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Vulva / Vaginal Tear

Hello Everyone,

Ive had a problem for about 2 years, Ive been to 8 OBGYN Doctors and no one has been able to help me. I was hoping that someone on this site will know the answer to my problem.

2 years ago, I started to have irritation in the vaginal/Vulva area, the area around the opening. I went to a obgyn and she said that she didn't see any thing, the area just looked a little red from irritation.

My insurance was switched to another provider so I had to go to another doctor. This doctor sprayed a vinegar solution on the area and said, "you have HPV (genital warts) all over this area." I said, " I don't see a thing except a little redness, why do you think it is HPV?" She said, " because the area turned white when I sprayed the solution on it". I said, "are you sure it's HPV, maybe it's turning white because the solution is hitting irritated skin" She said it was HPV and I would need to have an acid solution to make it go away. She was a doctor, I figured she knew more about it than I did. I should have known better though. At that point, I hadn't had sex for 8 years since I was waiting till I got married, how could I all of a sudden have HPV.

She applied the acid, it hurt so bad. Over the next week, the skin turned white and peeled off. 3 months later, the skin was still irritated. I went back to her, she sprayed the solution, it turned white and she said I still had some HPV left. she wanted to do another acid treatment but I didnt have time. She ended up leaving for the war.

I then went to another Dr. and this Dr. said, "you don't have HPV, you just have a skin irritation, are you using any new products?' I actually didnt believe her. I went to 5 other Dr's after that, trying to find some one to make the irritation go away. They all said I didnt have HPV, just an irritation.

I then realized that I started to use a new lotion around the same time the irritation started. I stopped using the lotion and the irritation went away in 3 days. I coulnt believe it. That dr. said I had HPV when I didnt and then treated me with acid.

The irritation is gone but now I have a small tear or crack from the acid, in the vulva area, right before you get to the perineal area. One of the DR.'s said that this type of tear is caused from trauma like rape. Well I havent had any trauma. He said the acid made the skin tear. I remembered that when the skin was done peeling, that area, right out side the vaginal opening, was bleeding after every Dr. exam. So the small tear never heals. My husband and I waited 2 years until we got married to have sex. Our wedding night was painful, I felt it tear even more and it bled.

Ive tried estrogen creme, hydrocortisone cream, neosporen , nothing heals it. It just reopens after every time we have sex, or even if the area is just touched. I'm guessing it could be because that area is closed up, no air really gets to the tear. It's not healing likeother cuts I have had on my arm, leg or other places. The only difference I can think of is that the area is always moist and no air reaches it.

Do you happen to know of any way to heal this small tear in my skin? I am afraid that it will be like this my whole life. Another Dr. said that we can try to recut the tear and then stitch it up, but she said it might not work. I'm guessing that could also make it worse.

Any advice : (

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter.

  jeanne311 on 2005-04-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi Jeanne, homeopathy treats the whole person usually, not just one complaint. Its probably best to find a homeopath and have face to face consultation. However having said that, look up causticum on this site. It fits your problem but may not fix it because you need to be a causicum type of person.
Keep posting your findings.
good luck.
parachute last decade
read also nitric acid homeopathic and see what you think.
erika last decade
Hi, Thank you for your post.

I was wondering if there was a way to change my message or if not, is there a way to delete it so I can write it over. I wanted to make a change.


jeanne311 last decade
PLEASE do not begin over...post under with your changes. You have no idea how we chase people around when we were in the middle of trying to help.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Kindly look up the drug picture of "PETROLEUM" in Materia Medica by Boericke. In my perception, it fits you perfectly. You may consider taking Petroleum-30c, liquid 2 drops (and not pills) on a clean scraped tongue, first thing in the morning on empty stomach and give a clear 30 minutes before you consume anything or brush your teeth.. Toothpaste ingredients will neutralise the effects of Homoeopathy, so take above before brushing your teeth.
Take above only one dose per every day for 30 days, i.e. 30 doses in 30 days.

BIO-CHEMICALLY : Silicea-3X plus Natrum Phos-3x, 6 tablets each. Take such dose 2-3 times a day. Takes long time to act.

Make a cocktail of the following remedies in equal proportions : CRAB APPLE + WHITECHESTNUT + VINE. Take 4 drops of the above cocktail in a teaspoon of water, holding it on your tongue for atleast a minute, before gulping the liquid.. Do this 3-4 times a day. Take for many weeks. This can eleminate tendencies of the problem you are facing.

Take GLYCERIN, 100% pure made from vegetable source. (do not use glycerin made from animal source), easily available in general pharma shops. Apply just 2 drops to the affected area, lightly massaging it for about a minute. Do this 2-3 times a day. You can expect positive results in less than a week. Continue for a long long time. Absolutely safe.
Also apply 10-12 drops in and around the vagina, just before sexual intercourse. Added advantage : This neutralises the male sperm and acts as a contraceptive.

Wash the Vagina area with a concentrated solution of Potassium Permagnate at least two times a day. After this DO NOT wash again with fresh water. This will stablise the vaginal skin and start reducing your itching problems. Do this for several weeks. This is absolutely safe for vaginal skin.

If you are in the vicinity of a LLLT doctor, you should be clear of your problems in less than 7 sessions spanning 2 weeks. Highly safe though costly.No medicines or drugs or surgery involved.

Use only and only cotton undergarments, cotton based sanitary napkins or tampons. Always dust interior of your undergarments with CALENDULA based body powder / talc.

From your short posting, as I analyse, your psycho-profile shows that you are a highly suspicious mentality, proud attitude, low confidence level, mainly introvert, short stature, highly sensitive to your emotions n people around you. Totally sedentary lifestyle.

Am I right - Kindly confirm.

There is no way yet, wherein you can change your existing posting in this forum, unless of course you are a software engineer and have the ability to hack into this database.

keep smiling ... HA21
HA21 last decade
Hi, Thank you so much for all the health information. That was nice of you to take the time to write all.

You wanted me to confirm your psycoo-profile:

Highly suspicious mentality-I'm actually the opposite. I tent to trust peole first. That's one reason I have the tear that I have. I trusted the doctoor when she told me I had hpv (when I didnt) I trusted that it was ok to put acid all over that area because she said it was ok. I later heard from many doctors that this acid can damage healty tissue, so if you do happen to have hpv, you are suppose to only put a small drop exactly on that specific spot. She painted on with a brush : )

proud attitude: I am more humble than proud. My husband has a real problem with pride and I am always trying to help him with that.

low confidence level: Your right about this one. I tend to have a low confidence level.

mainly introvert: Your right about this one also. I am an introvert.

highly sensitive to your emotions n people around you. Totally sedentary lifestyle: Right again.

There is no way yet, wherein you can change your existing posting

I guess I will repost it because I went into way too much detail. So it's not clear as to what the exact problem is, which is only the tear at this point.

Thanks again for all your information.

Jeanne : )
jeanne311 last decade
Maybe Beta Glucan(from the walls of bakers yeast) will work for you. It jumpstarts your immune system and promotes healthy skin growth. It got rid of my lichen sclerosis-and you don't want to get that!Beta glucan kills bacterial,fungal,and viral infections. Helps cure cancer,herpes,arthritis,skin problems,allergies,and gets rid of wrinkles. Also having painful intercourse could be lichen sclerosis. Does it itch? Lichen sclerosis can cause the vaginal opening to scar and shrink. It sucks-I had it for 5 years. Check out beta glucan also try A&D ointment on the tear-it has vitamin A and E and will help with the itch untill the beta glucan gets in your system and starts working.
Roxy90 last decade
I am having the exact same problem that you were having before the tear and numerous doctors. I have seen many doctors and the only conclusion is an allergy. Problem is I can't find what I am using that is creating the problem. Could you tell me what lotion you found to be the culprit. Also did you try steroid creams to treat the condition before the tear.
Thank you,
Renee 26
renee26 last decade
I also suggest Nitric Acidum-30 in this case.
kuldeep last decade
Try using Betadine solution. Half fill a small tub used for baby bath with warm water and add 2-3 caps of Betadine solution and sit in it for some time so that the effected area is in contact with the water. Do this regularly for 8-10 days. I hope you will be benefited.
naushadakhtar last decade
Ensure you get a lot of air to the affected area. Just aqs a cut with a plaster takes longer to heal than one without, a wound in the vulva will take longer to heal if you are wearing underwear all day and night.

Kind regards

TopCat last decade
Hi Renee26,

Sorry to hear about your problem. The lotion I was using was called Trader Joe's Honey Lotion, I'm not sure if that was the exact name, but it's should be close. It was just a regular lotion, but it was scented. I only use non fragrance lotions now.

Be careful about the laundry detergents you use. They say, non scented and no dyes, but they can still have harsh chemicals. My new doctor recommended, Dreft. It's for babies.

I was still getting the same irritation some times, just out of no where. The doctor said once the area has been irritatied for so long, it's sort of damaged.

I went to the doctor for the tear about two months ago, at that time, I also had some irritation in the area. She suggested that I try estrogen cream. I actually tried that along time ago, but I only used it for a month. The new doctor suggested using it longer and also using it twice a day. She said it can rebuild the damaged area, I don't remember the exact words she used, but it was some thing along those lines.

I didn't want to use it at first because of all the cancer warnings on it. But the doctor said with the small amount that I would be using, I shouldn't have any problems with that.

I started using it, putting a small amount of cream on the tear and on the irritated area. 4 weeks later, I went for a follow up visit. The doctor said the area looked better. I actually couldn't tell. The only way to really tell is if I had sexual intercourse with my husband and the tear didn't rip.

But I knew she was right, that it was healing. Over the past two years, every single time I went in for an annual exam or any type of exam, the tear would bleed that night, just from the doctor barley touching the area.

After seeing the doctor for the follow up, even though she touched the tear area alot, it never bled. I couldn't believe it, it the cream must be doing some thing to heal the area because it should have bled.

Also, the area that was irratated also felt better after using the cream. The cream is called Premarin vaginal cream. It says that each gram contains 0.625 mg conjugated estrogens, USP.

If you are trying to get pregnant, I wouldn't use it, it mentions this in the warning section.

Not sure if this will work for you, just wanted to give you all the information I had, just in case.

Jeanne : )
jeanne311 last decade
Hi Reene,

I forgot to mention, I did try using steriod creams. They didn't work for me and I felt very uncomfortable using them since they can thin the skin, that would be the last thing I would want. I used a few different steriod creams. The first one was stronger and the second cream was not as strong since I had concerns about the thinning issue. Then I decided that I didn't want to use them at all.

That's great you are asking guestions about treatment. It's a great idea to check out any treatment that a doctor suggests.

jeanne311 last decade
I just discovered this site and, like others, am very disappointed that no one seems to really heal. I especially feel for Jeanne.
There seems to be something unique to each of us so maybe we can find clues from each other. I am still struggling with this but refuse to give up. Maybe my story will help someone. In 1991 I had irritation and discomfort with sex. It tooks 4 months but finally my family doctor said to change the products I was using - I changed the laundry detergent I used as well as the laundry softeners for the dryer. The symptoms went away in 2 days. No problem with that since thta time until I did something stupid. Even though I was hesitant at the time, in 2001 my partner and I switched from non-latex condoms to latex because the non-latex came in only one size (too small). I am kicking myself for doing this knowing that I was very susceptible to chemicals. After about four times of this, I noticed that I stung and felt a burning sensation after sex. I wiped the area with tissue and found a spot of blood. That was the beginning of 5 years of complete hell. I have had estrogen creams (worthless), a month of steroids (prednisone and also worthless), a perineoplasty to remove the cracked tissue (didn' work) and then another more extensive perineoplasty in January 2006. The first time I had sex four months after the surgery, the same spot at 6 o'clock cracked open again and bled terribly. I have been to a mucosal expert who said there was nothing wrong with my mucosa, the dermatologist was stumped, and my gynecologist is at a loss. I should have just lived with it before the second operation but now I have to start trying to heal after surgery again. I am certain of one thing and thankfully my GYN agrees with me 100%. There is no doubt that the chemicals on the condom caused this. The chemicals somehow rubbed into my skin and I consider this skin to be toxic. Even my doctor said it is as if something is 'percolating' underneath. I refuse to give up without a fight. I am concentrating my search on finding a doctor with expertise in skin damage from chemicals. Forget GYN doctors - this is not a gynecologic problem in my case - it just happens that the tear is in an area that gynecologists deal with every day. My own doctor agrees me on this, too. I do think that people need to be careful about some of the stuff I am reading in the postings. Some of these remedies would scare me to death since for the most part they seem to be more chemicals of some sort. There is no way I am putting any more chemicals in that spot. I think we definitely need to have a lot of faith and hope that we can find a remedy in our way. We all seem to have different causes for this problem and I wish all of good luck whether it be with homeopathy or any other way. I would be interested whether anyone else had this problem begin after using condoms. Thanks so much everyone. Mary C.
MarySC last decade
To Mary

I must confess that Gyne problems are not my speciality but I could not help thinking that you may be able to solve your problem with Arnica 6c taken in the wet dose 3 times daily.

The wet dose is made by inserting 3 pellets of Arnica 6c into a 500ml bottle of spring water and after it dissolves you shake the bottle hard to ensure bubbling which is homeopathic succussion. You sip a teaspoonful after succussing the water which is now the remedy thrice daily.

Arnica is widely accepted as the remedy to help cure any wounds and in your case I believe that you should notice improvement in your lesion virtually overnight.

Please report respons in a few days.
Joe De Livera last decade
to Joe who posted a reply to my note - thank you for your reply but would you be more specific please? Are you saying that this is something that is to be ingested by mouth? How do you know about this remedy and where are these pellets sold? I need to be very careful before I drink anything or before I put anything on that area without investigating it first. Any additional help would be most appreciated. Thanks so much. Mary C.
MarySC last decade
I presumed that you wished to use a Homeopathic remedy when you first posted your problem on a homeopathic forum like the ABC.

You can get all the information that you required about Arnica on Google.

You have inquired :

'How do you know about this remedy and where are these pellets sold? I need to be very careful before I drink anything or before I put anything on that area without investigating it first.'

The short answer to your question is that I have made a study of Homeopathy for the last 30 years and I feel competent enough to be of assistance to those who post their ailments on this forum.

If you wish to know more about me you are invited to click on my name above and you can then read the thousands of posts that I have made on the ABC.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe, thank you for clarifying your former e-mail. I am open to suggestions and don't know anything really about homeopathic remedies. I will research Arnica - I never had heard of this until your reply. I will keep you posted. Wish me luck. Thanks. MaryC.
MarySC last decade
Try VagRenew. It works well for atrophic vaginitis, which sounds like the symptoms you are describing. Go to the vagrenew website to check it out.

docear1 last decade
Hello, There is a similar forum operating here:
tfproject. org and search for vaginal tears.

Hopefully, it could be of some assistance. Good luck healing. x
awest last decade

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