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How Joepathy helps a patient again to expel a Kidney Stone

How Joepathy helps a patient again to expel a Kidney Stone
By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
February 21 2010

I am copying my post which appeared in the Homeopathy and More Forum on February 21 2010 which may be of interest to members on the ABC. I have also included the response of members to my post. I have also copied my previous post dated September 18 2008 where I recorded my first success with the expelling of Kidney Stones from another patient.

I would recommend this therapy to members who may like to use it for their next patient and I would appreciate if they would please record their patient's response on this Forum if they decide to use my therapy.

I am happy to report that I have succeeded in expelling another Kidney Stone of another patient whom I have been treating for the last 3 months who was diagnosed and showed 3 Kidney Stones in his left Kidney. This is the third case that I have treated with this same protocol and I am recording it in the hope that other Homeopaths will remember this therapy which has helped 3 patients all of whom were diagnosed with Kidney Stones which were clearly visible on their X'rays.

The remedy I used was Berberis Vulgaris 6c in the Wet dose taken twice daily and this appeared to have dissolved the Calculus which was Calcium Oxalate Crystals in about 3 months as there was only one in a recent Xray which was causing excruciating pain for which his doctor has prescribed 2 tablets Ponstan twice daily which was barely able to control his pain.

I gave him Colocynthis 200c in the dry Lactose Pellets and he took 3 doses each of 6 pellets sublingually in 2 days and reported that he felt excruciating pain in his abdomen which seemed to be moving downwards in the evening of the second day. He had a light dinner and shortly after brought it all up. He could not sleep but went to the toilet in the early hours of the morning where he had fainted with the pain when he was passing urine which was bloody and he had expelled the stone.

He is now fully recovered and does not experience any pain. I have however given him Ciprofloxacin 500 taken twice daily for 6 days to cover any possible infection in the Ureter and the Urethra which can occur due to the laceration in the passages.

I am copying below my post entitled 'How Joepathy disloged a Kidney Stone' dated September 18 2008.

I would like to share with members the therapy I used a few days ago to treat a Kidney Stone which can be useful to members who may be diagnosed with one or who may find that a friend suffers from a Kidney Stone. It is interesting to note that modern medicine does not seem to have any treatment for Kidney Stones other than shattering them with a Lithotrypter or by using drugs to dissolve them which usually does not seem to help the patient quickly. This patient had been under treatment by specialists of the General Hospital in Colombo for some months but with no amelioration of his condition.

He presented with acute pain in his back which had been diagnosed by specialists as Kidney Stones. An Xray did not show any shadows but his Urine report showed that he had Calcium Oxalate Crystals ++.

I gave the patient Berberis Vulgaris 6c in the Wet Dose but this did not help him for a week as this remedy works slowly to dissolve the stones. On the 8th day he reported acute pain radiating down from his right kidney and was unable to stand erect. I diagnosed that a stone had been discharged from his right kidney and that it was blocking his right Ureter. I gave him 6 pellets Colocynthis 200 in the DRY Dose which he took sublingually at around 7.00PM. He reported on the morning after that he had woken up around 2.00AM with excrutiating pain, the likes of which which he had never suffered before in his life. The pain radiated from his back down through his abdomen on the right side and down to the bladder. His urine was bloody shortly after.

He had passed the stone with just one dose of Colocynthis 200 and he is now completely free of all pain and discomfort. A urine test does not show any signs of Calcium Oxalate Crystals.

I am recording this incident in the hope that members will remember that Colocynthis 200 in the DRY dose has an almost miraculous effect in dislodging Kidney Stones. Berberis Vulgaris 6c in the Wet Dose will slowly dissolve the Calculi and it helped this patient to dislodge the stone that was in his right kidney and its passage through the Ureter caused him this unbearable pain which was so bad that he had passed out for a short while.

I have advised him to take a teaspoonful of Berberis V 6c in the Wet Dose daily to ensure that his urine does not cause another Kidney Stone to form and to also drink at least 3 liters of liquids daily.

Re:How Joepathy helps a patient again to expel a Kidney Ston
By: girilal
New Jersey USA
February 22 2010
Thanks for the information Joe. Next time I will try Colocynthis too.

Usually all people get rid of the stones by Berberis but sitll they get themselves admitted to hospitals due to the pain.


Re:How Joepathy helps a patient again to expel a Kidney Ston
By: garcot
February 22 2010
Dear Joe,

Thanks for updating us on Colocynth's amazing power to expel kidney stones.

What I noticed about colocynth:

The colocynth, also known as bitter apple, bitter cucumber, egusi, or vine of Sodom, is a viny plant native to the Mediterranean Basin and Asia, especially Turkey (especially in regions such as İzmir), Nubia, and Trieste. It originally bore the scientific name Colocynthis citrullus, but is now classified as Citrullus colocynthis.
In pre-modern medicine it was an ingredient in the electuary called confectio hamech, or diacatholicon, and most other laxative pills; and in such cases as required purging, it was very successful. It is one of the most violent purgative drugs known; insomuch that it excoriates the passages to such a degree as to sometimes draw blood, and induce a so-called 'superpurgation'. Sometimes, it was taken boiled in water, or beer, in obstruction of the menses, which was considered successful in strong constitutions. Some women used it in the same manner, in the beginning of pregnancy, to cause an abortion, which often occurred due to the violence of its operation.[6] Its usage for this purpose is documented in ancient times; for example, the following recipe was found in the Ebers medical papyrus in Egypt, dated to about 1550 BCE

To cause a woman to stop [terminate] pregnancy in the first, second or third period [trimester]: unripe fruit of acacia; colocynth; dates; triturate with 6/7th pint of honey. Moisten a pessary of plant fiber [with the mixture] and place in the vagina.
—— Ebers papyrus, c. 1550 BCE; translation from Eve's Herbs, by John M. Riddle

The powder of colocynth was sometimes used externally, with aloes, etc, in unguents, plasters, etc, with remarkable success against parasitic worms; and some, for the same purpose, recommended that the pulp be used as an enema. In iliac passion, enemas of colocynth were used effectively where most other pre-modern medicines had failed.

Troches, or lozenges, made of colocynth were called 'troches of alhandal'. They were prepared by cutting the colocynth to a small size, and reducing it to a fine powder in a mortar, rubbed with oil of sweet almonds; adding gum tragacanth, and mastic afterwards.

Re:How Joepathy helps a patient again to expel a Kidney Ston
By: garcot
February 22 2010
Dear Joe,

Every symptom the patient experienced for which you prescribed that magical potency ( 200c), is nost beautifully listed in

Homoeopathic Drug Pictures
By Margaret Lucy Tyler

Thanks Joe. It will save every patient with kidney stones, a great deal of pain, money,time, and stress.

Warm regards

Never question Nature's ways of healing

Re: How Joepathy helps a patient again to expel a Kidney Sto
By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
February 25 2010
To Girilal

It is the combination of the remedies that ensures a successful outcome. The patients I have treated have all responded in the same manner and I copied my first report in this thread. Berberis V 6c in the Wet dose taken bd is the optimum dosage and potency to dissolve the stone. I failed to mention in my first post on this thread that I have treated many patients whose Calculi just passed without their even knowing that they had passed them. Such is the power of Berberis to dissolve Calculi and it seems such a pity that when a patient presents this ailment the classical homeopaths would first abide by their classical training and not dare to use this simple therapy that I have formulated which is a combination of Homeopathy and the 2 drugs I used Ponstan and Ciprofloxacin to help the pain and to prevent bacterial infection in the Ureter and Urethra.

As I reported this acutely painful extraction of the Kidney Stone is my third case which was resolved in a somewhat dramatic and bloody manner but the end result was the same and it is my hope that other Homeopaths will use this therapy and hopefully record the response of their patients on this Forum.

One final point. I have always advised patients who presented stones to take a capful of Berberis V 6c in the Wet dose once daily for 2 weeks and later to take this same remedy in the Split Dose for life. The split dose is made by pouring out a capful of the remedy into a cup of water from which the patients takes a mouthful daily to prevent the formation of a Calculus.


PS Can you please fix the problem of the email alerts which do not work any more as a result of which I was not aware of your post and the post of Garcot ?

Re: How Joepathy helps a patient again to expel a Kidney Sto
By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
February 25 2010
Dear Garcot,

Thank you for the information you have recorded on Colocynthis which grows extensively in the Dry Zone in Sri Lanka and has been used widely in Auyrvedha for perhaps thousands of years for Kidney ailments.

I have described in detail the etiology of the ailment and the therapy I used which as I stated before is my third case which culminated with the expulsion of the stone some time after midnight. You will appreciate that although Berberis V has been recorded and used to dissolve Calculi, Colocynthis 200 has not to my knowledge been recorded in the current texts to ease the passage down the Ureter and later the Urethra with the urine.

I would like to copy Boericke on Colocynthis which I had read some years ago and which I decided to experiment with in the 200c potency which I felt was the optimum for easing the Calculus downwards from the Kidney.

'(Colocynthis) Develops most of its symptoms in the abdomen and head, causing intense neuralgias. It is especially suitable for irritable persons easily angered, and ill effects therefrom. Women with copious menstruation, and of sedentary habits. Persons with a tendency to corpulency. The neuralgic pains are nearly always relieved by pressure. Cramps and twitching and shortening of muscles. Constrictions and contractions. Cystospasm following operations on orifices (Hyper). Urinous odor of perspiration (Berb; Nitr ac). Agonizing pain in abdomen, causing patient to bend double, is most characteristic. Sensations; cutting, twisting, grinding, contracting and bruised; as if clamped with iron bands.'

My first case about 5 years ago when I used Berberis V to dissolve the calculus and Colocynthis 200 both in the Wet dose to ease the passage. It was purely experimental at that first stage and it is only when it worked that I used it on the second and the third patients with success. I believe that my therapy can help other patients and I would appreciate if any Homeopaths who prescribe my therapy will please record their findings on this Forum.

I must admit that it is just the thrill and the satisfaction that I derive in helping suffering humanity that impels me to continue my research in using standard Homeopathic Remedies for ailments and diseases that are not mentioned in the classical texts. As many are aware I have fallen afoul of many classical homeopathic schools in my quest for widening the scope of using Homeopathic remedies but the fact remains that almost all the remedies that I have used have met with a successful outcome for which I am thankful to my Creator who I am convinced, guides me in my life and in my Homeopathy therapy aka 'Joepathy'.

I have always shared the results of my research on Forums such as this as I am keen to ensure that other Homeopaths can benefit and help patients who present the same ailments that I have overcome successfully.

Warm Regards

Joe De Livera
  Joe De Livera on 2010-03-28
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

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