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Arnica 6c in the Wet dose has helped many thousands of patients especially teenagers to treat their Acne.

It seems to me that this remedy is not helping your son and although there are other remedies that can be used I cannot recommend them as I do not have any experience in their effectiveness.

You may like to know that I do not prescribe any therapy unless I have used it myself or in the alternative I have sufficient evidence from patients to whom I have prescribed them, that these remedies have been effective.

I regret that I cannot help your son and would suggest that you follow the therapy that you have got from other prescribers on this Forum.
Joe De Livera last decade
hi Joe-

Thamk you for your help for my son.

Is there a way to increase dosage of arnica 6c (more drops in bottle of water or put Arnica in less amount of water to make it a stronger dose?? I was using almost a full bottle of water. Can I use half water or a tablespoon of water with 3 drops to increase strength??

Please advise. Really want this to work for my son and I read all your posts and have tried using at suggested dosage(only for 5 days) so short time but it didn't clear.

What do you think?
surferlegend17 last decade
Please confirm that your son is sipping a capfull of the remedy twice daily.

He must also apply it on his lesions as often as possible.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe-

Yes my son was taking a capful twice a day, once in the morning upon rising and once before he goes to bed. Also putting it directly on face as many times a day as he can, more on weekends, when he doesn't have school.

We are starting again this am.

Can I do as I asked, increase drops per bottle, or lessen water to 1/2 bottle or a couple of tablespoons and add the 3 drops??

I saw in your post that he was supposed to use for a month. Did I not allow for enough time?

Please advise.

Thanks Thanks Joe!!
surferlegend17 last decade
Many teenagers whom I have treated for Acne have confirmed that no new lesions were observed in 2 days after they started this therapy and that in 3-4 days the acne dried up.

You have inquired if increasing the number of drops used in the bottle will make any difference and as far as I am aware it does not.

However if you so desire, you may increase the number of drops you use in the bottle but it is more important that you use a reputed brand of Arnica 6c in the Liquid Dilution in 85% Ethanol as the cheaper brands contain a lower percentage of Ethanol and may not be effective.

Certain foods like Chocolate have been proved to cause Acne and you might investigate which foods he can be sensitive to. Shell fish, pineapples and other acidic foods are also suspect.

He must exercise daily to sweat it out and must drink plenty of water to replace the sweat he loses.
Joe De Livera last decade
hi Joe-

What kind of facial soap should do you recommend him using on his face?? We had been using baby shampoo and are now trying tea tree oil and awapuhi face wash that we purchased from health food store. He is washing face twice a day and than applying arnica 6c.

Do you have a better one that you can recommends works better?? We also have benzolyl peroxide facial wash at home.

What do you suggest??

Please advise Joe and thank you for your continued help. I will keep you aprised of progress.
surferlegend17 last decade
Baby soap is fine. I note that you are using baby shampoo and I presume that this too is OK.
Suggest you use the Johnsons Baby Shampoo.

It occurred to me that a patient with chronic Acne responded to Silicea 6x tablets dose 2 tablets taken twice daily.

Suggest you too use it for your son and report his response.
Joe De Livera last decade
Good Morning Joe-

I am able to use the Silica 6x 2 tabs twice a day simultaneously with the Arnica 6c or am I waiting until I finish the Arnica 6c to use the Silica 6x???

Please advise and thank you!!!
surferlegend17 last decade
Hi Joe-

Another question - is he able to have oranges or orange juice - acidic food???
surferlegend17 last decade
You may use the Silicea 6x together with the Arnica.

The Silicea will expell the pus in the lesions while the Arnica will pump in more blood under the skin and both remedies will hopefully cure the problem.
Joe De Livera last decade
I do not think that orange juice will aggravate his acne.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe-

I have read some of the other posts on this thread regarding the use of Silica 6x. I have read quite a bit of bad results, like it produced much more acne which causes scarring. The posts said it got better for a few, most broke out a lot and the one that got better after 2 months of use broke out really bad and is suffering from more acne now with scarring.

I am really afraid to use this as I don't want to increase his acne. I realize the pus needs to come out. Won't the Arnica 6c just dry it up anyway??
surferlegend17 last decade
I cannot believe that Silicea 6x can aggravate Acne and would like to have the link to the thread which you mentioned.

I do doubt very much that it could do so and you must know that I have prescribed it to some patients who did not respond to the Arnica alone like your son.

All I can advise you at this stage is that you should use it and if it does aggravate his Acne you can always stop it if and when it does do so.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe: The thread is on this site is:

Re: Silica and Scars. What is Silica? What are Acne Scars???

Please let me know what you think.

surferlegend17 last decade
Hi Joe-

Regarding the Silica, is Silica 6C the same as 6X?

I found the 6c locally. Will that work??

please advise.
surferlegend17 last decade

My son has redness (hyperpigmentation) from scarring I guess after he is broken out. His skin turns reddish, sometimes a little purplish.

What can I use to make this go away or take the redness out??

I am using the Arnica 6c as directed and haven't added the Silica 6x as of yet. (can only locate 6c)

What can I do for the discoloration, redness, hyperpigmentation problem??
surferlegend17 last decade
Silicea 6x cannot be confused with the 6c.

Ask for the Biochemic Cell Salt which is in the X or Decimal potencies and is always in tablet form. Not available in the Liquid Dilution. You can mail order the tablets from Washington Homeopathic Products.

I can see that you are very concerned with your son's Acne but you will have to be patient as we will first have to treat his problem first before we go to the next step and try to take the redness out with the discolouration and hyperpigmentation.

For how long has he suffered from Acne and what is the therapy you have given him up to now?
I would like to have details with if possible the drugs used.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe-

My son has had his acne for 3 years sinde 2007, developed at approx 14 years of age.
He has been on the following drugs:
Orally he has taken: doxycyline, tetracyline, minocycline, (tolerated these ok but did not go completely away), bactrim (sulphur) - had a bad allergic reaction, rash, fever and discontinued. - Topically he has used:
retin a, tazorac, azalaec, differin, duac.

Has tried glycolic peels, blue light therapy. deep cleaning facials, benzolyl peroxide wash, salytic acid, proactive, and all otc remedies.

We have been to a Chinese acupunturist and have tired herbal remedy that she made. Said he had to cleanse his liver. It was to many pills when he was young and it made him sick to his stomach.

Most recently on Natures Cure homeopathic remedy for males. I had given ingredients on an earlier post, but will repost if necessry.

Last dermotologist appt in November said he needed to be on Accutane, but I have held off, scared of side effects and only want to use as last resort if all the other efforts including homeopathic don't work for him.

I would also like to email you photos so you can see.

I hope this information is helpful.
surferlegend17 last decade

Purchased Silica 6x from health food store, Hylands Brand, #12

Directions say 4 tabs x 3 times a day for adults.

You want my son to take 2 tabs x 2 times a day is still correct or take as directed on bottle???

Also, can I take along with Arnica 6c or do I need to space homeopathic remedies out??

Please advise, thanks Joe.
surferlegend17 last decade
Ever since I took the case of your son's acne, I notice that you have often questioned the therapy I have prescribed which has helped many hundreds of patients in Sri Lanka and perhaps untold thousands of sufferers throughout the world.

You first questioned my instructions to use 3 drops of the remedy in the 400ml spring water and I reluctantly agreed to your suggestion to increase the number of drops which in my opinion does not make any difference.

You now question the number of tablets of Silicea 6x which I prescribed at 2 taken twice daily merely because the manufacturers instructions on the bottle states that a dose is 4 tablets taken 3 times daily. When I first prescribed this remedy you reacted in horror and stated that you were reluctant to use Silicea 6x as you had read that it had aggravated a case of acne.

You must appreciate that I at age 81 have been very patient in replying to all your queries promptly as I too am concerned with your son's ailment from which he has suffered for the last 3 years. As you may be aware, I have helped many thousands of others on this and other homeopathic forums whom I have never met face to face and there is evidence on this forum of many even embarrassing me with their gratitude.

If you continue to question me in this manner you will force me to withdraw from your son's case and I hope that this will be the last time you do so.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe-

Sorry, I was not trying to be disrespectful in any way. I purchased for the local health food store, not the homeopathic online that you wrote to me. Not sure if it is a biochemical salt or not, but it is 6x strength.

Since I am very unfamiliar with homeopathic remedies, just wanted you to know which kind and brand I bought to make sure dosage was correct to your liking. Again, I meant no disrespect to you in any way and only have appreciated your help. Sorry for the confusion.
surferlegend17 last decade
Good Evening Joe -

We have been using the Arnica 6c for about a week and the Silica 6x since Saturday.

Face is about the same. When I run my hand over his skin, he has small lumps underneath his skin, on cheeks and sides of face where sideburn - is like a deep cyst. Nothing has come to a head - no pus, just lump and it is red in color.

What should be an anticipated time to maybe start to see a change? 2 weeks, 3 weeks??

We are taking everything as you have instructed exactly.

Thank you so very much for your help with my son Joe. He and I both appreciate your guidance.
surferlegend17 last decade
It seems obvious today that my therapy is not helping your son and my post to you of April 11 copied below has already given you the answer.

Re: Treatment of Acne in TeenagersFrom Joe De Livera on 2010-04-11

Arnica 6c in the Wet dose has helped many thousands of patients especially teenagers to treat their Acne.

It seems to me that this remedy is not helping your son and although there are other remedies that can be used I cannot recommend them as I do not have any experience in their effectiveness.

You may like to know that I do not prescribe any therapy unless I have used it myself or in the alternative I have sufficient evidence from patients to whom I have prescribed them, that these remedies have been effective.

I regret that I cannot help your son and would suggest that you follow the therapy that you have got from other prescribers on this Forum.
Joe De Livera last decade
i had an improvement after using arnica for about a week or 10 days...but after about 2 months now the acne is worsening again..what do you suggest?
ramitzz last decade
I checked back on your previous posts and discovered that you were using Arnica 30c which I have noticed is not as potent as the 6c.

This is the reason why your acne has not responded so far.
Joe De Livera last decade
I read this post with interest as I have a similar experience with my son who has cystic acne. After trying various different treatments with limited success, I happened upon something quite recently. It's called CureZit and although I was wary at first, I called the company and they told me it was made from a hydrolyzed vegetable protein.

I decided to try it and used it on my son's face. He started clearing up right away and, although it took a week to 10 days before his skin was free of the old zits, we all noticed a significant improvement with no redness, swelling, or any other side reactions. It didn't burn off the top layer of his skin.

As a mother, I would recommend you give it a try. I just wanted to share my experience with you since you seem to be going through something similar to what we went through.
Good luck!
SelenaW last decade

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