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infertile after polycystic ovarian syndrome

i had a laproscopic surgery last year for cyst, am ok but still afertile....is there any o.problem with not ovulating properly?
  dia11 on 2010-07-13
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hi everyone,
i think i was very brief, actually i am in out of my home country and miss my family too so not having child after 2 years of marraige has also cused depression and dissoppointment for me.
i was diagnosed with polycistic ovarian syndrom on sep2009, and had a laproscopic surgery which successfully removed the cysts, since then am trying to concieve but with no oral medicines.
i want to take homeopathic medicine as i really believe on it.
i usually have heavy bleedings in periods, periods are noraml and regular, bleeding is accompained with small clots of blood and pain. i am 5.3' and 60 kg.and 28 years old.
i think that i am not ovulating completely.can anyone plaese suggest me as i am getting sick of lonliness.
dia11 last decade
ur age?
Married or not?
Since when?
Mentrual cycle how is it now?
Pls describe properly so we can reply.

Dr .Yogesh
yogeshrajurkar last decade
Well you replied just in time.
You said you feel disapponted due to being infertile could you please describe properly as actually what comes to your mind ?
How is relation between you & your husband (emotionally & sexually)?

Dr. Yogesh
yogeshrajurkar last decade
hi dr. yogesh
i am 28 and married since 2 years. bleeding is heavy with small blood clots and pain but i ahve noticed that when ever i get cramps i.e 3rd day i notice a clot.
also i get some in spotting on my 12th day of cycle.
emotinally i feel very lonely, sometimes i feel that my husband does loves me and sometimes i feel that he is very caring.
we have a passionate sex life but somtimes i enjoy it and some times i feel that he just wanted sex out of me and not me....
i hope that a child can bring some change in my life, am housewife.
dia11 last decade
Please visit the link below and if you have any questions after reading it, feel free to ask.

Joe De Livera last decade
You said you are sick 0f lonliness, you dont have neighbours or you dont like to mingle or are they not proper ?
I am just trying to understand you properly that helps me in selecting the perfect remedy.

Dr. Yogesh
yogeshrajurkar last decade
hi dr. joe
i have read the link you sent me..actually my cyst was cured and i had laproscopy on sep09, as the dr. had some doubts that there might be any chance of cancer..but thankgod it was only a benign cyst...
now my problem is that i am having some spooting i.e 3-4 days on my 12th day of cycle.
secondly am '''afertile'' which i think is due to ovulation probelems.
i had my intervegional ultrasound on march10 which reveled that i am free from all the cysts but have a small polyp in my uterus...previusly it was not there....
i have an appointed on coming friday with the gynocologist about this polyp which is 15mm....also my endometrium layer in the uterus is 12mm which is above the upper threshhold which is 11mm.
i will keep you posted further....what i want is to have a perfect ovulation and to have a baby.......i think the only thing i want now is......
i have all my reports, if you want any information please please ask me
am waiting for ur reply
dia11 last decade
Hi dr. yogesh
actually i am from pakistan, i am well educated and was also working in pakistan.after getting married i came to australia with my husband 1 1/2 years ago...
now here i do am a bit hesitated to mingle in this very different culture.
i dont have any reletives here and dont have much gatherings with the community due to the busy life style....
about the neibours...these people are so differnt culturly and also they dont like to personllay get involved (i think due to racism).
also i am alone at home the most part of the day so i get frightened at every knonk at the door...and never opens it...you know these people are drunk sometime and they get insane...i think it is a hell living in these countries without child....not money or lifestyle is everything....i wish i could go back for ever... i tried to find a job but i cant get a proper one cause a havent studied here and i dont want to do a job in the shopping centers as i found the atmosphere for job quite frigfhtening. the only way out from this lonliness and frightening situation is to have a little bundle of joy....
please help me out...i have already posted some of my physical condition earlier and i will tell all you want to know....
what i believe is a baby is the only medicine which can cure me.....
waiting to hear from you soon.
god bless you.
dia11 last decade
To Dia

I do appreciate that your first concern today is to have a baby and am praying that God will help you to achieve your dream.

I believe that Bellis Perennis 30c in the Wet dose can help with your Endometrium and you can see how it helps in about 2 weeks after you start on this remedy.

Arnica 30c will also help to regularize your periods but I would prefer that you take the BP for 2 weeks and report your response when we can evaluate if you need the Arnica also.
Joe De Livera last decade
My Prescription would be Lachesis 200 Single dose
SINGLE DOSE is 3-4 drops of dilution in 15-20 ml of water to be given on empty stomach in the morning
Take a dose only once a week
You can take whichever treatment you prefer mine or joe's

yogeshrajurkar last decade
Dear joe
thanks for the blessings...i have one more confusion...i have also diagnosed that after recovering from POS i am not ovulating...will Bellis Perennis help me ovulating...my Gyn has told me that he will treat me with clomid but i want to take homeopathy....will sepia help me?
please tell me about the medincine which can induce ovulation...
waiting gor your reply...
dia11 last decade
hi joe.
i just forgot to ask, should i take Bellis 3 times a day??
dia11 last decade
Bellis P and Arnica 30c both in the Wet dose taken twice daily have helped many patients to stabilize their Endometriosis and heavy bleeding. This control is usually discovered by the patient in about 10 days or earlier.

After this problem has been stabilized in about 3 months the next approach is to help with ovulation and the remedy I have prescribed is Calc Carb 200 dose 4 pellets taken dry sublingually weekly and Platina 30c in the Wet dose taken twice daily.

The BP and Arnica may have to be taken for some months into the future as the Chocolate Cyst that they suffered from for which surgery was done tend to recur otherwise.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe
thankyou very much...i have a homeopathic book at home and when i read the deatils of your prescribed medicines,i felt that they are just made for me....thankyou very much
so you think Calc carb and platina is the best for me??
i am just going to order for them..and i will keep you posted...
may god bless you..please do also pray for me..
dia11 last decade
hi joe
hope you are doing good.
i wanted to ask something...i have purchased calc carb1000, they didnt have it in 200.
how should i take this calc carb 1000.
please reply soon as i have to start my medicine as you have prescribed.
dia11 last decade
Please note that Homeopathic remedies may be used only in the Potencies prescribed. You cannot confuse the 200c with 1M or 1000c as they are totally different in the response they evoke from the user.

Also please note that you may not use the Calc Carb and the Platina right away as the ground has to be paved first with the Bellis P and the Arnica.

Please confirm that you will follow my therapy precisely.
Joe De Livera last decade
hi dr.joe.
hope you are doing good. i am writing after long time. i have been taking the medicine as you prescribed but still un fruitfull.
actually i once went to a doctor back there in pakistan, she checked me and told me that she can find the menterance of uterus very hard and also the uterus is tilted and not in the correct position, she said that she tried to correct it but was not able to.
she told me that it might be due to pregnancy although there was 5 days to go. but i got priods on the right time. then she told me that uterus must be on its right place.
can you kindly educate me on this matter,how does it effects the pregnancy and what medicine should i take whaich make the mouth of uterus to soften.
even after that i tried to feel it eith my finger and i also found it hard like a tennis ball.:(
quite disoppointing.
anyways plz tell me any reasons, suggest me any medicne and also educate me in this respect.
also another thing i was shy to talk about it first but its better to tell the doctor, that is after intercourse although i dont get up the whole night but in the morning as i get up from the bed, the semen comes out and i feel it coming out.
why is it so??????
thankyou very much
need your advice.
dia11 last decade
To Dia

I note that you were in contact with me about the middle of 2010 when I prescribed some remedies for your PCOS and Chocolate Cysts which usually result from the Endometriosis.

You stated:
'i have been taking the medicine as you prescribed but still un fruitfull.'
You have not however indicated what remedies you used during this period. This information is necessary for any further treatment.

You also stated:
'the menterance of uterus very hard and also the uterus is tilted and not in the correct position, she said that she tried to correct it but was not able to.'
' i tried to feel it eith my finger and i also found it hard like a tennis ball.:('
This indicates that your Uterus is retroverted and this condition cannot unfortunately be corrected other than by surgery which I do not recommend at this stage.
It is also unlikely that you can feel the Cervix of your Uterus with your finger as it is located deeper than the length of your finger.
You are advised not to experiment in this manner as it can lead to injury from your nails as this form of inspection is only done using a rubber glove and is best done by a gynecologist.

You stated:
'also another thing i was shy to talk about it first but its better to tell the doctor, that is after intercourse although i dont get up the whole night but in the morning as i get up from the bed, the semen comes out and i feel it coming out.
why is it so??????'

This is quite normal.

Your PCOS and other connected ailments cannot be treated on this Forum and I advice you to consult a gynecologist and discuss your problems with him/her.

If you feel that you would like to share the report after a consultation here on the ABC, I can try to help you.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Dia,

You neglect a registered genuine Homeo doctor’s advice. So, you’re responsible for your fortune.

Info.rahiq last decade

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