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Misconceptions !.

It has come to my notice that somehow I have been credited with the case quoted below . THIS IS NOT SO. If the dates are examined it will be seen that these events occurred before I was born.
I have always been a bit wary of the use of Mother Tinctures – considering them part of Herbalism – but with an application to homeopathy . I now find that mother tinctures are being prepared and used by inexperienced people whose knowledge and experience is limited.
I know of one case where mother tincture of Poison Ivy [Rhus tox] was painted on the genitalia. With unpleasant results. I shudder to think what a half teaspoon , taken internally , would do.
Hahnemann , used single drops of Bryonia . Culpepper says that the “simple” or mother tincture is best left alone ; People should take the highly dilute solution. There are many remedies that in the mother tincture are unpleasant in effect and possibly toxic . The homeopathic potencies are safe . Generally the 6x is quite safe and for most things the 3x or even 2x are ok. Personally I often use Syzygium in 1x potency.
A brief note about Arborivital remedy preparation. Dr Cooper believed that as homeopathic remedies were based on energy patterns . The most effective way of gaining the maximum strength was to take a living plant with its roots in the ground ; and on a sunny day , to bend the plant into a vial of rectified spirit and wait for an hour .
Ornithogalum is part of the Lillaceae family [ a family with some very powerful members] and Cooper undoubtedly prepared the remedy he used in the Arborivital manner . I have personally prepared some remedies in this fashion Agraphis Nutans – [the Bluebell] useful for ear problems . Also Paeony and Viola. .

[ chiefly Arborivital Treatment] By Dr . Robert . T. Cooper M.A. , M. D. [published in London by C. Marten. 67 Wigmore St .W. 1899]

It is easy for the gardener to state the plain fact of having chosen a particular soil and a special season for any given seed; but he can do little more than this ; he has probably forgotten the many little experiences that from time to time influenced him - it may be unconsciously - in his determination.
His advantage over the doctor largely resides in the fact that from boyhood he has been in the habit of gardening; the doctor has never prescribed until he theoretically knew much, and practically knew nothing; until, in fact, the best part of his life was lost in acquiring the crudest theories of the actions of medicines.
To go on to actual experience. Geo. A. Murrell, aged 40, first seen by me July 22, 1898.
History.-Fifteen or eighteen years subject to dyspeptic pains, and twelve years ago strained himself lifting a kitchen range ; felt the strain severely below the chest, and dates his suffering from then, though even before this was dyspeptic.
Was treated in the Heart Hospital under Dr.------ , after having been an out-patient for six months previously. Here his heart was pronounced affected, with old pleurític sounds down left side, along with ulceration of the stomach. Then as outpatient (he was discharged from Hospital end of October, 1 (1896) was again treated, chiefly with electricity.
In the middle of January, 1898, severe pains set in between the liver and stomach and lie went into Westminster Hospital, the diagnosis being neuralgia of the stomach from gastric Catarrh. Was discharged unrelieved ; and was then seen by several other physicians, and in March was advised to go into the Cancer Hospital, Brompton, where he was operated on ;the statement made to him after the operation being that adhesions had been found between the stomach and thoracic wall ,with a cancerous growth and thickening, of the pyloric extremity of the duodenum, and that it was impossible to remove all the diseased tissue.
Some temporary relief followed upon the operation, and he. was discharged from the hospital under promise of his returning if pain reappeared.
The patient from whom these particulars are gathered, writes to me that "The Cancer Hospital also arranged with Dr. D. , a French specialist, to come over (to the Hospital and I (the patient) consented to another operation under him; but when my case was fully explained to him he went back (to France) without doing- anything as I understood he could not do me any good."
This was after having obtained readmission to the hospital owing to the return of his agonising pains. After being six weeks in hospital on this second occasion he returned home, and was assured by his own doctor that everything possible had been done for him and that could not possibly live long, and that he must bear the pain while life lasted.
The copy of his doctor's dated July 19, in which it totally unable to follow any certificate is in my possession, in which it is stated that the patient " is totally unable to follow any employment."'
The case, therefore, admits of no doubt as to its nature or as to its severity. I first saw him on the evening of July 22, 1898 ; he was then writhing in agony on his bed, and could keep nothing
long on his stomach ; warm foods relieved, cold drinks aggravated.
The pains were worse at night, and began in the stomach, spreading from there to the heart and between the shoulders, as if an iron brick were being- forced through the stomach and chest.
The patient felt the growth to be rapidly enlarging, and pointed to the visible bulging underneath the attachment of the diaphragm, where there is marked dullness on percussion, the bulging extending to scrobiculus cordis. His tongue is red and coated towards the back, bowels confined, though sometimes has diarrhoea.
His family history is good, except that his father died at the age of 73 of gastric ulceration.
On July 27 he wrote that he had had terrible pains on Saturday the 23rd, and had vomited twice ; at 6 o'clock p.m. of this day had taken a unit close of Ornithogalum Umbellatum, and afterwards reported that it was followed great pains, he felt almost frantic at 3 a.m. and again at 1p.m. when the bowels acted.
At 3 a.m. he began taking 3 grains every third hour of Carbo Vegetabilis 3x. The pain, however, still kept on, and affected not alone stomach but the whole body, and as he thought the Carbo increased the pains lie left it off on the Tuesday following .
On the next day he wrote me that since being, under me a frothy substance comes up which gives great relief.
From this report I concluded the Ornithogalum Umbel. touched the disease, and had acted beneficially though restricted in its operation by the Carbo Vegetabilis. The expulsion of a frothy substance with relief was, I considered, sufficient evidence of beneficial action. For this reason I sent him Ornithogalum
again, and in unit dose. This he took on the evening of July 28, and almost immediately after began bringing up a black jelly-like substance, with great relief to pain and a general improvement in his condition. Being away from in August the patient frequently wrote me, the report on August 29 being as follows:-" I am pleased to tell you that I still keep fairly well, although at times I have great pain in the lower part of the stomach. I have also great difficulty in going, to sleep, owing to the creepy sensation in my limbs. I also find that when I sit down my legs and feet go all of a creep, and I am unable to keep still, and cannot read unless I walk about. My feet also ache and swell."
I deferred prescribing- till September 9th when the same was again given, and on September 18th he writes '
I am pleased to say the sleeplessness at night time has gradually gone away, and I can now sleep much better. I still feel pain in my Ieft leg and foot, but not nearly so bad. I find slight pains at the bottom of my stomach, and also a little more swelling. I still feel weak and unable to walk far at a time, but of course the weather has been very trying even to strong people.
" I am pleased and thankful for the progress I have made, and have to thank you for the splendid results of I could not possibly have lived much longer in the terrible suffering I was in.
On September 30 I saw him, and he informed me that after the dose the feet and ankles began to swell, but gradually got better, and that a week ago the right leg felt as if it were bruised, and is now painful and angry looking - it is swollen and tense, and pits on pressure. He feels, too, when eating, as if the food chokes in the stomach ; some flatus, bowels regular.
On this occasion I gave him another dose of the Ornith. Umbel. The effect of it, however, was to confirm my belief that this swelling of the absorbents, shown by the condition of the right leg and the previous swollen condition of the feet and ankles, resulted from the high pressure put upon the emunctories owing to the setting -free of poison in the system.
In a few days after he came in to me in a great fright, ; and pulling up his trousers showed me the terrible condition, as he thought, of his legs. They were swollen, and great red streaks and patches could be seen coursing down the limbs.
Believing that this was due to the rapid elimination the cancer poison, I rather astonished him by insisting upon his walking away without any medicine whatever. Since then, his recovery has gone on uninterruptedly, and though since this last report he has taken two or three doses of the Ornithog. Umb., he has not had any other medicine (if I except a unit dose of Alliaria officinalis), and is now in the state of health set forth in this letter received from him as I write :
" Elm Lodge, Feltham, Middlesex.
May 3, 1899.

"Dr. Cooper.
" DEAR Sir, - In addition to my previous letters to you, I must tell you I have had no pain since the first week in August last; I certainly feel a slight weakness in the stomach at times, but not always.
" My appetite is wonderfully good, and I can eat almost any kind of food, and am also able to enjoy my meals, which I had not done for many years; am able to get about well, and carry on my business without fatigue.
" I have rejoined the Volunteer force and have done two or three good stiff marches, besides firing in competitions, and feel no ill effects. I have never felt so well for nearly twenty years. I feel wonderfully well now, and have gained the two stone odd which I lost during, my illness.
Everyone I meet, whether in Kensington, Shepherd's Bush, or Feltham, is astonished when they see me, and all speak of the marvellous cure effected by yourself.
" I am, dear Sir,
" Yours faithfully,

,Evidence could not be stronger In favour of rny assertion that these internal cancers are most amenable , treatment; of all forms are most amenable to the forms of chronic complaints there is none other that so surely deprives the patient of life and in which life can be ,with such certainty restored by the influence of simple remedies.
This influence of simple remedies is lesson of Murrell's case, and his very existence on earth is an undeniable testimony to its import.
  passkey on 2005-03-24
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Did you prepare Ornithog. Umb yourself by plant or used a standard potency?
kuldeep last decade
um... somehow I don't think Dr. Cooper is going to answer.
Minsa last decade
Sorry about that. Any idea about details because this post started with mother tinctures and plant extracts etc.
kuldeep last decade
The original preparation was made by DR Cooper and he used the ARBORIVITAL method that I have described.
I have some remedies on my shelves prepared in this way - but not the Ornithog Umb .
passkey last decade
The arborivital method was - I believe used by Dr E Bach to produce the Bach Flower Remedies . Has anyone else used it?.
passkey last decade

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