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A fear after an acute disease

Hello everyone!
I don't know how interpret the following symptom which started after my son of 4 got very bad case of tonsillitis with very high fever during 5 days (over 40 C/104F) last month
The fear is of the moving cars, I think he fears that a car can run him over, he is very anxious crossing a street. But the same time he like riding in a car.
Is there a rubric in any repertory - mind, fear, be run by a car or something like this?
What does it mean when new mental symptom occurs after an illness?
Errr... may be it's not correct about acute- it was not the first tonsillitis but the worst.
Thank you for any clue.
  alyona on 2005-03-04
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
This sort of thing can develop if the original problem is "cured" with antibiotics.

These simply drive the symptoms deeper into the mind/body complex and create this sort of problem .

It could just as easily have been supersensitive sight - which meams that we see people on a DARK GREY DAY wearing SUNGLASSES . There are a lot of people about like this!. Or even a variety of tinnitus.

You need a remedy that matches the character of your son .

Is he tidy/untidy. Hot or cold.Likes or dislikes rich food . Blonde or dark. Likes cold drinks . Has red/ginger hair. Eats little and often. Quick or slow temper. Can not wear woollen garments. Likes boiled eggs , bacon rinds . Is stubborn or easy going. etc etc .
passkey last decade
Thanks for your attention.

Indeen we couldn't do nothing with that tonsillitis using homeopathy and had to take antibiotics at the end of 5th day of high fever, even had to change antibiotics on the second day as the first prescribed did not help.

Well, we took two doses of Sulphur 30 in 1,5 months each. Then in 2 months - one dose of Sulphur 200 prescribed by homeopath. So nearly half a year and the problem still exist. Though Sulphur ameliorated some symptoms - his stool (still mormal), his sleep for a while, and he gave up picking nose and eating those scabs/crusts

Now after tonsillitis in January and scarlatina in february (I treated scarlatina with Belladonna, Apis, Merc. sol on symptoms though even our homeopath insisted on antibiotics to exclude complications )

He is untidy
Hot, with hot hands and feet
Don't like rich food but like chocolate butter and whipped cream
Not blond, but rather light with grey-blue eyes
Eat not often
Drink milk at night 2-4 times from a bottle (at 4 years!)
Doesn't want to sleep alone
Quick temper, restless, don't like to walk at a steady pace(feels tired), like to jump, run, climb etc
At home like to be a leader, if not, or be contradicted - he can start to cry loudly or start to kick or beat or even bite. Quickly calms.
With other children he is rather polite, not starting quarrels first, but can answer back.
He likes boiled eggs, no for bacon rinds.
Stubborn? Easy going? Sometimes one, sometimes another.
Very characteristic for him - need to pinch or grasp my arm when he drinks milk or wants to calm down.

May be Sulphur was wrong remedy? And that was why it came to such a bad tonsillitis last time?

And his new fear can point on the right remedy?

I haven't got about supersensitive sight - did you mean he could have photophobia?

Thank you again.
alyona last decade
He has alot of symptoms pointing to the remedy Stramonium. Especially how he is afraid at night time/ to be alone then and needs company. Fear he was about to receive injury. Is intolerant of contradiction -
the biting and kicking.
Effects of suppressed eruption in scarlatina. Never been well since they had the fever.

What is he like towards light and water? Does he want the light on at night? Is he afraid or "different" around water, eg. bath, drinking water
CHELLE last decade
(Fears Accidents)

1. Fears accidents. Fatal accidents (Only alumina)

2. Delusion and dreams of accidents (Only alumina)
kuldeep last decade
I agree with Kuldeep.

Alumina 12C (or near.)

One dose, half hour after food, no gum, camphor lip salve, peppermint, etc.

One dose to watch if there is an increase of symptoms. If there is, stop,wait and post results to us for further treatment.

Increase in symptoms is a good sign it is working. So we stop and wait.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thank you all.
I considered Stramonium before. Hmmm... He rarely bites and kicks in answer to contradiction - more often he uses fists or just cries loudly.
There was not suppressed eruption in scarlatina - we didn't treat it with antibiotics.
I didn't notice smth special about reaction on light. He likes cold simple water to drink and warm water to bath. He doesn't like to be washed/rubbed, especially his head. He likes just to have a bath, to splash in water. He refuses to go in swimming pool or lake but I think it is because of cold water. He likes to play with sand near lake.
Yes, he wants the light on at night.

To kuldeep and sabra
Alumina - it's fun to hear! The matter is I was treated for my eczema with Alumina 30C a year ago and had good results until winter before last. Probably it was prescribed too often - I was advised to take it 1-7 times a week when I felt like to take it (now I think it was rather weird prescription and probably I "overeat" Alumina or probably I should take a higher potention then)

My son had one interesting symptom in early childhood - he gnawed raw peeled potatoes. Alumina's symptom?
But there is the end of coincidence - he is hot and have more than enough animal heat - not like Alumina at all.

Anyway if his fear is because of suppressed tonsillitis with antibiotics - do you think that Alumina will remove this suppression and then I need to find the right contitutional remedy for him to prevent further tonsillitis?

I have only 30C at home. Will it suit?

I'm REALLY thankfull for your attention. Sorry if I put too many questions - just I want to understand all details.
alyona last decade
I forgot to mention that he is sucking his fingers again that he used to do previously but ceased a year or two ago.

PS I'm sorry if my english is not so good or understandable.
alyona last decade
To kuldeep and sabra:
What do you think about the rubrics in Kent's repertory:
Mind, fear, accidents of: Acon, carb.-v., cupr, gins.
Mind, fear, walking, acroos busy street: Acon. (only)

And Acon. is acute of Sulphur.

I see some pieces of a puzzle but can't collect the whole picture. Could anyone help me, please?
Thanks for attention.
alyona last decade

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