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asthma at young age.

I got allergic to dust, cockroach infested water, home, etc. at early age of about 12 years of age. from then it got worse and worse.
by the time i was 16 and onward it became full fledged asthma.

now i live on two inhalers everyday.
i am sick of it and would like to try homeopathy to get cured.
please any one help and suggest some medicine to me.
i see some wonderful doctor's here.
please help as i feel very much sick of this asthma.
  shahrzad50 on 2009-12-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please copy the Questionnaire from the following thread
and post all the questions here duly answered. On that basis your remedy may be worked out.
kadwa last decade
i have been using these questions whenever i think that full case taking is needed.

These questions are designed to get the following information from the patient
1. Mental State of the patient
2. Physical Ailments
3. The likely cause for above problems
4. The modalities like whether the patient feels well or worse in hot weather, cold weather etc., he is relieved by / worsened by hot applications, cold applications etc.


Patients can use this questionnaire for submitting their cases. The effectiveness of remedy selection is directly proportional to the details provided by the patient while replying these questions.

Patient ID: Sex: Age:
Please answer the following questions in a descriptive manner after careful analysis and recollection of previous experiences and happenings.

1. Describe your main suffering?

I get asthma attack every day. i use steroid inhaler and emergency fast acting albuetrol inhaler every day to deal with it. i have to take steroid inhaler everyday two times once in morning and once in the evening.
otherwise i can get asthma attack that can be worse then any thing.

It can start without warning. some time when i go outside in cold it starts, or doing a little physical work, or if there is some sad news, thoughts, etc, dust, also when i eat i get shortness of breath, some allergic food and events i have been able to figure out but still long ways to go to figure out all my allergies.

i am allergic to milk, dust, penicillin, tetanus shot, sorrow, if there is thunder storm is out side or will be coming soon, i get asthma, shortness of breath, etc.

2. What other physical sufferings do you have in your body?

mainly it is asthma, other is heart burn. i get when i eat food, i have cut down on spices, but i can even get heart burn just by drinking water, which contains...?

3. What mental sufferings / feelings do you have associated with your physical sufferings?

i stress a lot,

4. What exactly do you feel when you are at your worst?

i am short of breath, when i am thinking hopelessness, stress,
i start to get asthma attack, but
can be from any other reason i have not been able to figure it out.
it can start any time without any warning.

5. When did it all start? Can you connect it to any past event or disease?
i was not able to engage in physical activity when i was child, but area of country where i lived was very backward, full of dust from new constructions everyday, pollution from diesel buses, taxi, rickshaw, etc, pollen, from trees, cockroach infested water, food, lots of pollution every day.

6. Which time of the day you are worst?

when i awake up, but some time i feel heart burn i awake up and have shortness of breath, sometimes when i feel thirsty i feel it coming,
i still can not really pinpoint to worst time of the day?
maybe i need to pay more attention to this.

7. What are the things which aggravate your suffering and which are those which ameliorate the same?
cold air, milk, peanuts, rice,

8. Do your think your sufferings have relation to any external stimuli (like, change of place) or any internal biological changes in the body, like, menses (in females)?
i think it is both with me. i have lived in warm, hot places but no effect was present on asthma.

9. When do you feel better, during hot weather or cold weather, humid or dry weather?
i think mild weather is best for me. to hot or humid or cold is not good,
also dry is not.

10. Describe your general mental set up? Are you Moody, Arrogant, Mild, Agreeable Changeable, Nervous, Suspicious, Easily offended, Quiet, Arguing, Irritating, Lazy etc.

i am lazy, nervous, suspicious, easily offended, quiet,
for sure.

- How do you feel before or during a thunderstorm?
yes i feel bad before and during. i guess it start to relive when thunderstorm
is here then i feel better. i can sense it coming from early in the day.

- Do you like being consoled during your tough times?
yes. i like that.

- Are you sensitive to external stimuli like smell, noise, light etc?
i am sensitive to light, noise, smell, etc.
smell of detergents when i go to store, make my breath short...

- Do you have any typical habit or gesture like nail biting, causeless
weeping, talking to one self etc?

thinking out loud all the time.

- How do you feel about your friends, family, your children and especially your
husband / wife?
i love my wife and children.

11. What are your fears and do you dream of any situation repeatedly?
fear of death, pain, i don't dream of any situation.

12. What do you crave for in food items and what are your aversions?
i love sweet stuff. i dislike some parts of meat, vegetables. etc

13. How is your thirst: Less, Normal or Excessive?
i don't feel thirsty i have to force my self to drink water.

14. How if your hunger: Less, Normal or Excessive?
hunger is normal.
15. Is there any kind of food which your body can’t stand?
i cant stand certain meats, of beef or chicken,
i just can not eat those.

16. Is your sweat normal or less or more? Where does it sweat more: Head, Trunk or Limbs?

17. How is your bowel movement and stool type?
it is normal i guess, once per day. stool is normal.

18. How well do you sleep? Do you have a particular posture of sleeping?
YES, i like to sleep on my left side the most.
i have hard time sleeping, i can not sleep more then 5, 6 hours the most.if i am awaken then have hard time going back to sleep.

19. Do you think you are able to satisfy your sexual desires in general?
yes no problem here.

20. How do you think you are different from others, if at all?
only that i am cute.

21. What medications have been taken earlier by you to treat the diseases and do you have any particular symptom surfacing after the medication?
i was treated a lot by regular medicine doctors for cough, with tetracycline cough syrup a lot
that is all doctor use to give me. never tried to find out that cough is only symptom of something else.
i was having allergic reactions to dust and all. and pelgrism was stuffing my lungs and still when it does i have hard
time breathing and i have to take emergency inhaler a lot. until my lungs are clear i suffer more then regular.

22. What major diseases are running in your family?
well my grand mother was diabetic and my father got that too.

23. Describe, how do you look like? Describe your overall appearance
i have not to fat but not to slim body not straight shoulders i have hard time walking straight
since i feel so tried of shortness of breath.


If you are not having normal menstrual cycles, please answer the following questions:

- Are the periods early, regular or late in general? How long do they last?
- Do you suffer from any kind of physical or mental discomfort before, during or after the periods?
- Is the flow scanty, normal or excessive?
- Is the blood thick bright red or pale watery?
- Do you notice any clots in the flow?
shahrzad50 last decade
day 1
please take three doses of Nux Vomica 200c at a gap of 4 hours.

One dose means
If the medicine is in pills form 4 pills. Don't touch pills with hand. Use cap of bottle to take pills.
If the medicine is in liquid dilution form, 3-4 drops in some 20 ml water. Sip up slowly.

day 2 to day 15
please take 2 pellets each of the following tissue salts thrice a day at a gap of 4 hours
ferrum phos 6x
natrum sulph 6x

Please follow homeo restrictions like no coffee, no raw onion/garlic, no strong perfumes, don't eat or drink anything within 30 minutes before or after taking medicine.

Please report after 15 days.
kadwa last decade

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