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homoeopathic drug transmission-miracle in homoeopathy

Transmission of Homoeopathic Drug Energy from
a distance - through Hair

''There are more things in Heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in your Philosophy” …Shakespeare
During his life time Dr Heinemann had introduced 3 modes of Drug administration of Homoeopathic medicine i.e.
i) Medicine can be given orally.
ii) By touch.
iii) By olfaction.
A 4th way of Drug administration i e Transmission of Homoeo Drug Energy from a distance through the Native Hair of a Person - introduced by Late Dr. B. Sahni of Patna.
This method is wholly based on the Principle Similia Simibus curentur of the Father of Homoeopathy . Dr.S. Hahnemann.
It is never a deviation it differs only in method of application of Drug to the Patient Transmission may be called as Indirect method as there is no visual connection between the organ & the drug . It is just like Radiobroadcast system or wireless.
Mechanism : Let us Ponder at Basic idea of the Drug Transmission to a Patient through his hair from a far off distance . According to Plank's law .
E= hÖ or E/V =h
This means Smaller the Wavelength of Radiation higher will be the frequency and energy of Photon & so higher Will be the Velocity.
To understand how this high energy photon is emitted from the surface of the hair & is reabsorbed by the native hair, we have to understand the structure of the hair.
Hair are Filamentous, keratinized structures present on the surface of the Body These are derivative of epidermis which assist in thermoregulation, have sensory functions & subserve various roles in Social Communication they differ in color depending on the degrees & type of pigmentation. Such qualities differ with individuals of different ages, sex & genetic constitution. the hair of any other individual just as the fingerprint of other individual does not resemble the fingerprint of other invidiuals in this world.
since the Surface of the hair has a typical minute design & array of contours, coasts, ditches & dips, the light energy of very short wavelength is reflected & diffracted from the surface of the hair. The wavelength of such waves is extremely short, since it is being emitted from the similar minutely designed surface. As the wavelength is extremely short, it has tremendous velocity even more than that leaser rays, the hair acting as reflection grating.
When same portion of the uprooted hair of an invidious is immersed in a Homoeopathic, drug; the emitted wave is immediately affected by the Drug Energy, Now, this Wave or Photon Contaminated by the drug energy is received by the native of the Hair to whichever distance he is seated.
No other individual, accept the native can absorb this emitted drug energy, because the resonant absorption can occur only on the surface of the natives hair only disregard of the distance to which he is seated or moving.
All of you might be know what Resonance means. If a tuning fork is struck hard, it starts vibrating and if another fork of the similar design is kept at some distance apart to it, the stationary fork starts vibrating automatically. This phenomenon of emission and absorption by the similar bodes is known as Resonance.
Such a Phenomenon of the 'Drug energy' emission from the surface of the detached hair of the patient and the resonant absorption of the same drug energy by the similar and detached hair of the native, seated at far off distance is known as 'Sahni's Effect' of drug energy transmission.
This Sahni's Effect is a continuous process and the patient receives the drug energy continuously all the twenty-four hour till the patient uprooted hair is not detached from the drug and till the patient vital force needs it.
Thus the distance is no bar for the reception of the drug energy.
One important fact more to mention is that the patient is not overdosed by the transmitted drug, because the Homeopathic drug is not assimilated by the person whose vital force and the system does not require it, that is why wrongly selected drug for the transmission to a patient has no effect whatsoever to that patient. The patient never assimilated the wrong drug transmitted to affect his vital force.
Further experiments resembling Mossbaar Spectroscopy may further prove the efficacy of the Sahni's Effect.
It will be matter of further research how far Dispeller's Effect will retard the absorption of the drug energy by an individual moving with fast velocity in an Aero plane, that is to an individual who is receding away from the place of transmission of the drug energy. Theory of Transmission of Homoeopathic Drug Energy can be explained on the theory of DR.C.V Raman i.e.RAMAN EFFECT.
EFFECT OF TRANSMISSION: The effect of Transmission of Homeopathic drug energy on the patient kept at distance in indicated in various ways.
Change in feeling and Sensation.
Change in temperature of patient just of the transmission.
Change in pulse rate of heart beating.
Sweat on any part of the body may appear or vanish.
Change in Blood pressure.
Aggravation or Amelioration in pain if there be any.
Research Institute of sahni Drug Transmission and Homoeopathic, Behind A.N. College, Shivpuri, patna (Bihar) )(Registered under society Registration act 1860) has been established to Guide the Practioner's and students about Drug Transmission and Classical Homeopathic. Institute is well-equipped eighth Latest Radar and Homeopath Software with Computer. The Institute is under the Supervision of D.R.M.K. Sahni- member central Council of Homeopathy New Delhi.
Reference and courtesy: 1- The Journal of HomoeoTransmission. Volume I no.8 Aug 1995.
2- Transmission of Homoeodrug Energy From a distance- by DR. B.Sahni,B.Jain Publisher P.V.T l.t.d. New Delhi

written by…
(Dr. Sameer Kumar Singh)

Dr. (Smt) Neeraj singh,
B.H.M.S , D.C.D.N.(Dietician)
Balrampur Homoeopathic Clinic
Naina Homoeo Care Centre
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What is menopausal syndrome?
Menopausal syndrome is a group of symptoms that are experienced by some women during climacteric i.e menopauses
First let us are what is menopause. A menopause is final ceasation of menstruation. Menopause is normal phenomenon which every women under goes; while symptoms refering to menopausal syndrome are only experienced by some women.
At menopause; menstrual flow may stop in following ways-
Progressive scanty menstrual lose followed by cessation of menses.
Menses at prolonged interval finally ceasing
Sudden cessation of menses.
Menopauses syndrome may present itself as-
1- Menstrual flow cessation .
2-Hot flushes
the most commonly encountered problem. This feeling of warmth due to lower or declining levels of estrogen is experienced on face and neck gradually spreading all over body, may be fallowed by sweating.
Commonly once a day and particularly at night.

Headache irritability, sleeplessness, giddiness fatigue, depression, palpitation.
Disturbed sleep.
Pricking sensation in soles and palm
Dry vagina during intercourse.
Backache, pain in joints.
Putting on weight is physiological.
Homoeopathic Treatment:---------
General measure like assurance, advising patient of adequate rest exercise and dietary patterns is required along with medicinal intervention.
Homeopathy, in menopause also like in other female complaints plays its miracle to the benefit of ailing patient. Though medicines are chosen symptomatically under physician guidance but following few may be given a general consideration - Lachesis, Pulsatilla, Sepia, Calcareacarb, Natrum mur etc.

Writen By
Dr. (Smt) Neeraj singh
web site www.homoeopathicclinic.com
  neerajsameer on 2010-05-21
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