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child has JRA (juv arthrits) - would like help in treating with homeopathy

Hi! First let me say that I'm well aware that the best option would be the best homeopath available. That is rather expensive and my husband is not convinced of the homeopathy route and is not ready to take on the expense and travel. So I'm here. Please don't just tell me to go to a homeopath. I'm trying to do that. It's not going to happen right now. Fair enough? LOL (Can you tell I've posted on some other homeopathy boards?)

Basic case history and symptoms list:

Original trigger IMO was vaccines given between 9-12 mos of age. (started late and selectively vaxxed) combined with food intolerances that were not discovered until 12 mo of age. She did not show any immediate signs of vaccine reaction. Early signs of arthritis evident at 12 mo, diagnosed at 18 mo.

She was colicky for the first 5 wks but did fine on a lactose free formula. Slept well, good temperament, etc.

Had surgery to correct cleft lip at 3.5 mo. No change in temperament, etc after. Recovery was fast and smooth.

Began solid foods at 6 mo. Began having nightwakings again at 7 mo. Thought was teething. She was very fussy, difficult and genally unhappy. Not sleeping well. By 10 mo I was developing carpal tunnel syndrom from holding her so much and got a sling. :)

By 12 mos of age she was waking every 30-60 min all night every night for several months. (yes I was a walking zombie) We never did crying it out. All cries were attended to and there was no undue emotional stress. We do not co sleep but do practice the attachment parenting style and use gentle discipline measures, etc.

Slept through the night the first day without apples in diet. Temperament immediately improved, etc.

When she first started walking at 12 mos would not walk in mornings and then would walk funny and get better as the day went on. We thought it was bc she was a new walker. But this got worse instead of better. Around 16 mo of age we started seeing an on and off limp with no reason that we could find. (no injury, etc)

Noticed rt knee was swollen and had moderate contracture.

18 mo diagnosed with pauciarticular rheumatoid arthritis by a ped rheumatologist. Also, has a leg length discrepancy caused by the arthritis which accelerates growth in the affected areas. Began a high dose of ibuprophen 3x a day. Had much improvement with this but not complete. (10-02)

20 mo developed eczema. Easily taken care of with changing soaps from scented to dove sensitive skin bar and adding a good daily moisturizer. (cetaphil) Apples will cause an eczema reation but mild. (she has also had contact allergy rashes to various detergents and some unknown agents. Plus a few 'mysterious' rashes that have come and gone.

Had cortisteroid joint injection (with anesthesia) in 4-03, also with good results.) Followed by 2 months physical therapy for contracture, also with good results.

In 10-03 had several bad falls due to incorrect shoe lift and had a relapse of swelling in knee. Began vioxx.

Have had chronic yeast rashes since beginning vioxx. And is potty trained. After she potties I wipe her with wet wipe and then dry her skin. This prevents the rash but if she is at all wet for any time she develops rash. Is fairly easy to treat but recurrs easily as well. I'm treating with basic OTC antifungal cream.

Shortly before xmas caught a cold, had a brief period of hair loss and breakage (possibly a new shampoo) and off and on low grade fevers. After cold left a new swollen joint in rt foot was discovered. Have had signs of this for awhile to though in not wanting to walk,etc. Just thought it was due to knee. It is the joint on the outside of the foot about half way down the foot. Not in the toes but probably part of the pinky toe? Odd joint to swell but very swollen, hot and painful. Can only tolerate slippers, no shoes. Will not walk on uncarpeted hard floors as in walmart, etc.

Intolerant/sensitive to many additives and foods. We currently follow the feingold program for those familiar with that. Her diet is 'mostly' (things do slip by me on occasion) additive free as in no dyes, preservatives, nitrates, msg, artificial flavorings (other than arthritis med), etc. Her diet is also soy free, low salicylate (some she can tolerate in low amounts, others not at all), low sugar, and only organic dairy.

She has never had an antibiotic or any other prescription meds. She was on AZT for the first 6 wks of life due to I am HIV positive. She is not.

I ran her through the remedy finder and it suggested Ledum Palustre. I believe this is a rather good match bc this also is strongly indicated for rashes as well as rheumatic.

I got a bottle of 30 x potency and have given her one pill today. I am currently 'waiting and watching'. I took a dose last night for my own arthritis and it worked well. But my arthritis is very different from my daughters.

I'm not real sure what I should do if this helps or what I should do if this does not. I have read some mention of it a remedy works you should not give more but rather watch it and see what it does. I've also read that you can prepare a 'tonic' of sorts with one pellet in a 5-8 oz of water and give 1 tsp daily to help speed things up without aggrivating.

Any suggestions or thoughts on how I should continue with this?

I am also getting ready to start her on flax seed oil. I've heard of some studies that combined flax seed oil with dairy with benefit for JRA. If this does not help I plan to keep the flax seed oil and omit dairy completely. (would be hard bc she is still has her bottle)

As for other symptoms.. she has a wonderful temperament, is very bright and articulate, generally always healthy other than the arthritis, sleeps well (and on her rt side mostly), good temperament (on the diet), etc. If it wasn't for swollent joints you wouldn't know she had an illness. She runs and plays and is very happy and easy to get along with until tired or hungry. So typical toddler/preschooler.

We have an appointment with her ped rheumatologist on tues. Most likely he will reccomend a change in meds (stronger of course) and another joint injection. I am hoping to convince dad to give me at least 30 days before we do anything other than homeopathy. But I cannot guarantee anything and I am not the only decision maker in this. I will hold out as far as steroid meds bc they will require more vaccines and I think I'm going to be a real thorn in the drs side on that one. LOL No more vaccines. They will just have to work around that. I also really don't want any immuno suppressive rx. But, again, it's not all up to me.

Anyway, I appreciate you reading all of this and any direction you can give me as I attempt to do this on my own. I truly believe this can help my daughter.

Jordan 3-12-01

  mom2Jordan on 2004-01-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
If only your husband was more patient. He is under the impression that medicine should be dramatic with in 30 days. Even allopathic medicine is not that dramatic as it always comes back, meanwhile the poisons continue to affect the child, from the treatment. There is no magic pill in the allopathic world.

Patience in the world of homeopathy will give your child HEALTH, free of pain. I am a practitioner of 40 years, trained by an MD that chose to use homeopathy because of its curative powers without side effects.

I am printing out your list and will study quickly and hope your hubby will be tolerant. I will respond as soon as possible. SABRA sabragibsonhomepathy.com
sabra last decade
30 days --if no result go to allo doc--

start case 1 dose sulphur 200c--1 dose only in morning no food 1 hour before or after---only 1 time--no other doses

no other medications or herbs or remedies at all---

child need avoid ---all acidic foods and drinks--this include coca cola and such--no caffenated drinks-no fruit or fruit juices--stop vitamin C for now--no sweets --nothing made with refined white sugar--maple syrup ok--no honey---this avoidance is very important when using sulphur--

post all changes /symptoms as they appear after daughter take sulphur--make note whether symptom new (never occur before) or old (reoccurring)..

important you post info so as to access direction of cure--may need adjust potency or remedy--depend on symptoms

expect rash to emerge with relief of joint symptoms--step by step --no easy road--if think homoeopathic easy road --do not be fooled--rewards worth it --but not easy

suppressive treatment only give ill-ness a home to stay in longer-- in any sphere that it is supressed into --

using ledum as specific joint affection--you can expect relief then come back just like anti-pathic treatment--now if you contiuous repeat dosage even with modification--this still suppressive even if homoeopathically prepared remedy--

you must relize organic change has occured in affected areas--how much--not sure--but still treatable---

john stanton
homoeopathic layman
pennsylvania usa

john stanton last decade
Dear Michelle, I would rather tell you my findings if you would email me at sabra@emailaccount.com

I feel that it is not just JRA. Sabra sabragibsonhomeopathy.com
sabra last decade
Thanks to the both of you for your time and responses.

Sabra, I have reviewed your website carefully and have emailed you. I look forward to hearing from you.

John, I am a questioning soul and have spent the last month researching homeopathy in hopes of going this route with my daughter. Please do not take my questions as any disrespect, etc. I will not do anything with my child that I do not wholly and without reservation understand and believe in. So my questions are to gain a better understanding of your impression.

Can you tell me why you feel sulphur would be indicated for my daughter? And I have read that high doses are indicated for acute conditions and low doses for chronic symptoms. Do you disagree with this? Has your experience with chronic disease been in conflict with that?

It makes sense to me to not give other remedies and IMO herbs are no better than rx meds. And probably worse in that at least the dr actually knows what to give.. LOL But her medication (vioxx) will not be stopped for this process.

Yes, I've heard that rashes and even ulcers can come before the 'cure'. I'm more worried about my husbands take on that. But I will prepare him for what to expect and what is normal to and hope that his trust in my and my complete dedication to our daughter will help him understand as well.

Well, I took this last night for my own arthritic knee and it still feels great.. I'll be curious to see if it just comes back now.. LOL.. I know that I've used chamomilla for anxiety, etc for months and it still comes back so certainly agree with your premise here.

I look forward to talking with you more. I will not comment further until I have got Sabra's view on my daughters condition. I appreciate the time you both have taken in reading and reviewing my daughters illness.

mom2Jordan last decade

Oops.. just found where I read that and it is reversed. Low dose for acute, higher for chronic. Sorry about that!

mom2Jordan last decade

arthritic nodsodes --and conditions such--indicate calcerea state---vaccinations as causation point to various remedies--silica sulphur -thuj some of primary--sulphur being first choice lest strong indications otherwise---now calc follows sulph excellently given the trio sulph-calc-lycopodium

using this as basis with strong inclination to vaccc. as causation--sulpur start case--this bring out hidden--looking for strong indications of calc to appear--but may not--but still sulph start..most importantly it seemed vital --time of essence--i see i am wrong--so i based prescription on rapid results

yes i dis agree with rigid idea of potency--each potency is individualized to sensitivity-- 200 as starting point in chronic to see what adjustment need be made-go up or down or even LM--experience only teach--

what medication you speak? what name?
and what dosage you give ?

you open your case with --dont send me to local homoeopath--i have seen that many times--people come to treat--but whopm can they trust--hmmmm--well maybe i am lying to you and wish you harm ---or maybe i am not ---whom do we trust--do we follow blindly? i say no way!now maybe you have all the time in the world for this decision..and it feels good to have all theses people offering options--hope--but still fear is based upon your decision for treatment--you immediately say --no way i stop her medicine--what if the ones whom prescribed that medicine do harm--what if you believe in a system that creates ill-ness--whom do we trust?

you see this is how it goes-- on and on...fear based decisions--maybe you think that free help--no quality--need pay money to get REAL results--that is foolish.

FORGET SULPHUR PRESCRIPTION-----you seem no hurry-now-take case slow---
ok -i understand--just mis-interpreted importance.

excuse my strong opinions--ive seen the tricksters fool to many--with pretty words and a smile--while taking money --and people keep going back---no TRUE results --but still trust ing lies-----proof always in results---if ever i give no results with treatment --i expect the person to be dis-satified---not because they do not see it their way --but because TRUTHFULLY no results.

john stanton
homoeopathic layman
pennsylvania usa

john stanton last decade

Thank you for answering my questions. I am looking at the sulfphur as you have mentioned. At this time I am still looking over several options. And my husband and I will decide together.

12.5 mg vioxx 1x per day with food

I have no doubt of your intent. That doesn't mean you are right and it doesn't mean you are not. And I question you no more or no less than I am/have questioned anyone else in relation to my daughters treatment, whether allopathic or not.

This isn't about my good feelings or how much time I have or do not have. It's about the fact that the decision I make will affect my daughters health. I do not take this decision lightly. I do not blindly accept any opinion.

I believe it would be irresponsible to stop her medication at this point. That is my decision to make as well. It is not easy to be the parent of a sick or chronically ill child and while I appreciate your opinion and experience, your attitude and sarcasism is not helpful. I come from a place where the wrong decision can mean my daughter cannot walk or sleep due to pain. That is my reality.

Only a fool rushes in without looking closely at the path ahead. And if I felt there was no value in 'free advice' on a public forum I would not be here.

There is no greater responsibility in life than caring for and nurturing another human being. I would be negligent if I did not ask the question I ask. I would be negligent if I did not take the time to look at all facts, opinions, and options in my daughters treatment.

Your answers to my questions at the beginning of your response were sound and welcomed and I appreciate your time and consideration.

Your apperent offense at being questioned is not. Your feelings or ego is not my concern. My daughter is. Sound advice stands up to questioning and scrutiny. And a good dr/healer should welcome it.

I have read many of your past posts here in the few days I've been here. You have helped many. You also seem to have a problem with not being blindly followed. Maybe that is something YOU need to work on. Having an ill child is NOT in any way an easy task. Having drs/ healers/ family/ etc offer advice and suggestions in an UNFRIENDLY or ANTAGONISTIC manner is counterproductive at best, hurtful and defeating at worst.

This is not my first experience on a public forum. I'm very active elsewhere. I'm not thin skinned or offended easily. I just also have some very strong opinions on the necessity of an 'accepting' spirit when we offer help and guidance to others. Putting egos aside and truly focusing on the problem at hand.

I respect your opinion and your ideals as a person. I expect the same in return.


mom2Jordan last decade
i have strong opinions--some right some need correction.
i expect no one to follow blindly--nor will i expect me to bend proven treatment principles for fancy or whims.

get what you seek--nothing more or less.

truth always prevails.

i trust my feelings--most of all

my feelings say avoid this case

i will not bother with this one--

john stanton
homoeopathic layman
pennslvania usa
john stanton last decade
Let me start by saying that you are a beautiful, loving, caring mother and you have nothing to prove to anyone. A lot of women are too hard on themselves as mother's and the pressure to make all the right decisions and do all the right things in life, is by choice. There are no mistakes and everything in life happens for a reason.

Keep in mind that fear is a great handicap. All illness is caused by an energy imbalance and the mind does affect the body. We are made of energy and everything on this planet consists of energy. Other factors as well can affect ones health, but primarily the mind. In reiki, the knees represent the fear of death. Do you fear death?

I suggest that you write out what it is you really desire for your life and the life of your daughter's as well. Keep it in the present tense and this will set your intent in motion. Healing is possible and will start the minute you will it to happen. But you have to REALLY want it to happen. The Universe sends back what we send out.

Blessings to you!
Namaste257@ameritech.net last decade

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