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2 year old injured tooth

my son fell on the stairs today-
I gave him 30x arnica immediately.

He has fallen before and injured a tooth which turned grey-
I gave him both Merc vivus and Hypericum 30c and the tooth healed and the discoloration cleared totally. I was not sure which to give as there were characteristics of both. I switched one dose each day. Two weeks after treatment, they discoloration cleared. He had no pain with that injury (to touch the tooth, etc)

I give this history because his left front tooth has turned grey already- last time it took a day or 2. And this time he put a glass to his mouth to drink and cried when it touched his front teeth.

I checked with his doc and there are no warning signs to indicate serious head/body injury.

His symptoms are as follows:
Bumps and soreness and minor redness on the head from the fall immediately following, can't tell if still sore.
Very slightly bleeding gums above front teeth from the fall
his eyes are tearing and pussy- but they are chronically this way on and off. They were slightly congested before the fall.
His left nostril had a tiny bit of blood, not enough to come out of the nostril
i think his back was sore- but his movement is fine- he is very active, runing etc.
He said his knees were sore.

I see indications for both remedies again- I need advice please!
  3carolyn on 2005-03-22
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
The fact that the eyes have problems suggests arg nit which could deal with the teeth and the eyes.
At a later date it may be worh trying Fluor Acid 6x daily for a couple of weeks
passkey last decade
Hi Passkey,
I was just sitting to respond about my own condtion which you have been helping with (I'll get to that).

As for my son, the condition in his eyes has been on and off since birth. I am less focussed on that- but if you think it is important I will listen to you. Regardless the Flour acid sounds like a good idea once we are through this.

The grey discoloration of the tooth can indicate just bruising or nerve damage inside the tooth (I consulted a dentist about the last injury).
The pain/soreness/rapid discoloration of his tooth concerns me.
In re reading Merc Vivus:
He tends to perspire from his head when falling asleep
Sleeps on right side
Mentally active/semi-restless- physically active too
He does have times when he blinks hard- they are infrequent however, not allergic or related to an eye condition.
He has the tearing and pus and redness of eyelids- again intermittant and chronic
He bled from his nose after the fall
His lips have been peeling latelty(couple of days) in spite of good hydration (lots of pee, lots of drinking as usual on both) and ointment put on them.
He has had lumps on either side of his throat- Checked with doc, thought they were lymph nodes still swollen from illness or nearby scratch on chin a few weeks back. He is so thin, she said they are just more apparent.
He does drool during sleep
He has talked about "it hurts" when he urinates- this has been once or twice and he had a bout with diareah a couple of weeks ago, sabra helped there, and he has since learned he gets out attention when he says it hurts. Now, he did say it in his sleep last night and was holding his genials. Did not wake up though- and urintes plenty without talking about it hurting...
When I look down under genitals- he is uncircumcised. The tip of his foreskin is intermittantly pink/reddish (doc said normal from diaper), he doesn't usually complain, but last few days on and off he moans or wimpers when I clean him.
He has had his foreskin stuck behind his glans inside his diaper 2 times. We lubricated it and slipped it back over with no problem. He told us it hurt- we looked and fixed it, he kept playing. I don't know if this is a structural thing- too tight, or a developmental thing, not totally separated. His foreskin does not recede when he has an erection.
That is all I think of with him
when I scroll down Merc Vivus-

I have learned that my impressions of the remedies are not complex enough, so I don't want to question your recommendations. I am just struck by how much comes for Mec Vivus and want to confirm that with you. Let me know what you think of this.

And I have misunderstood dose suggestion in the past, so please assume I know nothing.

I'll wait to hear back
3carolyn last decade
Have checked the genitalia under arg nit and they are a good match . So suggest you check Arg nit on the net and satisfy yourself.

It does seem to satify many of the things you have posted.

However the decision is yours .
passkey last decade
Okay- I checked it at abchomeopathy, I'll check further.

You didn't mention a dose. I have 30c.

Many Thanks again.
3carolyn last decade
To start use it last thing at night for three nights .

Wait a few days to see the effect .

If necessary can continue ot change potency.
passkey last decade
I wanted to follow up with a question about 2 things. First, Ruben fell two more times today- both hitting hs head. Not very major, but enough to scream for a couple of minutes. He was running one time and slid off a chair the other- both very minor, but in the context of today, this morning was very traumatic.

Second this tooth injury from falling down the stairs this morning was a more traumatic fall than ever before- I mentioned he has slipped on a tread and split his lip and chin on 2 different separate occasions in the past.

He is not afraid of the stairs- that I can see. He has been on them since he could crawl (no baby gates here) and has not fallen until lately.

My concern is for the pattern of falling and injuring his mouth- and it getting worse over time. Is this just common active child stuff, or is there an echo or residue of some other emotional issue I am missing???

This morning there was no negative/stressful situation. The phone rang and i went to answer, my husband was loading the dishwasher. Ruben followed the cat down the stairs and fell. He had spent a pleasant morning with hs father, eaten breakfast well, was happy playing- no difficulties or tantrums, etc.
3carolyn last decade
Didn't pay attention and I posted on other site. Am mailing remedies....Sabra
sabra last decade
Personally I fell numerous times and on one occasion hammered my milk teeth back into gum . Still have a problem that was the result of that.
Looking back I was stubbornly insisting on doing things my way. I have learnet a little since then.
But always there are problems and conflicts with parents. No way this never happens. So dont worry about emotional issues.
Possibly Sabra will have a differing opinion.
passkey last decade
What made me consider this is the nature of the universe to send messages, then louder messages, then louder messages. I just wanted to consider I might be missing something. I understand his path is his path, and I cannot choose for him.

We are on the 3rd night of arg nit tonight. Then to wait. His eyes are not responding yet, still pussy, but time will tell. His teeth no longer seem to be sore- which is great news. The tooth that turned grey immediately seems to have stopped darkening and maybe even going lighter again. His energy is way up, a little manic, very happy and very angry.

Sabra mentioned Hyoscyamus, which has some interesting matches with his wild energy and talking about hurting when he has peed or pooped. And she also recommended not to pay too much attention to him when he hurts himself in general. Soothe him and move on. Not to encourage him to do so for atention- unconsciously. He has definitely been testing me saying "it hurts" when nothing hurts- just to see what I'll do.

Anyway- in a few days I'll check in again. Right now I am just tired. He wore me out today.
3carolyn last decade
Good - Hang in there
passkey last decade
Hi Carolyn, My sons hurt themselves so often that even the ER would greet me with, "which son today?"

I once had a doctor look at me suspicously and inquire carefully about all the constant injuries of my 3. I just gave him the boys and left the room...told him to ask them anything he wanted. After, he shook his head and said OK, see you later. My boys seemed to get a kick out of relating how each thing happened.

My first grandson would "throw" himself on the floor just to see how it felt. I had to watch him for awhile to figure this out.

Children, especially boys, really want to experience everything. It is hard on mothers and the pocket book.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Hi Passkey,
It has been a few days and here is the update:
His tooth is white again! :) I am so happy about that.

He is not as clingy to me, although he is exploring his connection and place in the family (for good and bad)
Stopped talking about things hurting and is back to normal accidents and falls.
He is struggling to settle to sleep at night (usually it takes about 10 minutes, it has been taking 1-1.5 hours)
His poop is trying to be more solid- which is so nice, it has been mushy for so long!
His energy is still way up.
He is still experimenting and playing with making this rough deep voice in play.
Asking to do a lot by himself- which I support!
He is not waking up screaming at me from his naps either. He is happy and playful again :) Thank goodness.

What concerns me most is the condition in his eyes is as active as ever- pussy, weepy constantly.
It is yellowish and wet.
As soon as I clean it, it starts to accumulate again.
The whites of his eyes are a little red- but nothing remarkable.
His appetite is normal.

What else can I tell you?

You mentioned Flour Acid 6x for a couple of weeks. Was that for the eyes? I wanted to mention this has been ongoing with him since birth.

And should I have started a new post with the eyes as a new topic? I am new to forum ediquette.

I will try and post a follow up to my own symptoms tonight. Now I need a nap.
3carolyn last decade
Think it may soon be as well to follow up with Pulsatilla.

But the effects of arg nit should last for 2/3 weeks .

Give it a week - so long as he doesnt startgoing backwards.
passkey last decade
Okay- it has been about 4 or 5 days. I'll give it anoter week. And check in about pulsatilla.
3carolyn last decade
Hi Carolyn. Just posted on other. I am not sure about what will heal his eyes. I always feel that the remedy chosen should do the trick. Please keep reporting on the eyes if improvement or not. I will keep looking.

Passkey is very knowledgable and if he suggests something, try it after what you are using is no longer giving help or still working.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade

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