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Treatment for Masturbation Effects, Sexual Weakness, Night Fall, Masturbation Effects... - Second draft Page 4 of 4

This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Why on earth did you think you could just start taking medicines on your own without any guidance? It is possible you have severely damaged your health now. Did you think these medicines were harmless?

Would you walk into a doctor's office, grab someone else's file and just start taking whatever medication they were given by the doctor? These posts are in response to specific people's enquiries, and generally speaking some of them give poor advice anyway not being from doctors or homoeopaths or people who have any training in health. You really need to get the advice of a professional, as Simone suggests.
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Evocationer 7 years ago
Hi Doctors
This is my first post on this website. My friend suggested it to me.
I am a 30 yr old male, not married. I have a strong habit of masturbation and have been doing it as long as I remember. In terms of life and profession I am well settled, earns good, enjoy my life a lot and there is no excessive stress. But my excessive masturbation have caused a weakness in my health. No matter what exercise and diet i do I am not able to develop muscles or retain them.

I have tried meditation and all other measures but still I m not able to control my masturbation. I have drained my body fluid so much that I could see physical effect on my testicles in terms of size. Also, I have two other problems that I think are linked to this habit:
- Excessive hair fall
- Frequent urination

I keep getting blood tests done to keep an eye on my body functions and got one done a week ago. Results were as below:
- Sugar : Within limits but on higher side
- Cholesterol : Good Cholesterol was low
Kidney, liver function etc are all perfect.

Please suggest my some medication and how to use it to control my masturbation.

Shall await reply..
jessie_singh 7 years ago

You need to make your own treatment thread.

To do that - go to the first page of the forum
and look above the first post. Click on the button
Post New Topic. This will allow someone to help
you out.

Hair fall, and frequent urination are not linked
to masturbation.

You need your case taken, on your mental, physical,
emotional totality to have the right remedy
restore what is off balance.
simone717 7 years ago
thanks simone717.
I am going to post a new thread right now.
jessie_singh 7 years ago
Hi I am trying to order the Ustilago and Chestnut here in Australia but I have confusion related to the following:

Ustilago is mentioned as Ustilago maydis. Are the both same?

There are two chestnut remedies mentioned:

Chestnut Bud and Chestnut Water. Which one should I purchase for control of masturbation as mentioned in this post..

Some one please reply..
jessie_singh 7 years ago
hi doctors i am 20 years old guy from kolkata . i am masturbating from 12 . 3 times daily and some times i dont do it for 1 or 2 days .. i get excited very fast and i do it . A little excitement/arousal opens the doors to discharge. i want to stop this habit i am 5'11 and my weight i jux 56 i am very thin ... i want to stop this habit very very fast i never used any medicines before so please help me with this problem as soon as possible l be thank full to you
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alex999 6 years ago
Try this method from Dr. Mohla who is a homeopath
who prescribes on this forum.

After a month if you are still having problems
then create a thread on the forum by going above
the first forum post and click new topic, ask for
Dr. Mohla and he will assist you.

Bach flowers are part of this and those are just
the flower essence in water- you can find them
in homeopathic shops- just get the plain tincture-
nothing with a potency number after it.

simone717 6 years ago
I purchased Dioscorea 6 which is in liquid form.. One dose=?
RajdeepOjha98 6 years ago
Ustilago 6c, Bellis Perennis 6c potency medicines are not available in pills instead drops can be use if ok how many drops.
looser1991 6 years ago
Hi im 26 year old male and i am unmarried. I was addicted to masturbation since i was 12 year old. I usually masturebate once a day or twice a day. But 8 months ago i was addicted too much. I start masturebate daily sometimes 2 times or 3 timeaa day. Then one day i masturebate 3 time with a difference of 1 hour continuously. when i finished i felt shivering after 1 hour. I was really worried that what is happening to me. I didntknw that masturebate cause side effects. Then problem starts from that day usually before sleeping.when i go to bed i start feeling my heartbeat and shivering, and some thing wrong wih my mind. I cant explain but i felt some unwanted feelung in my mind something like stress. And i couldnt sleep. This prob continue and i go to dr. He took all tests related to heart. He told me ur heart i absolutely all right. Then he gave me pulls to reduce stress. In short when i use that 💊 i fell better. I use that pill for 3 months then i left it.
now im not taking any pill but im feeling some problem now too. Though the problems minimise but not completely gone. My status of masturebation is i reduce it too much i masturebate now after 2 or 3 weeks once. The problem i face now im highlighting and PLEASE HELP ME.
1- feeling heartbeat still rather i masturebate or not.
2- the major problem memory become very weak. I forget thing just after 10 sec.
3- hands shivering sometimes
4- sometimes feeling paun in legs
These are the major problems i face. Please suggest me medicine that how can i get completely curred.
Weak memory is major problem please suggest me and medicine.
And one thing i wana ask that i hav to completely leave masturebation or what? Because it very tough.
Salmanz3 6 years ago

I also suffered from masturbation, night falls and its bad effects. As I have used various remedies and also tried to follow this draft, I've gained some experience which I like to share with others so that others can be benefited.

I agree with Dr. Reva that the first thing is to STOP FURTHER DRAIN (night fall, involuntary emission etc). He suggested a 3-week method. But I personally didn’t find this helpful. DIOSCOREA VILLOSA (Week 1) is fine. But ERYNGIUM AQUATICUM is mostly unavailable. And NATRUM PHOS 30c is worst. I don't see why we need NATRUM PHOS 30c here. I used NATRUM PHOS 30c for 6 days and it caused a very severe constipation which eventually led to piles. Instead of this remedy, one can use NATRUM PHOS 6x (biochemic medicine) which Reva suggested in another post. Again, taking three medicines at three weeks and then repeating them again may not be right.

If you are suffering from excessive night falls, first use DIOSCOREA VILLOSA 30/200 (for 10-12 days; one dose daily) and NATRUM PHOS 6x. It will reduce excessive night falls. DIOSCOREA should improve your digestive power also. Then use either Staphysagria or Acid phos (you have to see which one suit you well) for long-term result.

To reduce excessive sexual excitement/desire, masturbation habit, and also the tendency to porn, there are some medicines like STAPHYSAGRIA, ORIGANUM MAJORANA, BUFO RANA, and USTILAGO. SALIX NIGRA Q is also said to serve this purpose. You have to see which one suits you well. I personally preferred Staphysagria.

Remedies like Dioscorea and Origanum are not anti-miasmatic; so they provide temporary relief. Remedies like Staphysagria, Acid phos, Phosphorus etc. are anti-miasmatic. When chosen according to symptoms, and doses and potencies are administered properly, they provide long-term, effective, often permanent relief from diseases.
According to my knowledge, Staphysagria suits those who are bashful. Phosphorus and Hyoscyamus suit those who are shameless in nature.


Dr. Reva told to build the physical strength first. But I think one has to build the sexual strength first, or both together. Otherwise, one will continue loosing vital fluid (semen) and consequently the attempt to build the physical strength will fail. I personally found Staphysagria and Acid phos two effective remedies to reduce sexual weakness. Actually Staphysagria does the triple task: it reduces excessive sexual desire, helps to quit masturbation habit, and reduces night falls. According to my experience, Staphysagria is safe and is suited to most people.

Avena Sativa Q is another excellent remedy to solve sexual irregularities. It removes nerve weakness and gives physical strength. But you have to buy from a good brand. I personally found SBL useful. One advantage of Avena is that it can be used with other potency remedies. Remember, potency medicines should be used one at a time.

Now, here is an important thing to remember. As far as I understand, sexual weakness can come in two different forms. One is easy erection and quick discharge. Another is lack of interest and erectile dysfunction. Remedies like Staphysagria, Phosphorus, and Acid phos may be suited to former condition. As far as I understand, remedies like Agnus Cast, DAMIANA Q, |*
*ONOSMODIUM suit to the latter. One should consult a good homeopathic doctor for proper treatment. Remember that every individual is different. Every individual's problem is different. Your own knowledge of your problem and your doc should be able to figure out the correct remedies for you.


Dr. Reva correctly said that one needs “plenty of nutrition to compensate the years of losing them.” But first, one has to make sure that one has effectively stopped further loss of fluids. Then, the question of nutritional elements comes. It can consist of nutritional food and herbal/ayurvedic items (as Kadwa suggested). Besides, there are homeopathic remedies which will help to effectively utilize/absorb nutrients from food, because "it's not the amount of nutrients you consume but the amount your body utilizes that makes the difference".

Reva in one post said that "China 30 is excellent to regain health from night fall" ( http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/203614/ ). I also suggest one first use China 30 as it is effective after loss of animal fluids like blood, semen. It should also improve your digestive power.It should be used for 10-12 days. Then 2-3 week gap. If you still feel its need, then again for 7-10 days. Then 3-4 week gap. This way. Never use any homeopathic potency remedy at a stretch.
Alfalfa Q is another good remedy. You may use it after China 30, not with it. 5 Phos is also good and can be used with Alfalfa.

>For weak memory/brain fag due to masturbation – Anacardium Orientale 200. In the past two years, I’ve used it during winter season and it effectively protected me from cold allergy/cold-related problems. (I'm grateful to Kadwa for suggesting this remedy to me)
>For constipation, Nux Vom 200.
>For lack of courage/legs trembling – Gelsemium 30/200
>For weak heart – Kali phos 6x; Crataegus Q. (China and Anac also strengthen heart)
Aromatic 6 years ago

To get benefits from homeopathic remedies, it is very important to properly maintain doses and potencies. A common but serious mistake I have noticed is the aggressive dosing i.e. frequent taking of doses. Potency medicines are not meant to be taken daily for a long time. They should not be taken every day at a stretch for a long time.

For new acute problems (like fever, sneezing, gum pain, itchy eye), 30 or 200 potency can be taken depending on the severity of the problem (if the problem is moderate, then 30. If the problem is severe, 200). 30 potency can be taken twice but 200 potency once daily. According to my experience, a 3-7 day course should eliminate the problem.

For chronic, long-lasting problems, 200 potency is generally good to start with. Either follow (a) Dr. Kadwa's dosing style (see here, http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/460553/ for example) or (b) take the remedy for 6-7 days (one dose daily, preferably in the morning in empty stomach).

If you follow Dr. Kadwa’s dosing style (i.e. 3 doses at 12 hours gap), you can afterwards take the remedy weekly. I used this method for Anacardium. After taking Anacardium 200, 3 doses at 12 hours gap, I waited for 7-8 days, and then switched to weekly doses. Staphysagria 1M as weekly dose often works well. And if you take a 200 potency remedy for 6-7 days initially, then wait for several days, observe its effect. In this dosing system, I took the next dose only when the symptoms appeared again. This way. Remember that there are some deep-acting long-lasting remedies (like Arsenic, Carbo veg, Phosphous, Natrum Mur) which should not even be taken for 6-7 days. For them, Dr. Kadwa's dosing style should be followed. They are taken infrequently.

When unsure about any remedy, one should take a single dose of 6 or 30 potency and observe if it creates any adverse reaction.

Long-lasting deep-seated problems often are not eliminated by 200 or 1M. They often need 10M, 50M, or even CM. these potencies are taken under the supervision of experienced homeopathic doctors and they are generally taken only once.

[As this is a patient's personal experience, this write-up should be taken as informative, and not prescriptive.]
Aromatic 6 years ago
I am 26 years old male
Weight: 68 kg
Height: 5.6 ft
Country: India

Got married last year only but i am not satisfied with my sex life. All throughout my day i feel my scrotum bag shrink along with my loose penis which is often very loose. During foreplay the penis gets hard but suffers from premature ejaculation and the even lose hardness easily.I was masturbation addict but now a days don't have that kind of urge.Though my wife is very supportive in sex but still i am kind of losing my self confidence and even sometimes feel stressed out. More over recently I have observed loss in memory also.I even have headache problem which persist from college days and can come anytime specially during stress period or tension.

I tried myself after reading somewhere in this forum about Lycopodium 1M for 3 doses(ie 2 drops of liquid Lypodium 1M in 1/4 glass of water) in the morning, night and again in the morning.Just for 1 month.

Though this helped in strong erection but still after 1 month feel kind of same. More over my penis still remains loose most of the time except for morning.

Let me draw your attention towards my gastric problem.My stomach easily gets bloated after eating something.At first used to have Puls 30 if its caused due to heavy oily things like Puri or something.
I even used to have Nux 200 or carbo veg if its caused due to non veg or over eating. I used to be very lazy kind of person coz of my nature of work not have recently joined Gym and even involved in light evening walk.

Extra information :

1.Smoking : casually like once in 1 month along with friends while having drinks (generally with whisky with not more than 4 or 5 peg).

2.Dandruff and hair fall problem.

3.Day dream a lot.

4. Tonsillitis problem and with change in weather generally fall sick as in mild fever and cough.

Kindly help me.

sambhav69 6 years ago
Hello doctor I need help for overcome completely from addition of mastrebution I am 20ys old and I mastribute from 9ys.i practice several times for relife but i get failure.
Sid 5 years ago
I am taking all the medicine prescribed in the post for general health building from last 10 days. However, I have no benefit till now, further my hunger for food reduced. Kindly help doctors
sk7904 5 years ago
Doctor should i take meds(to stop further drain) with flower meds(to break mastrubation habit)?
ali13 5 years ago
pl have staphysagaria 200 one dose daily for three days evening time and then repeat one dose per week for one month.pl have olive bach flower daily at bed time for 7 days repeat only after 15 days.
akshaymohl 5 years ago
Hi Doctor

i am masturbation patience who suffer a lot on this, and want to stop many times just not successful, hope can try out this practise and success this time

sorry doctor i am fresh in this field, got 2 question to start...

1)for example Acid Phos 3x, 2 tables (if could not get tables, is liquid)

how should i handle it.

should i buy one dram pills in 15 ml bottle (how many drop of liquid ? and how many times should i shake?)

2) when i taking whitechesnut and walnut, at the same time can i build foundation by taking Acid phos, Bio chemic 16 and Bellis perennis?

3) is whitechesnut and walnut mix together and drink

fahchin 4 years ago

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