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Dr Luc de Schepper changes my outlook on Homeopathy

Dr Luc de Schepper has completely changed my outlook on Homeopathy especially the method that I have used for the last 30 years to dispense and use remedies to cure ailments. He arrived here in Sri Lanka early this month as a member of Homeopaths Without Borders and I took him to the areas south of Colombo which were affected by the Tsunami that had been under the care of the 2 previous teams of 3 homeopaths in each group who serve for 3 weeks and are replaced by another team. I was unable to observe him treating his patients in the area around the train disaster which is now reckoned to have taken the greatest toll of human lives in the world. On his return to Colombo en route to the US yesterday I had the opportunity of witnessing at first hand the methods he used in consultation with his patients. I was able to invite many of my friends whom I had been treating for their various ailments and was able to observe at first hand his technique which as I said before, has completely changed my outlook on Homeopathy.

He uses the technique of succussing the remedy in water, which was first recorded by Hahnemann in his fourth edition. Dr Luc uses this method exclusively and he assured me that he discovered many years ago that this technique which is hardly used by homeopaths today, is far superior to the technique used by me and almost all other homeopaths of dispensing the remedies which are usually given in small lactose sugar balls activated with the remedy which are usually taken twice or thrice daily. I use neutral No 30 lactose balls which are 3mm ¯ and put in a few drops of the remedy onto these balls in a small glass container with a plastic cap.

Dr Luc's method is to use just 2 granules of No 10 lactose balls which are just 1mm ¯ which he has in a remedy kit of 100 remedies in little glass vials which he informed me is available in India. He uses a 500ml plastic bottle of water of which he decants about 200 ml keeping about 20ml in a paper cup. He then puts just 2 little balls of the remedy into the bottle with 300ml water which he succusses by banging it twice on the palm of his hand. He emphasized that this succussing was the secret of his method whereby the molecules of the 2 balls of the remedy potentizes the water in the bottle which I observed bubbles from the bottom to the top with each bang on the palm. He then took a teaspoonful of the potentized water which he stirred into half a cup of the water which he had decanted previously into it. A teaspoonful of the water from the cup is the remedy which is taken every other day for chronic ailments or daily for acute ailments. He explained in detail that this succussion which must be done daily before this procedure is repeated is the secret of the viability of the cure with the remedy as this tends to lift the potency of the already potentized remedy in the bottle to a slightly degree upwards thereby making it more effective in its effect on the body. This procedure may seem complicated but when it is observed, it is really not difficult.

Dr Luc exclusively uses the 6th potency for chronic cases which are taken every other day and the higher potencies up to 1M for acute cases both of which are succussed twice and taken if necessary every 2-3 hours.

Quite frankly I was very sceptical of the possibility of success in curing any ailment but I had living proof that this method works in the case of my wife and her sister who had been suffering for many years from Osteo Arthritis which is familial. I had been treating them with Bryonia 6c, Kali Phos 6x and Ferr Phos 6x taken 3 times daily for about 6 months after both sisters decided that their use of drugs including the Diclofenac group and other analgesics were only making a bad situation worse by also affecting their digestive systems and perhaps the liver. The discomfort of the arthritis was reduced with the Bry 6 in a few weeks but this was replaced by Sciatica for which I had given Hypericum. This remedy helped the Sciatica but could not eradicate it. On the first day Dr Luc arrived here I took the opportunity of consulting him on behalf of the two sisters who were present for the arthritis and sciatica and he prescribed Mendorrhinum 6c which he successed according to his method. It was the almost initial response of both sisters to this remedy that really converted me to Dr Luc's method as after the second dose which both sisters took about 2 weeks ago, they both felt considerable relief from their sciatica although the arthritic pain continued as he had instructed both to stop my treatment. He prescribed Sepia 6 just yesterday for their arthritis and assured us that this problem would also disappear in time with this remedy. He also confirmed his identification of this remedy by using Radar software which he uses whenever he wants to have double confirmation of his remedy.

I have mentioned Dr Luc's method of prescribing and using Homeopathic remedies in detail as I would like others who are interested and read this short article to also use it and post their comments on this Forum. As I stated in my first paragraph, I have changed my concept of the use of Homeopathic remedies to Dr Luc's method as I am convinced that this is an advance in the use of Homeopathy which Dr Luc and all his thousands of students use and practice in the US today which was first used and recorded by Hahnemann in his Fourth edition which we have all studied but have not used as he originally recommended.

I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity of studying the methods used by Dr Luc yesterday at my residence in the treatment of patients whom I have been treating free of charge as I always have done for the last 25 years.

Joe De Livera

Sri Lanka
  Joe De Livera on 2005-03-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Actually after reading this post I am following this method very often.

Thanks for sharing this information. Wisdom must be shared.
kuldeep last decade
I have Dr. Luc's book Achieving and Maintaining the Simillimum.

Dr. Luc states that this is by no means a new method, but came from Hahnemann's 6th Edition. He states that many homeopaths follow Hahnemann's 4th Edition.

I was seeing homeopaths for a couple of years and was very aggravated by every remedy I took. I think this was because I was very suppressed.

I was giving up hope. When I bought Dr. Luc's book, it has given me new hope. I am taking the remedies in split dose now at 6C, but it's too early to tell how I'm responding. Will let you know.

I liked his book so much, I just ordered his other book "Hahnemann Revisited". It's suppose to be good. These books can be ordered at Minimum.com. There is also a lot of free reading on this site.
maryo last decade
Actually by using 6C potency and further diluting it economizes the medicine. One will never run out of it.
kuldeep last decade

You are quite correct that any remedy will last forever. I have about 400 remedies in my stock in 20ml plastic bottles with dropper inserts. I noticed that remedies like Arnica which I use extensively last me about a year on my present technique of using 6 drops in about 150 balls of No 30 lactose balls of which 2 balls are taken for a dose usually twice daily.

On the basis of Dr Luc's technique which he calls the 'Split dose method' first discussed by Hahnemann in his 5th Edition, I believe that my remedies will last for over a century as he uses only 2 minute No 10 balls which are very small which dissolve instantly in the water. This is succussed twice and a teaspoon is taken from the bottle and stirred into a half cup of water from which just one teaspoon is sipped and rolled around the mouth for as long as is possible to permit the remedy to be absorbed sub lingually.

I could not believe that a teaspoonful of the remedy can possibly work after all this dilution but I had evidence that it cured the patient in at least 10 cases that Dr Luc treated.

I would recommend this method to all who read this and my previous post above as I am now convinced that this is by far the best method of using any remedy to help the patient to recover quickly.

Dr Luc uses the 6th potency for chronic cases when the remedy is taken every other day. The 200th potency is used for acute cases which is taken every 2-3 hours.
Joe De Livera last decade
I saw a BBC documentary Homeopathy on their popular Horizon program a few days ago where it was mentioned that a 6c remedy is exactly 1 million million. In other words a 6c remedy has been potentized to a degree which is inconceivable where the memory effect is the only remnants of the original remedy. A 6x potency is exactly 1/1Millionth dilution.

A summary of this Horizon program can be read on:

Joe De Livera last decade
Good to read your posting, Joe, because I too find that succusing in water is far more effective. I wonder why dry doses are used so widely (esp. for long-term use) when Hahnemann himself (in later editions) decided that repeated dry doses of the same potency were ineffective.
Any answers, anyone?
Minsa last decade
Hi Joe, I found it! Yes, I agree with what everyone has been saying. I might give the first dose dry, but all subsequent doses are in water and either stirred or succussed before each dose. This prevents the current dose from acting as an antidote to the remedy. In fact, I tell people that if they need to antidote a remedy because it is aggravating, repeat the exact same dose that they took that caused the aggravation, only take it in a smaller amount. So, if you aggravated on three pellets of Rhus tox 30C, then antidote on one pellet of Rhus tox 30C. If you aggravated on a water potency of Rhus tox 30C, then antidote with a tiny sip of an unstirred, unsuccussed dose of Rhus tox 30C.

Now you know why the books always say, "If the remedy is working, stop taking it."

But, if you put the remedy in water and succuss before each dose, you can keep the case moving without fear of antidoting.

Of course it is true though, that if there is a striking improvement, there is no need for further dosing unless you begin to relapse.

Snoopy last decade
The water doses, as we call them are the best, whether the problem is acute or chronic.

Though the method seems a bit cumbersome, it is not actually so.

bandarbabu2000 last decade

I just wanted to clarify the method you described from a layman's point of view.

1. Start with 300 ml of water in a jug and a separate cup of filled with approximately half an ounce (20 ml) of plain water.

2. Take 2 pellets of 6C remedy and place them into the jug holding 300 ml of water.

3. Succuss by banging the jug twice on the palm on the hand.

4. Take 1 teaspoon of the potentized water and stir it into the cup of water. (You said originally 20 ml and then you switched to 1/2 cup. Does it matter if it's 20 ml or 1/2 cup?)

5. Now take 1 teaspoonful of the water from the cup. Take the dose (is that one teaspoon a day or more?) every other day for chronic ailments or daily for acute ailments.


You say that the doctor said one must succuss the water in the jug (twice?) daily before the procedure is repeated. Understand. However, if more than one person is using the potentized jug and starting at different intervals (thus, one person starts on March 1 and other starts that remedy on March 15), and each subsequent succussion prior to the dose "lifts the potency" in the jug, isn't the person who starts on March 15 getting a slightly higher dose than the person who started this whole thing on March 1? (I'm not trying to be difficult here. I'm just trying to understand it all better because I want to use this method.)

What if you do not have 6C on hand and only have say 30X or 30C available and use that potency? Will it not work as effectively? In other words, is the 6C potency the key factor here as well as the succussion method? If this is so, I will start to purchase more remedies in the 6C potency to have on hand.

Do you recommend refrigerating the jug of potentized water if you are planning to have it for awhile OR add some brandy to it for further preservation?

Finally, is this the same method you would suggest for administering a constitutional remedy on, say, a weekly basis?

Joe, this idea truly intrigues me and I look forward to your thoughts and answers to the above. Thank you for sharing it with us.

laddy111 last decade
I am glad that at least one person has shown more than a passing interest in my detailed article above on the procedure that Dr Luc uses which he emphasized was not his 'invention' but that of Hahnemann in his 5th edition.

Quite frankly I too was sceptical that this method could possibly work but I have now received reports from the patients who are using this same technique, whom Dr Luc treated while with me for a brief period that they are all feeling well.

There was a case of chronic asthma since 1985 who used 2 puffs morning and evening of some inhaler daily. He does not use it any more since 2 days ago. All his heaviness in the chest is history and he is well on the road to recovery.

There was a case of a slipped disc which had defied medication from 50mg Diclofenac Sodium for the last 10 years who does not use the drug any more. This happened in just 4 days after commencement of the treatment.

Another case of mild asthma with frequent sneezing which I had been treating with many remedies cleared up in 2 days.

My wife and her sister are 2 chronic cases of Sciatica and Osteo Arthritis which were treated and are now fully resolved in my wife's case and is being helped in her sister's case.

These are just a few of the cases that I am personally aware of which have been 'miraculously' cured. I am a pragmatic type by birth and it is just the fact that I have observed these cases resolved that has converted me to this new method of treatment which I hope others will also follow.

Your itemised chart of using a remedy is correct except that Luc did not use a jug. It is very important to use a 500ml plastic bottle of water with a screw cap. A jug will have a large opening on top and any banging about will result in the contents flying out.

When the bottle is banged hard on the palm of one's hand it bubbles or fizzes like a soda bottle would fizz when it is uncapped. It is this bubbling that potentizes the remedy. It is best to keep the bottle in the refrigerator, especially in the tropics. He did add 10 drops of Vodka into a bottle to preserve its contents.

2 persons cannot use the same remedy unless they start on the same day. It is preferable that 2 bottles are used to avoid any confusion.

I have no experience in the use of remedies of other potencies so far but I intend experimenting with them now that I have the basics of this newfangled (to me) method of using remedies.

I do hope that others will also experiment with this method as I am now convinced that this is the way to go, in using Homeopathic remedies which I have actually observed worked successfully in about 10 cases some of which had defied my best efforts at cure some of which resolved the ailment in just 2 doses taken on alternate days. A true 'miracle' !

As I said before I am a pragmatist by birth and it takes a lot to make me believe this type of 'Magic'. In fact it took about 5 years before I could first accept the principle that Homeopathy could work as I refused to accept the theory of potentization which seemed to me 35 years ago to be absurd !

However I have now accepted this entire concept as I have seen it work, and believe me, at my advanced age of 75 years, it the proof of the pudding that matters.
Joe De Livera last decade

The only reason I mentioned a glass jug was that I have had bad experience using plastic water bottles as I do think they "off gas" toxins into the water. There are water bottles available in the US made by New Wave Enviro Products that do not off-gas. They have a smaller opening.

Question: Does the bottle have to be uncapped when succussing?

Thank you!
laddy111 last decade
Hi Joe,

I am glad all went well for Dr Luc in Sri Lanka, in your good hands. I wrote you much earlier when he as thinking of going to Sri Lanka and I got your e-mail from Sabra. I study under Dr Luc, and can try to answer any general questions, to help out, if I know the answer.

Laddy, the cap needs to be on with succussing. I hear if the plastic bottle is clear (not cloudy) it is more safe to use. You want room to succuss (pound the remedy) so make sure the bottle has plenty of room.

The idea of a low dose is the minimum dose, as Hahnemann used, to achieve a desired response without aggrevation. The 6C is for chonic cases and is is by his own experience that 6C works best to open a chronic case.

It is good to start at 2 succussions (pounding) as a test dose, and can gradually move this up to 3, then 4...up through about 8 (some go to 12) succussions to achieve the desired response.

To review: you have your stock bottle of 8 oz remedy, succusss 2 times, take 1 tsp out and put in another cup of 4 oz water and stir and take the tsp into your mouth. Toss the 4 oz out. Repeat as needed (can be every 2-3 days to daily---can change around as your vital force needs it)

Then, as needed and as the vital force can handle it, one would move up he scale to 9C, 12 C, etc up through 30C, before LM potency.

For acutes we use 4oz 200C or 1M. For chronics we start at 6C 8 oz. I pound the remedy on my counter top covered by a towel (can do on a book), or the palm of you hand, is good. You can try what you have. If one is hypersensitive one may aggrevate on a 30C...start with your X potency if a chronic and if no response with 2 succussions, move up in succusssions and then with potency.

All is in his book in detail: "Achieving and Maintaining the Simillimum."

Yes, only one persojn per bottle is best, and with out the alcohol as a preservative, it goes rancid quickly. I find the bubbles when succusiing the remedy is from the alcohol, as it does not happen with water without the alcohol.

Hope this helps all!
loree last decade
Thank you, Loree. Much appreciated!
laddy111 last decade

Glad you can be of help as you have been with Dr Luc for much longer than I have been and you therefore have more experience with his methods and his handling of cases.

I have converted to his Split Dose method as I have living evidence that it works far better than the standard method that is used by homeopaths throughout the world of giving the little lactose balls activated with the remedy.

It is an interesting thought that all my remedies which are in Ethanol will perhaps be sufficient to last for a century or more as the quantities that are used in Dr Luc's method are so very minute in comparison to the quantities I used up to now to activate the balls when a 20ml bottle would last me for about a year especially remedies like Arnica which I use quite often.

Joe De Livera last decade
This is quite different than Sanjay Modi wrote in "Accurate homeopathy"--I mean potencies here.

Modi believes that in acutes you use low potencies rarely repeated and in chronic cases-high potencies and repeated quite often!

(I have some problems accepting the repetition suggestion but never mind).
Astra2012 last decade
I have not read Sanjay Modi and cannot therefore figure out what exactly he has stated in Accurate Homeopathy.

I can assure you however that Dr Luc's method which was first mentioned in the 4th edition of the Organon does work.

Low potencies 6c are used for chronics and high 200c potencies for acutes.
Joe De Livera last decade

I think the 4th edition and Kent (most USA Homeopaths) are high potency prescribers for chronics...interesting on the low potency for acutes....maybe someone can comment on this. Dr Luc's works follows the 5th and 6th edition, mostly.

Keep up spreading the word Joe...maybe you can make his advanced seminar in the states in August (Alb. NM)...it would be great to meet you!

Loree (Lorry)
loree last decade
The potencies factor is very interesting as this is that vague part of homeopathy as art. Actually in my (limited!) experience single low (12c-30c) potency worked great in acute ailments. Of course I have no idea how would other potencies work in these cases.

Hahnemann says that all potencies of true similimum would work, however 30c,200c,1M and even 10M of Ignatia did not work while 50M cured 32-y/o depression.
(I met that woman on Internet).
Astra2012 last decade
Hi all,

Just re-read my post and wanted to clarify a couple of things I said.

What I have been taught by Dr Luc is with an acute, do 4 oz and with 8 succussions and move upward to 12 or more if not working (some do more), or take a dose more often or a tablespoon instead of a teaspoon( hypersentives who aggrevate easily may need 8 oz and less succussions and lower potency).

With a chronic case--one is VERY CAREFUL to move up in # of succussions and it is a slow process for most people over time--can be months, if at all...many stay at 2 succussions...it is wise to wait and watch after a test dose a couple of days to see a response, which may be very subtle.

Hope this does not confuse things more!
loree last decade
Actually, a glass bottle is better when storing the solution. Laddy111 is correct - plastic bottles do decompose certain toxins into the water, so not good for long term use; especially because we'd go for bottled water which are meant for one-time use.
ONE tiny pellet of the remedy is enough (Hahnemann) - we find that difficult to believe, but it is so.
Any well-chosen potency will work by this method.
Aggravations may need furthur dilution (read Murli's post).
Minsa last decade

Dr Luc says one pellet for chronics, but may have told Joe two for Acute cases (in case one was unmedicated/inert somehow.

Yes, aggrevations are another story!'

Thanks for the insight into bottles vs plastic. Do you buy the bottles for your stock solution? how many ounce or ml bottles do you use?

I think the short term use for acutes with a plastic bottle would be OK and needed for travel.

loree last decade
Rather difficult to buy glass water bottles these days, have you noticed? It's plastic everywhere. Can sterilize any available bottle for use. I prefer an 8 oz. (200 ml.) bottle (larger no problem) so you can make 6 ozs. (150 ml.) solution and have plenty of shaking (succusing) room. (I like to shake the bottle 6-8 times rather than (or including) banging it against the hand.
You're right - no harm using plastic for a short-term.
Minsa last decade
I rescued a 1.75 liter glass bottle of Paul Masson brandy before it hit the trash last week. It has a wide bottom and long, narrow neck with small opening and a cork top. I made the potenized remedy per the instructions and had no problem slamming my hand against the side of the glass to create the necessary atomic fusion of the pellets. I've tried it both in plastic and glass and, honestly, I really do taste a difference. Wouldn't there be a kind of "homeopathic" bleed through of the plastic dioxins that off-gas from the plastic bottles? Yes, obviously with traveling, plastic makes sense. But these long neck brandy bottles work great! Give it a try.
laddy111 last decade
Thanks Joe for putting in this important effort in educating others.
Best wishes,
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
bumped up.

gavinimurthy last decade

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