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these flower remedies has strong alcohol in it. can I put this in boiling/hot water to get it evaporated and drink it when it is cool down

mera123467 last decade
You may add 1 drop of each of the flower remedies to 1 dram bottle filled with globules. You may take 2-4 globules as one dose.
kadwa last decade
Thank you very much for your kind explatnations.

I would like to ask another help from you about my sister who is suffering from infertility. here is some details she posted to me:

2. Age : 35
3. Sex : female
4. Married
5. weight: 136 lbs
6. Height: 5'5….
7. country: US
8. climate: hot and humid
9. list of your complains :

1) infertility, all tests of me and husband including thyroid hormone levels, estrogen, progesterone, abdominal ultrasound and renal function and liver function tests are normal.
2) low self confidence, anxious, hopelessness
3) when i am stressed then at night time when i go to bed and close my eyes i feel that my hand or sometimes my lips are swelling like a big balloon and it seemed too real that i have to open my eyes to see my hand or feel my lips...this alternate between hands and lips..

when I was in middle school I saw a picture of a soldier who was standing near water with sword in his hand, which scared me and when ever I feel my lip or hand is swelling just before that picture comes in my mind.

4)myopic since childhood

10. Since how long you are suffering for each complain: since My mother passed away and worsen since I got married 8 years ago, never conceived

11. Diabetic or non Diabetic :non diabetic

12. Desire sweets/sour/salt: like sweets and sometimes crave for sweets

13. Thirst: feels thirsty, drink 4 to 5 glasses of water everyday

14. Tongue :neutral taste empty mouth

15. Current BP :110/65

16. What exactly is happening ?

my mother passed away few years before my marriage which produced a big impact on my life (loss) and after my marriage my mother in law, humiliated me, emotionally and mentally tortured me from the very first day till today. I look good and my personality get prominent if I am sitting in a group of people which my mother in law hates and does not allow me to even talk to my classmates or neighbors. I am working like a slave from the first day at in laws home which has further increased my hopeless feeling and decreased my morale and confidence. I thought having a job (residency) and a child might boost my confidence but that never happened. I have no support from my husband (He is behaving like a robot who hates her mother but has no courage to speak and get out of what he is going through from his childhood due to his mother's attitude--suffers somatic effects of stress from childhood). I feel stressed out, forgetful, empty minded, no thoughts, unable
to decide small things and has poor self esteem. I feel like a looser and being nothing. I felt like to leave my husband( very un supportive, does not care at all ) because of this abuse but has no confidence to do it and think what if I went into worse situation than this. I am able to mask my inner feeling but when i am alone I cry a lot.

what comes to your mind ?

when i think about my life, i feel very angry and become angry on GOD as well that HE did not listen to my prayers so most of the time i myself avoid thinking and i left myself going in the hands of fate....

21. Situations that had a big effect on you?

mother's death
marriage (which normally suppose to bring happiness in life)
I did USMLE with good scores but did not get any support from my husband and in laws to apply properly and failed to get residency. They thought I will run away after my residency and afraid they will not get any money which is stupid because where I will take that money.

25. current medicine you are taking :

i have tried clomid about four times with negative results

for the last 4 weeks a homeopathic doctor gave me following medications which gave me some energy

sepia 1M once per week
silicia 1M once per week
Orchitinium Q 4 times per day which caused me headach in my half of head and I discontinued
ASOCA Q 4 times per day
PULSTILA 30 twice a day


26. family back ground no medical /skin problems: my mother had THYROID cancer and my father had chronic renal failure and hypertension.

29. desire or like and dislike of food: sweets, high carb food, all milk containing sweets, chocolates and all kinds of fruits and vegetables
does not like soda and meat dishes

my feet which are generally so cold that I have to cover them with blanket which makes them so hot or burning that I wake up and keep my feet out of the blanket. I wear socks in winter with shoes which makes my feet get wet with perspiration to the extent that I have to remove them.

when I am tense I get severely constipated ( a doctor diagnosed me with irritable bowel syndrome 13 years ago)

My focus is to get medication which should make me able to conceive. I will highly appreciate for that.
mera123467 last decade
another thing which is important to tell you that she is fair in complexion and has alot of facial hairs which started growing since she moved to US
mera123467 last decade
She has taken good remedies. But there was no need to take so many remedies and at so frequent repetition. Many remedies in the pack antidote each other. It is how long that the medicines have been discontinued?
kadwa last decade
she discontinued all medications 1 week ago. would you please let us know what to use for infertility and facial hairs including mind symptoms
mera123467 last decade
kindly explain a little bit for better understandings.

1. what is the problem according to your experience ?

2. what is the chance of getting conceived and clearing of facial hairs ?

3. how long the remedies should be used ?
mera123467 last decade
A homeo remedy is suggested on the basis of totality of symptoms. If the remedy is able to stimulate vital force it causes improvement in all symptoms of the patient.
On the basis of her symptoms her remedy is Sepia. She has taken Sepia but she has also taken many other remedies so Sepia might have not been able to do it's work.
She should take a single dose of Sepia 1M and see how it affects her in the next 20 days. If there is no effect on her mental state, she should take a single dose of Natrum Mur 1M and wait for another 20 days to see it's effects. Single dose means one dose only for one day not daily.
kadwa last decade
Thanks Dr Kadwa she will take as prescribed by you and report back.

I would request for your kind opinion and prescription for my 11 y old son who is currently taking zinc 1M from a homeopathic doc. for the last 3 weeks on daily basis and has zero benefits from it. his symptoms are as under:

1. he is very sharp, talented, active, with good memory. he is most of the times in hurry and asked to get slow down. he tries to finish homework as soon as possible so that he can play, by answering short, to the point and very brief which makes his teacher very upset. he does not care and do it again. his grades are good
he finishes 40 min test in 10-12 min with 80 % correct answers

2. he likes to tease others and enjoys, especially to the younger siblings and his sister to the point every one gets annoyed.

3. he is jealous, does not care the feelings of others. he wants to get in control.
he has been caught lying some times but this is not the big issue. he has potential to do that as well

4. he gets easily angry, shouts and cry if demands are not fulfilled. he is also aggressive and impulsive at times

5. he is the fastest runner in the school and does a lot of exertion. he will play after finishing school and jumps up and down for an hour or more before going to bed, if not stopped. only thing which makes him tired was soccer during summer.

He can run fast and takes the football to make goal but get distracted in the end or leaves the ball behind and does not make goal despite his high speed.

6. he tries to act as a clown (joker) to make other laugh at school. most of the times he wants to talk to other kids, leave the seat and look behind his seat despite warring by the teachers. teachers feel that he is interrupting the class.

7. he is thin, fair with big eyes, dark circles around the eyes. most of the time has postnasal drip and swallow nasal secretion which drips in his throat.

8. very slow eater, gets full very quickly, he is thirsty and will drink water before going to sleep. he likes sour taste. generally does not like fruits especially banana. he likes green apples. he carves for cold drinks like Pepsi, coca cola which we do not give him, may be once a month.

9. for the first few months after his birth he was left with nanny during the day for few hours who was caught throwing him in air and catching him to make him stop crying. this was making him very scared and we also noted finger prints on his temple area which led her in trouble.

10. he is emotionally attached with both parents and all uncles and aunts. he hugs parents and says I do not know why I do these things.

11. At times before sleeping he asks me if doors are locked or not. he has to lay down to get tired before he falls to sleep. It takes usually 1/2 an hour. It is difficult for him to wake up in the morning and usually on vacation days he wakes up around 10 am.

12. His breath smells foul most of the time and he does not feel that. his stool also smells very foul.
mera123467 last decade
day 1
please give him three doses of Camphor 30c at a gap of 4 hours // to antidote Zincum Met

day 2 to day 15
please give him 1 pellet each of the following tissue salts thrice a day at a gap of 4 hours
natrum sulph 6x
kali mur 6x

day 16
please give him three doses of Nux Vomica 200c at a gap of 4 hours //this is his main remedy. As it is inimical to Zincum Met, a gap of 15 days is maintained in between.

day 17 to day 25
please give him 1 pellet each of the following tissue salts thrice a day at a gap of 4 hours
natrum sulph 6x
Kali Mur 6x

Please report after 25 days. It would be very good if you could inculcate practice of doing breathing exercises regularly in all your family members.
kadwa last decade
hello Dr Kadwa

since I have been taking


I feel like my anxiety is unmasking. I feel more anxious, especially in social situations, and performing in front of people to the point of stuttering with fast heart beat and flushing. Please ADVICE ME what to do.
mera123467 last decade
Please take a single dose of Sulphur 200 (not daily, only once) and report back after 10 days. Please don't take any flower remedies on the same day.
kadwa last decade
Hello Dr Kadwa

I have not yet taken sulphur 200 and would like to discuss few other issues which are going on

1. my anxiety is still the same,, especially getting blushed up, blank in mind and racy heart if told to talk or address. this is my biggest and main problem which is very embarrassing for me

2. under the chin on the left side of the face, an area of baldness is appearing which is spreading and some times it feels like that left sided lower jaw skin is getting cold or cool

3. I have severe pain at the lower end or the tail of the vertebral coloum. Pain is at the tip. I cannot sit on any hard place. If I touch it is extremely tender. It was never injured

4. I am still taking kali phos 6x tissue salt 3 times per day and mimulus and larch

5. I have also added Prozac 5mg per day to reduce anxiety

6. Psoriasis spot off and on clearing and getting flared up

Thanks and appreciate your help
mera123467 last decade
please take three doses of Silicea 200c at a gap of 4 hours for only one day. Please don't take any flower remedy or tissue salt on that day. Please report after 15 days.
kadwa last decade

1. I have taken silicea 200c 3 doses on 15th of Feb and still feeling the same i-e feeling coldness off and on at L side of lower jaw of the face near chin area, loosing hairs under the chin on L side on area of coldness, same pain on the tip of tail bone and gets pain in the lower back and sacroiliac area on sitting on floor or hard place. I also feel pain in my R hip if I sleep on R side, which is my preferable site. If I sleep on the L side I donot feel pain but get acidity and taste of the food which was eaten hours ago.

2. my elder 2nd son (case posted on Jan 14th)has taken nux vomica 200c 3 doses and natrum sulph 6x ,kali mur 6x
regularly 3 times per day but has not observed any difference in symptoms. his heart burn is worse and he feels pinching sensations in his stomach area. now a days he has viral flue and his appetite is very poor. he looks emaciated and very active with difficulty in falling asleep and hurry in doing things. he does not look anxious. wants excitement and enjoy all the time.

I appreciate your help in suggesting remedies

mera123467 last decade
for you

please take three doses of Phosphorus 30c at a gap of 4 hours for 2 days and report back after 15 days.

for your son

please give him three doses of Sulphur 30c at a gap of 4 hours for 2 days and report back after 15 days.
kadwa last decade
thanks for your advice

regarding my sister (case posted on 13 th Jan) has no luck yet, except her constipation is some what improved with medication. last medication used was nat mur 1m one dose almost 3 weeks before

thanks for the help
mera123467 last decade
In such problems she can only take the indicated remedy and do the breathing exercises. She should review her case every 20 days. If she feels that her mind is full of hatred towards her family members, she should take a single dose of sepia 1M and if she feels that her mind is full of grief, she should take Natrum Mur 1M. So only one remedy should be taken every 20 days and that too if there are indications. She may take a single dose of Nux Vomica 200c to antidote the effects of the combination remedies that she has taken in the past. She should not take any other remedy for 15 days after taking a single dose of Nux Vomica 200c. Homeo remedies can't force physiological changes like allopathic medicines, they only act as stimulation to the vital force.
kadwa last decade
Hello Dr Kadwa

I initially felt there was some benefit regarding oversensitivity to stiff, new, starched cloths and inside stiches of cloths which irritate his body. we did go from phosphorus 30 to 200 dose but I do not feel he is feeling any different.

he also get frequent oral mucous ulcers which are painful. he does not like cooked vegetable, prefer raw vegetables. he likes lemon a lot and add in all foods.

Please provide with some medications

mera123467 last decade
i asked you to take Phos and to give Sulphur to your son. It seems that you have given him Phos.. Please clarify.
kadwa last decade
this is my other son, and I discussed his case with you on 20th of Dec, 09 and also Jan 10th posting. If you go back on posting you will find his initial presentation. sorry for this confusion.
mera123467 last decade
Please give your 9 y old son three doses of Antimonium Crud 30c at a gap of 4 hours for 2 days and report back after 10 days.
kadwa last decade
My 9 y old son is feeling 25% better. he still sensitive to the clothings but once he wears he tries to adjust it. constipation is the problem since he was baby but for the last few weeks he is getting constipated to the point that one day stool eroded mucous membrane and he bleed a little. he goes to the bathroom on alternate days.

he also get frequent oral mucous ulcers which are painful. he does not like cooked vegetable, prefer raw vegetables. he likes lemon a lot and add in all foods.

I myself took phosphorous 30 for 2 days. initially I felt better, my anxiety was less,yesterday I went to play tennis and felt pain in my R hip and today I am feeling sharp sudden pains in my R thigh on outer side. Its comes for a second and goes away. most of the time it happened when I was sitting on the seat but it also happened a couple of time when I was standing.

I also developed flue during last week with severe sinus infection. I did bleed once from R maxillary sinus on blowing nose in the morning. Now I am feeling better but cough is not going away.. I feel like to cough loud until my larynx feel clear. I have to cough until sticky slightly green or colorless sputum comes out of larynx. I have to clear my throat multiple times. cough is so explosive and loud that I feel severe headach with it. I have no fever with it. I took ars. alb 200 three doses when I got blood from the sinus and yesteRDAY TOOK ACONITE 200 3 doses which has provided 30% relief but still cough with headach and sputum from larynx is very discomfortable.
mera123467 last decade
Your 9 yr old son may take Antimonium Crud 30c thrice a day for 3 days every week until there is relief. If 30c fails to work he should take 200c thrice a day for one day every week and see how that affects.
He may also take 1 pellet each of tissue salts kali mur 6x and Calc. Flour 6x thrice a day on those days when he doesn't take Antimonium Crud.

You may take three doses of Phos 200c at a gap of 4 hours for only one day and see how that affects in the next 15 days.
kadwa last decade
1. for the last 2 weeks I am suffering from post nasal discharge which is on the L side, I feel like to clear my throat all the time and has to cough forcefully to clear the throat. secretions are clear and sticky.

2. It gets worse when I lay down on the left side.

3. I did took Phos 200 3 doses for 1 day on march 16th. I am not having anxiety but still have fear and avoidance to talk in front of the group of people. I have not done any talk yet.

Please advice me some medication for post nasal drip and cough
mera123467 last decade
Please take 2 pellets each of the following tissue salts thrice a day at a gap of 4 hours until there is relief.
natrum mur 6x
ferrum phos 6x
kali mur 6x
kadwa last decade

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