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Osteo Arthiritis and Hair fall

Dear Dr Joe

Read about your expertise in handling Osteo Arthiritis and hair fall problems.

My age is 39 yrs and I am 80kgs. I had a sudden pain in my right knee 3 yrs back was told after MRI that is was a meniscus tear in the right knee. The problem still remains but the pain keeps coming and going.
Since the last 1 year I have pain in the various joints of the body specially the knuckles of the hands and the upper back. I have also been having hair loss for many years now.

I have a problem of colitis and been keeping ok on taking Aloe Soc 30m since 1 month. This is currently off.

After going thru your previous posts on OA I have started having Rhus Tox 1M and Hyper200 in wet dosage. Also taking Arnica 30 in wet dose and Nat Phos6x. After starting this treatment 3 days ago my pain seems to have worsened and I have become constipated too.

Need your active help in this matter

  ac24365 on 2010-01-21
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please complete the Patient's Questionnaire to enable me to diagnose your case more fully on the link below:


I do not know if you are M or F and would also like to know the background of the tear you refer to of your Meniscus in the right knee and what treatment you were prescribed.

Also have you been diagnosed with Osteo Arthritis which I feel is not common in anyone your age.

Rhus Tox and Hypericum cannot help your present problem and Nat Phos and Arnica cannot cause constipation nor can it cause your pain to worsen.
Joe De Livera last decade
Personal Information:
Full Name: AC
(You can use your alias if you want to be anonymous)
Age: 39
Blood Pressure:70/110
Color of Tongue:Light White
Optional Information:
(With city and country codes)
Email Address:
Detail Patient History
Name of Disease:- Meniscus Tear/Collitis/Hair Fall
(Diagnosed by Your Medical Doctor
Or if you know the name of your disease)

Patient Description:-
(Important: Write your major complaints
& symptoms briefly in your own words priority wise.)
1. Body Pain- aggravated in Cold...mainly the knuckles of the fingers/upper back/knees. It seems to spread to other bones
2. Meniscus Tear on the right knee..prescribed painkillers which I am not taking. Rest helps me so does warm heat.
3. Bloatedness in the stomach specially at night. Wind stuck causes uneasiness. This is a chronic problem since 10 years.
4. Hair Fall since 10 yrs. Losing from sides/top now
5. Pharyngitis (Not happened in the last 1 months..I take Wyethia 30 when it happens)

Cause of your disease / Problem:
(If you don’t know leave it blank)

Period of Disease / Complaints:
(Day, Month or Year when it was started)

Results of major Laboratory Tests:
(Investigations / Pathology Reports)
a.MRI-Meniscus Tear Right Knee--Surgery suggested

Comfortable Position:-
(Which activity / position / work
make you better and provide relieve
in your disease or problem?)Pressing the paining part at night makes me sleep as pain gets relieved. Exercise helps too
Worse state of disease:-
(Which activity / position or work
when perform make you discomfort
and creates uneasiness or pain?)
Standing continuously/ Climbing Stairs worses problem

Change of Weather:-
(Does change in hot and cold
season have any impact on your
disease or symptom?)Yes pains gets aggravated in cold weather
Hot & Cold Application:-
(How do you feel in hot or cold
application or when you take bath
or live in warm or cold room): Warm bath/room gives relief

Good Time:
(At what time you feel trouble-free
or comfortable or painless?
Morning / forenoon / evening / night etc?)Forenoon
Worse Time:
(At what time you feel uneasiness or discomfort?
Morning / forenoon / evening / night etc?)Nights/Early mornings

(How is your thirst?)OK
(How is your appetite?) OK

List of medicines used so for:
(Homeopathic and allopathic or Herbal, if any etc)
a.Aloe Soc 30( stopped 7 days ago)
b.Calc Phos 6x(stopped 4 days ago)
c.Arnica 30(since 2 days)
d. Rhus Tox 1M(since 2 days)
e. Hyper 200 (2 days)
f. Nat Phos 6x (5 days)
h. Wyethia 30 for Pharynigitis when it happens

(Explain in detail where necessary)
Are you addict of alcohol?NO
Are you a smoker?NO
Are you fond of drinking tea?NO
Do you like salty/spicy items or sweet stuff? Sweets
Are you vegetarian or carnivore?
How is your bowel movement?
(Loose motion or constipation etc)Constipated
Are you slim smart or obese etc? somewhere in the middle
Do you have craving for any food / drink etc? No
Do you have any wart or mole on your body? No
(First check your body with care)

List of your major past illnesses / diseases:-
(examples: Mumps, chicken pox, whooping
cough, pneumonia, malaria, typhoid etc)
a.Operated for Appedix 20 years ago
b.Thyphoid 25 years ago

List of major closed family persons diseases:-
(Examples: Asthma, Cancer, Diabetes
High Blood Pressure, Rheumatism or T.B)
a.Dad had arthiritis and died of Cardiac Arrest(62 yrs)
b.Mom has heart palpitations
c.Sister died of Diabities when she was 11yrs
Detail of your past Vaccination Chart:-
(If you remember)
Further Explanation:-
(If not covered above)
ac24365 last decade
I am a Veggie
ac24365 last decade
I do not think that you suffer from Osteo Arthritis although you have reported pain in your fingers, upper back and knees.

If as you state you have a tear of your Meniscus surgery can be considered as this is not a condition that can be helped by Homeopathy.

You state:

Bloatedness in the stomach specially at night. Wind stuck causes uneasiness. This is a chronic problem since 10 years.

I believe that this chronic condition you suffer from is GERD and the therapy I have used in hundreds of cases is Nat Phos 6x. Dose 2-6 tablets taken after a meal twice daily. You will also take Arnica 30c in the Wet dose and I shall give the instructions on making the Wet dose below.

Order the remedy in a 5ml Ethanol pack in a bottle with a dropper arrangement.
If this is not available the Dry dose in pellets may be used but this is not as effective as the remedy in the original Ethanol pack.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops or 5 pellets of the remedy into the bottle and shake it hard to produce bubbles. This is homeopathic succussion and must be done every time before a capful of the bottle which is the dose is taken as directed.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks for your suggestions.

I had already made the Arnica 30 dose and am taking it since 2 days. Also Nat Phos 6x is running since 3 days.

The joint pains which I have is actually increasing every week and spreading. The Ortho had suggested that this is the start of OA and conditions can worsen. This is why I want you to suggest me a preventive therapy.

The menicus tear requires an open knee operation and pinhole will not work there given the location of the tear. So will wait as long as I can bear.


ac24365 last decade
I prefer to treat your GERD first as this can be the root cause of your other problems except for your knee.

Please report your response in a week for further therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Ok. will report back in 7 days. Thanks
ac24365 last decade
Dear Dr Joe,

I have a problem of constipation and Nat Phos 6x isn't helping much there. My tongue has become white and there is foul smell in my mouth every morning which was'nt there earlier.

Can I continue with Aloe Soc 30 in wet dose with Nat Phos and Arnica ..as Aloe has helped me a lot in constipation before.

Any other suggestions?

ac24365 last decade
How many tablets of Nat Phos 6x are you taking?
Joe De Livera last decade
5 pills each after lunch and dinner.
ac24365 last decade
Nat Phos 6x has proved to be an excellent laxative and I am surprised that it has not helped you. If as you state, Aloe S 30 has helped you, feel free to use it in the same manner that you did in the past.

Aloe S may also help your GERD.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks. So will continue both Nat Phos and Aloe.
ac24365 last decade
Dear Dr Joe De Livera,

Want to report on my condition and seek advice.

Currently on
Nat Phos 6x
Aloe S 30( discontinued since yday)
Arnica 30 wet dose

My stomach problem has improved. Sleep is also better. But I have developed very dry skin on the face and back and some itching has started too.

My joint pains are intact.

Kindly advice

ac24365 last decade
Continue with the present therapy for a week when your dry skin and itching should also improve with the Arnica.

i prefer not to treat your OA right now as I fear that your GERD which I believe is the root cause of your OA symptoms and which is obviously responding to my therapy, may be affected.

Please ensure that you drink at least 3 liters of liquid daily and that you do some exercise to sweat it out as long as you do not hurt your knee.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Dr Joe,

Will do as suggested.

I was recollecting that Bryonia has helped me in pain earlier.

I used to take it cough/cold I remember my stomach problem responding to it and also no body pain during that period. It that the Broynia quality.

Can it be of some help too.

ac24365 last decade

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