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Vaginosis / mixed infections of vagina

For several years I have been suffering from reoccurring mixed origin vaginal infections – bacterial and fungal. Only recently 2 month ago I had a course of Metronidazol which brought short improvement, then after 3 weeks I got yeast infection again. It is terribly burning, painful and itchy at the same time. Sometimes with incredibly offensive smell, with burning discharges. Sometimes it causes cystitis as well. Possibly I have tried everything - boric acid, yogurt, probiotics, garlic, traditional medication antifungal, antibacterial – nothing has helped for more than 3-4 weeks. I have also tried homeopathy – it was Sepia 1000. I observed slight improvement – it was less painful but was not healed.
Maybe you can help me to go out of this vicious circle. I will be grateful for any suggestions.
  toolka1 on 2009-08-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Can u relate the beginning of these with some event/ thing
vikas_grower last decade
Hi Vikas,
Thanks for the question. I stroke me that first thing which came to me after I read the question was: It started when i started my sexual life.
Actually it started with the reoccurring yeast infections. With years it just went from bad to worse. At certain point I related those infections to sex. But even during long periods of abstinence after one or the other treatment the symptoms reoccurred without having sex.
I went through all related post on forum and I still do not know what to do but at least I know that I am not alone with that terrible condition. Thanks a lot.
toolka1 last decade
Any other problem .

Please describe yourself

Any fears , any odd thing about you .

Any mental or emotional trauma that u might have suffered
vikas_grower last decade
I am 48 y.o.; 2 daughters, divorced from the alcoholic husband after 16 years of marriage, now in a relationship for 6 years.
I was born in asphyxia As a child I was very often ill of different things. At the age of 7 I had an encounter with the man who tried to catch me, exposing himself at the same time. I was scared, running to find the rescue the house, he followed me... proper nightmare. Over next 8 years i was scared of going out because he used to live in a neighborhood and I was convinced that he followed me. When I was about 9 was experiencing sort of war phobia. I was scared that when I was at school or just in a different room, the war would start and I would be separated from my parents forever. Between 15 - 30 y.o. I suffered from bulimia - vomiting sometimes 4 times a day, laxatives, insomnia.
I was very bright and intelligent student, but I dropped studies twice and ended up with plenty inconsistent skills and information but no degree or proper qualification.
At age 35 I decided to seek for psychological help. I had done few years of different therapies.
The model which I felt that repeated with me was that the therapist tried to push me towards certain direction or fulfilled his or her own needs. I felt as a small naive girl, which was the victim of fraud from those whom I trusted. Finally I got over many things. Occasionally I have fears of manageable intensity - unpleasant but not paralyzing. Constant constipation started from early age. Gallbladder removed due to gall stones. Appendectomy. My build 155 cm/ 55 kg.
A thing which seems to be only a symptom of something different and persists in my life is a permanent money problem. It seems to be like a curse, never ending.
Vaginosis appear to be another one of this type, but I keep on believing that I will get over it.
I would be grateful for any suggestions.
I think I have to stop , otherwise it will be a 'life book'. I will be grateful for any suggestions.
toolka1 last decade
What is your chief fear today .

Do u sweat a lot , if yes where .

How is your self confidence

Any sensitivity towrads heat , cold .

Any burning sensations anywhere else in the body

What are your general thoughts like .

how is your sleep

Anything that people find odd about you .

Please list all your current physical problems
vikas_grower last decade
My chief fear regards my daughters
Money is also a subject of my constant concerns and relates and influences to many issues in my life.
At work, if I have a meeting with the boss I sweat terribly under my armpits. I can feel drops of sweat falling down, embarrassing stains etc. I am pretty confident of my intellectual potential and skills. i am completely devastated in contacts with superiors with belief that I am always used, treated badly and helpless. I feel always 'worse and powerless' in relation to those in power and especially to men. I feel that I have always step back off either in home or professional life, and resign of my needs.
I do not like extremes, but at home I can't cope in cold temperatures, but keep on opening the windows to have fresh air. I can stand draft and especially I am sensitive to cold to my feet.
Burning sensations happen to me with heartburn, cystitis, and sometimes on the inner/ftront top part of the right thigh - this one sometimes last for weeks.
My general thoughts are like looking for a peace, missing my daughters and family, (I moved to a different country 5 years ago), constant desire (for many years) to work independently as a freelancer - not being placed in a system, constant money worries.
My sleep is not very good. Sometimes I experience periods of sleeplessness, sometimes it is better with falling asleep. For several month I sleep bad, mainly due to back pains.
I regard my self as a pretty normal person and I could not think of anything 'odd' about me, so I asked my partner. He mentioned 2 things - first that regardless how early I get up or start my preparations I always run off time and struggle to get on time (most often to be less late), the other thing is that sometimes I feel like eating an egg, but finally I can't because it stinks of ... egg. Later all utensils stinks as well, I have got similar symptom with meat. I hardly eat any meat.
My current physical problems: vaginosis, lower back pain + sciatica, wandering joints pain - knees, wrists, constipation, hemorrhoids, blotted bowels, incredibly offensive winds, heartburn.

Once again - Vikas, thank you very much for your interest and questions
toolka1 last decade
Sorry I have noticed an error - I can't stand draft.
toolka1 last decade
can u shed more light on

'At work, if I have a meeting with the boss I sweat terribly under my armpits. I can feel drops of sweat falling down, embarrassing stains etc. I am pretty confident of my intellectual potential and skills. i am completely devastated in contacts with superiors with belief that I am always used, treated badly and helpless. I feel always 'worse and powerless' in relation to those in power and especially to men'

2) is there some time of the day when u feel worse as compared to rest of day

3) How is your thirst

4) U desire open air , do u like warm rooms

5) would u like to describe as a mild , yielding and weepy person

6) Do u brood over past , do u deek consolation

7) Do u suffer headaches

8) Sweat on head , palms , feet
vikas_grower last decade
1. At work, sometimes I do presentations or I am asked to prepare a report or join the meeting. Normally I am doing well during these things as concerns the content I present, but doesn't matter how of minor importance the case is i sweat terribly, my heart is racing, and I have cold an sweaty hands.
It is particularly bad when I have to discuss my personal things - for example asking for a rise, adjusting the hours that I overworked, even taking a day off (nothing outrages - normal day out of my holiday package, asked well in advance).

2. Getting up in the morning is very difficult for me due to my spain. I am terribly stiff and any movement cause more pain. Once I manage position myself sort of vertically I can't move my legs properly or straighten myself it takes me about 1 hour to mobilize myself with stretches and exercises, to be able to move relatively pain free. Vaginosis is more painful and nagging during the day, builds up and is at worse in the afternoon about 5-6 pm.

3.I drink a lot - water (hot and cold), herbal teas, usually 2 coffees a day, I am not keen on fizzy drinks, shop bought juices have to mix with water - seem to be to strong. I am very thirsty in the morning and generally like to have liquids at my hand to sip frequently.

4. I hate to be cold, but I need fresh air. I like to get dressed properly and go for a walk even when it is very cold. Similarly with rooms - I like them warm, but not stuffy, so in winter i like to have heating on and a slightly open window.

5. Yes, I can describe myself as mild and yielding as concerns my own matters. If I am to help somebody else who need it I am much much stronger. I am weepy in a sense that often when I see a child, or an old person, or I hear the story, or I remind of my daughters or certain event I have an untamed flow of emotions which bring tears to my eyes.

6.I do not think that I brood over past or seek consolation. I do not feel like that, I do not talk about past too much, I do not keep any particular grief... but I know that sometimes we cheat ourselves and we do not realize it, so am not quite sure.

7. Sometimes I have strong headaches which start with sort of 'wire' seen in one of my eyes and the feeling of warmth on one side of the head, than I feel lightheaded, a bit dizzy and I hear everything as if from a distance, then usually comes very strong headache with nausea.

8. I do not sweat on head, but very often I have cold and sweaty hands and feet.
toolka1 last decade
Please get Lycopodium 30c in pellets or liquid form and inform to discuss about the dosing method .
vikas_grower last decade
I have got Lycopodium Calvatum 200C (Boiron) in pellets. That's what I could get quickly. I hope it will be OK. I am waiting for your further advice. Thanks a lot for your time and help.
toolka1 last decade
have u taken that before
vikas_grower last decade
no never
toolka1 last decade
Please dissolve 2 pellets in 150 ml of spring water bottle .

Allow it to dissolve on its own this will take some time.

Once fully dissolved , gently shake the bottle .

Take one capful/teaspoon, throw the rest of it away.

No more medicine .

We then wait for 15 days to assess the result.

Do not eat anything 1 hour before or after this .

Avoid coffee, teas , perfumes , deodrants strictly for 15 days after the dose .
vikas_grower last decade
Many thanks! I will try today and will report in 15 days.
toolka1 last decade
Hi Vikas,
Thank you very much for your help.
I decided to run a diary of symptoms over 15 days a you recommended.
A lot of things happened during those 15 days and I do not know whether they can be related to each other or not. (break with the partner) Hence emotionally I had a very difficult period of time. As concerns vaginal symptoms - there has been a great improvement! The pain and unbearable burning have gone, what has left it is sort of bitting sensation in vagina, and in the evenings feelings of hotness and pulsations - but generally way, way better. My spine is better as well!
Please let me know whether I should now repeat the dosages you have advised?
I am deeply grateful for your help.
toolka1 last decade
No repetition , please wait for 15 more days (as the remedy may be still be working ) and then report back
vikas_grower last decade

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