about their interaction. These herbs are not as "literally safe" as homeopathic herbal preparations.

Peppers and Tomatoes (salsa) are from the nightshade family and could be an irritant. One almost always craves that which one is sensitive to. Other nightshades are eggplant, potatoes and some sweet potatoes.

A craving for liquor of any sort could be a hidden candida condition of the body. So, one must consider the sugar/carb crave/intake to discourage this. Headache after a drink "may" be a sign.

Aromatherapy. Are you aware that some sensitive people are VERY allergic to "natural" products? Even Essential oils are distilled from different trees. The very distillation is harmful to some.

Seemingly natural, I have clients who "natural" has put into the hospital. They were in too much instant distress and had to go to ER. One such client cannot even smell/breathe rubbing alcohol, she will scream for several hours from the burning pain in her lungs.

From your description, it seems that you are surounded by many, many odors of every sort and one or two could be the culprit.

Your new pet rat could be farmed out for a month and then brought back to see how your body reacts. Every animal has different dander and feces.

Even the wood chips you may have in the cage may affect you. There are also different types of cat litter. Cats are sometimes allergic to their litter. So may you be. Any changes in litter?

You seem more emotionally offended by the dirty truck and touching children. This does not ring bells for me.
Although it brings up the question: are you a perfectionist?? Are you a leader? Do you have a temper or irritable, or more easy going? Or from one to the other?

We need more, "worse from, and better from" types of reporting. Chilly/cold, Things that mentally irritate you in your own home and suroundings.

Do you really want this job? It seems a burden as you speak of it. You sound very capable if you wish to have another job.

How is your digestion? Have you any skin conditions?

Please remark on everything. Do not worry about too much. It is too little we dispair of.

You want answers about how allergies work and leave, etc. These are all individual, there are no pat answers to anything. One must learn about themselves and be a PI and consult so we can get to the bottom of the condition and give treatment to begin your healing.

Please! do not give yourself any liver cleanse right now. It could throw you all out of balance. You are already out of balance now. The body is self-cleaning if it is given good treatment.

Homeopathy heals the whole body/person, this is why we ask so much. When correct remedies are used, it is a really noticable difference, to anyone.

In the meantime, you will learn more about yourself and how to live the happier life of your own choice.

Please continue to report.
Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thanks for your reply, Sabra.

First of all, I am an easy going person, but I am easily irritable. If something has irritated me in the past, it will continue to irritate me for a long time.

I do have a lot of things in my home that bother me emotionally. I need a clean kitchen in order to be my happiest, but I live with many people who constantly cook (especially with meat). They also leave their messes. When I think about this, I get upset. My family also does many things that irritate me and give me a feeling of despair. The bathroom is my sanctuary.

Emotionally, I feel better when I am alone in my house. Physically, I ALWAYS feel better when I am warm. I am usually always a little cold or chilly and love a hot shower at any time of the day.

I also feel better in the morning than I do at night. It's like a slope. It seems as though I have a clean slate in the morning, and how I feel at night depends on what I did/ate during the day.

I don't like my job and I'm currently looking for a new one. this job takes too much out of me physically and emotionally. I am very capable.

My digestion is not so great. I never have a solid, emptying bowel movement much anymore. My friend eats the same I do, but she has a movement 3 times a day like clockwork. I don't have a certain time of the day that I need to go. I try to eat a lot of fiber, but perhaps I'm not eating enough. My digestive tract has bothered me for a couple of years. I experience more discomfort than pain, and the occasional heartburn. I feel better when I eat mostly fruit and vegetables. I'm vegan, so pretty much everything I eat has fiber. I suppose it is just an issue of will power.

I don't have any skin conditions except a little acne on my face.

Thanks a lot!
Harpua last decade
I've been thinking. I'm wondering if it is possible to develop allergies towards a pet after 3 years? Has anyone had experience with this?
Harpua last decade
Bowel movement is not a matter of will power. It is a matter of relaxation and habit. Many people have a routine when in the bathroom. A reading book. Radio. Cup of coffee etc.

I do not think you are allergic to the cats. Maybe irritated with them and their messes???

What I am getting from you is tension. It is like one thing is irritating and it is not over before the next is irritating and you stay feeling tense and uncomfortable and can't let go of it. Same in the bowels, can't let go of it.

This also affects your digestion. Tension.

Are you a frowner. Any tears?
Grit teeth and just get on with it? Do you fuss about the kitchen or silently brood? Anger/stress is different for everyone. Please try to explain your secret thoughts about your tension and irritability.

I also hear you putting yourself down for feeling this way. So there are a bunch of things that may be contributing to the allergies that may only be the body's outlet for the stress.

Many people work and live in situations and do not respond in an allergic way. Others become more in an emotional space and the out come is different.

It is known why this is so, but you'd have to read several books on Quantum physics and see a couple of movies.

Basically it is a change in attitude toward life and giving up all responses to outside irritations and learning to never take anything personally. Also when an arguement is in the making, one learns to "not respond."

This is not easy. It has taken me all my life and only getting close these past 10 years. I still hold some angers, but do not express them. I do not stuff them, but brush them off.

When someone is irritable, it needs defining in how one is feeling and the activity that goes with it. Then a remedy will more readily be chosen.

For now, have you ever tried any CHAMOMILLA? If not, get some 30C and try a few doses.

Your first lesson is to remember that if you want to be just who you are...all others must also be allowed.

Please keep posting.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thanks for your reply, Sabra.

In response to tension and irritability, I tend to keep my anger bottled in around my family. I don't directly express my feelings to my family anymore. I have in the past, and it did no good, so I feel that it is pointless. I am afraid that I would become a "nagger" which is a fear of mine. However, I do express my feelings and anger to my boyfriend (who has nothing to do with it) so it is not always bottled in.

Unfortunately, I do mumble curses and swears in my head around my family sometimes when I am angry. I also don't open up too much around them either. I feel they don't understand me, having a completely different lifestyle than all of them, so I just usually hide from them. In the past, I haven't had good responses, so I feel it is best for me to avoid confrontation.

I used to blame myself for others' pain and discomfort, but recently I have been telling myself that it is not my problem or my fault, and I have been a happier person because of this.

I think another problem I have that may be contributing is "sweating the small stuff." I have been struggling with this for a while. For example, I recently became jealous over my boyfriend's celebrity crush. Of course, it is pointless to worry about this because we have a great relationship. Sometimes I find myself searching for things to worry about, like I need some sort of conflict, and the "small stuff" satisfies this.

Like I have previously mentioned, my job is causing me stress as well. I have a lot of bottled anger/tension towards my boss. There are a lot fo problems with him that I have expressed to everyone except him. There are reasons I haven't but I know I would feel better to get these things off of my chest, and quit my job. I think fear is a big reason why I'm not going through with it.

On another note regarding my "allergies," After these past 4 weeks or so, I have gotten back to normal physically, but yesterday I started sneezing again with abnormal drainage and headaches. I fear that another "episode" is starting all over again. I think that maybe your irritability theory may be correct.

About taking things personally, I have definately tried to improve on this is the past couple of years. I have been reading a lot of philosophy books and things of that nature, and trying to recognize when I don't see the constructive part of the critizism. I have gotten better, but once again it is the small stuff.

Lastly, I dropped my jaw at your last statement. That describes my problem in a nutshell and my boyfriend's as well. What an insight. I do need to work on allowing others to be who they are. Sometimes I think I have this "elitist" problem in my head, like I'm better than everyone and this creates lots of problems.

Anyway, I hope this creates more of a window. Thanks again!

Harpua last decade
Hi Harpua, yep, been there done that.

You sound like you are ready for the movie: "What the Bleep do we know?"

It is about Quantum physics. And why we do what we do AND how to do something different.

Towns in the states have refused to show it. Here it was shown for weeks. I saw it 4 times. You can get it now in March. It would be a good purchase. I have it ordered already in both DVD and VHS.


You will find how to buy it.

Would love to hear what you think of it.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Second lesson: To allow in the new, one gives up the old....

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Hi Harpula, How are you doing? would like to hear.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Hi Sabra!

Regarding my "allergies," I still have sneeze attacks every once in awhile, but not everyday. I also don't really get episodes that last days on end, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened. I haven't found the culprit (if any) yet.

I'm making a few changes to see if my tension level changes. I actually don't think I was too tense or stressed out to begin with, but I gave up caffiene for a week (which was mostly green tea), and I felt great. I slept real good and everything, but no real big physical changes to report. It was very interesting to have to work at giving something up. I really missed my tea, now I just have one or two pots each day. So good!!! I stay away from coffee.

I'm also putting in my two weeks at work when I get the chance, and I also have an appointment to work with an executive chef of a French Restaurant tomorrow night. That should be fun! I sent lots of resumes as well.

I'm still thinking hateful thoughts around some of my family members. The biggest problems stem around my sister's diet. She is retarded and can't grasp the idea of nutrition, so it's up to her family to feed her well. Unfortunately, she was raised eating processed foods and those full of trans fats, white bread, etc.. I try to talk to my parents, and nothing changes. She is sick and they don't make a connection to her diet. This makes me upset and I feel so helpless. That's one problem.

Another is my brother's diet. He is 27 and can totally make a connection with health and nutrition, but he doesn't. All he eats is fast food and cold meat from the fridge, and he still gets migraines and takes too much IB profen and wonders why. That really puts me in a bad mood.

I feel helpless in these situations. I have spoken out before and it has done no good. I feel if I keep doing it I will be a bonified nagger.

I think to be the happiest at this point, is to move out and avoid seeing these things. I'm saving up money with my SO to move into an apartment.

Sorry about the long post, but this is what is going on in my life right now.

Physically, I'm OK. However, I'm having digestion issues. I think I need to drink more water and eat at least 1 raw meal per day. I really want to do some sort of cleanse, but it was mentioned that it would throw me off balance..
What sort of steps would you suggest I take to make my digestive system function more normally??

About the movie, I'm checking it out. I've talked to some friends about it and they have different opinions. I'm definately intersted!!

Thanks for reading!!

Harpua last decade
By the way, I saw What the Bleep Do We Know? and I though it was interesting, especially that part about the water. I wonder if that is true or just part of the movie?

I think I need to see it again so I can grasp more of what they are trying to say. Thanks for telling me about it!
Harpua last decade
The water is true. It is an example of our human power that we do not use. I can see similar things of this nature for years.

The movie is about quantum physics and how our life is intwined within it all. And when we want to change for some reason, we can.

As soon as you "let go" of those things that irritate you, those things will then change more like you wish. Not totally, but you will be surprised when you learn to let them go and focus only on yourself, they WILL change.

Have you tried the Chamomilla?

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Some people respond so much to pears they avoid them as they get diarrhea. Others respond to raw foods. Find something that works for you.

Others buy a supplement of "green" stuff (powder) at health store and this loosens the bowels in a very natural way while giving all the benefit of greens. I like this. I have become a lazy cook and this fills in the gaps of not eating enough greens. Look into some of these things.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Just noticed my remark: focus on yourself. Yes, we are taught this is selfish.

When one makes "self" happy, then other things fall into place. You must come first in the scheme of all things. If you do not love yourself, how can you really love anyone else?............S
sabra last decade
I have tried the powdered green stuff and I like it, but I'm too lazy to drink it. It isn't the best tasting thing in the world, but it was expensive. I think I might get into that again. Thanks!

NO I haven't tried the chamomilla. I'm interested and will order it soon. What will it do for me?

Harpua last decade
I purchased Chamomilla, but I chose 30X instead of 30C. Should I return it for the other?

Harpua last decade
Hi Harpua, I just drink the stuff down like medicine. Heck with wether it tasts good.

It is not any more expensive than buying all the stuff and time cooking and eating it. If you are still into cooking like you say, you may want to cook instead.

Cascara Sagrada is a good natural supplement found in the health store. One tab a day should help eliminate.

I think the Cham 30X will help a lot, but 30C would have been better. No, not necessary to buy again.

You may show some symptoms of your complaint, but sometimes this helps find the culprit. Do not let it disturb you. If you get uncomfortable, stop for a couple of days, like you did the caffene.

Take one dose every morning 15 min before brushing teeth or half hour after. Before breakfast.

If a day gets really bad and you think you have "had it" take another dose at this time. No more doses than you need, LESS is better in homeopathy.

Let us know how you are doing.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Well, I fasted for only half a day to kind of clean out my intestines a little bit, and I got a sinus attack. I still have it and it's driving me bonkers! Out of nowhere, my nose started dripping, I started sneezing and now my throat is dry, I have a headache and my face (sinuses) hurt.

I read that fasting brings toxins out of your body if you do it long enough, and I wonder if even for this short of time, it somehow brought out whatever is triggering it. I don't know but I'm uncomfortable. I should've waited and not eaten dinner. I think I would feel a lot better.

Anwyays, what are your thoughts?
Harpua last decade
Be at peace. Your body IS letting out stuff it has been keeping, like the BM.

When the body is correcting itself, this hardly ever is comfortable. ANY type of expelling "something" affects any type of expelling.

You have been talking to your body these past few weeks while you talk to us and it will begin to oblige your wishes. It is listening to your wishes. The body is like a child and wishes to please.

Take vit C tabs and chew it up. Sour but good for the sinuses. Good to avoid sore throat. At least a 1000 per day. If you decide on calcium, take this only at night. Helps sleep. Neither is constipating.

Because you are thrashing around in many ways, I haven't been able to "land" on a remedy yet.

Please continue to post.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Drink at least 10 cups of water a day and no caffeine AT ALL. The caffeine is a diuretic and will un-do all the intake of BOTTLED water.

10 cups is 4, 20oz bottles per day, this is doable.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
I am a 37 year old female, I am suffering from sinus pain on the right side.
I used to get this pain frequently till I did a one week cleanse. After that sinus just disappeared. This was some two years back
Three days back I had severe pain on my right brow cheek and upper and lower jaw. I steam bathed my face with hot water and plain sea salt, it gave temporary relief .
Towards night night the pain was terrible and I was feeling a chill. I took thus tox c30 twice.
In the morning the sinus pain had vanished but I had a severe head pain, the forehead, upper head and temples. Afternoon I was getting bursts of sweat and chill alternatively.
Then I vomitted, which was plain watery. The night before I hadn't any appetite. I drank water and apple juice, no appetite. Again aroun 5 pm I vomitted plain water.
At 5:30 I took ferrum phos c30 twice with a gap of half an hour, I fell asleep. When I woke up the headache was better but as time passed the head pain became intense. I noticed that the mucus from my nose was was tinged with blood. I had many sinus attacks before but this is the first time that I have mucus with blood.
Towards night the head pain increased. Before bed I took another does of thus tox c30 .
Around 4 am, I woke, no change in head pain, right side sinus pain started appearing again.
At 8 am I took gelsemium c30 two doses with a gap of half an hour.
Now at 2 pm head pain has decreased dramatically, but pain in right cheek and jaw remains, right nose trill blocked, right temple pains slightly, bloody mucus from nose.

I would be thankful to any of the doctors here who will take the time to read my lengthy health report.
Also I would appreciate your comments on the previous medicines that I took, was it correct or not.
I forgot to mention that I come from a homeopathic background, my father was a homeopathic doctor but passed away since 3 years.
simple last decade

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