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Prostatorrhea Problem, dribbling, concentration problem

Hello Dr Mahfooz.
Plz help me i have been suffering since 4 years.

I am a 23 year old unmarried male suffering from prostatorrhea. After urine one or two drops of transparent sticky fluid comes, that i think prostatic fluid. Or whenever a erotic thought passes thru mind, a feeling of wetness in the penis arises. I used to masturbate every third day since the age of 14. However now i have stopped this
sin/habit. tell some remedy and what quantity to take.

2..) There is dribbling(after urination) problem as well. At the start of urination approx 90 % urine passes normally, but after that it comes out drop by drop involuntarily. Or sometimes some urine is not passed out when urinating or even drop by drop but when i standup from toilet or walk then some drops come out. tell some remedy and what quantity to take.

3..) Third i also have a low concentration problem. I am disinclined to study, work, learning new things. While studying, i just go blank only seeing books. Have weak
memory, forget something(eg, that i have put milk on stove, what i learn) easily. Get tired even before 30 minutes after some mind work. I saw this remedy (Kali phos 3x, Agnus castus 3x, Anacardium 3x) for mental fatigue on ABC homeo, now you tell how to take this or some other remedy and what quantity to take.

4) Body is also weak. get tired easily even when sitting. Palpitation is also there if go up or down stairs.

If you still need to know something more, please ask me question if required. Eagerly waiting for response.
  abcdefghijklmn on 2009-12-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Penis curved to right side. any remedy in homeo
abcdefghijklmn last decade
At this link

MAKE YOUR OWN NOREPINEPHRINE by having plenty of vitamin C


MAKE YOUR OWN ACETYLCHOLINE by having soy beans or An alternate non-soy source, that is egg yolk. Generally, maximum benefit is obtained when you eat the yolk lightly cooked (such as in a soft-boiled egg).

Should i do this?????
abcdefghijklmn last decade
what precautions to take

can eat eggs, fish, beef meat, etc????
abcdefghijklmn last decade
Dear abcd,
When you feel wetness in penis, do you see any visible thing in or around penis or in your cloth? Is it happen only during sexual thought with erection, or happen any time with or without erection?
Regarding the penis shape, it may be happened due to put the penis on right side of pant. You can fix it by putting the penis on left side of the pant. People use underware for fix this problem, but using underware may be promote sexual problem.
patient25 last decade
Dear abcd,
You feeling wetness only in penis, or also skin in surrounding area of penis and in cloth?
patient25 last decade
plzz reply, in trouble
abcdefghijklmn last decade
Plz reply my above question, it will helpful to exactly indentify the problem.
patient25 last decade
any doctor
abcdefghijklmn last decade
Dear patient,
Please let me know the color, shape and smell of your secreted elements.

Regarding the dribbling of urine, never use any extra force for urination. Any excessive straining or forceful attempt will creat further damage and sexual weakness.

Concentration problem is related with physical and sexual problem. When your body will be fit, then mental condition will be ok.

For body weakness, please take lot of nutritous food speciall milks, fruits which contains vitamin C and irons.

Best regards
Dr. Sadeq
sadeqahmed last decade
sadeq, are you dr.
abcdefghijklmn last decade
sadeqahmed last decade
please tell your weather preferences?

and aggravations and ameliorations.

you can take kali phos 200c one single dose till then if problem is urgent.
gumby last decade
weather prefernces mans?

one single dose is equal to what?
abcdefghijklmn last decade
Dear patient,
I see, you are very confused. I understand your condition. Your physical suffering make you too much worry that, before answering any question, you are too busy to verify the asker's identity if he is doctor or not. Please note that, it is only necessary to know doctor's qualification before taking remedy, but not before answer any question. Answer to any question may hepful for doctors to properly understand your physical condition, whether the asker is doctor or not.

For your satisfaction, now I shortly brief myself. I am a para-medical homeopath, have receive a short homeopathic course after pass M.A. from Chittagong University. After completing the course, now I am practicing in a local homeopathic pharmacy.

Regarding your disease, it is very rare and uncommon case, so it will be hard to treat even for any well qualified homeopathic doctor, if have not any experience about the treatment of this disease. Last year I got a patient who describe me same symptom like you. Patient was a navy person. Due to long term duty in ship, he have to stay far from family for long time. As he was regularly practicing sexual intercourse with his wife, so when he leave wife for long time, he experience sexual and uro-genital problems. Then I took his case sincerely as a challange of my doctor life and do further study and research about it. The main reason of this disease is, when anybody regularly do masterbation and then suddenly stop, then the prostatic fluid find alternative path to be out from the body. Similarly, when a marriend person do regular sexual activity with wife and then suddenly have to stop, then he suffer same problem. I try different remedy with different potency and at last I able to successfuly eliminate the ailment of the patient within four months.

In this forum, doctors generally come in two purpose: Get experience and skill; and achieve reputation and popularity. So specially in case of unknown ailments, doctors prescribe remedies one after another to test the effects of remedy, which only loss the time of patients. So nobody can assure you that, following a prescription by a qualified doctor will cure you without unnecessary delay. So I think, it will be better for you to follow a doctor experience about your specific ailment rather than finding qualified doctor.

If you agree, I can suggest a remedy for you. Please reply and give your opinion.

Best regards
Dr. Sadeq
sadeqahmed last decade
TO sadeq

Question:Please let me know the color, shape and smell of your secreted elements.

Ans: color is transparent, no specific shape, only sticky transparent drops which pass with urine or remain at the end of penis, no smell.

27/1--Constipation problem is also there. it takes 24 hours usually to pass stool.

27/2--while urinatig, should i not exert force outside and inside both. i mean exhale or inhale both??

Regarding concentration- prob # 3-- i cannot sit studying more than 10 minutes. start feeling very uneasy.

Regarding dribbling- prob #2-- 1)sometimes i even get out of washroom and then walk, sit up and down, then after 5-15 minutes some urine also get out.2) when i drink more water, i feel more uneasiness after urinating.
abcdefghijklmn last decade
Dear patient,
'Color is transparent and sticky'- Is it only about the fluid which come out with urine, or also about the fluid by which you feeling wetness in the penis during any sexual thought? Please clarify. Please also check the smell of cloth.

Regarding the constipation, is it really possible for anybody to stay 24 hours in toilet, or it is 2 to 4 hours which you have mistakely written 24 hours?

Regarding urination, you should not put any repressive pressure to penis, abdomen, kedney, appendix and any other uro-genital area. These area are most sensitive.

Best regards
Dr. Sadeq
sadeqahmed last decade
Dear patient,
Please tell the age of your ailment. That means, when it was start? How many days ago you first time feel wetness in penis?
sadeqahmed last decade
---Colour of fluid which comes out after urine is transparent and is sticky.
---Only wetness feeling in penis during sexual thought, no fluid comes out. i have checked already many times.NO smell from cloth also.
---Usually after every 24 hours i feel the need to go to washroom for stool.
---Dribbling problem is faced since the age of 17
---wetness in penis problem due to sexual thought arises at the age of 20
---Wetness in penis also arise when talk to some girl, though no sexual thought in mind.
---wetness in penis also arises when feel insecurity,quarrel/fight with somebody.
---Often there is erection without any reason. and without reason when erection is there during study/work concentration goes away and uneasiness comes.
---Sometimes closing of eyes involuntarily while studying.
---There is a also stiffness and pain in thighs, calves, neck and back.
---Oversensitive to noises at night when go to bed or when wake up at late night.
---When coming back from work in bus, sleep overcome me even when standing. and seldom my bus stop passes and keep sleeping. During summer days,when eyes are opened i am wet with sweat.
---Today prostatic fluid flows, not only drops after urine. after that i sit for study. no concentration and also eyes are getting closed invlountarily.
abcdefghijklmn last decade
plz prescibed some remedy soon.

feeling exhausted
abcdefghijklmn last decade
Dear patient,
If you check any unwashed cloth 2 to 3 days, you may found bad smell of stored prostatic fluid. But if semen is watery and odorless, then prostatic fluid also may be odorless. Nevertheless, these elements are always impure, either have any bad smell or not.

Regarding erection, still your problem is not erectile dysfuction, your problem is unexpected erection. Continuous erection with prostatic fluid secretion lead a person to impotency in future.

'Today prostatic fluid flows, not only drops after urine.'- Is this condition you see before, or suddenly come yesterday? Is it now always happen continuously?

Please take Selenium-30 one dose per week and report after 15 days.
sadeqahmed last decade
---There is unexpected erection, but no secretion

---No the flow is for the first time.

---one dose is equal to what??
abcdefghijklmn last decade
---one dose is equal to what??

---'Please take Selenium-30 one dose per week and report after 15 days.' This means only two days in 15 weeks.
abcdefghijklmn last decade
--I cannot resist masturbate

--i masturbate today twice, 22 days ago, and 40 days ago. means 4 times in 62 days.

--now what to do. still take selinium.
abcdefghijklmn last decade
my eyes opened in late night, and after some yes. no, i masturbate. half awake, half asleep.
abcdefghijklmn last decade
'There is unexpected erection, but no secretion'- Is means, your secretion is not related with erection, right? Sometimes erection happen without secretion, and sometimes secretion happen without erection?

Flow of prostatic fluid, which started yesterday, is still continue?

One dose = 3 drops.

First dose, you will take 3 drops and after seven days you will again take 3 drops.

Today you have masturbate twice. Is it happened after taken my suggested remedy? Have you already taken Selenium?

Your last post I can't understand.
sadeqahmed last decade

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