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bad breath, sweating, body odour.

i tried to avoid writing a long story but i couldnt. this paragraph sums up my problems.
I am new to homeopathy. I have been taking herbs and using natural skin care products from India for the past 3 months. i am asking for help for my problem with bad breath, profuse sweating all over the body, bad smelling sweat, constipation, post nasal drip, too much burping, bad taste in the mouth.

I am a 29 years old female, live in South Africa in the north west region where it is quite hot. in summer temperatures go up to 39 degrees celsius and over. i am dark skinned. 16 months ago I gave birth to twin daughters.

i read romantic stories to relax. i also watch comedies and happy-ending programmes on tv because if i watch horror, i dream about it for days.

i sleep best on my stomach. legs apart. covered warmly. i cant just cover myself with a thin sheet and sleep. i need to feel warm and cosy. but by the time wake up, i usually find the covers on the floor because i am a restless sleeper and i startle myself awake quite often. and since it is hot down here, my covers make me too hot and then i sweat and wake up drenched in sweat. but i cant sleep unless i feel nice an warm. i have difficulty sleeping. i can lie awake in bed from 9pm up to 3am just trying to fall asleep. even if i feel exhausted and have a headache and my eyes hurt.

i cant sleep on my back. i feel like i am about to swallow my tongue and then i cant breathe.
i rarely sleep on my sides because i end up rolling over on my stomach.

one thing i dont like is the dark. i always jump around when i am in a dark room and feel like there is somebody in there i dont know about. then i switch on the light and there is only me. most of the time i dream about people trying to stab me to death.or just chasing me around in the dark trying to stab me or to pull me into dark corners. sometimes i dream of being an undertaker or working in a morgue. but i dont recall the faces of the dead people or the people trying to kill me. i then wake up screaming and sweating. then i cover up again because it makes me feel safer even though i end up sweating even more.

Here is a description of myself. head to toe

my hair is thin and dry and falls off when i try to grow it longer. whether naturally or with chemicals. my face is oily on the forehead and over the nose and chin. that's where i get black heads a lot. the skin on my body is dry. i use olive oil based moisturiser. if i stop for a week or so, i start iching and looking and feeling dry. my heels crack as well if i dont moisturise them.

i get a headache in my forehead. feels like it is boiling in there and i also get dull throbbing in my temples as well. cant look at a light source when the headaches start. i am taking panado tablets for that. and i use glasses when i work on the computer.

I have a lot of earwax which smells like old cheese at times, looks brown and shiny. I saw an ent doctor who said there was nothing that his over the counter eardrops couldnt fix. I took the drops and it's still the same.

my eyes get yellow gunk at the corners over the nose many times during the day. they just feel tired because in my job i have to use the computer for over six hours per day. they have a brownish layer on top of the white part of the eye.

i have to clear my throat a lot because after talking a while, i feel that i have to dislodge something at the back of my throat.
sometimes i feel like i have a feather in my throat and have to swallow several times to get the tickle to go away.
coughing brings out really bad breath and terrible smelling yellow balls from my throat. my dentist said bacteria thrives where there is no oxygen. i started taking an oxygen supplement called cellfood but it just gives me energy and hasnt done anything for the back of my throat.
i swallow a lot of mucus per day and end up nauseous when i do. it could be just the thought of swallowing mucus...

my nostrils feel sore inside when i pinch them together. I have dried up mucus. it looks yellowish-brownish and has blood at the bottom. saline nose drops have not helped.
but i dont get the urge to blow my nose at all. sometimes i sigh and breathe out quite forcefully and feel dried up snot landing on the space between my nose and my upper lip. i do get a lot of clear mucus running out of my nose and blowing my nose doesnt help because nothing comes out. but the clear mucus will run until it is finished. when it gets onto the back of my hands while i am catching it with a tissue, i can detect an unpleasant smell.

for the past 3 days, i have been taking a combination of berberis,fructus D6 25g,phosphorus D6 25g,sambucus nigra,flos et folium D3 25g, teucrium scorodonia, herba D4 25g and alcohol 36%v/v for my post nasal drip and phlegm at the back of the throat. the snot is still in the nose and my liquid mucus still has a noticeable smell. is there anything else i should try?

after i gave birth 16 months ago, my voice changed. it got hoarse, then deeper. these days i just rumble with a deep voice when i talk. sometimes when i talk,it breaks like a teenage boy's voice. my colleagues and family feel that i 'bark' at them even when i dont mean to.

most of my teeth have been filled in. i have had bad breath for the past 15 years. gets better when i have just had a bowel movement. since this happens every 4 days, i have time in between to suffer from my own bad breath. smells like rotten eggs/flatulence.

my tongue has a layer of white. i use a tongue scraper and then the whiteness gets better. before i brush my teeth in the morning, i can not taste anything at all. i floss and brush twice a day with miswak toothpaste from india. then my mouth feels fresher but my burps smell like rotten eggs.

so my herbalist gave me asafoetida(sp). it made my sweat smell more offensive than usual so i stopped it.i dont know if my breath would have smelt better if i had stuck with it longer. i am looking for a homeopathic remedy for my bad breath and burps.

My armpits sweat whether it is hot or cold. and whether i am feeling hot or cold. stains clothes and smells like sharp fresh onions. sometimes it just smells a bit sour like vinegar. on days when i dont use any deodorant because i have just shaved, the smell gets sharper and i get a whiff of it whenever i raise or move my arms. i use a tea tree deodorant which dries out my skin until it feels taut. taut and sweaty.
most of the time i sweat when i see people approaching me, or even on the phone, or when angry. if i feel somebody is watching me, i break out in a sweat. like a tap opened and then closed quickly. by then my clothes will be wet and feeling ice cold when my skin gets in contact with the sweaty part.

my hands sweat as well. and my whole body feels like it is on fire just before i have a sudden bout of perspiration. even leaves beads of sweat on my nose and under the feet.
tea tree body wash does the same like the deodorant (dry and taut).

my periods are few and far between. meaning that i can get 2 periods a year with 6months in between. they have been like this since i started periods at the age of 15. i have been put on the contraceptive pill and it helped. but i stopped it when it became too inconvenient because my skin got too sensitive and darker whenever i went outdoors. so i stopped it because i wasnt missing anything by not having periods :-)
the blood leaves brown stains which dont come out easily even if i wash it away with cold water while it is still fresh. there are times when the blood comes out on the first day looking brown/black and old. does not smell offensive. just rusty.
usually, i get thick maroon blood for the first 2 days and then small brown/black blood drops comes on the third day.4th day i get thin maroon blood up to the middle of the third day. then i dont get anything for anything between 6 weeks-6 months.

i gave birth naturally at 33 weeks of pregnancy and the hospital where i was did not believe in pain killers during delivery (mostly because they can not afford to buy medication). so i delivered after 11 hours of labour. it was an uneventful delivery except for an episiotomy. this episiotomy took 2 months to heal properly. it healed after i started taking arnica D6 tablets.

my groin sweats whenever i have a sudden burst of nervousness in social situations or during physical exertion. wet enough to dampen my underwear along the seams.

i have a bowel movement once every 3-4 days. it doesnt even feel like it is comng after 3-4 days. so i usually sit in the toilet until something comes out. as long as i have urine coming out, i know a stool has a chance because otherwise i sit on the loo with a hot drink and drink until i get a bladder which has to be emptied. after passing a stool, some gets left in and wont come out no matter how i push. i always feel i havent finished. and the stools when they come out feel like they are covered in glass shards. burning and scratching the sides with a little blood coming out. hard, thick and quite long. smells like a rotten rat.

before going to the toilet, i sometimes get shivers and generally not feeling well. this feeling goes away as soon as the stool is out.

i am a very shy person and can not urinate if there are people around. even if there are noises outside the toilet, i have to really concentrate in order to pass urine. this happens even when my bladder feels like it is about to burst.during pregnancy, i had UTI but ever since then, i havent had it.

i drink 10 glasses of purified water per day. and green tea in between. i dont get very thirsty because my water bottle is always in front of me.i eat almost everything except baked beans, cabbage and fish. fish and seafood in general i just dont like. cabbage and beans give me a lot of gas. i crave warm food. be it sweet or salty. and creamy dishes which then make my mucus problem worse.

my fingernails flake and just peel off at the tips, the nails grow curved forward like claws. i dont have any white spots in my nails. i have dark ridges on 5 of my finger nails. varying in all shades of brown. i 'crack' my finger joints because i cant resist it. i only remember that i dont want to do it after it has happened.

i try to get some exercise every other day by doing situps and push ups. my knees creak when i walk after getting up from a resting position. most of the time i get a cramp in the archs of my feet when i stand on tip toe. my legs ache at the end of the day even though i dont walk far at all. lying in a position where my legs are on a raised surface helps with this.how can i overcome this?
my joints sometimes ache on cold days. i can not stand the cold and always have to be covered up if i feel a cool breeze. then i sweat even more but when i uncover i feel cold.

my feet sweat whether in sandals or boots. my shoes smell bad when i take them off. even my feet smell bad after being in sweaty shoes for over an hour. what can i use for sweaty feet?

my libido is at its all time low. this started when i was in my first trimester. by the time i got pregnant, i had been having sex for 4 months. i lost my virginity at 26. had sexual intercourse for 4 months, i got pregnant (unplanned) and then i lost interest in sex. my husband is beyond frustration by now. i just freeze up, and nothing goes in. not even a finger. (i am seeing a sex therapist about this and i am having difficulty relaxing because i know i dont smell nice at all. that is why i am desperate to have a cure for my bad breath, excessive perspiration, smelly armpits and runny nose.)

i only get interested in sex the day before my period. that's how i know it is coming these days because i get turned on by everything and then the following day my period comes. or i get period pains with nothing coming out. gynaecologist says it is not a major problem because my pap smear is ok. is there something i can try which is not a birth control pill?

i am jealous by nature and there are days when i hate everybody i see. whether i know them or not. i dont like company because then i get nervous and start to sweat and then i begin to resent the presence of my visitor which causes me to sweat. i suspect a lot of people of trying to do something nasty to me. i like hiding my things. i even write a lot of my private stuff in code because i dont want anybody to know what it is. even simple things like a grocery list. i am also very secretive. i cant stand the thought of people who know me knowing everything about me. no matter how minor. i am on a herbal supplement with st john's wort to alleviate my depression. 4 weeks and a lot of positive thinking are beginning to help a bit.

i am also very impatient. and i always believe i know best in everything.i am a fountain of trivial facts and information which i really dont need.but i always want to find out more so that i am never caught without an answer. the thing is, i have never been in a situation which needs all this stuff i cram in my head, but i still do it.

I have quite a temper swear when i am angry. i hold grudges against people who do the tiniest things to me. then i feel mean and petty. i dont forget easily and end up stewing over things from long ago.then the sweat breaks out and i get even angrier.

my self esteem has never been high. i was a 6 nights a week bed wetter until i was 14. even during afternoon naps. my family humiliated me for this and i was the butt of jokes for being a bedwetter. after i stopped, my breath started being offensive.then the sweating started. my childhood was lonely. i stayed with my sister 400km away from my mother.my father died 2 months after i was born so i never knew him. i spent a lot of time studying.my sister left home when i was around 11. that's when i started living with my mother.

my family has high blood pressure, diabetes and heart complications. some have died from HIV/AIDS related complications. before HIV/AIDS, most died from poorly managed diabetes.

diseases i have had in the past include mumps, constant ear problems as a child, pneumonia.

i hope this description of myself will help you to recommend something for me.
  leemol on 2005-02-24
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
When you sleep on the abdomen do you have one or both arms up over your head.
Have you had any or many vaccinations ?.
Is the face shiny - without being greasy , any warts. ?.
Do you like salt?.
Do you prefer plain rather than rich foods.?
Do wollen garments bother your skin.
Does time seem to pass quickly and how is your short term memory.
Is the worst time of day -on waking or 4oc in the afternoon.

The remedies which seem to show up are
passkey last decade
Oh and birth control - the ancient greeks knew a thing or two .
Sperm are not happy in an acidic environment. They used a small sponge soaked in vinegar. Some years ago this was marketed comercially but not sure if it is still available.
passkey last decade
Thank you for your reply Passkey. here are the answers to your questions.

When you sleep on the abdomen do you have one or both arms up over your head.

yes. forehead on the fore arm. or arms around head, hands on top of each other and head turned to the left.

Have you had any or many vaccinations ?.

i had vaccinations for childhood illnesses.

Is the face shiny - without being greasy , any warts. ?.

I have a shiny face. i thought it was a healthy glow. I have tiny black warts all over my neck and here and there on my face.

Do you like salt?.

i am not very fond of salt. i can do without salt in most meals.

Do you prefer plain rather than rich foods.?

i dont like palin food. has to be creamy and yummy. mildly sweet.

Do wollen garments bother your skin.

I havent worn much wool. i prefer 'polar fleece' material for warmth. but blankets make my skin itch.

Does time seem to pass quickly and how is your short term memory.

time drags during the day. at night when i cant sleep, i feel the time rushes by and i get more and more frantic and panic that i havent slept enough and before i know it my alarm clock goes off and i havent slept at all.

Is the worst time of day -on waking or 4oc in the afternoon.

early evening is the worst time of day. i feel nauseous and achy most of the time.
leemol last decade

Your symptoms are very close to cystic fibrosis though its unlikely that it affects blacks but maybe u have a mild case and u need to aware ur docs abt it.
lifesuks last decade
Need a couple more bits of info.

Did your baby have rather bluey whites to the eyes when born.

You tan fairly easiy in the sun?.

Do you dislike sympathy -- "Oh you poor thing" type.

What have you family say 3/4 generations back -- died of, any TB.
passkey last decade
Hi Passkey i felt so sad when i read your post as i thought i was reading about myself i know exactly what you are going through i have exactly the same, and because of this i dont go out anywhere ive become aggraphobic and dont like to interact with people i just wish i knew where to start to begin to make things better
kirsty last decade
Kirsty-- difficult to deal with two people on the same page .

But no two individuals are the same -- they may be similar BUT the differences are waht we use to make a Rx.

So you'd need to give a FULL set of details the same as leemol!.
passkey last decade
A full set on your OWN post please? or you will get lost in the shuffle.

Lifesuks, louzy negative name even if being funny. One brings to oneself what one claims.

You obviously do not know the extent of the symptoms of cystic fibrosis. It is a childhood condition and seldom into very old and especially not likely to have children.

ALSO, homeopathy treats the whole persons symptoms, not a name of a disease that allopathic doctors must come up with.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Sabra -- bound to get a few wierdo's on this site-- I was ignoring it -- but go along with your comments.
passkey last decade
Body Odour can be very quickly eliminated with Johnson's Baby Shampoo.

I have used it for the last 25 years or more and discovered that if one passes the hands immediately after shampooing the head, under the arms and massages the bubbles into the armpit, Body Odour will be eliminated.

I believe that this shampoo which does not irritate the eyes and is the reason why it is recommended for babies, prevents the bacteria that are ever present in the arm pit, from multiplying thereby eliminating the cause of BO. This shampoo is nearest to the chemical composition of the skin and if you use it you will discover that BO will be history with the very first application of this amazing shampoo.
Joe De Livera last decade
Body odor starts inside the body and no shampoo will ever permanently remove it.

If you keep on using baby shampoo you are only suppressing the symptom and may need to use arnica to help out.

I think we should start with using one tablet a night of Thuja 30 -- For 3 sucessive night and then STOP.

Wait at least 3 weeks to judge results [ without taking ANY more tablets]
passkey last decade
I disagree that BO starts inside the body.

Scientists have carried out tests and discovered that the real reason for the unpleasant smell under the arms is due to the breakdown of the perspiration by the bacteria that proliferate under the arms. This bacteria are dependent on the environmental conditions on the skin which result in the use of the alkali in the standard bath soap.

It was quite by accident that I discovered about 25 years ago, that Johnson's Baby Shampoo had an almost magical effect on my own under arm BO to which I was hyper sensitive to. I had tried the standard anti BO medication but discarded them immediately after using them for the first time as I discovered that they only replaced the unpleasant smell of BO with an equally offensive perfume which lingered throughout the day. The BO sticks were of course dangerous for daily use as they blocked the pores.

Johnson's Baby Shampoo does not irritate the eyes and the formula used in its manufacture producess a product which is nearest to the chemicals in the skin. For those interested in its formula I note it below:

Water, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, PEG-80 Sorbitan Laurate, Sodium Trideceth Sulfate, PEG-150 Distearate, Fragrance, Polyquaternium-10, Tetrasodium EDTA, Quaternium-15, Citric Acid, Yellow 10 and Orange 4.

I believe that Johnson's Baby Shampoo which is freely available throughout the world is the safest and the best remedy for stopping Under arm BO which it does by preventing the proliferation of the bacteria that creates the unpleasant smell.

I would like to mention here that I have posted my discovery on this and other forums in the past and anyone interested can read the many posts that I have made by clicking on my name on this subject.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe you are still way off on the way things work.

IF the body is in good condition the bacteria will NOT be able to exist on the surface.

Allopaths quote the sort of "scientific" gobbledy gook which "proves" things.
passkey last decade
In general,leemol you have symptoms of a very toxic body and cleansing the colon should be top priority in regaining your health. Sometimes thorough detoxing and rebuilding with proper nutrition can solve most of our health problems.

Have you researched chlorella? It is excellent in promoting bowel regularity, bowel cleansing, liver cleansing and blood cleansing. Plus chlorella is a whole food and is a rich source of nutrition. I know a man whose liver was damaged by prescribed medication. For 6 months he took mega doses of chlorella to heal his liver, his liver was restored but on top of that his entire body was detoxed. He had no body odor whatsoever, he did not have bad breath, coated tongue, smelly armpits or feet, not even his bowel movements had odor.

I have been very pleased with the results of chlorella. While it is not a cure all, I recommend it as an easy gentle way to begin detoxing and it can be used as an every day supplement.

A toxic body is also acidic, the body will use all available calcium/magnesium to try to balance the pH, even taking from your bones, also this can result in thin and flaky nails or even poor hair. While nothing can substitute for good nutrition in fresh vegetables and fruits, a supplement such as Coral Calcium can really boost the healing process and help bring an acidic body back to a balanced pH.

Just some general suggestions from what I have found can make a great impact on health and detoxing.
cdhokc last decade
I agree with cdhokc. Need to cleanse the whole body. Alot of the foods we eat now adays are full of chemicals and are toxic to the body. There are food allergies that can cause the sinus problems you are having. You say you like your food creamy so you are eating or drinking alot of dairy? That is a big mucus causing food. It can also cause gas and stomache aches cramps and constipation. There are a host of foods that are killing us slowly. Even if you are taking homopathy or vitamins ect. you are not taking care of the problem. it really dose start with what you put into your body ie: the foods you eat and drink. you say you drink lots of waater. Is this bottled or tap water? Please go to a nutritionist if you can and if not read about fasting and detoxing your body. As far as the sex and bad dreams it sound as if you have some anxiety which could be because of the things that are going on with your body which in turns make you self-conscious. Everything has a reason check your diet first. what you are eating will bring on these things you are experiencing. Ddo a fast and detox your body. it won't happen overnight and may get worse before it gets better than stay on the health food and you will get better, please eamil me personnaly or the group so we can see how you are doing.
rana1968 last decade

Alot of these symptoms, in particular: white coated tongue, heavy mucus, bad breath, difficulty concentrating, splitting nails, mood swings, and craving of sweet foods- sound remarkarbly like that caused by the yeast infection Candida, which resides in the digestive system.

I was looking up similar symptoms and I found a good anti-Candida diet, to balance the good bacteria in your digestive system which may help you immensely, and I urge you to try it:

"Anti Candida Diet
Candida problems are thought to be caused when the beneficial yeast form of candida albicans mutates to it's fungal form. As it grows out of balance it is said to produce toxins which affect the mucousal lining of the intestines leading to leaky gut syndrome and a whole host of problems. The list of suggestions of how to deal with the effects of candida is as large as the list of numerous symptoms that are said to be associated with the problem.

So where do we begin with a candida diet?

Antibiotics Use
First things first, if you are taking anti-biotics then your balance of flora bacteria will be compromised, anti-biotic means anti- life, and indiscriminatley eliminate beneficial bacteria along with problem strains. So if you are on a course of antibiotics wait until you have finished before beginning the diet, alternatively ask your doctor if there are any natural alternatives.

Stress and emotional upset can negatively effect our immune systems and many candida sufferers have reported that their candida problem really got a hold after a period of intense stress or a prolonged period of low level stress. So take steps to destress your world.

The candida diet is an elimination diet, foodstuffs that contribute to the candida problem are either eliminated completely or removed from the diet for a time until their contribution to the problem is evaluated. This diet is recommended as a guidline for someone who has never carried out an elimination program before. Those with mild candida symptoms may want to try it for 3 months to evaluate if it helps, those with severe symptoms should seek the help of an expert with a case history of success with long term candida sufferers.

Step 1. Elimination
Sugar: All foods containing processed sugars should be eliminated. This includes cakes, sweets, jams, sodas etc.
Fruit, Fruit sugars, and this includes fruit juices, and honey are also eliminated at the beginning of the diet. (These can be gradually introduced after 12 weeks and the impact of their introduction monitored.)

Processed Foods: White Flour products, such as breads and pastas and white rice.

Simple Carbohydrates: Potatos, Chips, crisps, crackers.

Fermented Products: Removal of products that have been fermented or contain yeast. ie. bread, alcohol, soy sauce, vinegar.

Fungal Products: Mushrooms and cheeses.

Step 2. Cleansing & Food Choice
Drink plenty of water to help your body detoxify.
Start the day with a cup of hot water and lemon juice (there is no need to eliminate lemon juice even though it is a fruit).
Eat plenty of salads with raw salad vegetables such as celery, peppers etc to help detox and to help energy.
Stock up on vegetables that inhibit the growth of Candida: raw garlic, onions, cabbage, broccoli, turnip, kale

Get your protein from fish and fowl. Cut out red meats for first four weeks as they may strain a weak digestive sytem.

Another area that may be helpful is to perhaps eat smaller meals.
Chew your food well, digestion starts in the mouth.
You may add digestive enzymes (available in health-food stores) at this stage if you experience intestinal discomfort or bloating.

Step 3. Repopulate
Add probiotic (pro-life) bacterial flora back into the system. a good probiotic supplement is a must. Also use natural no sugar yoghurt to help repopulate intestines. A mixture of yoghurt and two tablespoons of linseed can be a good way to start the day. Some dietary practitioners think the linseed can help 'scrape' the sticky residue from processed foods from the intestinal walls.

Step 4. Re-introduce
Begin by reintroducing foods back into the diet. Introduce one food per week and note the effects. If a food disagrees then eliminate it.
Keep processed sugars to a minimun.

I took this from synergy health, but a quick search on candida will give you LOADS of information. A good probiotic is something you can immediately try eg. in tablet form, Yakult -like drinks, yoghurt etc.

Good Luck!

casey987 last decade
yes you do need to do detox change your way of eating habits
the detox brand that comes to mind is dual action cleanse on the tv health infomercials
unless you the detox nothing will work
alangail1 last decade
i suffered from excessive sweating but after i purchased this ebook i was cured completely within 2months, however it was not easy. if you would like more details email me
dragontoe last decade
I am replying to the lady with the loooooooooong list of SYMPTOMS.
I think by experience that you maybe allergic or intolerant to some foods, by the sound of your symptoms GLUTEN and/or dairy intolerance/allergies seem to be the cause, maybe some other food intolerances also, learn to listen to your body and if you eat a certain food and it makes you tired nearly immediately, irritable, gives you wind or stomach ache or cramp then you are very likely intolerant/allergic to it. try not consuming the relevant food for a week and then eat it one day and if you get any symptons after eating it, then you know.
Most things that are wrong with us are caused by food intolerances/allergies, and are easy solved by eradicating those foods from your diet, it is amazing the results are very quick, as quick as 24 hours!!

Also by the sounds of it you have a yeast overgrowth, this can be cured with the correct probiotics, or even by swallowing 2 whole, slightly crushed garlic cloves daily for at least 2 weeks, this acts as an antibacterial in your stomach it works wonders, I have tried it!

The mood swing and short temper are a very obvious sign to me that you are wheat or gluten intolerant, I have this condition myself and suffered a lot of your symptoms, as soon as I took gluten 100% out of my diet, mood swings and bad temper gone, back to normal skin, not tired any more, lots more energy and no more flatulence, halitosis or bad smells.No more constipation!!! woorah
You have to be very carefull as nearly everything that is not fresh has gluten or wheat in it, even some yogurts, most crisps, all processed food! bread, cakes, biscuits, wheat, barley, oats, rye, the list is endless, you really have to look at labels, but it is worth it . If you are gluten/wheat intolerance and you do nothing(a gluten free diet for the rest of your life) you are very, very likely to get diabetes,rheumatism/ arthritis, anemia,can also lead to cancer in most untreated cases.
Also due to the gluten intolerance that I have probably had all my life and didnt detect till 4 years ago, I am dairy intolerant!!

PLEASE FOR YOUR SAKE TRY TO ERADICATE GLUTEN from your diet, even if it is just for a week to see if you feel better. let me know OK ;)
angelarobins last decade
did you know that 85% of the worlds population is allergic/intolernant to dairy, and only maybe 15% of those cases are diagnosed!!

also they recon that as many as 1 in 3 people are intolerant to wheat or gluten!!!
angelarobins last decade
I am sad, but relieved that someone else is having the same problems that I am having. I have been to countless Dr.s' seeking answers to the symptoms that I am having. Well to begin I can't remeber a time when I had a regular bowel movement schedule. I don't feel constipated, and I don't feel like I need to have a bowel movement. My stomach hurts constantly. In the morning when I wake up I feel like something has been punching on my ribs from the inside out (they are always sore). I am 5'7' and I weigh 190 pounds. I have always been a larger person but I don't have a really large apetite. For the most part my stomach hurts too bad to eat. I can't seem to loose any weight but I don't get any bigger either. I eat every day but I have a bowel movement maybe 2X a week, and it is never a lot. There was one time, about a year ago that I went 2 1/2 weeks without having a bowel movement and I couldn't eat anything. I went to the ER and the Dr. took a urine sample and gave me a rectal examination and simply told me that I was impacted. I was sent home with a vial full of some liquid that he called a 'brown bomber' and I was told not to take it until I was at home, while I was sitting on the toilet. Well I got home and downed what ever it was and ended up just sitting there for about an hour with no result. The next day I went to my family Dr. and I explained the situation to her and she tested me for Celiac Disease, and the test results were negative. Ultimately she gave me the open ended diagnosis of IBS, which from my understanding just means that they don't know what is going on. I have suffered with terribly oily skin and I have an enormous amount of blackheads and I have frequent breakouts. My face (especially the nose and forehead) sweats all the time, whether hot or cold. If I am nervous, or even just feel like I am in a hurry, my armpits, and groin and face sweat profusely. But the worse symptom of all is the halatosis. Every day when I wake up there is a thick white pastey film on my tongue. I do my best to scrape it off but at the very back of my tongue under my uvula there is a lot that I can't even begin to reach, so I attempt to mask the odor with chewing gum, mints, or mouthwash, but I am not confident that that is even hiding the odor. There is nothing I can do about it and it has changed me from being an outgoing person, to being a complete introvert. I don't want to offend anyone with my breath, but most of all I don't want anyone to hurt my feelings by allowing me to know that they notice the smell. That symptom has reaked havoc on my self-confidence and I find myself obsessing over cover ups, which don't do a very good job. I believe that I have damaged my tastebuds with alcohol containing mouth washes and tongue scrapers.

I also have terribly dry skin everywhere else, especially on my feet and hands. I also have congenital lymphedema and there are skin changes that are related to that condition itself but I have just a ridiculous amount of dead skin build up on my feet and the integrity of the skin on the top of my feet has definately been comprimised. I can't say that I have tried a whole bunch of things to treat my problem just don't know where to start. I also have issues with intimacy. I don't necessarily have a lack of desire but I definately have a lack of confidence when it comes down to it because I don't want my boyfriend to come up close and personal with the problem. At this point I am completely hopeless that there is a solution to all of my issues. PLEASE HELP!
alasia last decade
I was reading over your symptoms and can identify with several of them myself. After 20 years of meeting with doctors including: general practitioners, naturopathic doctors, dermatologists, and allergists, I found no relief. As a matter of fact no one cared and gave me the most ridiculous advice;to one ND told me to kiss under water so partner wouldn't smell my body odor??? Serioulsy bad advice from an accredited professional! I also had increasingly escalating symptoms of body odor over the past 5 years (foot odor, bad breath, underarm odor that smelled like urine, genital odor that was musty and often fishy at times, constant wettness around my under arms and gentials that was viscous in nature (kind of slimy). I ended up cutting out meats and trying to avoid sugars to help curb the symptoms, but it never lasted too long because one to two days off the dietn and it would all flare up again. I was moody and would find myself withdrawling from others because I didn't want to offend them with my body or breath odor. I'm considered to be attractive and people gravitate toward me which was always a problem, because they would immediately comment on a 'strange smell' when nearing me. Eventually they would be turned off and tended to avoid amy further contact with me. I finally found an endocrinologist that would hear my story and run some blood work on me. I have always had hypothyroidism, but my new endocrinologist stated that my hormonal imbalance through off more hormones including my adreanal glands. Over the years it was determied that it lead to increased testosterone and cortisol levels. I was treated by this doctor with Aldactone to lower my testosterone for 4 weeks and....low and behold I was immediately noticing a change in my body odor and urination output. My urine began to smell like VERY strong ammonia!!! My under arm odor started to disappear and then graually the genital smells started to go away too. My underarm sweat and gential sweat was no longer sticky and slimy, and I had decreased mood swings. I'm still dealing with bad breath, but at least some of the items have been addressed! I don't know much about homeopathy, but I want to know if kidneys are the culprit or if it truly is all hormonal.Either way I would assume there is a cure using natural remedies. I hope this leads you down the road to one more clue about this crippling culmination of symptoms. Let me know if you find anything that can help me too! Thanks!!!
Honeysuckle last decade

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