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HELP! suddon cystic ache!!

Hi. I am 25 and have never had serious acne. About three months ago I went on a long road trip with my brother, started being unhealthy (eating bad, did acid for the first time). About two days later my face and my feet got swollen and my face started breaking out. Now I've had cystic acne all over my face for almost three months. The doctor put me on steriods, I did a three day fast to try to clear the toxins in my body, but this seemed to make it worse. Now I am on antibotics, and have had a stomach ache for days. PLEASE HELP!!
  rainyday on 2005-02-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Take one dose of SILICEA 30X, wait a week and take another. It works for a long time and you don't want to hurry this as you are already as uncomfortable as you can stand.

Take Nux Vomica 30X every day in morning and night for two weeks.

If you have life-threatening swelling, keep APIS M on hand if you need it. (throat closing...)

Stop all the antibiotics. They are suppressing the toxic condition of your body. You need to let it all get out to get well or it will be with you for years.

You may come up with a few more boils/pimples, this is for a short time to keep ridding your body of the acid. It is a good sign.

I am sure you realize by now that whoever you bought from cut it with some cute stuff. It is too dangerous to use drugs anymore as pushers like to tweak it with something.

IF you get over this, I hope you have learned a lesson about the humor and hate of other people. Pushers look down on users like they are scum.

Let me know how you are doing.

Blessings, and you need it!! Sabra
sabra last decade
I don't know if it was the acid, three other people did it and were just fine. Why did you seem so sure? What do you mean IF I get over this? And why exactly do I need blessings?
rainyday last decade
Also visit the thread at
kuldeep last decade
Didn't mean to upset you. Everyone reacts differently, and your side effects are very difficult. And I am blessing you because of it. S.
sabra last decade
Do you expect it to go away? How long would it stay in my body? What makes you sure it was the acid? Is there somewhere I can read or research this?
rainyday last decade
Oh, and there are white spots on my finger nails, does that mean something?
Thanks again.
rainyday last decade
Also, eat live yoghurt daily. And no need to get paranoid - Sabr blesses everyone. I had quite a giggle at the wild-eyed tone to the questions...
Minsa last decade
Glad I could make you giggle and all, but I think the information given out in these things should be clear and without unexplained implications. Thus the 'wild-eyed tone' to the questions. I just am asking for some clear answers to some serious information for my life.
rainyday last decade
Acne , rather than ache - I think.
THe acne was always there as a latent condition - the acid brought it to the surface- it is almost certainly part of your genetic heritage. Have there been any cases of cancer on either side of you family history?.

ACNE and its place in the homeopathic scheme of things.

I get so many queries about Acne , that I thought it wise to compose a short piece on why it is so dangerous to treat it as a surface skin problem to be obliterated.
First , as Prof J.H Allen says in his book on Skin Diseases , any manifestation on the skin is the body’s work in attempting to force all dangerous problems away from the vital organs and thus preserve its health.
Perhaps some who read this are not familiar with the concept of S. Hahnemann , that ALL problems of health arise in the Non Material Vitality [or spirit] and come to the surface as Vents to ease the internal pressure . In much the same way as the pressure relief valve works on a pressure cooker.
There seems to be an obstinate refusal to recognize that there is a point for point correspondence between the Non Material Vitality and the Fleshly body . But the evidence of Kirlian photography the fact that when a limb is amputated only the fleshly part is taken away . The remaining Vital part can feel things and itch. This does account for various
“out of body “ experiences. Because they are literally out of body – the two components separate for a short period.
Life is much simpler for Allopathic [orthodox] Medicine Men , if they can regard the body as the only thing to be considered. The body then becomes a mechanistic “thing” and can be treated as a motor car . New parts can be ‘bolted’ on !. A ‘decoke’ is possible. Change the ‘brake fluid’.
The concepts of allopathy and homeopathy are so different that it’s a heroic effort for any one who has had medical training to become a true homeopath.
Every INDIVIDUAL who is born combines the genes of its parents in an almost unique way . This is why pharmaceutical drugs have so many SIDE EFFECTS . No one can be sure what any given drug will do inside a particular individual. When more than one drug is taken , the statistics of knowing how they will combine inside an individual are frightening .
It is the individual genetic heritage that determines the susceptibility of that person to attack by any ‘dis-ease’. This is why the study of sexuality and venereal disease are such an important part of homeopathy. Because the ‘miasms’ are based largely on that area . The Sycotic relates to the various manifestations of Neisseria family [a] Gonococcus [b] Meningococcus [ c] Neisseria Catarrhalis [ d] Neisseria Pharyngis .
All of which shows why in the first term at University , when many cases of mild gonorrhea are treated with antibiotics , some mutate from gonococcus to meningococcus . An outbreak of meningitis can be created.
The syphilitic group includes the treponemas of which T. Pallidum is the best-known form of syphilis. Also T Carateum [ Pinta] & T Pertenue [ yaws] – these are mainly African or Afro-Carribean . In addition we have T. microdentium , which lives in the mouth as a symbiotic entity. It scavenges the teeth and keeps the mouth healthy !. But obviously has the potential to mutate into the Pallidum variety. A further variety is found in fresh water snails .
Psoriasis is the effect of the Psoric miasm. Many authorities have said that it is impossible to avoid this miasm. That the first touch of a baby will allow that baby to acquire the miasm as soon as it is born. To Hahnemann this is the ITCH miasm. The reason that sheep will rub their fleece bare – Scrapie. It is also the root of Leprosy and Lupus .
Tuberculosis is a mutated combination of syphilis and psorinum. It is a particularly vigorous class and was called ‘consumption ‘ because it tended to consume the lungs of some subjects [Chopin]. Traces of tuberculosis have been located in dinosaur bones and that means that this organism is older [ and more artful] than the human race.
Carsinosin is prepared from cancerous tissue and as such spans all the miasms . It is particularly useful where there is a family history of cancer.
To get back to acne . Compton Burnett called Acne Difuse Cancerosis . By this he meant that the body had a hereditary susceptibility towards cancer. That the body had pushed all its problems out on to the surface [skin] to ensure that it stayed healthy !. Those problems showed up as ACNE. So the reason that I have a horror of treating acne by mechanical means [dermabrasion] or medicated lotions – is that this counts a suppression and could cause serious problems that Allopathy would not accept or recognize – it is dealing with a mechanism.
passkey last decade
So do you think this will go away? I need to know if it'll go away after I get the remaining toxins out of my body. I am doing another fast next week in an effort to purge the toxins.
rainyday last decade
No I dont think it will go away - fasting may /may not help but you will need some homeopathic help.
You didnt answer the question about cancer.
passkey last decade
No, as far as I know there has been no history of cancer... heart desease but not cancer. So should I just take "one dose of SILICEA 30X, wait a week and take another. Take Nux Vomica 30X every day in morning and night for two weeks." Should I take anything else? When would I expect to see results?
rainyday last decade
Dont be so impatient. Homeopathy works at the pace that the body considers correct - which may vary from case to case.
Theres a hint of Med here but for the moment use a low silica say 3x - take a dose in the am and aother on going to bed.
Try this for 10 days and check. Note the condition for the few days before taking the remedy so that you have a yardstick to judge.
May be worth trying alternate Nux & Sul later but lets see how this pans out.
passkey last decade
Okay thanks. What exactly is silica and what does it do? What about taking graphites? Oh, and I found out that my great grams died of cancer... What do white spots on finger nails mean?
rainyday last decade
Silica is the stuff they make windows out of and all sorts of crystal.

Graphites only if you get chilblains,are cold and constipated.

The white spots mean that you diet is to full of things that leave an acid residue- fats. sugars ,red meat .

Things that leave an alkaline residue are vegetables fruit nuts and if you must have sugar use black treacle/molasses.

The fact that there is cancer in your family background make the use of carsinosin a possibility - but you cant get it on this site or in the USA .

Below is a case that Kuldeep dealt with sucessfully and that may be best - if you are up to using his method.

Re: Any remedies to remove acne scars From kuldeep on 2005-02-14
Here is the way to make silica. I make this medicine to treat the scars of my patients. In most cases it works perfect and in some cases it still works (A step away from perfection

Make Silica at a dry day (No rain and low humidity)

1. Find some natural rock pebbles (You can find it in sands to make cement concrete mix). Or you can pick it up from rail line tracks.
2. Try to identify the rock pebble (small piece of rock) which is semi transparent) if you can’t find it then any other natural rock will do the job.
3. Heat up the stones to expel the moisture.
4. Stones should be about 20 grams.
5. Now put the stones on a clean metal surface and beat the stone with hammer. In other way you beat up the rock real fine.
6. When you think you can’t beat up the rock any more you stop.
7. Put the powder in a one litter mineral water bottle.
8. Shake it and let it settle for 10 minutes.
9. After 10 minutes heavier rock will settle down at the bottom but water will be still murky because of the micro silica particles.
10. Remove top 1/3 of the liquid without shaking the bottle.

That is your medicine. Use two drops three times a day just like any homeopathy medicine. You may see the results in just two days.
passkey last decade

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