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For Joe Re Arnica and Acne

Hi Joe

I have read all of your advice on the ABC forum about Acne and Arnica and wanted to clarify with you if this treatment would be ok for me.

I have suffered with acne since i was about 10 (im now 23) i decided to try a homeopath last month.

I first started off taking angustura vera 200c twice a day and after about a week, my skin started clearing for about 2 days and was the best I had ever seen it. This was about 2 weeks ago and since then my acne has been quite bad. My homeopath has now changed me to carcinosnum 200cc twice a day (my homeopathy thought this might be better has I have quite a few moles on my body)
…as you can appreciate i would prefer to be taking something that i know other people have had some success on…..

My symptoms are:

acne is aggravated by caffeine... i haven’t taken caffeine for about 3 years now
also by sugar
i only have it on my face, with my breakouts primarily on my chin and nose areas.

acne also gets aggravated when i am stressed and i have just recently noticed around my time of the month
i suffer from anxiety as well (my homeopath told me i need to tell him about my entire health history for him to get a clear picture of my health)

What do you think of the above homeopathic remedies? and do you think it is worth ditching the new treatment and switching to arnica 30c?

I would really appreciate your advice on this matter because as I have said before, my skin did clear up for a few days which gave me a glimpse into what is could be…. So I still have hope

Thankyou & Kindest regards

  Aussie Megan on 2010-03-28
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Since you have already read my advice to those who suffer from Acne or Pimples, I presume that you are aware that the remedy I have prescribed is Arnica. I did prescribe the 30c potency in the past but new research has shown that the 6c potency in the Wet dose is far more effective.

You will take it twice daily and apply the remedy directly on your lesions as often as is possible. Do not pour out the remedy from the bottle on to a cotton wad as you risk contaminating the remedy in the bottle in the backwash and besides the cotton may transfer the bacteria from one lesion to another hair follicle and thereby spread the infection around on the skin.

If as you have found, sugar, coffee and other food like chocolates increase the acne, you must obviously avoid them.

Exercise is essential to get the blood flowing which the Arnica will stimulate. Drink plenty of fluids to flush the system.

It is understood of course that you will stop all other medication and drugs you may be using today.

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the remedy in a 5ml Ethanol pack also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard before you take a capfull which is the dose. Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this shaking must be done every time before a capful of the bottle is sipped as directed.

Please report your response in a week.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,

Thankyou so much for the fab advice. :)

I have premtively gone out a brought a whole bunch for Arnica 30c pelets.

Is it at all possible to weaken the pelets potency (ie turn them into 6c) and make them into the ethinol solution to mix with water?
Aussie Megan last decade
Arnica 6c is the potency for Acne and you cannot use the 30c in the Dry pellets as they are ineffective.

You must get the Arnica 6c in the Liquid Dilution in Ethanol. If this is not easily available you can mail order it fromL

Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe

Thankyou for your quick responces and for finding a place that stocks it for me. I have done a bit of hunting and found a place that has the 6c wet. Ill get back to you soon and let you know how things are going with my skin.

Thanks Again


Aussie Megan last decade
Hi Joe

Just to give you and update, since starting to treatment on Monday (4 days) i have seen some improvement in my skin. i have noticed that most of my acne has or is currently drying up and retreting and that there is little new stuff coming up. Fingers crost it will continue to do so :)

I will update you on my progress again soon


Aussie Megan last decade
Thank you for confirming that my Joepathy helped you in just 3 days. I have always referred to Arnica as a Miracle Remedy and you now know the reason why.

You have already observed some positive improvement in your Acne and as long as you use my Joepathy you will be OK for life without any pimples. You indicated in your first post that you suffered from Acne for the last 13 long years and I presume that the pimples have left some indentations or marks on your skin. These too can also be helped but this may take some time into the future.

Here is your report of what your homeopath gave you:

'I first started off taking angustura vera 200c twice a day and after about a week, my skin started clearing for about 2 days and was the best I had ever seen it. This was about 2 weeks ago and since then my acne has been quite bad. My homeopath has now changed me to carcinosnum 200cc twice a day (my homeopathy thought this might be better has I have quite a few moles on my body) '

It seems a shame that all it did was to make your acne even worse and he then changed you over to Carcinosin which you must know is a Nosode made from Carcinoma or Cancerous tissue.

You can read all about this remedy on: http://homeoint.org/books/boericmm/c/carc.htm
You need not worry thinking that the remedy may be dangerous as it was originally potentized from Cancerous tissue. The process of potentization up to the 200c potency renders it safe. However it is best not to use it other than on a SOS basis and strictly under guidance of someone who is knowledgeable.

In direct contrast the Arnica 6c worked like magic and in just 3 days you felt a marked improvement.

This is Joepathy for you and you must understand that I discovered this therapy as there is no reference to Arnica helping Acne in the Homeopathic text books.

You also stated:
'acne also gets aggravated when i am stressed and i have just recently noticed around my time of the month '

Many girls who have used Arnica have reported that they observed that their difficult days are rendered to be quite normal and their periods are easier without any excess bleeding. The associated pain and stress is also eased and many do not experience any difference during those days.

Report progress in a few days when you are OK.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe

Thanks so much for your speedy response….I think you should write a book on arnica, or try to get some research done on the stuff so it can be included in homeopathic books! ....if i had had this stuff even a few years ago it would have saved me alot of heart ache!!! especially with the time ive wasted staying at home and missing events because of the state of my acne! i will defiantly be telling people about it :)

Thanks for the help :)

I do have small amounts of scaring and redness in my face. The redness also occurs in areas that i have never had acne... is there another remedy for skin discolouration in the face? or does arnica start to work wonders after a while on that to?

If you have any other questions about my skin please let me know

Thanks again

Aussie Megan last decade
You may like to know that I have collated my research on Arnica in a few articles on this entitled 'Arnica the Miracle Remedy' which I notice goes way back to 2005 when I was active on this Forum which I was forced to boycott up to the end of last year due to the infernal interference from a few so called 'classical homeopaths' who infested this Forum and who were jealous of the success that I had achieved in helping patients whom they had treated for months without any success. When finally the word got around about my magic touch in healing and the patient contacted me, I was usually able to help with my own brand of this science which these same classical homeopaths derisively referred to as 'Joepathy' and which they hoped would die a natural death. To their surprise however this term has stuck and if you would like to insert this word into Google you will discover that they have listed over 1350 of my select cases which are now in the public domain.

This is in conformity to my own wishes as I would like my research in the use of remedies in a non classical manner which these classical homeopaths labelled 'this for that' to continue long after I am no more as I am over 80 years of age today and do still enjoy a sense of well being and health which many half my age would envy, thanks to my complete allegiance to Homeopathy. I do not take any drugs whatever unless on a SOS basis and I believe that this is the secret of my good health which I would like to share with you and all others who may read this post.

Remember that every drug used by anyone leaves its after effects on the body and this is where Homeopathy is far more preferable to using drugs as there is absolutely no side effects that can be attributed to Homeopathic remedies. At the worst they may not be effective if prescribed by those who lack the experience like your own homeopath who made a bad situation much worse. This has unfortunately been the curse of Homeopathy as practiced today where the classically qualified homeopath treats a patient as just another case which he may or may not treat successfully for the fee that he charges. If he does not succeed, he will invariably find an excuse in the quality of the remedy or may infer that the patient was responsible or give some lame excuse which the long suffering patient has to endure like you did even when your condition was made much worse by the remedies he had prescribed.

This is the intrinsic difference in my own practice as to me Homeopathy is only a Hobby to which I am passionately dedicated and which I practice completely free of charge. I believe that the fact that I do not seek any revenue from this branch of medicine enables me in my limited practice to identify many ailments that the standard Homeopathic remedies are not listed to cure in the text books currently in use today.

You have suggested that I write a book on my discoveries and you can read some of my records on Arnica on:


You can also type in 'Joepathy' into Google to read their listings of some of my choice cases some of which are original in terms of the remedies used and not listed elsewhere. 'Joe De Livera' also lists some more of my research into Homeopathy.

Can you send me a close up photograph of your face to my email enable me to identify the remedy that I should prescribe for you to help with your discolouration and the scarring.You can get my email address from my profile.
Joe De Livera last decade

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