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Arnica and Obstructed Bladder Neck

I have seen a few post from Joe and others about Arnica.

I have been diagnosed with an obstructed bladder neck a year ago. My symptoms are frequent and urgent urination. I am a 36 year old male. I have tried flow-max for about 6 months which helped the flow a bit but not really the frequency or urgency matter.

I have purchased Arnica 6C and am waiting for an order of Arnica 30C both are in pellet/Tablet form. I was wondering if Arnica is the right thing to be taking and if so what is the best way and dose?


  easygroove on 2010-04-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hello easygroove.
Can you say a little about when this occurred?
Did anything in particular happend in connection with this pain? Maybe something emotionally or physically? Hard work?

Your symptoms are accompanied by other subtle symptoms? For example, sweats, chills, thirst, aversion to touch, swollen glands, desire or aversion to certain foods, weak legs and arms, etc?

What is typical of your symptoms?
Are they sudden or gradual, they are constant or come and go, how frequent are they?

Do you have mental problems?
Restless, irritable, angry, nervous, crying for nothing, self-pity, hypersensitive, casually, you will be alone, anxious, desire for compassion.

Is there anything that makes the symptoms better or worse?
Hot or cold, fresh air, hot or cold packs, to sit or stand, to lie in a certain way, physical or mental exertion, emotional stress?

Practitioner of classical homeopathy.
Parakletos. last decade
One more thing, this frequent and urgent urination, it can often happen at night? And is it a burning sensation in the urethra during urination, which also lasts a long time afterwards?

Parakletos. last decade
Hi Parakletos,
My symptoms started about 3 years ago. I was on a train and out of no where got the sudden and very urgent feeling of needing to pass water.
then about 2 months later the same thing happened and after passing water I pretty much felt like going again straight away like I hadn't emptied my bladder properly. 3 months later i started to need to go to the toilet every half an hour or so. that lasted a month or so and then became every 2 or so hours. I have had no pain and still have the frequency and urgency symptoms and the urge to pass water every 2 or so hours. I also often feel like I haven't completely emptied my bladder. It can get worse when I am drinking too.

Firstly I was diagnosed with prostatitis, and was on norfloxicin for about a 8 months. Then about a year ago I was re diagnosed with Obstructed Bladder and was on put onto Flowmax for about 8 months which kind of helped the flow and emptying of the bladder but it did almost nothing for the frequency and ungency syptoms which is what are bothering me the most. I do get hot flushes which can make me sweat. I sometimes sweat in my sleep as well.

As for some of the mental problems that you asked about I guess a get slight anxiety and depression a bit, and I can get short tempered and restless too. I often find it hard to focus on one thing after a short time as well.

Thanks for your help,


easygroove last decade
There is no burning or pain at all, it is the same day or night.

easygroove last decade
There is no burning or pain at all, it is the same day or night.
I also get heart burn most days.

easygroove last decade
To Easygroove

Since you have already addressed me by email and referred to my posts on Arnica I shall butt in on this thread although it has already been replied to by a homeopath.

You have not given any details on your ailment and I would like you to complete the Patient's Questionnaire on the link below:


If you are over 60 years of age, it is likely that you suffer from BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) and this is perhaps the reason for your present ailment.

You state that you have purchased Arnica 6c in the Dry pellets but I have always noted that the Liquid Dilution in Ethanol of any remedy is far more effective in helping in the curative process and I would urge you to get it ASAP.

You can use it in the Wet dose twice daily till you get the Liquid Dilution by following the method below:

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the remedy in a 5ml Ethanol pack also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard before you take a capfull which is the dose. Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this shaking must be done every time before a capful of the bottle is sipped as directed.
Joe De Livera last decade
Can you then agree with this: 'Constant urging and full sensation, but only small, unsatisfying amounts are Passed'?
And the problem is located in the neck of browsing?
Have they said anything about cystitis or Pyelonephritis?

Parakletos. last decade
Sorry, should be 'neck of bladder.'
Parakletos. last decade
Well I can pass urine no problem, since the flow max my flow has been pretty good. It's mainly the frequency and urgency that troubles me and when i finish sometimes it feels like there is still a little bit in the bladder though this is not always the case. sometimes it feels like it is totally empty. I had uro dynamic study done which involves tubes up the penis and thats how they came up saying that I have an Obstructed Bladder Neck. No mention of cystitis or pyelonephritis.
easygroove last decade
Hi Joe
here is my questionnaire.
Full Name: Bol
(You can use your alias if you want to be anonymous)
Sex: Male
Age: 36
Weight: 101kg
Height: 186cm
Temperature: Normal
Blood Pressure: Normal
Color of Tongue: Normal (Pink)
Occupation: Tree Lopper
Optional Information:
Country: Australia
(With city and country codes)
Email Address:
Detail Patient History
Name of Disease:-
Obstructed Bladder Neck

Patient Description:-
Frequency and Urgency of Urination, soemtime the feeling of not completly emptying of bladder. No pain.

Cause of your disease / Problem:
(If you don’t know leave it blank)

Period of Disease / Complaints:
(3 years, March 2007

Results of major Laboratory Tests: Normal
(Investigations / Pathology Reports) Normal

Comfortable Position:-
Makes no difference.

Change of Weather:-
Makes no difference

Good Time:

(At what time you feel uneasiness or discomfort?
Morning / forenoon / evening / night etc?) It doesn't change with time of day.

(How is your thirst?) Normal
(How is your appetite?) Normal

List of medicines used so for:
(Homeopathic and allopathic or Herbal, if any etc)

a. Ventolin for Asthma

(Explain in detail where necessary)
Are you addict of alcohol? I drink 3-4 beers most days but not every day
Are you a smoker? ex smoker
Are you fond of drinking tea? sometimes but not coffee

Do you like salty/spicy items or sweet stuff? Salty and spicy.

Are you vegetarian or carnivore? Carnivore

How is your bowel movement?
(Loose motion or constipation etc) sometimes normal sometimes loser. I have a bit of bowl trouble from time to time. It feels like Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
I also get Hemorrhoids

Are you slim smart or obese etc? slightly over weight.

Do you have craving for any food / drink etc?
Depends on mood

Do you have any wart or mole on your body? very small wart on hand and on face, and I just had a mole removed from my leg a few weeks ago

(First check your body with care)

List of your major past illnesses / diseases:-
(examples: Mumps, chicken pox, whooping
cough, pneumonia, malaria, typhoid etc)
b.Chicken Pox in 2000

List of major closed family persons diseases:-
(Examples: Asthma, Cancer, Diabetes
High Blood Pressure, Rheumatism or T.B)

Detail of your past Vaccination Chart:-
(If you remember)
a.Hep A and B
Further Explanation:-
(If not covered above)
easygroove last decade
It is a homeopathic medicine that has particularly this symptom, 'frequent urging.' And this is 'Nux Vomica'.
It appears that, based on your description, that you have not developed as many nux vomica symptoms, except for this with frequent urging. My advice is that you try Nux Vomica in 30C potency. A dose every day, preferably in the morning. At least half hour before or after food / drink. Take 3 to 4 pills directly into the lid of the bottle, pour it into the mouth. Let the pills lie under the tongue until they have melted, swallow it. Do not drink coffee or anything with caffeine, coka cola etc. Nor anything with menthol or camphor.
As soon as you feel an improvement you need to stop treatment, do not take multiple doses of Nux.

I can not guarantee that this is the right medicine, but based on your description it looks like a Nux vomica case.
No pain, no burning.

Contact me in about one week, or if something special happens. Also remember that you must not take Nux vomica 30C Potency more than 10 times. And you have to stop if there would be an improvement.

Good luck
Parakletos. last decade
To Bol

On the basis of your replies on the questionnaire above you can add the following remedies:

Hamamelis 200 in the Wet dose taken twice daily. To be stopped as soon as you see any improvement.

Nat Sulph 6c in the Wet dose taken just once nightly before sleep. This remedy may be continued for a few months till you are cured of you Asthma.

Please report response in a week.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Parakletos,
Thank you for your thoughtful advice.
I will try and get some Nux vomica 30C tomorrow if possible. As soon as I start this treatment I will let you know the results.

Thanks again,


easygroove last decade
Hi Joe Thank you also for your thoughtful advice. I will let you know how I go as soon as I get the remedies.


easygroove last decade
If you try my suggestions, so do not use any other homeopath medicine.
Parakletos. last decade
Hi Parakletos. I have had a look at Nux vomica 30C. It looks like there could be some side effects that I am a bit worried about as I get a little bit of anxiety. I am worried that it could make that worse. What do you think? And what side effects should I expect?


easygroove last decade
also does that mean I should not use the Hamamelis 200 for the hemaroids and the Nat Sulpha 6C for Asthma until I finish the Nux Vomica Treatment? or is it OK to use these at the same time?
easygroove last decade
Side effects? There are no side effects in homeopathy, as long as you take the right medicine in the right way. There may be agrevation, that is, a worsening of symptoms, but these are not long lasting. In fact, such a agrevation is often a sign that healing has started. A good sign.
In order to avoid such a agrevation, in your case, I have asked you to take a low-potency, 30C. Otherwise I would have put you at 200C.

So my answer to you is that there is no harm in taking Nux Vomica 30C.
Parakletos. last decade

I appreciate all your time and advice. You are very kind.

It will take me a few day to order the treatment so I will let you know how it goes.


easygroove last decade
One more thing. What do you think is the name of my problem? Could it be Candida? As I get heart burn and gas (burping alot) as well as the bowel problems and other symptoms we have discussed. What do you think?
easygroove last decade
You're welcome :-)
Is it hard to find a homeopathic medicine where you live? Australia, right?
Well I live in Norway, quite a large distance.
Can also ask what kind of work you have, or what you are doing? Can what you do, mean that you sit a lot?

Yours Parakletos
Parakletos. last decade
Mate you are such a patient person, all my questions must be driving you nuts, sorry.
Yes I am in Australia. I can get most things online. But there are a couple of Homeopathic centers in town where I might be able to buy my treatment but I am not sure if they will sell it to me without a consultation. I spent a lot of time over seas and wished that I could have got to Norway. It looks so nice over there, but maybe late next year if I can save the money. I actually developed these symptoms while travelling which made my travels quite a challenge. My job is as a tree feller which is tree pruning and lopping. So it is quite an active job. Not much time for sitting during the day. But as I am quite active during the day I sit and read or watch movies at home after work.
easygroove last decade
Last question for now :)
Are there any foods or drinks that I should be avoiding? And do you think my case is Candida or is it something else if so what do you think it is?

Thanks again for all your help and advice and will let you know when I get my order in and start treatment.


easygroove last decade
What is the cause of this obstruction is impossible for me to know, it would just be guesswork.
You should not drink anything with caffeine, coffee, coke, etc. Do not use anything containing menthol or camphor.
Maybe you need Nux Vomica in higher potence later, 200C and perhaps 1M. But we start with 30C. (Read my earlier posts)

Parakletos. last decade
Thanks again. I really appreciate your help and advice.

easygroove last decade

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