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glue ear grommets for a 2 yr old?

my 2 1/2 yr olds speech has not been developing well, he has failed lots of hearing tests and the dr has booked him in for grommets in x8 weeks.
.I have booked him in to see a cranial osteopath
.I am going to start giving him goats milk.
.He has not suffered with earache(not that we have known)
.He has recently suffered from excema on his neck&lower back &arms,brought on by eating a pack of crisps(quavers)this has pretty much cleared up now
.He is a good sleeper
.He always has v red cheeks,worse with some foods.
.He was not a happy baby, and is still quite a moaner(compared2his siblings)
.He never seemed to enjoy breastmilk, he always pulled his head away.
.He is always snotty (clear)
.He has really waxy (dark brown) ears
.I(his mum)have suffered from excema,asthma,allergies,sinusitus, and on the otherside of the family his grandma had part of her sinus's removed!two of his cousins also have reccuring glue ear,
.I would really really apreciate any advice as i dont want him to have grommits but my partner does,as my niece has suffered at school because of her hearing loss.
Thank you for any advice
  libby on 2005-04-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
kali-mur + cranial osteopathy could be good.
erika last decade
While the birth hearing loss cannot be totally reversed, but greatly improved by many types of things you will choose as her mother, the secondary consideration is the mucus membrane connection.

Ears are part of these sinus conditions.

HEPATICA 30X will treat the whole body and reverse this sinus/mucus condition so that one can focus on the child's needs of the hearing helps.

Give one dose twice daily, every other day for 6 doses only. 6 days. This will work for awhile and she will be in better health to avoid ear and throat problems. Then if something shows up, it will be easier to treat.

PLEASE avoid antibiotics and especially vaccinations. These have heavy metals in them and can make children very ill in ways MDieties cannot treat.

Do not give Chicken Pox vaccination. It was tested in a poor 3rd world country and many children died while (USA)adjusted the vaccine.

Learn sign language asap. Even infants have been taught sign language and learned basics, even though they could not speak yet. As she matures, a speech therapist will improve her speaking clarity.

Remember, there is a beautiful deaf actress that is well received. Deafness is not a thing that destroys life as it did 100 years ago when society thought they were also retarded.

Your child should have a happy and full life with your help as her Mother. Do not let anyone tell you different.

Smile a lot and teach her to smile and love. This will get her past the brainless that still live in this world.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
I had hoped that the dreadful use of ear grommets had been abandoned . Aparently not so.


If the child had difficulty with breast milk almost certainly need Silica - say 3x - 6x every other day .

But a practical measure that is not homeopathic , which I have used in the past is to soak a plug of cotton wool with glycerine and put it in the ear on going to bed .

Dr R. Cooper , many years ago used this in his ear clinic.
His point was that often the problem is congealed mucous on the inner surface of the drum or tympani . The glycerine softens and removes it.
passkey last decade
Dear Libby, I have been searching about hearing devices. There are many. Loss of hearing runs in my family.
I wear two aids.

My nephew was born nearly deaf. They had "Cochlear implants" put into the ears. This is invasive and has a little gaget attached to the head behind the ear. Works quite well.

The newest thing is non-invasive, called digital hearing aids. Removable and workable.

There is a doctor in Florida in the states that has a sound implement that is carried on the body or arm that sound travels through the bones and is very successful. Sorry haven't found the site yet. Very inexpensive.

You see, you do have more choices for your child. Isn't the Glue Ear Grommets a bit outdated? Please do not be in a hurry. He is quite young yet. He has his whole life. Check the web, ask everyone. Get in touch with deaf societies.

Get going with the sign language and his health and your love for him and he will do well.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Two sites I found:
and www.hear-it.org

These advocate more up to date items and information.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
thank you every one for your helpxxxx
libby last decade
I don't know what ended up happening with this child, but you all definitely sound like you have food allergies and intolerances. We are presently doing all we can to avoid the tubes/ grommets(?) as well. Just in reading about your skin conditions, and the nursing problems, etc. I would highly suggest asking your naturopath/homeopath about having an ELISA test done for allergies/intolerances. THis could be really helpful.

: I posted the following information on another thread, and thought it might be helpful listed here as well: You don't mention what side of the ear drum the problem is coming from, though I am assuming inside the ear drum. Fluid build up?

First off, I would suggest making sure any wax is cleaned out of both ears-just for starters. Wax build up can really be a problem. some warm olive oil can be helpful with this. My homeopath is really against candling-dont do it., Use water flushes instead.

Second, have you ever looked into WHY there is a fluid build up? We are dealing with "glue ear" with my son at present-so this is a daily situation in our family. We found out he was allergic to most of the foods we were feeding him, and his body was essentially trying to rid the toxins by forming mucous-or as a result it was forming mucous that then filled his eustacian tubes. Being unaware of this, and that he was having ear troubles at all-we were exacerbating the situation. Now that we have had him tested, and are on an elimination diet, he has been pain free for weeks, and his hearing has improved.

In addition to the diet changes, we also have had, and will have another, cranial adjustment. THis can be helpful if there is any structural reason for the eustacian tubes to not be freely letting the fluid come out.

It is true that the built up fluid becomes gelled, and is harder to move out-so we are also using herbs, i.e. chinese herbs: bi yan pian, and then bromelien away from food in addition to some others my naturopath/homeopath has perscribed.

It is our goal to not put in tubes, but to prevent the fluid build up, clear out the Eustacian tubes, and bring back full hearing ability. We have noticed so much improvement just by taking the :bad" foods out of the diet.

I hope these are helpful ideas.
myrhhbearer last decade
You are now in proper hands.Follow the advice of erika,sabra and Passkey.They are competent.
sajjadakram635 last decade

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