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Subclinical HPV (= no warts), horrible itching


I am desperately seeking advice. For 7 yrs now I've had subclinical HPV (= no warts) but with itching which became worse during the past year and has spread to the entire genital area (external). I was diagnosed after a biopsy only at the end of last year.

I am taking vitamin and mineral supplements, don't eat meat, have loads of veg and for the past 3 months eat mostly low carb, have 3 tbsp of coconut oil every day. Other than HPV I feel healthy. Even didn't have any dairy for 2 wks with no difference to HPV (did that cos at very beginning of low carb diet had more dairy than usual and itching became really, really bad and stopped the day I temporarily went back onto previous diet). I wash with hypoallergenic washing powder and use showergel for genital are that is free from everything which doesn't aggravate the skin.

End of Dec I tried MMS (internal+external) for about 4 months. Itching calmed down but was still present.

Itching was soon back and worse, so I tried tea tree oil which made the skin turn white, itching was gone for 10 days and then started again. Felt like HPV became resistant very quickly.

And now it has become even worse. Itching has spread from the middle genital region to the adjacent areas especially bottom (where I had not applied MMS or tea tree oil) and I have lived with this for 3 wks now. No visible difference on skin, just itching and kind of painful. No flaking of skin, rash, discoloration (genital area no longer white from tea tree oil), I try not to scratch.

Have taken Thuja 4 pillules 30c daily for 5 days (stopped yesterday as per bottle instructions), have applied Thuja tincture for about 9 days twice a day on areas I know are infected (not widely extended itching area) and am still suffering. Tincture stops almost all itching within seconds but hours later it is back.

Coconut oil seemed to have calmed down itching a few times, but last time horrible itching everywhere I had applied the oil (= outside the thuja area) woke me up at night so haven't used it since.

Have been oil pulling twice a day with olive oil for 3 days and so far 3 futher days with coconut oil as it is antiviral but no change. I will keep oil pulling regardless.

I can't live with this anymore!! I try not to think about the HPV but the worse getting itching reminds me all the time. I make an effort to avoid stress and think positive but it doesn't seem to help.

Please has someone advice. Tested and not just theory would be great. I want my life back and I don't know what else to do! The usually prescribed Aldara contains a carciogenic ingredient and is likely to give me either cancer or an autoimmune disease, so not an option. Plus I am against Big Pharma. I know there are a number of other herbal options, however, all seems to be just theory and I can't try hundreds of things as not all of it will be without side effects.

My HPV is low risk, but I know someone who left it untreated for 20 yrs and got vulvar cancer. So even without the unbearable itching I want the infection gone.
  Lana11 on 2010-07-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi Lana,

Please tell me more about your symptoms, when did this problem start ? What happening in your life at that time ?

What are your fears, anxieties and negative feelings if any ?

Any problems with anger or irritability ?

Tell me about your general behaviour and temperament, especiallly anything which differentiates you as a person.

Any food cravings or aversions ?

General things which make you feel better or worse ( effect of weather , temperature, music, touch, sunlight,....environment..etc)

What are the diseases that run in your family ?

Anything peculiar, physical, mental or any sensation anywhere in the body must be mentioned.

sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

Thank you for your reply. See my answers below:

Please tell me more about your symptoms, when did this problem start ?
- 7 yrs ago (not contracted through sexual intercourse, I suspect swimming pool)

What happening in your life at that time ?
- I was in a good place, happy, had lost 60 pounds of weight through low fat diet (although believe today that low fat is unhealthy and am all for low carb)

What are your fears, anxieties and negative feelings if any ?
- I hate the country I currently live in (everything about it except my job), am homesick and looking to move back within a year or two. At the same time am worried to move back as will go to nothing. Haven't had relationship for very, very long time, no friends and no family I can count on and have gained a lot of weight in the past 3 yrs or so. Been very unhappy for 4.5 yrs but HPV started to get worse only 1.5 yrs ago (und much, much worse about 2 months ago - nothing different in my life compared to last year) and I started to treat it only 7 months ago. HPV is a big psychological problem as nothing gets rid of it and it keeps getting worse.

Any problems with anger or irritability ?
- Yes, people in country I live in are generally very incompetent in every sense of the word and have low standards (I am used to the opposite from my home country). I get upset a lot about things not working properly in this country and also about injustice (to others or myself).

Tell me about your general behaviour and temperament, especiallly anything which differentiates you as a person.
- High standards, strong sense of justice, introvert, damaged since childhood (parents issue), depression with death wish lasting 1 or 2 days (has greatly improved in the past few years, despite very little positive in my life, have them maybe once or twice a year now, may have to do with me accepting the negatives will not change), OCD since I was about 16 (am now 36): cleanliness, handwashing (not fear of getting sick but disgust), insects, chemicals, checking (OCD has improved a lot but still making life often difficult)

Any food cravings or aversions?
- Sugar cravings since teen greatly improved since low carb diet. Aversion to meat (disgust) for last 16 yrs but have eaten little and selective meats since childhood. Don't eat ready meals or fast food (seldom have all my life), mainly cos of quality and hygiene and don't know what is in it (esp. since OCD).

General things which make you feel better or worse ( effect of weather , temperature, music, touch, sunlight,....environment..etc)
- Couldn't live without music, like summer days but not hot weather and wind, before low carb diet and coconut oil which I started a few months ago felt cold all the time (not in summer though), my job can make me feel good, problems such as dealing with car accident claim etc. are upsetting and I find it difficult to deal with. Some TV programmes make me feel good because I can escape reality, sleep sometimes too long (also reality escape) which doesn't make me feel well when awake.

What are the diseases that run in your family ?
- Thrombosis, heart, overweight

Anything peculiar, physical, mental or any sensation anywhere in the body must be mentioned.
- Gall bladder was removed 11 yrs ago. My tongue has been coated white since I can remember, since low carb diet tip of tongue and edges are fine, rest less coating since I started oil pulling. Bit strange cottonwool feeling in head when I get too much sleep, occasionally headache instead. Battling acne on back for 16 yrs (untreated, plenty of scars). About four months ago (= end of 3.5 months MMS treatment) noticed more red veins in my eyes which now get worse when wearing contact lenses (had been wearing them without problems for 20 yrs). For about 7 months have had occasional itching underneath arms, deodorant or alumn stone no difference, but sticking with alumn. Sweating underneath breasts (bit smelly). Still a few amalgam fillings (too big cavity to replace and save those teeth, therefore leaving them in for now). A lot of moles everywhere. Quite fast growing body hair (mediteranean type). Overall dry skin, except face oily T-shape and rest normal. Darker brown colour underneath arms, breasts, inside of upper thighs for many years. 3cm lipoma on bottom, harmless attested by 3 doctors and not to be treated. Current itching is almost sharp pain like needles but also crawling sensation. It used to stop after scratching once thoroughly, now it continues. Too much negative in all my life has happened to deal with, trying to stay positive, but very hard.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me!
Lana11 last decade
First give a gap of 1 week from any homeopathic remedy taken.

After that, just 3 doses of CARCINOSIN 30c are to be taken for one day only as follows:

Dissolve 2 pellets or 2 drops of CARC 30c in a 250 ml spring water bottle. You can shake it gently after they have dissolved.

Take a capful from this bottle 3 times in one day, spaced by 2 hours. This is to be done for one day ONLY.

Let me know in 10 days after these 3 doses.


1/. Nothing should enter the mouth for 40 minutes prior to, or after taking the remedy.
2/. Do not touch the tablets with your hands, tip them into the cap of the container they came in and then into the water .
3/. Avoid coffee, tea (including green), and other sources of caffeine such as some fizzy drinks and large amounts of chocolate, except where this would cause a drastic change in consumption
4/. Avoid wearing perfume/aftershave, or exposure to anything with a strong smell while under treatment. This includes any and all essential oils, and incense.
5/. Avoid the consumption of excessively spicey foods
6/. The use of medicinal herbs, either as 'teas' or supplements should be avoided during Homoeopathic treatment, as should the use of over the counter medication, unless this has been recommended by an MD.
7/. Nothing of a medicinal nature should be applied to the skin

sameervermani last decade

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