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Shifting Potency downward from 200c to 30c

This is mainly for Kuldeep but I welcome anyone else's ideas as well.

My husband is the one with the severe jerking during sleep. He was prescribed 200c Sulphur which we are doing at one dose in the morning in the water dilution method outlined by Kuldeep. Kuldeep also suggested (via email) that my husband's constitution is Nux Vomica (an exact hit, by the way). Since the two are "twin sisters", he is taking Nux 30c (water dilution) at night and Sulphur in the morning.

This will continue for 21 days from when we started the two together (March 15). There were three days in that period prior to that (when he was on sulphur only) that he did not take Sulphur to give his body time to adjust.

The question is this: Since high potencies are more problematic and coffee is more of an issue in high potencies, shall I remake the water dilution with Sulphur 30c? My husband is definitely feeling the amazing effects of sulphur on the emotional level. For example, after years of trying to stop smoking, he says he suddenly "has no desire." He is chewing nicorette gum to allay his cravings but believe me, he has chewed nicorettte gum before AND smoked at the same time. Yes, I know...bad move. Anyway, he is 7 days from his last cigarette and very amazed that he feels this way. Thank you, Sulphur. Thank you, Kuldeep.

So, what about going from 200c to 30c for the remainder of his 21 day adventure????
  laddy111 on 2005-03-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hello Laddy

In my life I never prescribed any homeopathy medicine above 30. So you are asking to the wrong person. People thing a constituinal remedy will fix their all problems, man is mortal and there will be problems always.

High potency is extremely high dilution. Mathematically 200 potency medicine does not have any Sulphur. It is a drop of medicine in whole atlantic ocean (I am not wrong here). I believe if you add a drop of Sulphur and shake up whole atlantic ocean it's potency could be below 200.

You know what is called placebo effect. During any medicine't trial period half the patients are given placebo.

30-40% people who take placebo claim that they are feeling improvement in their symptoms.

Actualy this ratio is higher then the patients taking any homeopathy medicine about 30.

That's why I prescribe lower potency, it is so potent it menifests on a patient one way or another. It shows some effect. If it shows a definete desireable effect in the beginign patient can move up on the potency.

First thing is to know if it is placebo effect or a potent effect.
kuldeep last decade
Okay. Since we know that my husband is definitely responding to the 200c Sulphur, would it be okay to dilute 4 pellets of 30c sulphur in a liter of water and continue his 21 day schedule with it? I feel that this may be warranted as I just don't feel comfortable giving him the 200c for an extended period of time. However, I don't know if taking the potency down will have any adverse effects.

What is your opinion?
laddy111 last decade
I'd like anybody to please answer this question for me re: shifting potency downward from 200c to 30c for my husband.

He has been on the Sulphur 200c in a water dilution (1 teaspoon a day) since Monday March 7th. Five days after that (March 12) he showed symptoms of a bad respiratory cold. However, he had been exposed to two men at work who were suffering from the identical viral cold. Thus, I felt it was the Sulphur acting and he felt he had caught the cold. However, I see symptoms of Sulphur acting on his mind and body. First of all, and most impressively, he says he doesn't have the desire to smoke cigarettes anymore. I am holding my breath on this one since he has been struggling for decades to quit smoking. It has been 8 days and no cigarette. Yes, he is chewing Nicorette gum but in the past, that was not enough to keep him from smoking.

He is still battling a somewhat loose cough and feels spacey. I told him to stop taking the one teaspoon of Sulphur water dilution in the morning as of today since I intuitively feel he needs to either stop this remedy for a bit or back down to a lower potency (30c).

laddy111 last decade
from the symptoms you give it sounds like he should stop taking sulphur for a few days or even longer. If you then feel the effect of the remedy may have completely stopped working report back to us for advice. I don't quite understand why it is important to keep to the 21 days for taking the remedy? did your homeopath advise this? if so it would be good to ask your homeopath for advice on this.
erika last decade
Thank you, Erika.
laddy111 last decade
Just wanted to add that my husband is absolutely wiped out from this "cold" he has had now for 8 days. While I do not know all the signs of Sulphur';s action, I do know that it goes very deep in the system and brings up buried emotional/physical/emotional stuff from the system. If you look at the "cold" in that way, I think it is a direct result of the remedy and not a passing virus.

My husband is tired from "his core," as he puts it. For years, he has overworked and suffered from lots of work and family stress. I've told him that his body would eventually catch up to his mind and, I feel, with Sulphur's assistance, this is what has happened.

A question to anyone out there. We started the Sulphur to hopefully resolve the sudden jerking/twitiching and seeming "electric shocks" that occur to him as he goes to sleep and while he sleeps. I have done extensive research on this subject, nutritionally, herbally and homeopathicly. I understand that the main remedies for this kind of jerking during sleep are Sulphur, Calc. Carb., Lycopodium and Nux Vomica. My husand's constitutional is Nux Vomica. I love the idea of Sulphur and Nux being twin sisters (according to Kuldeep). The jerking is still very much there during sleep, however, he says that his sleep is more deep and ultimately more refreshing since starting the remedies (he's been on Sulphur and then Nux). My question is whether anyone out there has ANY experience with type of sleep "jerking" disorder and, if so, what you learned and/or what worked.

This problem has plagued our marriage since the very beginning. We have both been trying everything imaginable to cure it. I feel strongly that the cure is only through homeopathy.

Two points of interest: My husband was depressed and suffered from low level anxiety for years. He was also considered A.D.H.D. and given Ritalin for about a month back in 1999. Over the course of about five years, ending in December 2004, my husband was off and on Zoloft and Klonopin. He was on low doses (1/2 a tablet) and mostly relied upon the Klonopin. The only reason he stopped the Klonopin was when he read an article on how addictive and dangerous it was. For some reason, that did it for him and he went off cold turkey. I do feel that the jerking, while present during the drug's use, was more apparent after he quit.

Secondly, he has had erectile difficulties tied to his mind. His mind rules his body, trust me. Anyway, after being on an organic, all natural nutritional program now for over 3 years, his erectile problems are far less than they were. However, he still feels he needs something every week or so to kick start his erectile function. I found an herbal tablet called "Super-X" that has four Chinese herbs in it (Tongkat Ali, Cistanche, Horny Goat Weed and Panax). This works very well for him and seems to "open the gate" for him and allow his erectile function to be fine for as long as 2 weeks. However, his on again, off again lack of sexual desire can be problematic. There have also been many times when the body is willing but the mind is just not there.

I tell you all of this to paint a better picture for anybody who cares to jump in and offer their ideas. ANY AND ALL ADVICE IS MORE THAN WELCOME! Nothing would please us more as a married couple than to have the sleeping issue resolved and, perhaps, the other issues I mentioned as well.

Thank you very much.
laddy111 last decade
do your husband's jerking movements feel like an electric shock or does it look like he is getting an electric shock?
erika last decade
He says it doesn't feel like an electric shock. To me, it looks like a VERY quick, jolt that can emanate from his legs, feet, or mid-section. He says to tell you that they feel like "muscle contractions" with no pain afterward.

Thank you so much for your interest, erika.
laddy111 last decade
can you tell me a bit more about his sleep pattern? also whether the jerking muscles wake him from sleep? is he a thirsty person, cold person - any foods or drinks really upseet him? are there any other muscle twitches during the daytime?
also - what potency nux vom is he taking at the moment?
erika last decade
He is chronic tired due to the stresses of the day that revolve around his three businesses. He is peppy when he gets up (once he gets up) but comes home mentally and physically beat. He has dinner and then promptly watches one favorite show that night and often falls asleep on the couch. If he falls asleep on the couch, then he usually doesn't go right to sleep when he hits the bed. He likes to read before bed. He falls asleep FAST. I've never seen anybody fall asleep this fast. The jerking muscles wake up him when they are particularly violent and dramatic. He often tells me things like "I was reaching for something" or "I was sitting down" in my sleep. So, he is reacting at times to something that is happening in a dream like state. But this dream like state can be induced, I guess, fairly quickly as he can jerk within seconds of falling asleep. Is is not a thirsty person, although I fill a quart jug of water for him daily and he usually finishes it. He is a very hot person in that he only sleeps with a t-shirt and nothing else, winter and summer. He throws the covers off his feet and his body feels very hot to the touch. When he is too hot in bed, he is VERY restless and impossible to sleep with. He usually tears a bed apart unless the bed is tucked in well. He gets chilled in windy and snowy weather. Hates winter because of the lack of sunlight and shorter days. He loves beer, but not the cheap stuff. He loves Mexican beers. He has allergies to shellfish, eggplant and avocados. He was tested recently and it came back that he had food sensitivies to mushrooms, asparagus and onions. Grapefruit juice upsets his stomach. He does not crave milk and would not sit down to a glass of it if it were offered. No muscular twitches during the daytime.

Potency of Nux is 30c. Discontinued as of several days ago.
laddy111 last decade
thank you - I'll get back later today - it would also help to know if he is also a hot person during the day, or whether he tends to be more chilly during waking hours.
erika last decade
also pls clarify re erection problems - i am not clear whether the desire is there and erections not possible or whether always with problem there is no desire? when you say the body is willing but the mind is not there i am not sure what you mean? do you mean the erection is there but he is too tired?
erika last decade
it would still be helpful to get the answers above later when you are online, but from reading through today a remedy which may be very helpful is conium mac. - I would suggest taking 1 dose of 30c during the evening for 3 days to see what effect this has on any of the symptoms needing treatment. after this you would need to report whether there have been any changes at all. do not expect quick changes with the jerking motions at night as this is a symptom that has been there for a very long time. the first improvements to look for are in general energy level - the sexual problems need the energy level to be normal before better, as do all the symptoms.
as he is very stressed i would suggest also making sure there is enough zinc in your diet (from food sources, i.e. pumpkin seeds, not supplements- if you do get supplements then read up on this as it is important - too much zinc can deplete your copper ) and selenium (good supplement ok) - these are important nutrients for male health.
avena sativa herbal tincture would also be very helpful, particularly if still withdrawing from the smoking, as this calms the nervous system and helps with withdrawal pangs.
erika last decade

To answer your questions, my husband is flushed in the face and palms of his hands but tends to get chilly during the day and VERY hot and uncomfortable in bed, tossing off the covers to expose his feet.

Re: his erection problems, his ex-wife may have contributed to this problem, although I am not one of those women who lay all the blame on the last wife. His ex was critical of his lovemaking ability and would apparently tell him a few things he could have done differently after they would have intercourse. This went over like a brick with my husband and he eventually ceased having sex with her, going for maybe 3 to 9 months without it over the course of their 23 year marriage. However, he is a man who is very romantic when he wants to be, talks about sexual things in a very sweet way with me (i.e., not crude) and says that he and I are more sexually active than he's EVER been in any relationship he's had. He's been sexually active with a total of four women in his life, including me. He says that the desire is lacking much of the time due to his chronic mental and physical exhaustion. I understand this. However, when we started our relationship in the summer of 2002, he had MORE business uncertainty and he was able to completely set it aside and be unbelieveably sexually active and VERY interested in initiating lovemaking. I understand that part of this is the fact that we were a new couple and discovering each other and part of the "newness" of a sexual relationship. He still felt he needed Viagra back then to get an erection so the concern over not performing WAS there then. But the lack of desire was NOT.

These days, he says he feels desire but it takes an incredible amount of mental effort on his part to make his body react. Sometimes, he can get an erection without any help from me (very rare) and then he seems to struggle with the idea of "should I pursue this or just fall back to sleep." Sleep, for my husband, is like gold. He hasn't had enough of it over the last five years due to his chronic work stress that really hit high gear in 2000. So, yes, he is truly tired. However, I have had him on an excellent diet for almost three years, herbs that support his lungs, circulation, adrenals and heart, good supplements of selenium, E, C. I don't give him zinc in supplement form, but he eats plenty of pumpkin seeds to get it, as well as loving Brazil Nuts to up his selenium intake. He also loves almonds and pecans.

Hope this clarifies everything without being too graphic for the Forum.
laddy111 last decade
One more thing, he has taken Oats on and off for three years. He is now taking two 375 mg. capsules of freeze dried oats each morning (from Eclectic Institute) to help with his withdrawals. Mind you, I have incorporated Oats into his regimen before and it's not touched his craving or withdrawal symptoms. I'm hoping it's different this time around.

Also, he had an adrenal stress test done two months ago. It was determined that for the amount of stress he is under, he was in " very good" shape. His DHEA levels were tanked in the morning so he is now on 25 mg. of DHEA each morning upon rising. This seems to have helped in some ways. Also, he tested borderline Type II Diabetic last November, but through diet changes (eating protein the morning and cutting out sugar in his coffee), he was able to drop two points in one week away from the Diabetic borderline. Finally, we did the saliva hormone panel to determine his free testosterone, progesterone and estrogen levels. He had been using a male progesterone cream for a less than one month (recommended by a nutritionist friend) and then been off the cream for three weeks before taking the saliva hormone test. His testosterone was said to be that of a 30 year olds. His progesterone was high and, thus, we ceased the cream. His estrogen showed no dominance. I was more concerned about the estrogen dominance factor as I know this can cause sexual withdrawal and erectile problems. But his estrogen levels were considered "normal."

I can truly say that my husband's issues revolve around his MIND. He has said he sometimes feels "paralyzed" by his mental issues and then procrastinates action because of fear of failure. The reality, in the end, is ALWAYS better than what his mind conjured up. I've mentioned this to him over and over again and he sees that.
laddy111 last decade
thanks for all this info. Lycopodium could suit but try conium first - lycopodium has fear of failure, erectile problems, lack of confidence, history of being put down/dominated. Conium is a bit deeper acting and has a lot of control stuff in mind - fixed ideas about things and ways to do them - conium has sexual problems from abstinence - it can be a very deep chronic of a phosphorous type personality. both have the jerking during sleep. I wonder if the appearance of these problems during sleep is because this is the time of day when one cannot have any control over the actions of ones mind or limbs and suppressed stuff then must out!
erika last decade
i will read through your reply more carefully later and come back if i can suggest other. take care, erika
erika last decade
Thank you, Erika
laddy111 last decade
i read through it all again and my thoughts are the same - except that i do not think it so important now to necessarily try conium before lycopodium - it would not matter which you started with. Read through the symptoms of both and see which you think - bear in mind that lycopodium has more written about it as it is more frequently used and has been more proven. The conium provings make it sound like an old person's remedy and this is not the case!
your diet and supplements are very thorough and excellent!!! I wish I was as good at my own diet and supplements!
did you try the oats in tincture? - for some unknown reason this works best if the drops are put in a small glass of warm water when taken and the tincture seems to hit the spot more than tablets.
erika last decade
Yes, he has tried to oat in tincture form and had no benefit from it. He said last night that for the first time since 10 days ago, he is craving a cigarette. Maybe it's because his respiratory cold is now waning. I was disheartened to hear he was craving tobacco but I've learned that addiction to tobacco is often worse than addiction to opium. It is critical that he stays off cigarettes as both his medical doc and N.D. have advised him that he's tempting fate, due to his Type II Diabetic test results and obvious other reasons.

Checked the mental picture of lycopodium from three sources and, except for the low self-confidence, he doesn't fit the picture completely. Just to let you know, he has consulted with a homeopath over the weekend and been given the following suggestions to deal directly with his jerking sleep pattern:

Ambra Greisa
Arg. Nit

They are on order but we are not dong all at the same time, obviously. Ambra will be first and possibly only one or two doses. Then we will base the rest of his program on whatever his body suggests. As the homeopath said, "Fix his tiredness, and many of the other problems may be resolved." I will keep an update once we get these in the mail.

Thank you for your help and input. It is appreciated.
laddy111 last decade
I'm glad you managed to see a homeopath - thanks for letting me know the results. I'm looking forward to hearing how you get on with these remedies - take care and keep me posted, erika.
erika last decade

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