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Gaertner (Bach) bowel nosode and celiac disease

In reading about the above nosode, I found this information:

The inability to digest fat -c¬úliac disease ; ketosis ; 'intestinal infantilism'- are all disease complexes found under the 'proving' of the B. Gaertner preparations ; also chronic gastro-enteritis ; tabes mesenterica ; threadworms. The clearing of threadworms is difficult and usually requires prolonged treatment.

Does this mean it cures celiac disease??
  starsweet on 2010-06-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

Bowel nosodes are rarely used frequently for cure--most often they are used an intercurrents. This particular Gaertner has got indications in the ailments you mentioned.

Inability to digest fat, chronic gastro enteritis, Worms, Intestinal conditions are key indications.

This is close to the remedy phosphorus. Even if it doesn't cure a named disease it'd have done a lot of good, and subsequent remedies will help further.
maheeru last decade
Thank you, Henry, that sounds interesting, but is there not a proper treatment using homeopathy? It seems rather insidious to ingest something similar to gluten in order to induce tolerance. And celiac is much more complicated than a simple intolerance. They say it's a genetic disease and a certain gene has been turned on, so I don't think OT can turn a gene off?

maheeru, thank you for your reply, but have you heard anything about homeopathy curing celiac? Phosphorus I have not taken, so far I've taken carcinosin and silicea, and have improved with emotional problems (as well as some other food allergies to milk, eggs, peanuts, etc.) but not with celiac... if you know any more info, please post.
starsweet last decade
Ingesting 2 mg of gluten is enough to cause damage to the intestine if one has celiac.

I've never heard of this vaccine anyway, where can it be found? What's the name?

Also which homeopathic is supposed to be taken with it?

And who has done this before? Are they actually cured of celiac? Have they done repeat biopsies of the intestine to ensure no damage is being done while ingesting gluten? There are many questions that need answering.
starsweet last decade
I have seen two cases of Celiac's disease cured in my clinic. Both patients responded to a remedy that was chosen on the basis of the whole case, taking into account peculiars and generals including the mental/emotional state.

I do not know if this is relevent to the disease itself, but both patients needed remedies from the Carbon group (as per periodic table prescribing). One of the aspects of the Carbon group has to do with food and eating, and a problem in development.

However I have heard of other cases treated with quite different remedies (as is typical for homoeopathic treatment).
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
brisbanehomeopath, thank you for your reply! Can you tell me the remedy names? (No, I'm not going to demand them from my homeopath - she doesn't listen to me anyway!), I'm just genuinely curious! She's only told me names of a few of the remedies I've been on - Kali Carb-only for a month or two just so I could assimilate the future remedies I would later take, Pulsatilla, Silicea, and Carcinosin. It really annoys me that she won't tell me what I'm taking. So far I think I've had most improvement from Silicea and Carcinosin-I've been able to eat eggs and milk here and there, but not sure if I'm harming my body or not?

Also, my issues occurred later in life (adolescence to late 20s which is my present age) and the biggest theme with me is suppression by parents and obedience (I'm too obedient) and as for physical issues - severe acne in middle school, severe hair loss/facial hair growth SINCE high school, then in college a strange outbreak of shingles, and then.. this is very strange, but I cut my knee when I was shaving one day and I didn't put any antibiotic on it. I noticed it wasn't going away after like a week, so I put some antibiotic cream on it, and all of a sudden I got a huge outbreak of full body rashes oozing with honey-like fluid (but it wasn't impetigo-got antibiotics at the doctor and they didn't work; even steroids didn't-I had to take them long term). I later had a IgG blood test which said I had allergies to gluten, milk, soybeans, eggs, and peanuts, although I'd never been allergic to anything as a child, never had any rashes, never any hair loss, never any problems (physical or emotional) whatsoever. Another important point-the emotional stuff (suppression, obedience, shyness) all started when I got silver amalgam (mercury) fillings in middle school, which I finally had removed a few years after I finished college, but I now continue to get rashes and they now seem to get worse in the sun for some reason (Vitamin D??I read something recently about Vitamin D being potentially HARMFUL for people with chronic/autoimmune like diseases?? Something about a dysfunctional Vitamin D receptor.) Also my dental enamel has deteriorated since getting the first rash in college which is why I think celiac is one of my issues out of many, but I'm 100% sure I didn't have it as a child.

So do you think my homeopath is at least on the right track? She also gives a couple of medicines at once, which is weird. Please let me know your thoughts, even if it takes you forever to make sense of what I just wrote. And please feel free to ask me anything symptom wise if it helps you determine the right medicine constitutionally - I have an EXTREMELY good (LONG TERM) memory and can tell you anything in my life. Thanks!

Oh yeah, did the people who got cured get repeat biopsies to ensure no damage was being done to their intestine??
starsweet last decade
The remedies I used were Ammonium muriaticum and Beryllium metallicum. I do not believe either patient returned to orthodox medicine to confirm the results by testing, both were happy that they no longer had symptoms and that they could eat food like a 'normal' person.

I am not a fan of two or more remedies at once. In my mind, any practitioner who does this cannot make up their mind, and is hedging their bets. This does not inspire confidence in me. On top of that there is no way to tell which remedy is doing what, and side effects from multiple medicines is a possibility.

I cannot tell from such a small amount of information if your homoeopath has made the right choice, my initial consulations take 2+ hours and I gather an enormous amount of information to make my prescriptions.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Just to be clear, the theory behind Vaccination is at odds with Homoeopathic philosophy. It is not just the dangerous nature of orthodox vaccines, but the principle itself (of injuring the person towards the substance, rather than curing the reason the sensitivity exists).
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I would like to contact that person at cdcure.blogspot.com, but don't see an email address anywhere except yours Henry? It's really strange.

brisbanehomeopath, the thing about celiac is that you can NEVER have apparent symptoms, but still have the disease. Therefore, I'd be very careful if I was one of those 2 people that were 'cured.' I wouldn't believe it myself until I had a repeat biopsy. Many people never have any symptoms but are diagnosed when say, one of their family members has symptoms, is tested, and is positive.
starsweet last decade

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