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Constitutional remedy for my 5 month old baby boy

Hello, i would like to find out the constitutional remedy for my 5 month old son due to continual mucous that wont shift!

He was born 4th december 2009 20 days premature by cesarean due to being in a breach position. The doctor had tried to turn him by hand whilst still in my womb, but with no success once week before the planned cesarean, he weighed 3kilos 300gr, not sure what that is in pounds?(he was born in france), 47 cm long. Very stocky body, arms and legs, short neck. Very little black hair, grey eyes. He cried when taken from my body, but after being washed and dressed was very calm, very aware, eyes open, his look of one already knowing who i was and exactly where he was.

He was breast fed, however in the hospital i did feed him a few times with a formula feed due to my milk not arriving fully and he would cry of hunger. Once fed well, he would sleep well.

His stools were always after each feed, greeny brown and liquid.

From day one he seemed to snore when asleep, i always thought this very cute but now realise it was due to mucous. Once home from hospital i started to clear his nose on a daily basis with a bulb and saline solution.

He has always been a very good sleeper. He would sleep during for 3 hour periods during the day and i breast fed every 3 hours. During the night he would sleep around 5 hours before waking to feed.

Every time i burped him after drinking he would be sick, sometimes just a little, sometimes alot. He would sometimes be sick even before i had managed to lift him into an upright position. After burping, if i laid him down he would be sick more. Sometimes he would be sick up to 2 hours after feeding.

His mucous seemed to worsen around 2 weeks, it would be thick yellow and often bloody or with brown lumps and in very large quantities. He would still snore in his sleep. I raised his bed at his head end so as notto be completely flat. He would wake completely blocked up every time so i would hav to unblock his nose before feeding otherwise he couldnt feed as he couldnt breathe through his nose. He woud still sleep very well but would be blocked each time he woke.

Doctor said it was just a cold.

At around one month he started to smile. He was such a content baby despite being blocked up all the time. His eyes would always be smiling even if his mouth wasnt, as if he was going to burst out laughing any minute. His eyes would follow me everywhere.

He is a very jumpy baby. The slightest sudden nose he will jump and sometimes cry if the noise is very loud.

Also at one month his cough started from all the mucous in his throat. He would go red and start to cough, sometimes gasping or breath and when lifted upright he would cough up some white or clear mucous or be a bit sick with white mucous in it.

His eyes would also be watery alot and seem red rimmed sometimes, usually mornings too.

Sometimes when he breathed we could hear the mucous rattling on his chest and he would weeze sometimes, worse at night. Then always completely blocked in the morning. I would clear nose and then sometimes duing the day he would seem fine as if he didnt have anything wrong. People would say he seemed fine and when i took lhim to the doctors they would say there was nothing on his chest and he just had a cold! I bought some surpositories from the chemist for babies from one month old, they contained essential oils of eucalyptus and pine. They seeme to be doing something and his cough got better after about 2 weeks, but was still there a bit. The treatment was for 5 day but it gave him very bad wind and he would cry every time he passed wind. His stools remained reguler, two times per day, yellow brown and liquid.

I started to introduce a formula feed bottle at 2 months as he was getting more and more hungry and i didnt seem to have enough milk, he would drink each breast for about 5 minutes and then start tugging and crying as if there was nothing left. His stools remained regular after most feeds.

At 2 and a half to 3 months i gave up breast feeding altogether as he would just get so frustrated and would be hungry again after just one hour. His stools lessened to twice per day, morning and aftenoon, still liquid but not quite so and yellow brown.

I forgot to mention, all this time he was still a very sicky baby, sick after every feed. I gave him normal formula milk in the beginning but he was just so sick, right up until his next feed, which by this stage was every 4 hours.

The doctor recommended a special anti regurgitation milk and he was absolutey fine on this as long as i put him in his chair in an upright position for around one hour after feeding.

His nose sometimes seemed to clear for a couple of weeks, although i did continue to unblock in the mornings, it would be clear mucous. Then it would be back to being blocked in evenings and complmetely blocked by morning.

He has always gained weight vey well despite being sick alot. His weight and height is top of the chart for his age, if not slightly over. My husbands family are tall, my family are small. His eyes have remained grey, in the light blue grey, even though myself, my husband and our other son all have very dark brown eyes. My husband has family members with grey eyes.

He has continued being blocked on and off up until now, he is 5 months old.

He has remained a very calm, very quiet happy baby, always laughing and always smiling. He will sit happily in his chair for as long as i am busy with my other 3 year old son.

He sleeps of and on during the day and sleeps 9 hours straight through the night. He always wakes happy, never crying, he just lies there happily gurgling until i go and pick him up. He rarely cries for his milk, just starts to eat his hand when the four hours is up. Even if im late feeding him he rarely cries.

He is a very strong, robust baby, he has been lifing his head from very early on and now at 5 months he rolls over completely and tries to sit up, i think he will be sitting very shortly. His legs are very strong too when held in standing position.

He watches the tv with fascination and laughs at cartoons and smiles and moves his arms and legs excitedly to music. He is very much an observer and watches everyone from his chair without making a noise unless spoken to, then he smiles and gurgles ad moves his arms and legs excitedly.

I have just 2 days ago started to give him euphrasia 6c due to his runny red eyes, sneezing and blocked nose like catargh. I think it may be allergy related, im not entirely sure. But of course i know it is better to give him his constitutinal remedy. I have a feeling it is calc carb, but also not sure thats why im asking for help. I wouldf be very grateful for remedy and dose suggestion.
  clare4bou on 2010-05-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
It seems that Pulsatilla may work for him. You may give him three doses of Pulsatilla 30c at a gap of 4 hours for only one day and see how that affects him in the next 10 days.

What is one dose for an infant?
*If the medicine is in liquid dilution form
Please add some 2-3 drops of the liquid dilution to some 100 ml water. Please give 1 tsp water as one dose. Please throw away the remaining water after giving three doses.
*If the medicine is in pill form
Please add some 6 pills to some 100 ml water. Let the pills dissolve on their own. Please give 1 tsp water as one dose after stirring. Please throw away the remaining water after giving three doses.
kadwa last decade
Thank you very much kadwa, i will certainly follow your advice, just got to go and get the pulsatilla tomorrow morning, will report report back any changes, thanks again for quick response,
clare4bou last decade
dear dr kadwa, followed your advice re pulsatilla last monday, after two days seemed to be off milk a bit, not finishing bottle. not sure if reaction though as sometimes he finishes, sometimes he just doesnt want it at all (normally he always drinks all of it!). Also nose seemed to be less stuffed up, although still had to unblock every morning and then since yesterday has been sneezing alot, yesterday worse morning, today all day and lots of whitish/clear runny mucous, very thin, but sounds so blocked up has not been able to drink his milk due to not being able to breathe. He's gone to bed fine as normal but sounds blocked, breathing through his mouth, not nose. Is this all a reaction? What can i do now? can i put a few drops of menthol in a bowl of water near his bed? look forward to your response
clare4bou last decade
Just remembered something else, stools are now less frequent since second day and alot firmer.

ALSO, i did mention that i thought his constitution may be calc carb. I decided to try the Remedy Finder and when putting in all his symptoms in great detail, it came up calc carb! should i give this a go if things havent improved by the 10 days? look forward to your advice
clare4bou last decade
i didn't understand why you wanted to antidote the remedy? Your posts contain many positives and negatives and i don't see that the latter overwhelms the former. His mentals and stool made me suggest Puls. You may also see how he responds to calc carb 30c. You may dose him in the same way as puls.
kadwa last decade
I dont want to antidote the remedy, i was merely asking your advice and made a suggestion regarding calc.carb, however was waiting your response first. If you still think i should wait the 10 days before reporting back then thts fine, but please just say so, it is afterall, advice that i need.
clare4bou last decade
i suggest that you wait for 1-2 days. Please make a complete assessment of the working of Puls for your son. While reporting try to tell clearly whether your son has become better or worse under the influence of the remedy. Calc Carb follows Puls well so there won't be any problem in giving calc after puls. So this decision may be taken after few days.
kadwa last decade
ok great, thank you, will report in a couple of days time
clare4bou last decade

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