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Frequent Sinus Headaches/Infections, Blood in Urine

Hi Dr. Bagyavasan,

This is for my sister in NC. She has suffered most of her life with constipation, started when she was young and going to school and thought the bathrooms were nasty and would hold it all day. She suffers from lots of sinus headaches and infections. Lost an ovary and recently when I went home and did some Thai work on her the first thing I noticed was this very cold, cold area, around where the ovary would be located, I think it was the Right side not totally sure.

Currently she is suffering from blood in urine, had taken antibotics and still has blood, going to an urologist on Monday. I would love to get some remedies for her to deal with the immediate issues and then have her answer the questions. By the way where do I find the list of questions you need answered?
  congested on 2009-12-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
ok blood in urine can be many things, why did she loose an ovary and how old is she, can you describe more about the urine, smell and difficulties associated with that.
Sinuses describe the pain and aggrevations and betterments, like holding head up etc. any climate changes associated with that?
The form should be in your sons previous posts, no worries i will send another one.
1.How often do you get irritated or angry?
a) very often ( )
        b) often ( )
        c) occasionally ( )
        d) never ( )

    2. Very small incidents affect me really badly:
        a) always ( )
        b) sometimes ( )
        c) never ( )

    3. Seek consolation from others for my problems:
a) always/ feel better when consoled ( )
b) never/ problems get aggravated ( )
c) makes no difference ( )
    4. Contradiction aggravates me / I don't like to be opposed:
        a) always ( )
        b) sometimes ( )
        c) never ( )
    5. I am an extrovert/ i mingle with others very easily.
        YES/NO- explain.

    6. Even minor incidents and happenings hurts me a lot.
a) very often ( )  
b) often ( )
c) occasionally ( )
d) never ( )
    7. Such incidents or happenings stays for a very long time in my mind.
YES/NO- explain.

    8. I think of some bitter happenings in my life and brood or dwell on them.
a) always ( )
        b) sometimes ( )
        c) never ( )

    9. I get resolved of my past experiences and bad feelings.
        a) on my own. ( )
        b) with the help of others/ family/ friends. (  )

    10. I am sympathetic
        a) to my own self or problems (  )
        b) to others problems and sufferings. (  )
        c) to nothing. (  )

    11. I am anxious
        a) to meet other new people. (  )
        b) before a presentation / stage performance. (  )                        
        c) during a presentation / stage performance. (  )
        d) after a presentation / stage performance. (  )
        e) for everything that i have to do. (  )
        f) every morning when i get up and think of the days duties. (  )
        g) never.(  )

    12. My appetite is
        a) good
        b) reduced
        c) poor
        d) very bad

    13.  Thirst/ how many glasses of water you drink a day?
        a) very thirsty
        b) moderate
        c) mild or nil

    14. sweat
        a) profuse
        b) little
        c) which part of the body you sweat the most-
        d) does you sweat has any odor or does it stain you clothes-

    15. Cravings: Those food items which you long for/ which you cannot resist eating.

    16. Aversions: Those food items which drives you away form them/ those which you don like at all.

    17. Disagrees: Those food items which does not agree with your body, if yes then explain what happens when you eat them?

    18. Bowel and bladder: How many times you pass stool and urine in a day? any difficulties associated with that- explain.

    19. Menstrual history:
        a) no. of days of flow:
        b) nature of flow (eg: clots) :
        c) profuse/ scanty :
        d) other aches/ pains associated with menstruation:

    20. Did you suffer form any illness like TB, Asthma, Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiac complaints, and Jaundice.

    21. Did you undergo any surgery in the past?
        a) if s for what and how long did you stay in the hospital?

        b) Was there any blood transfusion done before, during or after the surgery?

        c) Were there any complications associated with the surgery?

    22. Please do elaborate / detail the present complaint with which you are suffering from. Like when it started, how it has progressed and when the complaint is more and how do you feel better etc.

Note: Please be true to yourself while answering the questionnaire.
         Try to explain with 'WH' questions ( when, what , where, how and why) were ever necessary.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
didnt see that you wanted a medicine right now to stop infection, try giving her cantharies 30 three times a day till you get me the full details. I give this medicine thinking that the bleeding is due to urinary tract infection.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
Hi Dr.,
She lost her first ovary and a piece of the other one when she was 22 or 23, her first child was 1 year old. She started having pains and went in they did exploratory surgery and took one out and peice of other. She went on to have 2 more kids since they said she might not be able to so she better do it early if she wanted more. In her 40's, she is now 50, she had a complete hysterectomy.

About a month ago she woke up with sharp back and chest pains. Went to see a doctor and was having very yellow urine at the time and normally it is clear. They put her on 7 days on antibotics, came back retested and not cleared up and gave her a stronger antibotic for 7 days. So now she still has yellow urine and they are sending her to urologist.

The sinus issues seem worst in spring or fall, usually gets a sinus infection at that time. Pain in face, mostly all the face but sometimes more on right side. Rainy weather seems to be worst. Things that help are hot showers, coffee, and neti pot.
She will be answering the other questions and I hope to send them to you tomorrow.
congested last decade
Hi Dr.,

I am not sure how quickly she can get a remedy. She lives in a small city in NC. They have a health food store but not sure they sell homeopathic remedies...can find out tomorrow am and if she can't get them I will mail her right away.

Here are the answers to the questions so if you decide to change remedy based on new info just let me know. I won't be going out to get remedy until tomorrow sometime.

1. B
2. B
3. A
4. B
5. Yes
6. C
7. No
8. B
9. A
10. A, B
11. C
12. A
13. A
14. B
15. Sweets
16. Green Peas
17. Nothing to my knowledge
18. Stool - once every 3/4 days
Urine - 10+ daily
19. A) 7 days B) Heavy C) Yes D) Yes
20. No
21. A) 1983 - 3days; Ovary removal
2000/2003 (not sure) - 3 days; hysterectomy
B) No
C) No
22. Facial Pain

Thanks once again!!!!
congested last decade
cantharis can be continued for infection, and give her nitric acid 30 one dose every alternative day for 7 days.
and report after 3 days of taking the medicine.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
Hi Dr.,

I am haivng difficulty finding the remedies in right strength in NC where my sister lives. Found one place and they have the cantharis 12c and don't have the nitric acid. I am going to keep calling around and may just buy them here and overnight them to her.

I am assuming that 12c wouldn't do the trick, we need to get the 30c?
congested last decade
Hi Dr., I have both remedies being shipped to her. She went to urologist today and they didn't find anymore blood in the urine. The other thing they mentioned to her is since she was a smoker (smoked some years when she was in her 20's) that could be sign of cancer and they could run a test. She passed on the test since she has no blood in urine. She took some cranberry tablets her dauther had a some other herbal thing over the last few days...will have to speak to neice to find out what was the other thing she took.

So where do we go from here? Do we do the catharis or nitric acid?
congested last decade
ya just give her the doses, it will help her to resist further infections and strengthen her system.
so just the initial dose and then leave it.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
Hi Dr., My sister received the cantharis 30c I mailed her and will probably get the nitric acid in a day or two.

So I just wanted to make sure I am clear on what she needs to do. Take the cantharis 30c three times a day for 7 days? And when she gets the nitric acid take it every other day for 7 days? Both are pellets not liquid so is the dose 4 pellets?

congested last decade
she can take cantharis for 7 days continously only one dose in the morning, and when she gets nitric acid, one dose once in 3 days for 7 days, and dose will be 4 pillets.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
Hi Dr.,

I was just asking my sister what if any medications and/or over the counter stuff she is taking and very concerned. I would love if you could help her when we get done with the cantharis and nitric acid. This is what she shared with me:
HCTZ (which I was researching and it prevents the kidneys for retaining water, side effects are constipation among many others) so I am very concerned about this. She also takes some allergy pill each night, then she takes vit D, calcium supplement and she didn't mention but I know in past she was taking some estrogen pills. I just sent her another note and asked about how long and why she is taking HCTZ. I am wondering if it is causing the issues she just experienced.

Okay, I know I can only help do what she is ready to do and I think she wants to get better but not sure if she is willing to let all this other stuff go. So just request your guidance on next steps for her so I can see if she is willing and able to move forward with homeopathy.
congested last decade
Hi Dr.,

This is some of the things I just learned from my sister after asking what she is taking.

1) a ring for estrogen and 5% gel for male hormone, started this in April.

2)Allergra or allergro - she was hoping this would help so she could stop taking over the counter sinus medicine
3) about a month ago started on HCTZ for high blood pressure

I am very concerned about her taking these drugs and would like to have a plan to get her off them. Any help appreciated!Thanks!
congested last decade
Talking about hydrochlorothiazide which is a diuretic which is usually used in the management of hypertension and occasionally for diabetes (insipedus related to the kidneys), if she is taking it with the prescription of a medical doctor then its fine, the doctor would have evaluated her according to the guidelines and given. then about allergra don know why she is taking it, is it for her allergy.
I actually don know the side effects of this one. but HCTZ can cause weight gain, loss of ions like calcium and potassium, so it has always to be supplemented with potassium, may even cause headaches, nausea and vomiting.
The medicines which i have given will not counter act to HCTZ and nothing to worry, it is a just a standard diuretic.
I would rather suggest her to stop other medicines and then if only prescribed by the doctor to continue HCTZ. if not then she has to have her blood pressure and heart evaluated fully, because this choice of drug is for high blood pressure associated with cardiac conditions.
is she presenting with odema of dependent parts at all, like soft swelling of the legs while standing, or at the lower back while lying down etc?
I think i have answered your questions, do mail me if you need anything more.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
Hi Dr.,

I just spoke to my sister and she said she has been going to the bathroom (having a bowel movement) daily since she has been taking the cantharis. She doesn't have the nitric acid yet but will probably receive Mon. or Tues. So of course she is pleased with the unexpected side effect of taking cantharis since she normally goes days and days without a bowel movement and usually resorts to herbal teas to have one. Is this an expected?
congested last decade
ya surely cantheris has its action on all mucus membranes and so is the reason she is passing stools regularly.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
Hi Dr., My sister just got the nitric acid. I am not sure how many days she has been taking the cantharis but I think 7 days is almost up. Does she still take the nitric acid as you mentioned before. Once a day, in morning, and every other day for 7 days?

congested last decade
ya ask her to stop cantharis and then continue nitric acid in morning, and every other day for 7 days.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
Hi Dr., I asked my sister the questions you asked in an earlier post:
No potassium supplement, NO full heart check up, YES my blood pressure was high three different times before prescription for HCTZ
NO swelling in legs or back
YES they gave me the prescription for allerga. I had, have real bad drainage, headache around right eye, right side of nose and tired, no energy and sleepy
when I should not be.
I asked how long on the estrogen and it has been ever since surgery (not sure but I guess she is talking about full hesterectomy) until April of this year.

I guess I thought that drugs, especially allergy ones and many others are masking the symptoms or causing other undesirable side effects. Is it possible the synethic estrogen is causing swelling and/or contributing to high blood pressure? The HCTZ doesn't interfere with proper functioning of the kidneys? I guess I saw the push of drugs on my family with our son at a very early age. Western doctors wanted him on acid reflux, asthma medicine, benedryl, hydrocortisone, etc. And it just didn't sit well with my husband and I that that path would lead to a healthy child. So I guess my concern is my sister seems to be heading down this path of one drug for one thing, and then another and then another. After the nitric acid can we address the other issues like the constipation, sinus/allergy stuff, etc.? She is very willing at this point.
congested last decade
Well is suggest she goes in for an cardiac evaluation as and when possible, allerga i suppose should be a decongestant which is usually prescribed for such conditions and it is a temporary relief and no good in the long run, estrogen has to be taken at least 3-5 years after total hysterectomy (I forgot about the surgery). The estrogen can cause swelling and increase in blood pressure, until 2002 researchers thought the quite opposite but since then a very important research conducted by the American society of obstetrics and gynecology revealed the risk of breast cancer and high blood pressure leading to coronary heart disease associated with hormone therapy. But nothing to worry it is not sudden and will take time and we can eventually handle it well with homeopathy(but do not stop HCTZ).

About your son in general medicine (irrespective of west or other parts of the world) we don have any other medicine to tackle idiosyncrasies like this so to be safer on both sides we put the patients on drugs like hydrocortisones (steroidal drugs) so that the system is strongly vitalized and over see the side effects and add more such medicines to over cum the effects of the drug already given as you said one leading to the other. so in such cases homeopathy works very well.

Surely the issues of sinus and allergy can be very well managed by homeopathy and give us an update after a week of doing nitric acid and we will sort things out in a systematic way.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade

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