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Attn. Dr. Kuldeep and others, Help AIDS patients

Dr. Kuldeep, we are reading your posts for a while. You can help us here in this matter. We are running an AIDS clinic in Suburbs in Durban, South Africa.

Hospitals dump their AIDS patients on our clinic. We have little money and recourses to operate but thousands of patients to serve. Most of the patients are totally helpless and are fully blown cases. Patients are so helpless and we treat them without medicines.

We are allowed to use even homeopathy or any thing which may work. We always need more and more medicine.

To cut the story short:

Your posts indicate you have knowledge to make homeopathy; medicines, we need your help to make following medicines from raw materials.

Herpar Sulphur

There are the most used medicines to treat AIDS patients symptomatically. They tend to have skin infections, boils, carbuncles, oral fungal infections.

We will appreciate if you provide us your email address.

Please any body here on this forum come forward to help us.
  zambesi on 2005-03-05
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Homeopathy works off a different basis from allopathy- but I assume you know this.
Any symptoms on the surface are there because the body is throwing things out as far as it can.
It is highly unlikely that Merc is of much use.

Sul & Hep Sul could be of use ;

Hep sul is made by burning , in a crucible , the white interior of oyster shell with pure flowers of sulphur.
Normally to potentise this you need to succuss - but judging by Kuldeeps work with Silica it may work without that.
Juts stip the resultant ashes into water with alcohol 10 to 1 proportion.

To go on from there , where the miasms are concerned , there are only two remedies that span all the miasm and they are Silica and Kali sul.

Silca as prepared by Kuldeep is :-
Re: Any remedies to remove acne scars From kuldeep on 2005-02-14
Here is the way to make silica. I make this medicine to treat the scars of my patients. In most cases it works perfect and in some cases it still works (A step away from perfection)Make Silica at a dry day (No rain and low humidity)1. Find some natural rock pebbles (You can find it in sands to make cement concrete mix). Or you can pick it up from rail line tracks.2. Try to identify the rock pebble (small piece of rock) which is semi transparent) if you can’t find it then any other natural rock will do the job.3. Heat up the stones to expel the moisture.4. Stones should be about 20 grams. 5. Now put the stones on a clean metal surface and beat the stone with hammer. In other way you beat up the rock real fine. 6. When you think you can’t beat up the rock any more you stop.7. Put the powder in a one litter mineral water bottle.8. Shake it and let it settle for 10 minutes.9. After 10 minutes heavier rock will settle down at the bottom but water will be still murky because of the micro silica particles.10. Remove top 1/3 of the liquid without shaking the bottle.That is your medicine. Use two drops three times a day just like any homeopathy medicine. You may see the results in just two days.

To go on from here - when aids was first investigated they went back into old deaths and tissue samples and the earliest was 1958 and was diagnosed as TB.

My personal opinion is that AIDS is a sub class of TB . If that is so then two remedies that you cant make - would be very useful.
They are Tuberculinum CM
Carsinosin CM

Once you have a remedy it is possible to make an infinite amount by simply diluting that remedy .
Like a magic , bottomless purse . If you take out 50% of what is there it is immediatly repaceable.

If you send me your address I will send you some tabs of
Sulphur CM - Tuberculinum CM & Carsinosin CM.
passkey last decade
Sulphur: just use the yellow sulphur powder and potnetize it.

Hepar Sulphur:

powder of old rusty oyster shells + powder of sulphur.

Heat it on a hot plate till smoke is gone.

Mercury: Forget about it. I know you will obtain if from Thermometers. It is too dangerous.

Hope you know how to potentize the materials. Good luck.

My email address is on my profile.
kuldeep last decade
Thanks Dr. Kuldeep and Passkey for your support. We can procure at least one sample of every medicine and use the diluted form.

But the problem with AIDS patients is that high potency does now work on them. Even Suplhur, Hepar S. in high potency has no effect. We need at least 2X which is already difficul to procure and dilutions are of no use. We need these a lot.

Thanks again for your instruction but if some one has really made Sulphur as well as Hepar Sulphur and used it on the patients. Does it work?

Kuldeep, what you mean by rusty oyster shells?
zambesi last decade
Yes I know, high potency will never work on people with low T cell count.

Rusty old oyster shells are older oyster shells, almost on the edge of disintegration, where top and bottom layer is eroded. New shells are not so good to make a medicine. When they will burn you will smell like plastic is burning. Upper and bottom layer is not of pure calcium.

I myself made Hepar Sulphur with the method I mentioned above. Results are excellent. As passkey mentioned you can have a crucible or just use any hot surface. It does not matter how you heat the matter, in any case it should be heated in the presence of air.

Make a fine powder of dry Hepar sulphur at a dry day. Dissolve it in water and let it settle for 10 minutes and remove top third without disturbing the whole bottle. You can use a small siphon. This method is good for any thing which is not soluble in water.

Need not to discard the bottom matter, you can dry it and regrind it or use a blender.
kuldeep last decade
High potency does not work on low T cell count.
Not arguing - but would like a logical explanation.
Know that one needs to be very accurate with high potency , and that low potency has a wider application and can be used with less accuracy.
passkey last decade
Thanks Dr. Kuldeep and Passkey for very valuable information and attending our needs. We already made Silica with your method. We need lots of Hepar Sulphur and this week we will have the medicine ready. We need thousands of doses (2-3X) of it each day.

Our own experience with high potency medicine is not good on AIDS patients. They have no immunity and they are getting new and newer symptoms each day. We need to give them some relief immediately. Their boils never heal and they have skin problems like warts etc. They mouth and anal area is a mess. Their most painful problem is boils and they just never heal but newer come so Hepar sulphur in high potency is of no use but only of low potency.

So far Sulphur and Hepar Sulphur are showing tremendous promise. After reading your posts we have decided to try Thuja also. We have plenty of Thuja around us.

We will appreciate your help if you suggest us a method to make Homeopathy grade Thuja except rubbing it on the skin as you said earlier.
zambesi last decade
Chop thuja leaves real thin with a steak knife. Immerse them in water for about 2 week. If you will be using it for about a month, no need to add alcohol. Make sure to have a dark colored jar or bottle to store it.

After 2 weeks grind the stuff in a blender and filter it up. Squeeze up all extract.

Potentize it to the degree you assume right for your patients, good luck.

This method is good to make any medicine from herbs.

Since your patients are taking lots of medicines so also Nux Vomica in low potency will be benificial. Let me know if you can obtain Nux Vomica nuts. I know it grows in South Africa. You can use your hospital credentials to buy Nux Vomica nuts because it is a poison. The core of the nut contains Strychine which tribals use it on the tips of arrows to make it lethal.

Again good luck.
kuldeep last decade
Attn: Zambesi, request for help.
We are a health and nutrition company based in Australia and we have an excellent powdered mineral product that is excellent for boosting the immune system.We are looking to get involved/partner with helping in your area of South Africa, in particular with an AIDS clinic such as yours.
If you will give us an e-mail we can then correspond further.

Thank you.

John B
JohnB last decade
Oh dear - now we got commercials !!.

A question -- how high potencies were used when it was deceided that they would not work .

Thinking about this would dispute the fact. The highest potencies are CMM and DMM . these work at a level almost beyond our ubderstanding - suggets you obtain some of these potencies . The COST would be less than using the raw materials discussed , about 5cents a dose!! . As a single dose is all that is required. Takes 3/4 weeks before any sign of progress is visible.
At least worth a try.
passkey last decade

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