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Do I need to keep a gap between Kali Phos 6X and Natrum Sulph 6X?


- Will taking 3 medicines together decrease their effectiveness
**No. It won't decrease. These are remedies in low potency. So these can be taken together. The real work is being done by Lycopodium internally. The remedies in high potency ie 30c and above should not be taken together.

- Is Arnica Q only for external application with oil, or can it be taken as a medicine as well?
**Only externally.

- What symptoms are being treated by:
-- Kali Phos 6x?
-- Nat Sulph 6x?
** kali phos 6x is a brain tonic and nat sulph 6x a liver tonic.

You may take Selenium 6x as advised by Dr. Mountson. i would not suggest 200 potency as our main remedy is working internally in 10M potency. You may take selenium 6x 2 pellets thrice a day. Please don't take tissue salts on the day you take selenium 6x. Chelidonium 6c to continue daily. Dr. Mountson how can one get the consent before making a connection. So you are right - connect and get consent. Thanks for your valuable inputs.
kadwa last decade

One clarification - does Selenium have to be taken only for one day? since you have mentioned that I should not mix is with the salts that I am supposed to take daily?

Also, the Kali Phox 6X that I took from Reckeweg mentions the dosage as 4 pellets 4 times a day. But I need to take 2 pellets 3 times a day? Please confirm.

sunup75 last decade
One clarification - does Selenium have to be taken only for one day? since you have mentioned that I should not mix it with the salts that I am supposed to take daily?
**You may take selenium 6x two days a week and tissue salts 5 days a week.

Also, the kali phox 6X that I took from Reckeweg mentions the dosage as 4 pellets 4 times a day. But I need to take 2 pellets 3 times a day? Please confirm.
**Here you are taking other tissue salts also. Therefore we have changed the dosage.
kadwa last decade

Confirming final prescription:

Tuesday & Wednesday - Selenium 6X 3 times a day plus Chelidonim 6C 3 drops once a day

Thursday - Monday -
Kali Phos 6X and Nat Sulph 6X 3 times a day and Chelidonium 6C once a day

Also, please clarify, can I take these medicines on a day when I have an alcoholic drink?
sunup75 last decade
Yes. It is the right prescription. You can take these remedies even on the day you take alcohol. But these remedies will work best if you abstain from drinking and smoking.
kadwa last decade
K. Thanks. Aim is to abstain. It is difficult for me to put an immediate full-stop to years of a certain habit. But I am working hard on it and want to be healthy again.

Thanks for your continued guidance.
sunup75 last decade

I am not getting Selenium 6X in the market ... I am getting Selenium 6 liquid... what dosage please?

sunup75 last decade
Tuesday & Wednesday - Selenium 6c 3 drops in the morning plus Chelidonim 6C 3 drops at night once a day

Thursday - Monday -
Kali Phos 6X and Nat Sulph 6X 3 times a day and Chelidonium 6C once a day
kadwa last decade
Thanks. Will do that.
sunup75 last decade
My local homeopathic doctor has advised me to stop Selenium saying that it can cause impotency.

In my current test my cholestrol was at the 248 levels, and in the Liver Function Test, SGOT was double the normal level -- around 95. Sugar is borderline.

He asked me to stop Selenium, Kali Phos and Nat Sulph and just have 1 drop of Lycopodium 10M daily in the morning.

He says he does not agree with the current treatment and would like to discuss this with you?

Any feedback on the above.

sunup75 last decade
^^My local homeopathic doctor has advised me to stop Selenium saying that it can cause impotency.

A similar point has been discussed by me earlier at this forum in respect of Baryta Carb at the following link.
The extracts are given below-
~~Any suggestions, I'm not sure about fooling around with the Baryta Carb because it is called a cardiovascular poison.
--When this statement appears in Materia Medica i don't think that it has any reference to baryta carb in potentised form. It refers to its application in non-homeopathic manner. You can see that the MM begins with 'Specially indicated in infancy and old age'. Now how a cardiovascular poison be specially indicated in old age.

You may read about selenium at the following link-


Now the link on the basis of which your homeopath has warned you against selenium.

Male.--Dribbling of semen during sleep. Dribbling of prostatic fluid. Irritability after coitus. Loss of sexual power, with lascivious fancies. Increases desire, decreases ability. Semen thin, odorless. Sexual neurasthenia. On attempting coition, penis relaxes. Hydrocele.

Now here for the harmonious interpretation of the above statmement we should assume that selenium 'Increases desire, decreases ability' when taken in material doses and corrects this mismatch when taken in homeopathic doses.

Again you should note that Selenium is suggested to you by world's one of the most popular homeopaths Dr. Mountson (Girilal) so there is no scope that the suggestion will work in the most undesirable (rather opposite) manner.

Now coming to the point of daily repeating 10M, you have also taken this point for discussion at another forum earlier. Snoopy, who is one of the few homeopaths there who work with clean motives, have advised you against such dosing. i am against repeating a remedy in 10 M potency daily.

One should explore other options like diet control, herbal medication and breathing exercises rather than adopting the dangerous option of taking a deep acting remedy in 10M potency daily.

Your homeopath is welcome to start disuccions here. i am no more visiting another forum that i have referred to earlier.
kadwa last decade

Can you tell me what is a safe dosage of Lycopodium 10M? Will Lycopodium work for my cholestrol and liver?

Also I really need to know how to cure erectile dysfunction. Is it because of high cholestrol, alcohol, smoking etc.? Please advise me the most effective cure?

Also, are you aware of any genuine and good Ayurveda practicioner in Delhi? I dont want to get misled and take any wrong medicine.

sunup75 last decade
A homeo remedy is selected on the basis of totality of symptoms and it is expected to effect changes at both physical and mental levels if it is able to stimulate the vital force. A remedy like lycopodium should not be taken as maintenance doses for controlling cholestrol. Lyco 10M should not be repeated with a gap of less than 1 month. If it fails to evoke any response another remedy should be explored.

ED could be because of high cholestrol, alcohol, smoking etc.

The best place is to visit Swami Ramdev's Patanjali Chikitsalaya. There you will get advice from a qualified doctor and he will also give you a prescription.

46 Patanjali Chikitshalya,
A 1/1, Main 100 Feet Road,
Santnagar, Burari, Delhi - 84
Ph. 011 64665001, 09811066618,
09811663038 Delhi,

47 Patanjali Chikitshalya
C-708, Palam Extension Sector -7
Near Shiksha Bharti School, Dwarika
New Delhi-46
M-09811211785 Delhi,

48 Patanjali Chikitshalya
89 A, Zamrudpur,
Near Behl Skin Institute,
Greater Kailash-1
New Delhi-48
M-09811526515 Delhi,
Greater Kailash

49 Patanjali Chikitshalya
Subhash Bhaskar Ji ,Ca/8b Janta Flat,
Near Suhag Banquet, Hari Nagar, Delhi
M-09811444809 Delhi,
Hari Nagar

50 Patanjali Chikitshalya
369,Kohat ,Pitam Pura, Delhi,
M-09891974743, 09891974744 Delhi,

51 Patanjali Chikitshalya
Shop No. 63, Laxmi Bai Nagar Market
Near Ina, New Delhi
M- 09871110777, 09810015266 Delhi,
Laxmi Bai Nagar

52 Patanjali Chikitshalya
Parisha Enterprises,
E - 552, Mata Chowk,
Mahipalpur, New Delhi - 37
09899924290 Delhi,

53 Patanjali Chikitshalya
Om Enterprises
2/2-Chatarpur Mandir Marg,
Near Sai Baba Mandir,
Andheri More, Mahroli, Delhi-110030
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54 Patanjali Chikitshalya
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56Patanjali Chikitshalya
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Patanjali Chikitshalya & Yog Kendra
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64 Patanjali Chikitshalya
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Shri Sai Sewa Sadan, D-1
Opp. of Balaji Mandir,
Vivek Vihar, Delhi -95
Ph. - 011- 65096900, 65098222 Delhi,
Vivek Vihar
kadwa last decade

Is one dose of Lycopodium 10M is one drop in some water?
sunup75 last decade
3-4 drops in some 20 ml water. Qty doesn't matter. What matters is dosing pattern.
kadwa last decade
Please read at the following thread as to what can happen due to taking a remedy in repeated doses.


The following are the relevant extracts as you may not have time to read...
I mentioned in my earlier posts...My local homeopath suggested me to take Ars. Alb and Phos Or Merc. Sol. in 200c potency whenever I get cold allergy (due to stress) for every half hour alternately. In the last 6 months, for about 4 months, I consumed many drams of these remedies. May be around 10 drams each. Does this cause any problem? When I used them, sometimes it was benificial and sometimes not.

I have one more problem - the skin on the penis (front end portion, on the left side only) is becoming dry and peeling off (sclaing like dandruff). It becomes red (a patch) after intercourse. I used allopathic medicines. I am applying Surfaz (allopathic ointment). It becomes normal after applying ointment for 2 or 3 days. It again becomes red (patch) after intercourse and starts dying and peeling off. Me and my wife went to allopathic doctor recently. He said it is fungal infection and prescribed some medicines for both of us. Even after using them, not found useful.

Today, I used the online tool to find out the remedy for this. I found the repertory - genitals; male; out-breaks on skin; scrotum; psoriasis (red patches with silvery scales); and remedy suggested is - Nitric Acid. When I read about Nitric Acid it is mentioned that - Syphilis, after abuse of Mercury. Does this mean that I got this problem because I used lot of Merc. Sol. earlier? Pl. clarify. Pl. suggest, if I can take this as I have taken Lyco about 10 days ago.

Just want to mention that - recently I got interest in Homeo and started reading the books; but I don't use without expert suggestion like yours.
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re: to dr. kadwa From kadwa on 2010-03-18
You may be proving Mercurius Sol.
kadwa last decade

I am clear about Lycopodium 10M now.

Keeping in mind the other test reports of Cholestrol (250) and double SGT SGOT and Cat B fatty liver - should I continue Chelidonium 6?

And also do I need to continue Nat Sulph 6X and Kali Phos 6X?

Selenium remains a questions mark - just for my clarity - how will this impact my symptoms - rather which problem will it address?

Thanks for your patience and time.
sunup75 last decade
Chelidonium is a good remedy for fatty liver. It is better to take it in 6x potency. If it is not available in 6x potency, you may take it in the tincture form Q. 10 drops of Chelidonium Q thrice a day at a gap of 4 hours.
Actually the main remedy is Lycopodium, tissue salts and chelidonium are not expected to do very much. If you are not overall satisfied with Lycopodium, you may ask your homeopath to consider Sulphur.
Unless you change your lifestyle not much can be expected from any remedy.
kadwa last decade

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