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Exruciating Pain Feeling of Air Bubbles in Windpipe & Back Pain

Hi from Australia!

I've done the rounds of the conventional Doctors and no-one knows what this is, and I am not coping with the excrutiating pain.

45 yo female normal weight Blood tests all 100% ok
Excellent low colesterol

Had recurrent bouts of this for about 8 years ... the pain jolts me awake at night & it feels like lots of huge air bubbles are trapped in my windpipe BUT the pain is actually all up my rhs spine from between shoulder blades to middle of back. It gets so bad I punch my spine to try to dislodge but that affords little relief.

There is usually a small degree of pain and "blocked feeling" during the day but at night the pain is unbearable.

There is no heartburn or acid reflux at all coming up, but there is the need to do 100's of tiny, and I mean tiny (they are silent & within the throat), liquid (saliva filled) tasteless burps which are swallowed immediately by reflex action of the throat, so air is never shifted/released. I usually resort to Coke so I can get some decent burps to try to clear the air bubbles but it does not help much.

The camera down the throat yesterday revealed small hiatus hernia & inflammation high & low in stomach. Doctor prescribed 20mg omeprazole twice daily.

I don't know if the drugs have stopped the night pain or not as a bout only usually lasts for 4-5 days so it could be coincidence that it went away, but the "blocked" feeling in throat (between shoulder blades) and slight pain remains, and, lately since taking the drugs am having audible, decent burps that actually expel.

Any ideas/help would be sincerely appreciated.
  Dianne on 2005-02-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi, we are not ignoring you. This is an unusual description. It takes time. Any other symptoms you care to put in or add to would be good.

Am asking others around who may know something.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Hi Sabra,

Many thanks for getting back to me!

The only other thing I can think to mention is that if I don't eat for a couple of days I remain fairly pain free - the minute I eat a normal meal (meat/veg, sandwich etc) it's like the entire intestine is clogged up & I get that pain in the back/windpipe & the feeling of a blockage in the asophagis(sp)

I ate dinner last night for the first time in about 3 days and when I retired about 3 hours later it was back to the 100's of little juicy but tasteless birps & pain. I figured out why I can't bring the burps fully "up" to get relief - they actually burst/break deep within the throat and hence get swallowed by relfex immediately.

Thank you all for your consideration!
Dianne last decade
Still looking. Have you been checked for diabetes?

First...you must only use clear soda. No diet.

Soda with color is colored with wheat. (yep) Diet is Aspertame that is totally poisonous to body. Can cause MS. Aspertame has 4 names.

Food containing Maltodextrin is wheat. Carmel color is wheat. Soy Sauce is made from wheat. You could be allergic to many things. Wheat for one.

Cut all white things from your diet. Breads, pasta, potatoe, milk/cheese, icecream. No choc for awhile.

You could have candida. Ask around and see if any health or herb store sells Chein Chin. Good for women. 5 little balls 3 times a day for a week.

Natural yogurt from goat if this is something you must eat. This helps flora in body. It tastes about the same as cow.

Then, if you can take it, eat only one thing at a meal 4 times daily. So, this means you eat 4 choices per day. Eat the meats and heaviest choices in the morning and lunch. Lightest at night. Salad is not considered light. Use lemon and a "little" canola oil. An easy vegie like squash or Yogurt at night. Real butter, not marg. NO fried food.

Plan your meals and keep a record. If you are diligent, you will begin to notice differences. Some things you eat will bother more than others. Keep track. Many things are of the same family.

Do you ever eat nuts? what kind? keep track.

This will take about a month or 6 weeks. Maybe less. Meanwhile the inflamation will settle down.

Anyone around that can pat your back and "burp" you before bed? Not a joke. This may be a great help until you settle down.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
I believe that Nat Phos 6x should cure your problem. Take 3 tablets after lunch and dinner and you should be OK almost immediately. However do not overeat at any time till your stomach comes back to normal.
All meals should be small but if you so desire you can eat often as soon as you feel hungry. Do not also sleep or lie down for about 2 hours after dinner. This is to avoid any acid reflux.

If you have hunger pains before a meal this will indicate that your stomach acids are digesting your stomach by attacking the layer of mucus which coats it. You can overcome this problem by eating a biscuit or fruit to prevent the acids from attacking the mucus lining.

Exercise is also part of the therapy as it conditions the body to accept and digest food.

Nat Phos 6x is an amazing remedy that I have used in many cases like yours and it promotes peristalysis as soon as it hits the stomach. It is quite safe to be used on a daily basis as it is Sodium Phosphate and at 6x potency the concentration is only 1/1millionth of the salt.

Please report on this Forum how your stomach reacts to this remedy.

You may also like to visit:

This thread has a lot of advice from many of us who have treated a similar case to yours.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Sabra & Joe,

Many thanks for taking the time to share your wisdom.

I know I'll get into trouble for confessing this, but I rarely eat, and will undoubtedly be told my problem is as a result of that fact. I only actually eat a meal every 2 days or thereabouts. I never have breakfast, occasionally may have lunch and if I do have any dinner I only eat when people actually put it in front of me and it will be meat (chicken/beef/lamb) & veg or salad or burger or pizza etc. My diet has been this appalling for 20+ years now - sometimes I'll top up with Suisse Women's formula vitamins & minerals (forte) 1 or 2 weeks a year. I never have a hunger pains or feel hungry. I was incredulous when my blood tests came back so incredibly healthy iron & calcium wise. Oh I should say, I do not suffer an eating disorder like annorexia, I love food, I just don't ever take time to eat it and never think about it as such.

I rarely eat anything white and nuts, virtually never, although I enjoy cashews with no ill effects. I hate anything with "diet" in it & notice immediately, even if I haven't seen the label.

I work literally 16 hours a day 7 days a week in a very stressful & challenging role and 70% of my day is sedentary, the balance fairly heavy duty manual labor. The mainstream Doctor said this condition is almost certainly due to stress.

People are always expressing concern and demanding I eat or trying to convince me I must change my ways, attitudes etc. I guess the fact is that I have never been one to care about my health at all, I just hoped to get rid of this particular pain.

To a homeopath, naturopath, holistic healer, I realise I am committing a cardinal sin with my attitude but other health issues (incredible stress & clinical depression) basically take over to a point where I just don't care about anything.

Unfortunately, if being healed means eating regularly & healthily then I'm doomed to this pain until my dying day. I know, self destructive people like me are your worst nightmare, but we don't try to be. I for one have always wished I could be "normal" but normalcy has always eluded me :(
Dianne last decade
From the description given , the pain seems to be due to problems in the liver.
This is almost the most basic organ of the body- if problems in the past have been supressed and not cured then the liver [ or the heart] is the most likely recipient .
To take problems out of the liver you may be best advised to not eat at all for a short period but use pure vegetable or fruiy juise . Kelp tablets may help .
When you do feel; hungry eat small amounts of fruit of vegetable raw, if you can handle that.
And drink lots of spring or bottled water [not tap] .
passkey last decade
If it is the Liver the situation takes a dangerous turn. I doubt however that it can be this organ and would like to rule out the stomach which can be done if you take the Nat Phos 6x after meals for 2 days and observe if it helps you.

If however there is no perceptible improvement you should see a competent physician who can advice you on whether your liver is affected or not.
Joe De Livera last decade
My Dear Woman, why, oh why, did you not report in truth in the first place??? Why do you let us struggle to help you and THEN tell us the truth???

We are not allopathic doctors. If you have read any posts, you should know by now we do not treat one thing in the body.

If you cringe because I dare to question your actions, I feel that I have this right after worrying about you....?

So you have clinical depression? So what? Do you think you are the only one??We could help this. I treat this all the time. Why haven't you found a support group with like-minded people?

What do you do 16 hours a day...yet you say 70% is sendentary...is a contridiction.

You do not care about yourself...WHO stopped caring about you 20 years ago??? Who abused you and made you feel low and unworthy???

Vitamins of any sort hurts the empty stomach...hello?

It is not a cardinal sin to not care about eating. You are putting yourself down, a lack of self-worth.

Distructive only because you do not care for the perfect creation God put together. What will you say to him when you face him??? Will you say you didn't think he did a good job and you arn';t worth the trouble?

Many people eat very little, but they know a regular intake of some protein and vegies, and water is vital to health. ALL this can be in liquid form. One doesn't have to be an "eater." You are allowed to be different.

When one does not eat or drink a reasonable, even a little food daily, the body will consume itself.

You deserve better in life. Get mad and DO SOMETHING!!!

God bless and care for you, Sabra
sabra last decade
three cheers for sabra !!!

i do hope that dianne will take note and follow sabra's instructions and eat and drink normally like what others do to live a healthy life.

homeopathy can only help if the ailment is not self inflicted.
Joe De Livera last decade
I typed the post above all in CAPS but it appeared in lower case.

Pity !
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi again Sabra,

I'm sorry but I am a little confused - you ask "Why do you let us struggle to help you and THEN tell us the truth???" I didn not lie, deceive or hold information back intentionally, I just left out what I thought may be irrelevant - I can not have you ppl reading a novel just to find out I got a pain in my gut.

I only spoke up about not eating when I was told to take tablets after lunch and dinner and then I thought, "Oh, best I tell these ppl that I do not really eat". Last night I ate chicken, red cabbage & a little carrot and ended up in so much pain I thought I was going to die.

As for stress & depression, I would not have thought they would be related to an asophagus (Sp) that will not let food up or down so that is why I did not bother mentioning it. If I thought that kind of info was relevant & typed it, I would end up with a best selling novel on your Board. I thought my digestive system was the problem as that is a pain I cannot live with. I have had stress & depression for probably all of my 45 years, but a painful gut on and off for only 8, now it has got to the point where I simply cannot cope.

I work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year for a Charity of which I'm the CEO - the majority of my time is on a computer, the balance is out in the factory doing reasonably heavy manual labor - heaving around heavy weights, operating machinery etc.

You are quite right when you say I do not care for the perfect creation God put together, but that is because I simply can't find it in me to care - I have never been able to and doubt that I ever will, the care factor just is not there. I have always longed to go "home" to the spirit realm, albeit I would never take a direct step to expediate such a transition, although many would say my self destructive ways are just that - I mean I would never take my own life. I'm sure when I do stand before Him, God will understand as He was, afterall, the one who plotted my incarnation & my resulting destiny.

Thanks, Dianne
Dianne last decade
It is of course a stereotype but if you have had the depression most of your life then it originates in childhood .

So there was some problem back there that you have "buried " in your sub conscious . It refuses to stay buried and demands a solution.

Once that is solved your problems will go away and you can devote your [now happy] life to the more effective service of the Collective Unconscious [or God]
passkey last decade
Dear Dianne, Never mind the best seller. Homeopathic treatment REQUIRES that all is mentioned however one thinks irrelevant.

In the allopathic world most live in, we are not encouraged to "complain" at length. We are lucky if we have time for 3 sentences to be put together to receive "some sort" of treatment. (that contains side-effects)

In homeopathy we want the "story" to the point of a'nauseum. We want a report so lengthy the person is actually embarrassed to continue.

If one asks for help with a DIGESTIVE condition and does not enclude the conditions of eating....this is deception.

I must say, you have a very important job and people depend on you. A charity...and why are you not charitable toward yourself?

So, addressing your non-caring attitude toward self:

I guess you have the right to do so, as this is my own philosopy; "one has the right to be who they choose to be."

BUT, have you examined the choice? DID you choose this, or were you so mistreated in some way that the choice went out of your hands? AND you forgot you have a choice?

God does not plot this type of destiny. Believe me, I have been there. I have died 3 times in my life and this is not the plan.

By blaming God for "the one who plotted (your) incarnation and (your) resulting destiny" is a misnomer. You chose and planned your path before conception. It is not His responsibility, but He allows it.

You were given free will when you were born on this earth, and it is YOUR responsibility to take care of your body, however small, and honor your birth.

As I said, one doesn't have to be an "eater" one can use the numerous liquid "foods" offered on the health market to supply the protein/vegies/water to sustain the body while you live in it.

Dying a slow death by mistreatment of the body is a really "hard" way to die. You have a taste of it with the "bubbles." At a certain point you may become helpless and are full of tubes, and someone wipes your butt. What a way to die.

Is this really what you want?

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
To all reading, an excerpt from a paper I wrote several years ago:

The Conscious Mind is the logical and analytical mind. This consciousness likes to think that it knows everything and if not, it can figure it out. It has an ego. This specious ego lacks the natural simplicity or naiveté that communicates well with any and all. It is limited to its own level. This mind gets its feelings hurt and takes things personally. The Conscious mind is filled with mistaken beliefs, no matter how insignificant, that can play havoc with the Sub-Conscious. Not always in big ways, but small, like a tiny itch, that never goes away. Small is harder to address than the larger that is more apparent.

“Logic” may be only something that one heard or was told, and became a belief. To analyze, one could debate it nearly forever because of the different views on the same subject by the many. Being aware of the many problems of the conscious mind, we then turn to the individual and examine their logic and beliefs for their own personal growth or correction. A judgmental response is unproductive. If we lose the individual, we have lost everything. All humans are valuable. If a problem cannot be discovered and dealt with, search in the Sub-Conscious for direction or a possible answer.

A “logic” example is when one by one trees are cut down, and there are too few to replace or too long to mature, oxygen becomes precious. A program was airing at length about cutting trees and replacing them. One seemingly “logical” statement in the dialogue was that “trees clean the air.” This is an example of a twist in information that many people heard and believed (literally). Trees and green plants produce oxygen, not only clean it by this very action of producing oxygen. A huge difference in information! To clean, implies that oxygen is ever present. Aside from the Sub-Conscious mind, think how this misinformation will be argued by those who know, and those who think they know. (sophistry). When all living trees and green plants are gone there will be no oxygen and the entire human race, and all other animals become extinct. The Sub-Conscious receives incorrect information from the Conscious mind and chaos resides.

This planet’s people are taught many strange things. Taught from birth, belief is harder to change than one’s skin color. An example is that if good things happen, it comes from Deity. And if bad happens, it is evil’s work. Then when one becomes confused, one must be delivered from evil entities, attached to us, causing the confusion. Where is our “free will” now? We have a mind, but this philosophy implies we have no say, and are at the mercy of good, and evil, and also implies no responsibility, i.e., no free will.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Hi Sabra, Joe & Parsley. Again, thank you for your consideration and sharing your wisdom.

I have been thinking much about the eating issue and realise, of course, I must begin somewhere. However, it is not easy and if one hasn't eaten in a healthy, regular manner, or at all, for over 20 years, it is not an easy thing do suddenly start by any means i.e. my Assistant asked me today "What food should I get for you?" so she can oversee & force me to eat during the day and, do you know, I had no idea of what to tell her, absolutely none. I certainly will endeavour to start eating during the day (fruit, nuts etc) but because I haven't stepped foot inside a market or store in 5 years it takes some thinking :)

I had to go back to the Doc today who only did the scope down the throat, and when I explained to him that I have NO acid, no reflux as such, just excrutiating air bubble pain and 100's of little burps that won't come up he has ordered me an ultrasound of the gall bladder and liver, I think. He also mentioned a CAT? scan.

My depression - I'm not sure if that's hereditary or resultant upon the first 15 years of my life when I left home to live in a house full of drug addicts (I abstained from drugs & alcohol abuse). I was abused physically (very badly & mentally by both parents. I have suffered other serious traumas throughout my life such as losing my beloved man in an accident when my baby was a mere 13 weeks old, a car accident that has left me with arthritis, and many others besides.

I worked very hard to forge my way up the corporate ladder and always bettered myself via employment and renovating houses so I was able to build a secure future for my daughter and myself. That has been eroded now and our financial situation is extremely tenuous and that weighs very heavily on my mind, causing depression, anxiety and anger because it has been caused by individuals and outside influences beyond our control.

I have been prescribed many, many anti-depressent drugs over the years from 750mg of Lithium per day to the most recent which was Aropax but I weaned myself off them because I rarely feel any different when on the drugs as I do when I don't take any i.e. just as miserable with the same feeling of hopelessness and a desire to return "home".

I have always worked in extremely stressful environments but none as stressful as I currently find myself in.

I also have extremely poor circulation - although I live in a semi-tropical area now where it is never cold, when I live in a cold climate (which is no-where near cold compared to your USA cold) my toes go black & all the skin comes off it gets so bad.
Dianne last decade
Poor circulation is a part of the body's starvation.

I have been trying to decide what may be beneficial to begin eating "something" that would be the least bothersome to acquire or ingest.

As food is not appreciated, one must think of it as if feeding a baby. One cannot taste or choose, so eat for the sake of nurishment for the body.

A twice daily intake half a cup of "good" brown rice flavored with Bragg liquid Amino Acid. (tastes like soy sauce) This is a protein from soy that is very respected and the brown rice that is good to take the place of wheat products. Regular Soy Sauce is made from wheat.

Brown rice is bothersome to cook. Maybe you can get help from those who care about you. One cooks enough for the week and portions out the servings.

Then take the time to go to a health store to meet with a nutritionist. Make an appointment and tell her you need a simple liquid diet as you do not like regular foods.

There is powdered vegies you use one spoonful in water and drink down rapidly....no bother. Once per day.

There are many protein drinks with a lot of soy. Not as good as the vegie one. Keep soy lOW on the intake.

Then you might eat one apple a day or one orange or pear. Not same, one per day. Change each day. Cut up, core and eat with fingers. Unless you can do the in the hand eating. Core fruit are better than too many like the oranges that have no real core.

NO PREPARED JUICES.(wrong sugars) Drink bottled water between or half hour after any foods. Try to drink as close to 2 quarts of water a day as you can.

Health store goat or cow yogurt is good for you. The soy yogurt is not that pleasant to eat. You want to please your mouth if possible.

Keep your intake to 3 or 4 times per day...a small amount. One portion of rice. One portion of vegie drink, one of fruit, and one of yogurt.

If you must eat a few nuts, buy already shelled Brazil nuts from the Health store. Best for your mood. Stay away from peanuts. Walnuts are good for you too.

This is very simple and probably more, and more healthy than what you have been eating.

No hamburgers, FF or fried stuff at all. No wheats. Wait for the salads unless you actually want one. Try to like vinigarett as a dressing instead of heavy creamy dressings.

This is just a simple beginning. Ask the nutritionist for guidance. Do not let them talk you into a bunch of vitamins. Your stomach and digestive system is not ready as yet.

I am studying a remedy that will help you cope with your feelings. A day or so...

When you comb your hair before work in the morning, teach yourself to "smile" at yourself. It may feel "fake" and stupid at first, but keep doing it until it becomes comfortable. Smile "hello" to your co-workers.

I used to be a non-smiler, and I found that the "fake" smile changed my life. It is now natural to me.

I can PROMISE you that when your attitude changes, the work will change and improve. Odd how this happens, but it does.

Please tell us about the time of raising your young child by yourself. How old now? How is he/she?

Please continue to talk to us and tell what you are doing for yourself. I am full of things to do, but I feel one thing is good at this time.

I would like to see you change your life while you still can.

The digestion and the poor circulation must be corrected now. Think of the caring I send you freely, and I don't even know where you are and very little about you. This is who we are on the forum.

We write for caring of our fellow humans.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Dear Dianne, we are not hearing from you. Please report.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Hi Sabra, I've been having a few rough days/nights - the pain has been so intense & prolonged I've nearly put myself in hospital a couple of times.

I went back to the beatiful Chinese Doctor who put the camera down my throat (he had never had a run down of all my symptoms etc) After a lengthy consult he advised that he thought there may be more than the hiatus hernia based on my symptoms, pain level and no acid/reflux. He has ordered an ultra-sound of the gallbladder etc. He said it may be a CT scan after that.

I have been eating healthy and small quantities - fruit, soup but I cannot eat anything after 2-00pm or the pain comes on around 7-00pm. My worst night recently was after some rice crackers.

I'll let you know what the ultrasound says just as soon as I can find someone to do it in a hurry.
Dianne last decade
I am proud of you. You are putting forth an effort for yourself and choosing a Chinese Doc to help you.

I thought I had found a remedy, but it just wasn't it.

Keep posting. We are rooting for you.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Hi Sabra and anyone following.

What a bitter sweet day - now I know I'm not dreaming!

I found someone prepared to do my ultrasound today (they relented on being booked out for 2 weeks after I stacked on a hissy fit).

A lovely skilled American lady spent ages running that thing here & there & she located a gall stone/s - I don't have the full report yet.

However, tonight I'm going to do the pint of virgin olive oil & half pint of squeezed lemon juice cleanse after 3 tea spoons of epson salts/water to do whatever it does to the duct.

The ultra-sound lady did say that she feels there must be a distinct problem with the bowel in addition to the hiatus hernia & gall stone/s based on my symptom description - so I'm guessing that will be another camera job? Although from what I've read today on "natural healing" type sites it would seem that problems with the bowel are/may be related to the liver/gall bladder bile issues and once they're cleared so may the rest be.

I'll let you know the progress of the oil/lemon in about 12 hours :) Oh, the only reason I'm going ahead with this treatment before hearing back yes/no from you is because I believe in my heart of hearts you homeopaths would embrace this as it's totally natural and the mere fact that I simply cannot live through another night of what I've experienced this last week without taking myself to hospital and there's big ugly scalpels there :( It's such shame our time difference is so wide otherwise I'd sit and wait for your approval but as night falls my pain & terror is elevated.

Oh & my dad (a health nut) has just told me that he & my mother did this treatment years ago and it worked an absolute treat for them so I'm going to take the gamble and pray that I'm doing the right thing.
Dianne last decade
I have been reading your posts and am relieved to note that a Gall stone has finally been discovered as the cause of your problems. I cannot understand why this was not discovered 8 years ago when you first came down with your symptoms.

I have used Colocynthis 200 in the case of a person who was doubled up in pain with a Kidney stone which he passed within a few minutes of taking this remedy. However I do not know if this same remedy can help the gall stone on its way out.

Cheledonium Q is reported to work wonders with Galll stones but I have no experience with this remedy.

Perhaps others on this Forum can help.
Joe De Livera last decade
Please correct "Cheledonium" in my previous post to CHELIDONIUM MAJUS Q
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe
Not discovered 8 years ago because bouts only lasted a couple of nights every few months & I just put up with it - I lived in a secluded small country town with no real services.

I would love to try the remedies mentioned by you but unfortunately because I'm in Australia at 5-00pm everything closes and our medications are always sooo differently named to yours over in USA I'm thinking it may take me days to track it down over here & I can't go on for any more days.

To give you an idea of the difference between our countries - When I visited USA I went in search of a drug called "Buscopan" for a friend who was experiencing terrible stomach cramps (derived from the Buscopan tree but I'm sure you probably knew that anyway) - we went to about 8 different Drug Stores (Chemists as we call them) and no-one had heard of it or could get a hold of it. They administer it intraveneously over here for divoticulitis (sp?) during barium enemas etc. if the bowel goes into spasm & instantly it stops, like within 5 seconds. Here it's available over the counter under that name & when I get plain, boring stomach cramps I take a tablet and within 5 minutes there is absolutely no cramps at all - it's the most wonderful thing I've ever found but not available in USA it seems.

If I need to order homeopathic products from USA if this oil/lemon thing fails, are you guys permitted to send them via USPS without any fuss or does it contravene our respective country's drug laws?
Dianne last decade
Hi Dianne,

Homeopathic remedies can only be purchased from Homeopathic Pharmacies or from Health Food stores. I presume that you have these same facilities in Australia but this will depend on where you live.

I live in Colombo Sri Lanka and not in the US as you have presumed. I would have been delighted to send you the Chelidonium by post but I only have the 30c potency. I have all my remedies in an ethanol base and I activate lactose sugar balls with the remedy. If you cannot get this remedy where you live, I can send the 30c to you by airmail and it may just work.

I would like to have Sabra's advice on this matter, especially as to the potency that should be used to dislodge Gall stones which I know has been done with the Q which is the Mother Tincture but the use of which I have no experience.

Buscopan is an amazing ago old remedy as it immediately stops the spasm in the gut which results in problems like what you described. I believe Colocynthis 200 should also have this same effect.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi again Joe,

I can't tell you how good it feels to know that an end to this vile thing is nigh :) To know that if the other remedy doesn't shift them by tomorrow pm then surely your remedy will and I'll be on the hunt for this Cheledonium instantly!

Well I'm off to commence my "treatment" starting with 3tea sp of epsom in warm water followed by the Oil/lemon.

I can't thank all of you enough for bearing with me - it's certainly very humbling that ppl from all over the globe give of themselves with so much unconditional love and caring.

Bless you all & I leave you now with excitement and anticipation that by this time tomorrow I'll be stinking stones free :) Stay tuned!
Dianne last decade

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