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Depressions and headache. Help me Kuldeep, please!!!!!

I am a 35 year old Indian woman. I have a 6 year old son. I have medium built and light brown complexion.
1.What is the main reason you need treatment?
1. I feel depressed very often have frequent mood changes and feel irritatated often. I always feel stressed, I feel tired and de-motivated.

2.Describe your complaints giving the following details:

a. What does it feel like?

a. I have pain in my eyes; it is behind the eyes in the eye sockets. Because of this my eyes are always moderately red and watery. My head also feels heavy, tensed.
I often get throat infection ending up in coughing.

I feel sad often, feel as if I have not achieved anything. I am a veterinarian by education but since I am a Ph.D., I work as a postdoctoral research assistant in an American university. I am always filled with guilt, about not having achieved anything from carreer point of veiw, not being a good mother. I have a very low self esteem. I don't attempt to study much or to improve my professional knowledge. I prefer not to talk much with my boss and feel less confident to talk to anyone whom I consider as more knowledgeable than me.

b. When does it happen?

I am OK when I wake up and till the time I come to my office. I start feeling sick (i.e. with heaviness in the head and tired watery eyes) as soon as I reach my office.

c. What sort of things make it worse?

It becomes severe if I sit at the computer for long. I also have mild headache whenever I have these symptoms.

d. What sort of things make it better?

d.Talking to my husband and hearing things that pump my self worth.

e. What else was happening when it first appeared?

f. Describe the quality of the pain, being as creative as you can. How would someone else imagine the pain happening to them?

g. What does it look like?

h. Do any other symptoms occur immediately before, during or after?


3. What illnesses have you had in the past?

None that was significant. In my teens I had Iodine deficiency for which I took Iodine for a long time.

4. What illnessess run in the family?

4. Diabetes, High blood pressure

5. What do people die from in the family?

5. old age

6. What medication are you on?

6. None. I often take asprin if I have headaches (3-4 per day). Inhale steam with vicks sometimes.

7. What foods do you crave, whether you allow yourself to eat them or not? List from the strongest craving to the weakest.

7. During lunch time crave to have hot and spicy things if it is available allow myself to eat. After lunch I have a severe craving for eating something sweet.

8. What foods do you have an aversion to? (hatred or repulsion for)


9. What is your level of thirst, and what do you prefer to drink?

But I am not very thirsty and can only drink one full glass with difficulty when very thirsty. I take about 2-3 glasses per day.
I like warm water.

10. What foods aggravate you? (including allergies)

10. Curd always causes my sinusitis to flare-up. Pickles and lemonade and citrus juices can make my throat sore and cause cough.

11. Do you suffer from any digestive complaints? What is your bowel habit like?

11. I do not empty my bowels daily, usually once in two days. My tummy feels tight and bloated before that and I feel very comfortable after emptying. IF I wake up at 5.am in morning and take cup of tea, I can go to potty everyday but if I miss that ONE signal my schedule becomes very irregular as described above. In spite of all this, I do try to empty bowels daily but it does not really happen daily.

12. What is your level of energy like? Rate it from 1-10 (10 being excellent). How does your energy fluctuate throughout the day (and night)?
Early morning (6 to8 am) - 9-10
Morning (8am -12) - 2
12 - 5 pm - 6
5 - 10 pm - 8-10

13. What is your level of sexual energy like?

13. I usually cannot initiate it and feel tired and lazy about it. But once initiated, I feel good and energetic about it. Usually I feel some pain in genitalia after the coition.

14. How is your sleep? What position do you prefer to sleep in? Is there any position you cannot sleep in? Any unusual behaviour during sleep?
14. I sleep fine and feel sleepy by 9 to 9.30 pm and find difficult to wake up in morning. I prefer to sleep on my side or on my tummy. I usually am not comfortable sleeping on my back. My saliva drips down sometimes when I sleep.

15. Have you had any reoccurring dreams or images/ pictures/ themes that repeat themselves in your dreams? Please describe.

16. Describe your menses (periods). Describe any PMS. Have you been through menopause? Any gynecological problems?

Periods are normal, moderate for 2-3 days and end after third to fourth day. The starting of periods is slow and bleeding takes place only after 3-4 days of spotting.
PMS - is very obvious and has been occurring like this for several years now. I have severe headache that begins without any reason and does not subside at least for 24 hrs. This usually occurs 1-2 weeks before actual menses. Around the same time my stomach is very bloated and my face-skin becomes very very rough and dry. I also develop a severe constipation at that time. All these signs are seen 1-2 weeks before periods. I also have severe depression during this period. But these last only one day each and not for long.
No menopause yet.
No gynecological problems.

17. How does the weather affect you? Are you sensitive to the temperature in any way?

I feel comfortable in warm weather. Inside home also I feel better when it is warm. Weather does not really affect my mood.

18. Is there anything else in the environment you are sensitive to, perhaps more so than the people around you?


19. What is your occupation? What differentiates you from the other people in your place of employment? What difficulties do you have at work?
I am a post doctoral researcher.

20. What do you do to relax?

Clean the house

  golden2 on 2005-04-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I will get back to you at April 5th. I am looking into your case.
kuldeep last decade
Are you taking any other homepathy medicine.?

How you react to music and anger?

About your food preferences etc?
kuldeep last decade
Hello Kuldeep,
Thank you very much for looking into my case. Following are the answers to your questions. If you have any other qustions, please let me know.

Are you taking any other homepathy medicine.?
On somebody's advice recently I took Ignatia 30 two doses at 24 hours interval. I got some relief in my depression, anxiety, and cough. Three to four years ago, I was given Sepia 1M single dose, however I did not observe any significant improvement.
How you react to music and anger?
Music is generally not a pleasant experience to me as it causes more mental disturbance to me than any calm. My husband is a music enthusiast who listens all sorts of music and sings, too. However,I ually don't like to play any music on my music-system. I don't like high volumes on music sytem or TV. That irritates me a lot. If I get angry, my anger breaks all boundaries. It takes long time for me to get normal. I get violent and feel like hitting someone.

About your food preferences etc?
I prefer spicy (hot) food and sweets. Although, I also like having chicken, but I don't get any cravings towards any type of non-vegetarian food. I do love eating cashews and walnuts. When I return from my office at 5:00 PM, I feel like eating whatevr is present in my home.
golden2 last decade
I also feel problems in bright light. It's very difficult for me to drive against the sun as I can't keep my eyes open. It's quite strainful. Thanks
golden2 last decade
Hello Golden

What do you think, why are you depressed? Were you depressed before coming to USA?

kuldeep last decade
I have been getting intermittent depression since I joined a veterinary college in 1988. I developed some type of inferiority complex in my class. This problem is continuing since then. I have never been bad in studies (infact I used to be among first 4 or 5 students in the class). I feel I have not acheived much in life, professionally. Whenever I see that people with inferior credentials are surpassing me I feel bad and get depressed. I hope that you have got answer to your question. Thanks.
asharma last decade
Are asarma and golden are same or two different people. I will like to know your date of birth. May be you wanted to become a doctor but end up a vet. it is right or else?

I may ask you more questions and you may want to avoid a public profile so please bring your whole case at my email. My email address is joyinhealing at gmail.com
kuldeep last decade
Yes, that's true that I wanted to be a doctor, but ended being a vet.
asharma last decade
Is this a damaging factor? I never wanted to be a doctor. I spent one year in Medical College but couldn't stand sick atmosphere so I quit and went to an Engineering College but wasted 2 academic years in the process.

Married to a doctor but now I am a doctor, who cares about a degree, it only matters to heal people. You don't know what a doctor’s life is; I know it because I live with one.

I never saw those two years wasted because I was happy at that time. Ambition does not give you happiness.

I believe you have inferiority complex because you are a dog doctor and other people with less intelligence are man doctor.

Homeopathy medicine may assist you to overcome the complexes but it will only assist, ONLY if you want to turn around and leave the past behind.

But if you don't....
kuldeep last decade
Kuldeep, I don't think that not getting into a med school might have had any effect on me. I don't feel that my profession is inferior to any other. As I already told you I'm in research and not practice. Since I have lost motivation to excel, that could be my problem. Still, if I can develop some motivation, I believe I could be a very successful person. You are right that homoeopathic medicines will help me only if I want to help myself change. I guess, I want to mentally work on this.
asharma last decade

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